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Chapter 65: I Am Not A Merman (II)


Shang Ke and Waves, who is the small dolphin, would undergo examinations by the medical personnel every few days. That was understandable, since the dolphins were eliminated by a plague once upon a time, it was hard to say if perhaps they still carried that kind of fatal bacteria on them.


Fortunately, up till present time, he and the small dolphin’s state of health was great. The staff of the base carefully studied the research material and notes their predecessor left behind, and learned that the dolphins were animals that were full of emotions. Upsetting them and too many restrictions on their freedom would make them depressed, and may even commit suicide. Further, the life expectancy of a human raised dolphin was shorter by 7 to 10 years compared to wild ones, their mortality rate was higher as well compared to their wild counterparts by about 5%.

TL Note: The raws wrote 710 years but dolphins don’t live that long… so I’m just going to split the number into two and assume it’s probably a typo


The brain volume of a dolphin is only second to humans, even larger than an orangutan. They were capable of making questions and answering them, have self-awareness and deal with their emotions, these kinds of high-level mental cognition processes. In other words, if the brain of a dolphin was developed to the point of humans, they would have wisdom, ingenuity and social awareness not below of humans.


As such, the staff was very gentle with Shang Ke and Waves. Even when they needed to examine and research them, they tried to do it with the gentlest way possible and make steady progress.


Compared to the world Shang Ke once lived in, the people here treated dolphins with such importance that the difference couldn’t be any larger; they were taken care of like their own children. The moment they notice that the two dolphins were unhappy about something, everyone would immediately tense up and fall into prepared to fight mode.


What was gratifying was that the two dolphins were very clever and obedient, not only did they not burden the staff, they made everyone very happy. In just half a month, they had won over everyone’s hearts.


The outer pool of the base was connected to the sea, the world below the water was not that much different to the wild as all sorts of aquatic organisms lived there. Every half a month, they would open the watergates, but with the arrival of the two dolphins, they would now first place a net blocking the entrance before opening the gates to prevent the dolphins from swimming back to the sea.


It wasn’t that the base wanted to confine them, but that they were far too precious to be allowed back to the ocean where danger lurked everywhere. The dolphins in the past were group mammals, having anywhere from ninety to hundreds, the largest groups even have several thousand members. Such large groups had the power to confront other dangerous animals. But now there were only two, if they were to meet up with a shark they would be bitten to death in minutes.


“Flames, Waves, Mr. Qin came to see you two again.” The director, Dr. Cui shouted toward them with a smile.


At the moment, the two large and small dolphins were showing their bellies to the sky and swimming with backward strokes. Shang Ke immediately flipped overseeing the arrival of Qin Yuan and swam in a way he personally believed was very elegant and made his way to the shore. Happily, he raised his head and cried out.


“A present.” Qin Yuan had people put down the half-human sized rubber duck in the water. The bright yellow object almost blinded Shang Ke.


Shang Ke gave it a glance of disdain and used a fin to push it away. But Waves who have never seen such an object before rather liked it and took the yellow rubber duck to play with in the water.


“You don’t like it?” Qin Lun took the tablet his assistant handed over, opened up a web page and held it in front of Shang Ke. “See what you like, I’ll buy it for you when I got back.”


Dr. Cui stared blankly by his side at the scene. Mr. Qin was letting a dolphin choose what it wants from the web page?


He thought that Flames would take the tablet as a toy and bite it, or maybe as a dangerous object and hit it flying. He did not expect “it” to actually browse through the items on the web page!


He watched as Shang Ke moved closer and stared at the images of goods on the lit screen, then pointed at a cuttlefish with his fin and made some sounds. Qin Yuan put that item into his shopping cart without a word of objection. Then, he picked out a shark and ship model.


Dr. Cui watched this pair of human and dolphin picking and selecting toys, and suddenly felt that he did not understand this world anymore. A dolphin was actually keeping up with modern times and learned how to shop online?


After Flames was done picking, Qin Yuan handed the tablet back to his assistant.


His assistant praised with a smile, “This dolphin is so smart.”


This isn’t just being smart anymore! Dr. Cui spoke with a face full of shock, “The cuttlefish is what dolphins like to eat, the shark it chose is their enemy.”


“And the ship?” The assistant curiously asked.


“There are a lot of ships in the ocean catching fish, they don’t have much protection awareness toward precious marine life. The numbers of marine life that has died in their hands is uncountable.” Dr. Cui answered with certainty. “Flames has a very high level of ability to understand and recognize things.”


“But,” the assistant hesitated a bit before asking, “It’s understandable for the cuttlefish to be chosen, but why also choose the things that are dangerous toward them?”


Dr. Cui stood quietly as if shock by lightning. That’s right, why were they chosen?


Qin Yuan thoughtfully looked at the small dolphin that was playing with the yellow duck, then turned his sight back on Shang Ke, only to be met with the sight of Shang Ke tilting his head to a 45-degree angle and giving him a “charming” look. Then he dived back into the water and leaped highly in the next second. In the air, he did a couple perfect somersaults, countless drops of water splashed out and shone like crystals under the sun.


Qin Yuan fixed his eyes on Flames’ graceful beauty, even the drops of water on his face weren’t noticed by him. Flames’ eyes curved happily, his head bobbing and swaying, asking for a gentle stroke to his head.


Qin Yuan looked at his “watery and shiny” head, his fingers twitched, but in the end, he did not pet him.


Shang Ke looked at him resentfully: I gave you the chance to pet me but you didn’t take it. If you want to pet me in the future, I won’t let you. Hmph!


He looked upward and flipped onto his back with his belly aimed at the sky. After his flipped over, he swiftly swam away.


Qin Yuan’s face was a bit stiff, a trace of sadness flashed through his eyes…


That very afternoon, the toys Shang Ke chose were delivered. Qin Yuan and Dr. Cui stayed on the shores, wanting to take a look at Shang Ke’s reaction.


Shang Ke first thumped the cuttlefish once. He didn’t know what it was made of, but it was soft. Once it was hit in the water, it would float right back up. Giving it a bite, it was actually pretty tough, very fit for grinding teeth.


Following that, he called over the small dolphin and patted the shark with his fin, educating him, “Remember how this guy looks like, if you meet this guy when you grow up in the future, quickly run for it.”


The small dolphin swam around the shark toy in confusion at first, then used his short snout to poke it. The one poke caused the belly of the shark to cave in, startling him to immediately jerk away.


Shang Ke then pushed over the ship model, and earnestly explained to him what was dangerous about it.


Dolphins are very curious animals, when they see moving objects like a ship, they would always like to go over and take a look. Countless dolphins lost their life because of this curiosity.


From Shang Ke’s point of view, the small dolphin by his side is the true remaining national treasure of this world, he was just an outsider who might not live two years before having to be heroic. Before that, he wishes to be able to protect him well. Although he was unable to truly understand the world of a dolphin, he still tried to the best of his ability in his own way to tell him how to avoid danger.


Qin Yuan’s assistant watched the two dolphins chirping at each other in the water and hitting the toys here and there, so he asked curiously, “Dr. Cui, what are they doing?”


Dr. Cui answered a bit uncertainly, “It looks like, they’re… passing down knowledge?”


Qin Yuan: …As long as he’s happy.


Qin Yuan stayed at the base for the day and left at night. Before leaving, he got a copy of the film on the two dolphins.


Many surveillance cameras were installed underwater, they were used to observe the activity of other marine animals before, now they were mainly used to film the two dolphin’s way of life. Playing, frolicking, jumping, rolling, being intimate, eating, sleeping, and causing trouble… all these scenes were enough to make a dolphin life documentary. If they publicized these films, who knows what kind of uproar it would make.


Qin Yuan temporarily blocked off the information on the dolphins, the main reason was to prevent the reporters, experts and some fanatical fans from disturbing them. A dolphin’s sense of hearing was very keen, too much noise would make them uneasy. Over two hundred years ago, humans would train dolphins to participate in performances. Besides some of the more forceful method used to train them, in addition to the applause and cheers of the dolphins, it could all speed up a dolphin’s death.


Qin Yuan would not repeat such a disaster, not just because they were precious, but more because they were intelligent and cute. As they interacted more and more, Qin Lun’s love toward these animals gradually grew. From visiting them every three to five days, it gradually turned into visiting them everyday.


“What are you guys doing?” Qin Yuan had just entered the base when he saw a couple researchers surrounding Flames, one of them was even holding a syringe.


Qin Yuan’s face was dark, he remembered that Flames had his blood drawn just yesterday. He reminded Dr. Cui that the number of times they could draw his blood for samples can not pass four times a month. The interval between each time must be at least five days apart, furthermore, they have to make sure it was done while Flames was healthy.


Qin Yuan strided over angrily, a cold aura covering his entire body.


One of the researchers immediately explained, “Mr. Qin, I’m very sorry, we are not trying to hurt Flames. But Dr. Cui told us to take a sample because he had found a something wrong with Flames’ body so he wanted to confirm it.”


“Something wrong?” Qin Yuan’s expression turned worse, “What is it? Is he ill?”


“Doctor didn’t really explain it, but it shouldn’t be that.”


Qin Yuan frowned and coldly ordered then, “Don’t do anything for the moment, let me ask Dr. Cui what is going on first.”


He looked at Flames again after that and headed for Dr. Cui’s laboratory.


Shang Ke watched his leaving figure and floated in the water, lazily blowing bubbles.


To tell the truth, besides being unable to freely swim in the ocean now, his daily life was the same as an Emperor. The staff members were at their beck and call to serve them, every time they drew his blood they were very cautious and serious, fearing that they would hurt him. Every time he felt the slightest discomfort, they would immediately stop.


This made Shang Ke feel both gratified and vexed, he was gratified because even after he leaves, the small dolphin would still be given the appropriate care. He was vexed because with how they value him, how was he supposed to heroically offer himself up as food to humans when the time comes?


A short while later, Qin Yuan and Dr. Cui both came out.


Dr. Cui ordered, “Continue to take his blood, be careful.”


Qin Yuan wore a calm and collected face as he remained silent, but his eyes were staring at the researcher without blinking.


The researcher was scared witless by his stare, his fingers trembled, and the syringe only extended halfway before it fell into the water.


Qin Yuan’s face was even darker, his eerie gaze turned into a pair of piercing swords that stabbed toward the researcher.


Shang Ke saw how nervous the researcher was and feared that he would hurt him in the process at this point. As such, he detoured around the researchers and dove back into the water. Everyone had believed that “it” would not cooperate today and was just about to say they could try again another day when in the next moment, “it” once again emerged from the water, holding the syringe that had fallen into the water in “it’s” mouth.


“It” moved closer to the researcher and place the syringe in his hand. After that, “it” looked at him with bright eyes, as if saying: No problem, come on.


The researcher looked at “it”, then looked back at the syringe in his hand and suddenly had the urge to throw it away. Why did humans create such a dangerous “weapon”? Being faced with Flames’ completely trusting eyes, they simply don’t have the will to do it alright?


Furthermore Flames, what is with your look of letting people taking advantage of you? Don’t you know human hearts are sinister? You need to be more on alert!

TL: Flashback to Shang Ke and Pupu


With the dolphin’s natural smiling and adorable face, Shang Ke raised half of his body out of the water and swayed his fin, like he was urging them to do it quickly.


The researchers were all speechless and worried themselves to death in their hearts for Flames.


Qin Yuan stared at Flames’ and the researcher’s interaction, feeling strangely unhappy about it. He mentally exchanged the researcher with himself, patiently comforting blaze and gently stroking “its” back, carefully giving “it” a shot, and “it” would use “its” fin to slap his arm and use “its” head to touch his chest…


Letting that thought wind around his mind, Qin Yuan suddenly felt that being a dolphin keeper was simply paradise. But it was a pity that he could not swim, so he was foreordained to not be qualified for that line of work.


After Shang Ke was done with being stuck with a needle, he sensed that Qin Yuan’s mood was a bit low. So he raised his head and tail and made a splash in his direction.


After he successfully drew Qin Yuan’s attention, he immediately started to move. He danced a strange circle dance in the water, then broke through the water and made an extremely difficult backward somersault. Finally, he poked his head out of water, beaming at him: How is it? This Lord performs pretty well right? Have you started feeling like dolphins are your gods yet? Please give me a smile, some flowers and likes!

TL Note: Like on a facebook post or something, liking their posts.


Qin Yuan: …Why do I feel like I know what “it” is expressing?


“Very good.” Qin Yuan’s tone was very steady, but his eyes showed gentleness and the cold aura on his body disappeared without a trace.


Shang Ke swam a few circles in the water as a hint, then used his eyes to charm him: Want to come down and swim with me? You can enjoy a special service of playing with two dolphins~


Qin Yuan suddenly felt that the seawater was full of attraction, he really wanted to try jumping down.


The heavens seem to intent to satisfy his request, as someone behind accidently bumped into him, pushing him into the water.


“Ah, Boss!” Qin Yuan’s assistant turned pale with fright. He had placed all his attention onto watching Flames perform and lost his balance when he tried to get a closer look, causing him to bump and push Qin Yuan into the pool.


The entire base knows that Qin Yuan cannot swim, so the moment he fell, several people jumped down to save him.


However, when they got down into the water, what they saw was Qin Yuan being “taken away” by the dolphin!


Shang Ke was charged with excitement when he saw Qin Yuan hit the water. In moments he had rushed over and dove under his body, propping him and swimming away with him.


Qin Yuan harshly choked on a few mouthful of water, when he steady his state of mind, he finally noticed that he was lying on Flames back, half of his body above water while the other half was still in it. He looked as if he was drifting on water.


Qin Yuan held onto Flames’ body, calming his breathing and letting “it” take him where “it” chose. Qin Yuan slowly opened his eyes, dark blue waters rippling in front of his eyes, the gleaming waves and the countless small fishes swimming by him. It was like a world of fantasy,


After a while, Shang Ke carried him back up to the surface. After he took a couple breaths, he was once again brought back down into the water. Qin Yuan sensed Flames’ carefulness and his nervous state gradually calmed. He relaxed and grabbed onto “its” dorsal fin, allowing himself to float and drift in the water, following “it” to wander the underwater world.


Ever since he was nearly drowned at age nine, Qin Yuan never tried to learn how to swim again. Now that he threw his fear of water away, the water world was not as frightening as he expected.


At this moment, small dolphin Waves also swam over. He was very unhappy with Qin Yuan lying on Flames, so he bumped into him.


Qin Yuan’s waist pained from the bump and he subconsciously held onto Shang Ke tighter.


Shang Ke’s body circled in the water, with Qin Yuan in tow, he headed for the surface. One man and dolphin tangled together and made a beautiful scene under the dark blue sea water and gleaming waves.


The staff members who went down into the water to save Qin Yuan all exclaimed in admiration in their hearts. They had been worried that Qin Yuan would be in danger, but now it looks like he was playing pretty happily with the dolphin in the water.


Shang Ke delivered Qin Yuan to the shore and rubbed his head against Qin Yuan’s cheek: Is it fun? After you learn how to swim, we can change postures and play some more.


Qin Yuan looked down at Flames in his arms and mentally pushed up the priority for learning how to swim.


A couple days later, Qin Yuan wore a swimsuit as he stood next to the pool and earnestly told Shang Ke, “I learned how to swim, I believe that I will become a qualified dolphin keeper soon.”


Shang Ke looked at him in amazement, he learned how to swim in just a few days?


He swam toward the center of the pool, then turned back and called a few times: Come, let me take a look at the result of your swimming training.


Qin Yuan did not beat around the bush and leaped straight into the water.


Dr. Cui, the assistant and the other staff members ashore all had a stupefied look.


The usually tidy, well-dressed, severe and stiff Qin Yuan… was actually wearing a swimsuit and jumped into the water to play with the dolphins. The scene was just so beautiful, they somewhat didn’t dare to look at it…


That day, Mr. Qin who claimed that he had learned how to swim, after swimming for an hour, was fished up from the water and sent urgently to the hospital due to a cramp.


Shang Ke: It’s impossible for his man to be so weak…

SnowTime: People who read the raws should know that the small dolphin is referred to as ‘it’ as we generally do with animals, but I know it’s male soooo…. Technically he is like another Pupu when you think about it. Shang Ke’s second adopted child? XD

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