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Chapter 60: A+A (VIII)


Shang Ke was going to use his vacation to go visit his mother. But when his mother heard of his plans, he firmly advised against his decision and had him stay put where he was. There were still many reporters out there waiting to catch him, if only to confirm whether or not his present physical condition was qualified to join the 45th Legion.


At first, this situation wasn’t supposed to be such a big deal, after all, the Empire rather respected and treated their heroes with courtesy. Even if Shang Ke was unable to enlist into the army again, he could still be given a position with practically no obligations and enjoy generous treatment. This was actually what the higher ups preferred as well, mounting Shang Ke up as a tragic hero and taking him out from time to time as encouragement. It was far better than letting him run off to the battlefield and throwing his life away.


No one believed that Filmore still had the ability to participate in battle after seeing his medical report. If he sacrificed his life on the battlefield without any contribution, it would leave behind a stain on his title of “hero”. Sacrificing oneself for the country was admittedly glorious, but it also depends on their individual strength. Forcing oneself despite knowing of their own condition and inevitably falling would give the person a reputation of “overestimating one’s capabilities”.


For the Seiver family, Filmore’s retirement was not a bad choice. Although he couldn’t pile up anymore achievements, at least he possessed the honor and could raise the prestige of their family. But Shang Ke chose to enlist again, so no matter if it was the higher ups of the Empire or his family, they were all unhappy with it.

TL: The Seiver Family was mentioned twice in 56, but I somehow didn’t translate it oops. I fixed it….


As a result, both sides took a laissez-faire attitude toward the reporters news and the populace’s evaluation. Kanwen on the other hand, took a more hands on approach by saying to the public he had tried his best to change his mind but failed, his son was determined to work for the country and he, as the father can only support him. He played the emotion card and did not care about what kind of pressure and disturbance it would cause his son.


The hero event that should had stopped perfectly continued to receive attention due to the external hype given to it. The populace’s attention turned from praising the hero, to judging whether or not he was qualified to become a member of the 45th Legion, if he could actually fight, and what kind of performance would he show on the battlefield and so on.


If Shang Ke’s future performance does not meet their expectations, then the honor he slowly gained would instantly decrease by a large margin. This meant that he could only be better than others, otherwise, even if he gave up his life for a good cause, he would only garter sighs that he was nothing much. After all, in the era of war, many heroes have stood out, it was not only Shang Ke that was worth remembering.


So to say, Shang Ke’s decision to join the army and placing himself in a spot where he could only advance without a way out is something no one supported. However, he had no choice. His mission was for him to promote to Senior Colonel in ten years. If he doesn’t join the army and accumulate merits, his mission was a guarantee failure. He has to go up if he has the qualifications, if he doesn’t have the qualifications he has to make them and still go up.


Shang Ke finished contacting his mother and did not linger outside to long before he returned to the training camp. He resumed his dull and difficult training life and pretty much severed his connection to the outside world.


What was worth rejoicing lately though was that after that one challenge, the number of people provoking him decreased. In addition to his perseverance in daily training, he gradually obtained everyone’s approval. Under his influence, the atmosphere of the training camp surged up abnormally and everyone acted so passionately as if they had been shot with chicken blood.


Two months later, the southeast frontier reported an emergency and Rhine immediately called together the 45th Legion and rushed to the battlefield.


There were many breeds of the anthropod on Aima Planet, not only were they varied, they were also very strong and it was impossible to kill them all. Humanity have almost been destroyed many times due to the sudden uprising of the anthropod. Humans finally gained the ability to compete against the anthropod as they developed, expanded and raised their level of science and technology.


However, the anthropod still occupies half of the landmass. Even though not all breeds of the anthropod were attack type, the types that were dangerous numbered in around a hundred.


The variant type of anthropod that Shang Ke met in Via City did not have a high danger rating. It was only become of the sandstorm caused by the electromagnetic bugs that broke their connection outside of their city, and prevented them from obtaining reinforcement did they have such a high casualty.


The anthropod force that had appeared over at the southeast frontier this time was mainly comprised of three types. One was the variant that had the largest population, the second was the arrow beetle that shot thorns, while the third was capable of flying, and had a build like a giant flying fortress.  


By the time Rhine’s army hurried over, the anthropod army had already completely surrounded Galonan until even a drop of water couldn’t make it through, so they could only set up a station outside the city for the moment to prepare to save them.


As one of the main battlefields of the Empire, the place that Rhine and Shang Ke was at received the most attention. One was the youngest General of the Empire while the other was a freshly recruited and injured hero. The whole nation was paying to their battle situation.


Countless people online started to chuck out their own predictions, as they used their professional observations to discuss the battle. Many opinions differed, but for the most part, people agreed that this battle would be won since Rhine was the one commanding, there was no room for doubt there. But everyone guessed that Shang Ke would likely not participate in the front line combat.


However, not only did Shang Ke participate in the front lines, he also performed out of their expectations.


Using his experience back at Via City, Shang Ke grabbed the Queen with the help of his companions and pinned it onto the back of a flying fortress anthropod, he was even so kind to give the Queen some armor. Then, they all concentrated their attacks onto this flying fortress anthropod, causing it to fly all over the place and leading the anthropod army into confusion.


The heart of that flying fortress anthropod that was beaten around everywhere was very angry: Why are you humans only chasing and beating me!


The variant anthropods on the ground that wanted to rescue their Queen were also very angry: That big flying bug, hurry up and put down their Queen! Otherwise, don’t blame them for defecting!


Fort flying insect: Damn you guys, what are you guys doing bringing along the Queen to a battlefield, so that you guys could mate whenever you want to? No wonder you guys haven’t changed at all these several thousand years, you’ve only been raising numbers and not IQ!


Variant anthropods: You bird bug! You think you’re so amazing because you’re big, because you can fly? If you have the ability, come down! Let’s see who kills who!

TL Note: The flying one indirectly insulted that the variants only thought with their dick, and the variants replied in turn that it was a dick, because the slang meaning of bird is dick.



The anthropod ran rampant in panic, the humans also rampaged around fighting them.


The IQ of the anthropod was not high across the board, it was also the reason for humanity’s ability to contend against the large populations of the anthropod. Taking the opportunity while they were in confusion, with enough firepower, the humans fount and had almost no casualties.


Rhine had unrestrainedly noted down Shang Ke’s achievement, his evil plan that thrown the whole anthropod into chaos. After they returned back to camp from their battle, Rhine very publically gave him an embrace and conveniently used his pheromone to ‘baptize’ him inside and out.


However, their desire to eliminate all the anthropod and help Galonan City out of the siege was not an easier matter. Although they have weakened the power of the variants, the population of arrow beetles and other fort flying anthropod has not decreased.


As such, the internet once again started to discuss at full throttle of when they could lift the siege on Galonan. Some guessed at least three months, others were more optimistic and believed two months was enough.


Who would had imagined the situation that appeared out of everyone’s expectations? Rhine did not choose to attack from the outside, rather, he led a group that was not attached to the main fighting force and some supplised, and broke through a route. They rushed into Galonan and defended the perimeter, coordinating with the army left in the area to start a pincer attack against the anthropod.


A month later, not only had they dealt with the crisis, the entire anthropod army were wiped out. There were only a thousand casualties in this battle, it could be considered a great victory.


Two months later, Rhine led the 45th Legion back gloriously. They rest and reorganized, counting up the merits they obtained.


When the army announced online that Shang Ke had obtained first class achievements, everyone was dumbfounded. What did he do to obtain first class achievements? It must be noted that in this battle, there were only ten soldiers that have obtained first class achievements, but the severely weakened Shang Ke was actually one of them?


Facing the questioning from the outside world, they released online a couple short clips of the battle. Everyone expressed their amazement when they saw Shang Ke appear immediately in the battle line. Soon after, his skills were shown and everyone’s mind was blown away.


Last time at Via City it was a war of attrition, relying on physical capability and will so his skills were not displayed much. But this time, it was different. He had a great reinforcement behind him, so he could carefreely fight unrestrainedly, so his skills naturally shone and became the highlight of this battle.


Under the situation where everyone did not support his choice, he still firmly chose to return to the army. Under the situation where he suffered serious injuries, he used excellent fighting skills to fill in his weakness. He relied on his own abilities to shut the mouth of everyone that questioned him.


Just as the Empire Marshal Kai Mingwei had later evaluated: “Not all warriors can become strong, and not all that are strong can become a hero.” Willpower and perseverance, along with a powerful belief are necessary conditions to become one.


If the first battle of desperately saving a doom situation painted him in the light of a tragic hero, then the second battle pulled his popularity into a whole new height.


The two battles established him the name “Newcomer King”, and become the person most frequently spoken of online in half a year. He was also included in the list of most wanted young alpha partner choice among the betas and omegas. His family that had originally went along a laissez-faire attitude also started to become respectful, coming and giving their greetings to him everyday.


In order to obtain peace and alleviate his fatigue, Shang Ke planned to rest well for several days to raise his spirits in preparations of going to another battle at any moment.


He had ordered a room at the most luxurious bar, and had just settled down in a comfortable aroma bath when he heard knocking come from outside.


“Ryan?” Shang Ke was very surprised when he saw who came to his door.


Ryan’s gaze was like water, and he spoke in a soft voice, “Filmore, I have something I want to tell you.”


Shang Ke wavered for a moment, then invited him. At the same time, he said, “It’s so late, being outside by yourself isn’t safe. I will go change my clothes and send you back…”


He had only spoke halfway when he suddenly sensed the abnormal scent in the air. Shang Ke turned back to look at Ruan, dumbstruck. This omega came in the middle of the night to his room to go into heat?


“You, what are you doing?” Shang Ke asked stiffly.


Ryan used a gaze full of warmth on him, “Filmore, I want to be your omega.”


Shang Ke wore a stupefied face: “……”


Became omegas were sparse and even bore the responsibility of bearing children, they were always fully protected. But they also have their own helplessness, as an omega, they simply can’t resist the demands of alphas, especially those that have the identity of nobility. Although omegas have many people pursuing them, they are unable to completely control their own future. As such, many omegas would choose a target they like themselves before they are marked to avoid becoming sacrificial victims in the struggles of influential people.


Ryan had been indecisive between Zeka and Filmore, until the end of the battle and Filmore had returned with honor did he finally make his decision and chose him to become his partner. Compared to the fickle, loose and hard to control Zeka, the infatuated and hardworking Filmore was clearly the better target.


Shang Ke did understand the situation of omegas, but this did not meant he had to accept this!


The pheromone of an omega filled the room and Shang Ke’s body started to heat up, his desire crazily rushing and making itself known. Looking at the attractive Ryan lying on his bed, SHang Ke felt the beat of his own rushed heartbeats and retreated to the corner. But the desire in his body did not calm, instead, it intensified.


Watching Ryan walking toward him with blurred eyes, Shang Ke looked at him like he was an extremely dangerous animal and shouted in his heart: Don’t come over here! Then he quickly rushed for the door and slammed it open, only to run into the chest of someone else coming in.


He raised his head, it was actually Rhine! Why was he here instead of at the celebration feast? He was even holding a bottle of red wine?


Shang Ke took a step back and was about to close the door without even thinking. Compared to Ryan, Rhine’s danger level was obviously higher.


But how could Rhine give him the chance to close the door? The first thing Rhine did was kick open the door and stride into the room. When he saw Ryan who was in heat, his face sunk and his figure flashed, knocking Ryan out and stuffing him in the closet.


After he did all of that, Rhine’s sharp gaze shot toward Shang Ke. Shang Ke had just finished his bath, so all he wore was a large bathrobe. A sweet scent from after a bath emitted from him and his fair skin was slightly rosy due to lust. His eyes were also faintly fogged and his lips were very plump and opened a gap. It all looked like an invitation.


And how could Rhine refuse such an invitation? He had Shang Ke down on the bed without another word.


Under the stimulation of an omega’s pheromone, the moment their lips touched, the fire of passion lit in them. Like two wild beasts, they crazily tore at each other.


Even so, Shang Ke still had a shred of reason left in him yet his mature body and boundless desire made it hard for him to have any control.


No, he can’t allow it!


Shang Ke did his best to throw Rhine all, but was suppressed every time.


“Rhine, you said before,” Shang Ke panted, “You would wait for me to get stronger.”


“That was under the condition you didn’t touch others.” Rhine held his arm over his head, his gaze powerful enough to devour man.


Shang Ke’s body was stronger and more muscular compared to the few months before, his body was well-proportioned and did not contain even an ounce of extra flesh. His legs were slender and powerful, his butt ample and very elastic.


Just when Rhine was about to investigate deeper, Shang Ke suddenly clenched Rhine’s waist with his legs and flipped over so that he was the one pushing the other down. He has not stabilized his position yet when the world around him spun and he was pushed back down.


Rhine rolled him over and spread his legs, his scent spiraling and filling the room.


“Ugh…” Shang Ke sweated, groaning as he released his own pheromone to resist the invading one.


Motherf*cker, moments again an omega was giving his virginity to him, then the next second it turned into him giving his virginity away!


Under the collision of two alpha’s pheromone, the omega pheromone in the air became stronger as well and acted as a catalyst that sped up the spreading of desire.


Shang Ke’s consciousness gradually became muddled and tried his best to fight back, but his body was completely suppressed by the other man.


When the man entered from that place, Shang Ke knew he was finished. He wasn’t able to hold on in the end.


Following the turbulent rising lust, Shang Ke gave up his resistance and was pulled into an entanglement that shook the world around him…


#Help, think about the mental shadows forming in the mind of Ryan lying in the closet#

SnowTime: I await all the rage rants, because dubcon… ABO worlds are scary, so much dubcon everywhere.

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