[DTPMDFTDS] Chapter 5: Come On, Up High~

Just to show that I’m alive, I’m announcing 5-9 have been done– Just not edited.

Because I literally finished them within the past five days– 1/day and just chucked them to my editor. It’s gonna take her a bit of time~

So I’m caught up, will mostly like have 10 up tomorrow as well since I just finished 9 a couple minutes ago. Then I would be off to do my essay that’s due on Monday.

I do recommend you read my version from the very beginning if you have not– Some mistranslations, the most noticeable one was a name Liu Hanzi o3o (That I remember)

I will change the unedited to edited whenever they’re done, but I doubt people care much for now \o/

Chapter here

When edited: Mimosa

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