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Chapter 61: A+A (IX)

第61章 A+A

Chapter 61: A+A (IX)


“Ugh…” Shang Ke held his dully aching head as he slowly sat up. The soft blanket slid down, revealing the messy traces left on his body. The burning pain from his thighs and lower body were almost numb while his body still held traces of that man. Every time they hit the peak, he would always come inside, not wasting anything.


Goddamnit! He wasn’t an omega or beta, no matter how much he shoots he wouldn’t become pregnant! Furthermore, that bastard had marked him on their first climax and blended his pheromone into his body, almost like a brand.


Shang Ke looked around him, the room was empty of anyone but himself, Ryan should have been sent off by Rhine.


He got off the bed and walked to the bathroom on weaken legs, planning to clean himself up. But mysteriously, despite using water to flush himself several times, the stuff in his body would not come out, or it could be said that it was gradually being absorbed by him until none of it remained.


What is going on? Shang Ke was a bit dumbfounded as his arms propped him against the wall, allowing the warm water to spray over his body.


Forget it, what’s done was done, why should he still worry himself over it? It won’t kill him. Shang Ke placed his head on the wall as his mind started to repeat everything that had happened last night, the tanglement, the jerking, the possessiveness as they crazily joined together like wild beasts.


“Ah—” Rhine, just you wait. I will make you suffer one day!


Shang Ke punched the wall as rage burned in his foggy eyes.


After his shower, Shang Ke left the bathroom only to find that Rhine has returned and was standing as straight as a ramrod. He was dressed neatly and held a solemn temperament, he was the model of a respected and strict person.


Shang Ke glared at him angrily, then turned to his luggage to take out some clothes and swiftly wore them.


Rhine’s gaze wandered around his waist as he recalled the flushed appearance of the other under his body last night and a fire lit under him immediately. He did not make any moves though, and stood quietly as he watched Shang Ke put on his clothes.


“Come here.” Rhine’s tone carried a command.


Shang Ke stopped two steps away from him and silently watched him.


Rhine reached out to pull him closer and lowered his head to scent his neck. Appearing rather satisfied, he released his grip, “Pack your stuff, come home with me.”


Go, home, with, you?!


“Why should I go home with you?” Shang Ke was unable to keep up with this man’s train of thought.


“I already checked out the room for you.” Rhine checked the time and said, “Let’s go, let’s go home and eat.”


Shang Ke really couldn’t take it anymore, “Rhine, before you do something, could you ask for my opinion first?”


Rhine paused and asked, “Then, where would you like to eat?”


The problem has nothing to do with eating! Shang Ke blew his top a bit.


Seeing how Shang Ke wasn’t replying, Rhine spoke again, “Since you don’t have a suggestion, come back with me for a meal.”


“No, I decided that I will eat right here in this bar!” Shang Ke replied resolutely.


“The food here is plain and barely satisfactory, it cannot be compared to your cooking at all.” Rhine seriously declared this fact to Shang Ke.


What’s going on with this feeling of being happy and dejected?


Shang Ke’s lips twitched and his packed his things, “Let’s go.”


“To where?”


“Back to the training camp.” Cooking for himself would be the better option.


Shang Ke did not refuse Rhine’s offer to send him back, arguing over this kind of trifle matter is senseless.


On the way there, Shang Ke suddenly thought of something and asked, “That’s right, where’s Ryan? Is he fine?”


“Omegas are the country’s treasure, I will not do anything to him.” Rhine coldly replied, “however, if I hear that name from your mouth again, I can’t guarantee that he will still be fine later.”


Shang Ke: “……”


Once they returned to the training camp, Shang Ke headed straight for his dorm and purposely did not invite Rhine to his room for a meal.


Rhine watched his back, he muttered like he was asking his driver or himself, “We already established our relationship, why isn’t he close to me at all?”


The driver looked up at the sky silently: That lieutenant is an alpha! You marked him like an omega before any emotions have budded, who would tolerate it?


Observing his general’s appearance, it looks like he completely did not notice where he was wrong. The driver really didn’t know if he should feel sympathy for that lieutenant’s experience, of silently observe a moment of silence for his general who did not understand even one bit about going through with such a forceful method…


The next day, Shang Ke cancelled his vacation and threw himself into training again. Besides training now and striving for completing his mission as soon as possible, he did not think about anything else. For this reason, he even blocked all communications. If there was something urgent, his teammates would naturally come notify him.


He would try to clear away the mark Rhine left on his body every day, there was no way he was going out while wearing his scent. He had ran into Zeka once, and the other had pretty much immediately did a U-turn and ran. Although he felt that Zeka was not the person he was looking for after their past interactions, he still did not want anyone to know he was wearing the scent of a man.


Five days later, Shang Ke finally cleared away Rhine’s mark. The body of an alpha was hard to mark in the first place, if it weren’t for Rhine’s powerful strength, it was simply impossible for the mark to succeed.


Shang Ke left the training room drenched in sweat and the first person he saw was the most unexpected person. Shang Ke’s face went stiff then he straightened his posture into the standard army posture.


“You have been overtraining a bit too much these days, your body…” Rhine suddenly stopped mid-sentence as he stared at Shang Ke sharply, “Where’s my mark?”


“I got rid of it.” Shang Ke calmly replied.


“Is that so?” Rhine somewhat smiled, although his eyes hinted the danger Shang Ke was in, “I don’t mind marking you again.”


“Rhine, in the future, you sleep with me once, I will go find a beta to sleep with once.”


“You dare!” Rhine’s voice was very dark and cold.


“Why wouldn’t I? Both of us are alphas, what you can do, I can also do.” Shang Ke looked him straight in the eye, “This is very normal in the army, each person just do what they want to.”


“You can try.” Rage burned in Rhine’s chest, “I have plenty of ways to make you behave.”


“Rhine, don’t treat me as an omega that can only adhere to alphas. I am not only a pure alpha, I am also a soldier that fights for honor and life.” Shang Ke solemnly spoke, “Forcing me like this, are you trying to destroy my life? Snatching away my dreams and honor so that I will become worthless. Is this what you want?”


Rhine answered quietly, “I never thought of snatching away your dreams and honor.”


“Then please let me go, let me peacefully work for the country, like all the other alphas and soldiers, showing our value as soldiers on the battlefield.” Shang Ke’s gaze was very clear and flickering with bright splendor.


Rhine was both happy and depressed, he wanted to subdue him, but he also didn’t want to restrict him too much. If Shang Ke was willing to get close to him on his own accord and trust him, Rhine would be willing to let him fly high and use his own abilities to help Shang Ke achieve his dreams. However, he was always rejected and refused to make love with him. Perhaps it was became his first impression on Shang Ke was too terrible?


A certain person apparently did not know that for two people to be together, there needs to be social and emotional interactions and not to just rely on desire, impulses and strength to force it.


Shang Ke was unable to accept or adapt to this kind of action method. In fact, he was not completely unfeeling for Rhine, it was just the lack of a mole that made him unable to put down his misgivings and date him. Rhine’s forceful way of doing things placed a thick firewall between the two of them. Everything led to Shang Ke feeling ashamed to the one he loves, and since he was constrained by the mission, he cannot leave for the time being so his heart has to suffer.


Rhine stayed silently for a moment, then handed the medical box he was holding in front of Shang Ke, “There are fifteen restoration medicine in it and fifteen body supplements, drink one every day after you train, it would be good for your body.”


Shang Ke hesitated before taking the box. “Thank you.”


Rhine nodded and left after looking at him one last time.


Shang Ke watched his straight leaving figure and a slightly peculiar feeling went through him. Strange, this guy was so easy to deal with this time?


The time following that, Rhine did not try to find Shang Ke, he merely watched him very closely in secret and prevented him from really going to find other people to bed. However, Shang Ke was far more single-minded than he imagined. Besides training every day, it was still training. Forget about him finding other people to bed, Shang Ke didn’t even go out much for fresh air.


Although Rhine admired his effort, he was also a bit upset. Seeing Shang Ke tired to the point he couldn’t even stand stably every day gave him the urge to just shut him in his room and order him to rest. But when he recalled what Shang Ke had told him before, Rhine suppressed the urge and limited himself to just sending him medicine at set dates and arranging a specialized doctor to inspect him. Heaven knows that he was almost going crazy from want to push him down, especially after he had a taste of Shang Ke. Suppressing the desire had turn into a type of unbearable cruelty.


About over a month later, a notice for battle came and Rhine hurriedly left again with his legion.


The battle this time lasted for over a year. They had launched many attacks against the anthropod and the one at the head of each battle was always Shang Ke. His merits accumulated at lightning speed and it only took him three months to go from a reserved member to an official member of the special battle squad.


His excellent skills also spread far and wide in the army.


During the battle, Isaac who had challenged Shang Ke before embarrassedly went to Shang Ke to ask for guidance in his skills. Shang Ke did not hide anything, he straightforwardly recorded his martial skills into a video and distributed to his other comrade-in-arms as his way of interacting.


What Shang Ke learned in the System Space were ancient martial arts, the essence of martial arts gathered from every period. Without a strong foundation, it was very hard to truly display their might. But among the styles, there were places where people could use as references.


The martial arts the warriors of the Empire used were mainly based on power, it was not flexible and lacked variation. Before this, they did not feel there was anything wrong with the way they fought, but after researching Shang Ke’s martial arts, they finally understood when to use skills at the best timing, when to catch people off guard, and when to adapt.


Shang Ke’s martial art video quickly went viral among the entire army, giving rise to a wave of people learning ancient martial arts. Not long after, a portion of the video was uploaded onto the public internet and once again led another wave of shock and heated debates. Everyone called the martial arts “Dance of Mor”, sharing a piece of Filmore’s name and left strokes after strokes upon the evolution of the army’s history.


Because of the influence from Dance of Mor, Shang Ke had promoted to Captain a year later.


“Look! It’s Filmore!” At the celebration party, a couple omegas and betas stared in surprise at seeing Shang Ke’s arrival.


“Huh, is that Brigadier General Lancelot next to him?”


“Ah—Both of them are so outstanding, who should I choose?”


“If they are going to choose anyone, it’s gonna be a beauty. You better stop dreaming.”


“Hmph, you can’t say for sure that maybe they like my type, an ‘easy-going’ beta?”




Shang Ke wore a carefully tailored white formal suit today, and Rhine wore black, forming a bright contrast. The two of them stood together and attracted the gazes of countless people.


Shang Ke did not really like this kind of event, but the invitation was personally given by the Marshal, so it was hard for him to decline it. He could only come with Rhine to the event after all.


This past year, Rhine has not done anything overbearing to him and Shang Ke finally placed down the grudge in his heart somewhat. After all, he did not have too much energy to worry about these things when he was fighting bugs every day. He only wanted to complete his mission now and then leave this world.


Rhine could vaguely sense Shang Ke’s mentality. For this period of time, besides training it was fighting, and Shang Ke kept a lukewarm relationship toward everyone, just living his life like a robot. According to his background, this kind of behavior was really strange.


Rhine felt that Shang Ke originally wasn’t like this. He should be more cheerful, more happy. From the food he once made before, it showed he understood how to enjoy life and was not like now, so difficult and tedious and only knew how to fight.


After Shang Ke dealt with the nth individual, he rubbed his somewhat dizzy head and listened to the sounds around him. He suddenly felt very tire. He had only lived in this world for two years, and it was harder to bear compare to all the past worlds he had experienced. Was it because “he” was not here?


“If you’re tire, go back and rest early.” He didn’t know when Rhine had walked so close to him and was supporting him by the waist.


Shang Ke nodded and did not take notice of how close Rhine was to him. With Rhine’s help, he prepared to walk out.


At this moment, a burst of laughter came from the side. A couple officers dropped by and passionately greeted them. They couldn’t avoid another clinking of glass cups.


Rhine seamlessly helped Shang Ke block a couple glass of wines and interacted with these man. In front of Rhine, few people dared to be impudent and they left after a few more lines.


By the time Rhine turned around, he discovered that Shang Ke was gone from the spot.


He frowned and strided out just in time to see Zeka help Shang Ke into a car and leaving after a whistle.


Rhine’s face fell and he immediately started up his own car and quickly chased after them.


In a short moment, Rhine exceeded the speed limit and passed Zeka’s car. Then, with a turn of his wheel, he blocked Zeka’s car.


Cold sweat was startled out of Zeka and he stopped at the distance of barely ten centimeters away after much breaking. Seeing how it was Rhine that walked out of the car, he cursed in his heart a word of unlucky. He turned around to look at Shang Ke who was sleeping in the shotgun and felt some pity for his bad luck. Such a rare chance had came by for him to have a night with Shang Ke, he didn’t expect that Rhine would find out.


“Get off!” Rhine pulled open the door and first coldly shot Zeka a glance before stretching his hands out toward Shang Ke.


Shang Ke looked at Rhine fuzzily, he could not see his appearance clearly under the night, he only felt that the scent was very familiar and subconsciously stretched out his own hands, allowing himself to be pulled into a strong chest.


Shang Ke leaned against him, his hands holding his waist.


Rhine’s heart jumped a beat and was indescribably happy toward Shang Ke’s involuntary intimacy.


He turned his eyes that were shooting daggers on Zeka and warned him, “He is mine, I better not find out about you having any more ideas on him.”


Zeka first looked back at him stumped, then said in amazement, “You chosen him? But he’s an alpha, will your family admit him?” Rhine was different from him. The man wouldn’t have done anything if he hadn’t made his decision to be with Shang Ke.


“This is my matter, you don’t need to worry about it. You only need to take care of yourself.” Rhine kicked the door close and carried Shang Ke back to his own car.


“Tsk. Such a pity that I acted too late, now it’s impossible.” Zeka watched the levitation car leave and lamented.


Rhine held Shang Ke the whole time he flew his car while he pondered over Shang Ke’s intimacy just then. It tickled his heart in a way that was hard to endure like a kitten scratching him.


Driving into his villa, Rhine did not rush to get into his house, rather, he turned to look at Shang Ke, his eyes blazing with flames.


“Fil.” Rhine leaned over him, nibbling gently on his lips.


“Hm?” Shang Ke opened his eyes, and in his muddled state, he seems to have finally seen that familiar figure. His heart couldn’t help but sour. The loneliness and longing almost swallowed him after so long.


Rhine looked at his hazy eyes and his heart burned passionately, his intense and tyrannic pheromone filled the entire place.


He easily made the seat of the chair lie flat and held Shang Ke as he engaged him in a fiery kiss.  


It was him… Shang Ke indulged in his scent, his mind incapable of any other thought.


Within the narrow car, two fiery hot bodies tangled together as one. Soft panting sounds, rubbing sounds and shaking… they all mixed together and added an ambiguous tint to the night.

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