Random Once Again~

So, I made a Twitter Account based on someone’s suggestion…. And I have no idea how to use it or what to use it for Hahaha!

Meh, I’ll just leave it there and let it die like my facebook >.>

On the other hand:


I dragged a whole bunch of people into the novel world by translating manhua with translated novels huehuehue -> Proof is more readers for s3ri that said the manhua dragged them in! My tiny, “Adapted from the novel” on the cover page wasn’t in vain!

Even if lots of people hate the manhua adaptions, you gotta admit, they’re good bait. Muahahahaha!

The order of things usually go like this anyways:

Manga -> Anime -> Novels or Anime -> Manga -> Novels

? Let’s all spread the love~~~~!!!!

(Cough, I’m just too hyper today after being half-dead yesterday)

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