Oneshot: The Assignment

“Angel Mika of the Guardian Class, I hereby give you your orders: Guard and ensure the survival of the summoned Hero of Liyala. The balance of the world must be kept.” A voice that was both ancient and young, male and female spread out like an echo in the void-like space. The space only had light; no shadows could be seen, nor could one see the end. In the middle of the void, a single glowing ball of light could be seen floating softly, its gentle light flickering in acceptance.

“A temporary body has been prepared for you. You may use whatever means acceptable to complete this task.” A human-shaped, gender neutral body suddenly appeared and was absorbed by the small ball of light before it quickly flickered out of existence, ready to go do its given task.

“Sigh, I hope this child doesn’t fall…” the ancient voice grew weary as it too, quickly faded away.


Angels are the workers of Heaven. They busily move around every day, doing things according to their innate class. Their initial appearances are just balls of light with different hues that symbolizes their class and rank.

Angels of the Guardian Class are blue; the darker the blue, the higher their rank. Their jobs were usually to watch over specific people or protect the other lower rank Angels who are usually newborns. For Mika, this was its first job besides babysitting newly born Angels. They will naturally rank up as they gain experience in their class, so it was very excited. Its light was constantly flickering as it vibrated in place, fully prepared to go.

The expectations were naturally very high since it was protecting a hero!

Only… such expectations will only lead to greatly disappoint.


When Angel Mika saw the Hero, millions of dreams instantly shattered. “What…”

The Hero… is a pervert…

Scanning the surface of his mind… it could see that he was planning to build a harem…

“…Improve physical capabilities but decrease charm toward women. I will never allow such a thing.” The ball of light gave a hmph as she floated above him, completely unseen. Unless some unfortunate situation happens, it will not need to use the physical body provided to it. Watching the Hero trying to stealthily peek in the women’s bath at the royal palace, it tripped him and transmitted its voice into his mind.

“Such actions are not permitted until the removal of the Demon King.”

“Huh? Does that mean… I can’t do anything.”

“Carnal Pleasures are not allowed until the Completion of the Quest. Please work hard.” The scene it sees is just too pitiful. Watching the crying Hero, Sakuya Hiroto, it wondered what the higher ups were thinking when they chose such an idiotic pervert. It felt that life was going to get very hard soon… and 10 minutes later, the idiot already offended someone and was silently stuffed into a bag to be killed in some remote area.


“Sigh, being a hero sure is hard.” Hiroto lamented to himself, and possibly whatever is managing him. He had successfully escaped from his kidnappers, but he was fully lost.

Mika could only become more speechless at this shameless, sad-excuse of a ‘hero’. ‘Which part of you even resemble a hero?’

“Well, time for me to go on my journey!” The Hero, Sakuya Hiroto, finally decided to work after lazing around for an entire month at the palace before Mika’s arrival. He took out the Hero Equipment that was prepared for him and started to walk in a random direction.

“I’m coming world! Elf girls! Nekomimis! Lolis! Girls of all Type! The Ultimate Man, Hero Hiroto is here!” He randomly blasted a beam of light with his declaration as he laughed to the barren surrounding with a lecherous smile.

Mika decided to turn silent turn a blinds eye at the enraged Dragon that rushed out to kill the random beam that destroyed a part of its home. Only when Hiroto was about to die, did it silently create a hole to drop the near-death pervert in.

“I’m saved…” He cried in relief. Then, his eyes nearly popped when he found out he was in a cave full of diamond. “I’m rich!” He was somehow instantly healed as he started to loot his surroundings.

Mika gave a silent sigh. This must be the entitled bad luck – great fortune that were given to all Heroes.

“Oh Dear Father Above. I would like to change jobs.”

“Request Rejected.”

Mika: (Q.Q)

Hero: (≧∇≦)/

God: ˘\_( õ ‹3 ó)_/˘

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