35 thoughts on “[HDS] Chapter 64: I Am Not A Merman (I)

  1. CrookedCrown says:

    *Sits in front of tent* I’ve been waiting for this arc since arc 1’s release *stares into sunset* And here I wait

    • RenTheWitch says:

      He died by old injuries that relapsed due to fish…hmmmm then again… … hmmmmm…. is this karma? lol the system trolling?

  2. Sara says:

    Hello, Im a camper who always hide in the corner whatching you guys, so i decided to left my dark corner an join you in the campsite 😉

      • LittleHungryReader says:

        Oh, guys! If there were no your comments here, I would continue to think that the problem is not the lack of translation, but that I live in the ass of a world that does not have the right to read the rest of the novel!.. Emm.. Does anybody know how often chapters come out?

  3. Everything aside, let’s be happy for Shang Ke because he finally managed to clear his mission. That means no more punishment mission or berserk mode …well, unless he failed another one again :v

  4. Kate says:

    Waiting urgently!!! (I’m back)
    I feel like I’m kinda numb to the pain from the previous arc since it feels like I’m used to it now…
    … and I totally need to do my homework now so I’ll see you guys later ~~~ (*´꒳`*)

  5. I’ve actually read a yaoi manga that had mermen once, and aftermixing that knowledge with google imaging, I can confirm that merman tend to have a slit of skin that conceals their manhood like a natural zipper. Perhaps it’ll be that, or our merman/s will pull a little mermaid and end up with human legs?…we can only wait…


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