Apparently, my spam plugins decided to cause me more trouble by not letting people comment. I decided to just forgo it and pray nothing happens. So if you tried commenting before and got stopped~ please try again~ Comments are sources of motivation you know~ Very important motivation o-o Peace! Read More

Mass Censoring

I completely forgot google ads don’t allow cuss words (I wanna face palm so much) As such, I am doing a mass censoring of words. If they have a funny look character or just plain old * in words that aren’t cuss words, let me know. My plugin doesn’t discriminate between things some times. Read More

Limimin Emotes

Added a lot of new emoji commands~ My favorite is this just because how often I am in that state. Plenty of others like Unison League is gonna have a collab event with Konosub, Re;Zero and Nanatsu soon~ I can’t wait for them All the Commands for the different emojis are here~ I don’t think Read More

Testing New Spam Plugin

The one old also blocked quite a few legit readers for some reason~ It also blocked Heilong and Entropy themselves from commenting lol. So, I switched and want people who have been blocked before to try and comment. See if it works any better~ (Remember to clear cache first before trying) \o/ Read More