Limimin Emotes

Added a lot of new emoji commands~

My favorite is this :ULDying: just because how often I am in that state.

Plenty of others like :ULParty: :ULCabbage:

Unison League is gonna have a collab event with Konosub, Re;Zero and Nanatsu soon~ I can’t wait for them :ULPower:

All the Commands for the different emojis are here~ I don’t think they are hard to remember at all :ULCookie:

Now back to working :ULSoul:

(I did say a long time ago this is also my site of random things to try :ULSage: gotta try doing things)

Though man, these look tiny. You can see them better on mobile


4 thoughts on “Limimin Emotes

  1. kirindas says:

    Snowy edit: Took off the ‘
    Cute~~ :ULExcited:

    • kirindas says:

      Oops. I goofed. Guess I was supposed to take out the apostrophes. XD

      Cute~~ :ULExcited:

    • kirindas says:

      Lol. Thanks for the edit. XD

  2. SnowTime says:


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