Guardian Plot Armor


Angel Mika is one of the many social workers up in heaven. Her current assignment is: Ensure the survival of one Sakuya Hiroto no matter what, and ensure he defeats the Demon King.

Guardian Mika: “… fúck this bástãrd! Stop picking fights with every little bástãrd you see!”

Hiroto: “I’m the Hero! I need to save her!”

Guardian Mika: “……You’re weaker than her! You **** dumbass!”

Hiroto: “Wifu! You came to save me again!”

Guardian Mika: “Who’s your Wifu?! Angel’s don’t have genders! If it weren’t for the higher ups… Ugh…”

Hiroto: “Wifu! I’m dying!”

Guardian Mika: “The Higher Ups said that you have to be alive at the end. Doesn’t mean you can’t suffer and die a little for a while. I’ll make sure to revive you later… (Or until I get yelled at by the boss.)”

Table of Content:

Oneshot: The Assignment – Because I’m too busy to write more -_-ll

7 thoughts on “Guardian Plot Armor

  1. Anon says:

    Poor angel… Seems like one of the Top 10 worst job, right next to animal masturbator…lol

    • ebernean says:

      im sorry what

  2. darknari says:

    The link takes you to LMW ch 1

    • SnowTime says:

      Thanks for telling me! It’s fixed XD

  3. asadlinguist says:

    Interesting premise. I’ll read it someday.

    • asadlinguist says:

      I read it. Too short. Not enough pervertedness, description, plot, exposition, world building, text, syntax, and interesting characters, though it does REALLY interest me, if it’ll continue.

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