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Chapter 59: A+A (VII)

第59章 A+A

Chapter 59: A+A (VII)


Rhine stood in front of Shang Ke, his grand and imposing aura hit him straight on as he firmly confined him.


Shang Ke fell back a step, his back leaning onto the metal bed frame as he felt the chill. He was just about to speak to break the silence when his face suddenly changed and a potent scent broke past his defenses and enter his body.

TL: I sincerely hate the word “qixi” now. Scent, aura, what the hell do I tl you as….


Rhine stretched out a long leg and stepped between his legs as he single-handedly pulled him into his arms so that the two of them were so closely knit that it seem like they could feel the warm blood that was flowing through each other’s body and their pulse throbbing.


Shang Ke raised his hands to resist him, so Rhine couldn’t move forward nor was he willing to be pushed back. Rhine stood between his legs and placed his hands on his waist so he wouldn’t be thrown off. The intense pheromone carried boundless desire as it went through Shang Ke’s body.


Shang Ke grunted as his eyes lit up like a flame as he glowered at the man. He did not believe that this man would dare to assault him at a training camp.


But Shang Ke clearly underestimated an alpha’s rudeness, disregard for reason and privilege. The system was not binding at all when it was used against a person of higher position. Moreover, in the entire Empire history, there was never a record of an alpha being forced by another alpha. So even if Rhine really did do something, it was likely that no one would believe him.


Shang Ke glared at him with such anger that it lit up Rhine’s lust like a fuse. He quickly took over Shang Ke’s lips and took away his breath.


Shang Ke was trapped by him against the bed frame, every time he tried to resist, he would invite an even fiercer attack. His body was slowly being taken by Rhine’s scent and pleasure and resentment raised up in his mind at the same time. Shang Ke gradually felt powerless as he once again realized just how wide the gap between their strengths were.


He wasn’t resigned to this!


Shang Ke clenched his fists as he did everything he could to resist the pheromone in his body. Although Rhine has not truly entered him, his scent had already did him in once everywhere, in every position, every piece of his skin. His traces were everywhere.


This was even harder to endure compared to being actually done in.


Shang Ke suddenly reversed gripped the bed board and raised his body, his legs rising and aimed toward Rhine’s chest.


Rhine crossed his arms and was kicked squarely, causing him to retreat a step.


It was a pity that the dorm room was too small so Shang Ke did not have much space to use and display his abilities. In only a short moment, he was once again cut off by Rhine’s offense and overwhelmed on the bed.


With his hands and legs restricted, the fury in Shang Ke’s heart burned and he bit down on Rhine’s neck. He bit down so fiercely he almost tore off a chunk of flesh.


Rhine’s gaze darken and he turned him over, pulling off the clothes that have long loosen, exposing his scarred back. Rhine paused then when he saw the scars, but once again held down his arms when he saw him struggling and then lowered his head and bit his lower back.


Shang Ke felt goosebumps rise, he loudly shouted, “Rhine, what are you doing?!”




The burning hot breath followed the bite and permeated into Shang Ke’s skin, pricking him with needle-like pain that he couldn’t help but yelp.


“No!” Shang Ke struggled with all his might as his pheromone crazily rushed.


The scent of an alpha clashed causing Rhine’s marking to fail. Rhine’s expression darken and he leaned over by Shang Ke’s ear, speaking to him in a low voice, “Do you want me to do you now, or honestly let me mark you?”


“I don’t want either of them!” Once he was marked, the pheromone of the marker would be left behind. It would no doubt be an obvious sign for others that he, who was also an alpha, was declared possession by another alpha. If he wore the scent of another man, how could he face ‘him’?


“Then I will make your choice for you.” Rhine pulled him up, turned him over again to press him against the headboard and bore down on his body.


Rhine stopped his action when he looked up and saw his expression.


Truly, Rhine felt a kind of pleasure that was hard to describe as he tried to conquer the alpha before him. But the humiliation and fury in his eyes, made his hesitate. Seeing him so unhappy also made him feel rather moody.


In this world, only the strong alphas are entitled the ability to say ‘no’. Controlling and being controlled, conquering and being conquered, marking and marked, it was all the way of nature. Rhine did not feel he was in the wrong, however, what he wanted wasn’t just this…


“You are still too weak.” Rhine’s finger wiped Shang Ke’s eyes, muttering to himself. If this man was an omega, he likely would have long been done in. He did not understand, why resist the instincts of their bodies? Don’t they both feel pleasure?


“Give me time, I will become stronger no matter what!?” Shang Ke vowed, even if it’s not for the mission, he will still become strong! This hellbent world has no reason to be spoken of, identity and strength was everything!


“I will wait.” Rhine slowly sat up, but his gaze remained on him coldly, “However, you will remember this. You are mine, I will not allow your body to be tainted by any men’s scent but mine.”


Shang Ke was speechless.


“Tidy up a bit, prepare for training this evening.” Rhine tidied up his somewhat disarrayed uniform then left Shang Ke’s room.


Shang Ke felt naked, yet he was still immaculately dressed. But the scent left behind in his body still made him feel rather like an awful mess.


F*ck! Ever since Shang Ke came to this world, his cursing frequency has raised.


He decided to temporarily placed the matter of finding his man aside, and take the time to train. He needed to increase his strength until he reached the “whoever is strong is the boss” level.


The following days, Shang Ke place almost all of his energy into training. He woke up earlier than anyone else, he trained longer than anyone else, the effort he payed was more than anyone else. Yet, his gains were slower than anyone else.


Countless people jeered at his weakness in secret and mocked him from time to time, but Shang Ke turned a deaf ear to all of it. His silence of it all made them more scornful instead, while also disappointed, since such behavior perfectly like the “hero” the outside world made him out to be. He had no power, nor was he brave, it was entirely due to luck that he survived probably.


Rhine did not help when he heard of their criticism. That person has to be able to instill faith in others by himself, otherwise, the way forward would be hard.


“First Lieutenant, I have seen you in the video of the battle at Via City and greatly admire your strength. Since we are in the same rank now, would you mind if I ask for some advice?” An officer of the same rank walked in front of Shang Ke and asked in a sincere tone.


Shang Ke had just finished the daily training with his team members. The others moved easily, like it was something relaxing while only he showed signs of strain. Sweat flowed profusely and he looked just about on the brink of collapse.


Shang Ke looked around at his team members who were waiting for a good show and slowly placed down the canteen in his hand, replying, “Sure.”


That lieutenant first looked stumped, but immediately pulled himself together and waved his hand with a smile, “Please.”


The two of them went to the arena. One held the standard military attitude while the other had difficulty and was stumbling with just walking.


Low-pitch laughter came in fragment from outside the arena.


The lieutenant suddenly felt that asking him for a spar was a mistake, wasn’t he just bullying someone? Even if he defeated him, what accomplishment can he feel from it? It’s better for him to end this as soon as possible.


His eyes flashed and his figure moved, he charged toward Shang Ke and punched out, bringing a powerful gust of wind with the movement. The people watching could all sense the might of his punch, once it hit, even if the other doesn’t die, they would still be seriously injured.


Shang Ke did not show any sign of evading the punch. As they watched the fist whistle by through the air to arrive at its destination, everyone believed he was done for—until he suddenly disappeared from their sights. That lieutenant’s fist hit empty air while his steps become unsteady due to inertia. He hadn’t had the chance to stand firmly before he felt his knees go numb. His legs couldn’t help but bend with a follow up hit to his nape. His mind felt a sense of vertigo while his body powerlessly collapsed to the ground.


The entire event only lasted two to three seconds, everyone hadn’t even blinked and the spar was over.


Silence covered the area.


Shang Ke’s back was faced toward the fallen lieutenant, his face still deathly pale and his body still weak with beads of sweat flowing down his forehead and slowly dripping down. The drops of sweat eventually made their way to his captivating red lips and slid past. He wiped it away without care, his eyes drooping and his expression somewhat lazy. He stood alone in the spacious and empty arena, appearing weak yet he was strong—it was a unique indescribable temperament.


He waited there for the lieutenant, but seeing how the other wasn’t waking back up anytime soon, he turned around to make his leave.


“Holy crap, one move, it was barely a move and the other is just down on the floor!” Following Shang Ke’s departure, commotion bubbled up at the scene.


“Who saw him move just now? How could he be so fast?”


“The cameras should have caught it, we can go watch it later.”


Defeating a lieutenant wasn’t something special, but the way Shang Ke won was really too effortless, too relaxed, too fast and it was even done under the condition where Shang Ke was clearly physically too weak. So being utterly shocked was the only way to describe everyone.


After that lieutenant woke up, his complexion was burning red as he muttered angrily, “I don’t accept this! I want another match with him.”


Someone else kindly told him that Shang Ke went to the medical room.


He immediately ran off to chase after him.


When he arrived at the entrance of the medical room, he was just about to knock when he heard the conversation through the door.


“First Lieutenant Filmore, I have to remind you once again, that your body functions have once suffered serious damage. The usual physical drills are enough to leave you in pain for three days and nights, let alone even more training for ten hour straight!” the doctor scolded him utterly exasperated. This guy was already a frequent visitor of the medical room, he would be filled with trepidation every time he inspected his body. Physical overdraft, muscle spasming, and he clearly couldn’t even walk stably anymore, yet he still persevered with training!


Shang Ke sat on the bed and smile, “Thank you for your concern, I am fine.” He was currently the masochist spoken in legends, the more pain he was in, the harder he tried. Hehe.


“I’m fine, I’m fine, you always say that.” The doctor gave him a bottle of medicine, and angrily rebuked, “You better listen well, you will rest tomorrow, or I will force a sleeping pill down your throat.”


“Doctor, that is a blatant threat.” Shang Ke protested.


“Hmph, so I threaten you, you can go complain!” The doctor really wanted to throttle him, but he also couldn’t bear to do it, so he could only force down that bitter feeling.


“Alright, in a bit, I will…” His words suddenly got cut off, because Shang Ke had already fallen asleep, leaning against the bed when the doctor looked back at him.


Staring at his scarred body and his peaceful face, the doctor felt sadness well up within him uncontrollably. Outsiders could only see the hero’s honor, who else cares about the hardships they go through?


The doctor sighed silently and gently covered Shang Ke with a blanket.


Lieutenant Isaac who heard the entire conversation through the door lowered his head and silently turned around to leave, but he was utterly astonished when he saw Rhine standing behind him quietly, his face dark. He almost peed his pants in fright.


Isaac quickly saluted and Rhine spoke, “Run for a hundred miles, fly the aircraft for five hours. Immediately.”


Isaac left with his head hanging and his face full of despair to face his punishment.


Rhine’s entrance into the room was noticed by the doctor, who gave a salute and tactfully left the room.


Rhine arrived by the bed and silently watched Shang Ke sleep for a moment, before leaning down and lightly landing a kiss on his lips.


Shang Ke listened to his doctor’s advice and decided to rest the next day. He went out to visit his mother and buy some necessities at the same time.


He had just walked out the training camp when he saw Ryan standing not too far away. Shang Ke thought he was here to find him, and was just hesitating if he should call out a greeting when Ryan suddenly ran another direction. So he was here for an appointment with Zeka.


Shang Ke shrugged, there was no need for him to make a greeting anymore. He’ll go back to doing what he should be doing. He turned around and cheerfully walked away.


Zeka suddenly raised his head right after Filmore turned around. He watched his leaving figure before looking back at Ryan, smiling, “Filmore has been training very hard recently, are you not going to go check up on him?”


Ryan looked at him with a rebuking gaze, “You know that I don’t like him.”


“Oh? Is that so?” Zeka faintly smiled. He remembered that Ryan had a rather close relationship with Filmore not too long ago; rumors even said they were together. He had even planned to compete with Filmore for Ryan’s affection for a bit, but how did things change all of sudden? Since when did Ryan start losing his affection for Filmore? Oh, it seems to be when the rumors about Filmore’s weakening started making its rounds?


Zeka wore a smile like always, but his eyes were slightly dull and mocking.

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