Bad(?) News~

Hello~ And might you guess it, this does have to do with a certain publisher.

I have a total of four Qidian novels:

Happy Little Mayor
Hollywood Secret Garden
Strange Life of a Cat
Thriller Paradise

I am dropping two of them: Happy Little Mayor and Hollywood Secret Garden until further notice…

The reason why is that I am trying to go under their radar as much as possible, so decreasing the number of Qidian novels I have seems to be a good start and well… also frees me up kinda guiltily hahaha…

The reason why I kept the other two and not the former two? Well, the other two are actual published books which means at the very least, they are good quality. So I would actually be willing to risk a limb for them compared to webnovels…  (And I’m not sure if Qidian does the actual book publishing… I only know the novels started on Qidian.)

Thriller Paradise is also my baby starter from long ago, and I don’t wanna make Vexed give it up either.  It’s truly a type of classic in my eyes and is steadily gaining fame in China.

Strange Life of a Cat is guaranteed to be a very good read~ (As long as I get back to working on it… tiger.prince still a rip with life) And it’s a completed series.

In general, I’m already very low on their radar anyway because:

  1. Slow releases
  2. Not much fame directed at us (Which is also due to the releases, most readers just can’t take it lel)

If we were to update every day and have everyone talk about us all day in some forum, we would had totally gotten their eyes. So I guess our randomness also has its uses.

Oh, to be clear, I haven’t been contacted by Qidian at all yet.

It either means we work so slowly they don’t either bother with us, or I really haven’t been noticed at all (Super Good News then).

So for HLM and HSG, other translators are free to take them up. If nothing comes out of Qidian and I actually have a few novels done, I will start doing them again if they aren’t taken by that point lol. (But HSG really is a landmine… it’s really high up the rankings in Qidian >~<)

8 thoughts on “Bad(?) News~

  1. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the update! Sad to see HSG go, but necessary to trim risks with the current drama. Glad Strange Life of a Cat is staying~

    • SnowTime says:

      Glad for your understanding ?

  2. GonZ555 says:

    aww.. i wont see another Happy little mayor’s chapter.. and i don’t read any other series here too.. 🙁
    tho thriller sounds interesting maybe i’ll check it out~

    • SnowTime says:

      Go Gon! If this qidian things blows over I’ll continue it… but it’s honestly making me paranoid >.>

  3. rageoftime says:

    You might have just jinxed it. Now they will definitely notice you.

    • SnowTime says:

      Lol, I shall believe in the Kuroko in me

  4. noll17 says:

    I don’t follow those two, so I am cool. Hope this ♡nest♡ stays safe.

  5. SuicideByTaco says:

    ?Hollywood Secret Garden started off amazing too was really looking forward to it but thank you for translating the previous chapters of it though

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