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Chapter 56: A+A (IV)


He was happy from the bottom of his heart and was prepared to do a “love at first sight”, but it was the wrong person! Shang Ke was very disappointed and his mood became very heavy.


His eyes that were shining like stars for a second turned dimmed the next.


Rhine subconsciously observed his own hand. Although there were some callus, his hand shape was perfect with slender fingers. It was not ugly to the point someone can’t live anymore right?


Just while he was immersed in those thoughts, the sword in Shang Ke’s hands fell to the ground with a “clang” and the person himself also fell sideways. Rhine caught him and the first thing he felt when he touched him was the heat below his palms. An overly high temperature and stiff muscles showed that his current situation was not ideal at all. To be able to persevere until they rushed over and then faint, his willpower was truly astonishing.


When Rhine brought back Shang Ke, almost all of the soldiers came out to meet them. Hot tears flowed from each of the soldiers when they saw the frightening injuries and bloodstains on Shang Ke’s body. The shout of “Sir” resounded one after another.


Rhine delivered Shang Ke to the medical treatment center, although the place was already packed with people, the doctors still prepared a single room for him. With the current medical technology, common external injuries basically could all be healed. Moreover, with the alpha’s body qualities, their self-recovery ability was several times higher than betas and omegas. As long as they were alive, they would not need long to return back to being a powerful fighter.


However, Shang Ke’s situation was far from good.


The doctor has turned and told Rhine after he helped check and treat Shang Ke for three hours, “Brigadier General Rhine, please sent Second Lieutenant Filmore to the capital hospital as soon as possible.”


Rhine’s expression dulled, “Is it very severe?”


The doctor said with concern, “His external injuries are not severe, but he had stayed in the anthropod sandstorm radiation for two days, in addition to his physical strength being overused, his muscles appear to have entered a state of deadlock and large numbers of cells have died. We are unable to offer an effective treatment here, even if he returns to the hospital, I reckon that the probability of complete recovery does not surpass 50%. Second Lieutenant Filmore… I’m afraid he would never return to his former state.”


Remorse shone in the doctor’s eyes, such a narrow survival, it was his moment to enjoy the honor of a hero and the time of his life, yet he was also faced with losing the opportunity to ever be promoted higher. Was this world too cruel to this young second lieutenant?


“I understand, I will prepare to transport him there tomorrow.” Rhine gave a deep look at Shang Ke then turned and left.


“When Shang Ke woke up again, it was already seven days later. He was brought back to the capital and placed in the number one military hospital of the capital.”


“How do you feel?” A middle-aged doctor gently asked.


Shang Ke opened his mouth but no sound came out, so he could only use his eyes to express himself. Besides his body being sore, weak, unable to move and a splitting headache, there were no other major problems.


But soon after, Shang Ke quickly learned just how much of a problem he currently has. The doctor told him that if he could sit he shouldn’t stand, if he could walk he shouldn’t jump. If he can fight with words then he should not fight with fists. Shang Ke’s entire mood plumented.


The doctor was actually very puzzled as well, according to the radiation index, he should not have been injured so seriously, but they had no choice but to believe in it after the results of their testing came out.


Shang Ke understood what happened, the condition of his body likely wasn’t because of the radiation, but the aftermath of the Berserk Mode caused by the Cursed Halo.


The doctor comforted him seeing him so silent, “Second Lieutenant Filmore, don’t worry too much. If you persist in rehabilitation and coordinate with the medical treatments, you have the chance of recovering.”


“To what extent can I recover?” Shang Ke asked with his hoarse throat.


The doctor hesitated for a moment then answered, “The conservation estimate is that you should be able to recover up to 60% of your original state.”


60%? That’s far from enough! This level of strength likely can’t even compete with some beta. His mission was to become a Senior Colonel or higher within ten years. According to the regular promotion process, a promotion from Second Lieutenant to Senior Colonel needs at least fifteen to twenty years. Only by participating in battle after battle and accumulating military achievements would one have a chance for promotion.


If he turns into a normal person, what waited for him wasn’t retirement but to a civilian post. No matter what kind he became, it was impossible for him to complete his mission in the fixed time.


“Fil, you’re awake?” A man walked into the ward, surprise took over as he looked at Shang Ke.


The information of this man flashed through Shang Ke’s mind in an instant: The original’s mother(male) Jiva, an ordinary omega. Shang Ke looked at the weak man in front of him and was still somewhat unable to accept the reality that men can have children.


However, it was also rare for his father to be able to take an omega as his wife. It must be known that omegas only make up 28% of the entire population, only alpha nobility or senior military officers would be qualified to match with an omega. Alright, Filmore’s family that is moderately sized is still considered nobility, it was only because they haven’t produced a high level officer for hundreds of years that they were declining.


Originally, with Filmore’s remarkable performance, his prospects were very good. But they did not expect for him to receive such heavy injuries, it pretty much completely severed his path of being promoted. Honor is only short-lived.


From being pleasantly surprised to disappointed, such a large disparity was a bit hard for the hopeful family. As such, ever since Shang Ke had returned to the capital, his entire family including his father who only came by the first few days, it was his mother taking care of him.


“I brought some food for you, see if you like anything.” Jiba was a gentle person, but because his appearance wasn’t anything outstanding, he was not well liked by his husband. On the contrary, Kanwen was tall and handsome as an alpha, the presence of a noble emitted from him. His appearance was much more outstanding and he naturally was a talent. According to what Shang Ke knows, this cheap old man of his has at least three or more beta lovers outside.


“Thank you.” Shang Ke smiled at him.


A trace of surprise flashed through Jiva’s eyes. His child hasn’t been so amiable to him in a long time. It was likely because of his father’s influence, but he had always looked down at the ordinary Jiva since childhood. He believed that he was not fit for his father and vowed to himself that he will definitely take a genuine omega beauty in the future.


While Shang Ke ate, he opened up the virtual network and started to browse.


Jiva wanted to stop him, but didn’t say anything in the end. He only sat by his quietly.


The major event that people paid attention to the most these days was naturally the battle at Via City. The forecast completely wipeout, the battle that would have ended in five days not only held on for thirteen days, there were even twenty thousand soldiers that survived. While they were in the midst of despair and impossibility, they risked their life to hold down the final defense line and protected several hundred thousand people’s life. This was a miracle as well as a desperate and great victory.


As the one with the greatest service in this battle, Shang Ke was the one people paid attention to and his popularity was rocketing. Sacrificing his life in a crisis, heroic and unafraid of death, drawing away the anthropod army by himself in exchange for the survival of the soldiers at Via City. Finally, he had fought for two days and nights under the attacks of the anthropods until the rescue team arrived.


The video of his battle in Via City as well as the picture of him sitting on top of a pile of bug corpses and eating a roasted bug leg was already circulating online. It had become a major hit in a single night and countless people were convinced by his svelte bearing.


This is a true fighter, he is really too fcking cool!


Due to Shang Ke being unconscious the entire time, the outside world has not interacted with him yet. Being unable to interview the person himself, the family Filmore was born in became their target. Kanwen used this chance to promote their family’s popularity and not only increased their business, but the other sons of the family profited from it.


Compared to their unbounded spotlight, the true hero was given the cold shoulder.


Based on the reactions from the outside world, they should no know of his current situation and Kanwen would also not leak the information voluntarily for now. The moment people know about his condition, perhaps he would be able to obtain a lot of people’s sympathizes, but for those people that cared more about their interests, their passion would cool a lot. After all, a disabled soldier that would never be able to promote any higher did not require their investment or friendliness to win over.


Shang Ke did not care about that, what he paid attention to was how to recover his strength, complete his mission, find his man and then live his life with him in this world.


Thinking to this point, Rhine’s figure emerged in Shang Ke’s mind and he was at lost. Why did this guy who was most likely his man, did not have a mole on his palm!


Although their presence were similar, without the mole, he did not dare to randomly recognize him! If he recognized the wrong person, what kind of tragedy that would be! In so many worlds, there would always be people that seemed really similar. The only way for Shang Ke to recognize him was his presence and the mole on his palm, he can’t only have one and not the other.


Looks like he needs to start with the people near him first. For example, that omega “he” was fighting over Zeka with. Or perhaps that omega Ryan. However, could his man possibly be an omega? Shang Ke thought a bit then erased the thought from his mind, he simply can’t accept it!


“Filmore, your father…” Jiva spoke hesitantly when he saw Shang Ke’s off face and tried to say something comforting.


Shang Ke waved his hand, “It doesn’t matter, I’m perfectly fine and happy.”


Jiva observed him for a while and confirmed that he really didn’t care and finally softly smiled, “Fil, you matured.”


Shang Ke scooped and ate some food, then blinked at Jiva, “That is only natural. I am now a hero.”


Jiva smiled wildly and the worry on his face disappeared like smoke.


Shang Ke discovered that although Jiva was weak, he was not timid. Quite the opposite, he has a pair of penetrating eyes and a generous heart.


For the Kanwen father and son to not treasure this kind of man, they were really blind.


Several days later, Shang Ke raised the request of rehabilitation to his doctor after his injuries were almost fully recovered. His doctor thought over it for a moment then said, “How about this, wait another day and I will draw up an all-around rehabilitation schedule for you.”


Shang Ke nodded his head in agreement.


He did not know that the doctor had reported his situation to the Brigadier General that very day. Although Rhine never went to visit him, he was always paying attention to his condition. He would receive a huge shock after learning that he might never be able to be a fighter anymore. After all, not all strong alphas would be able to accept the fact that they could only be an ordinary person.


But he quickly adapted and even actively ask for rehabilitation. The glory of being a hero did not inflate his vanity and the harm to his body did not drag his spirit down into negativity.


He, is truly a very outstanding person.


A trace of appreciation flitted through Rhine’s eyes and he then clicked open the virtual network to personally draw up a rehabilitation plan for Shang Ke.


He has plenty of patience to wait for him to recover, then recruit him into his troops.


Shang Ke started his hard and dull rehabilitation course. His road to recovery was far harder than he imagined, for these past several days, he could only guarantee a regular wlak from himself. And his strength would start to give out on him after walking continuous for ten minutes.


Shang Ke was not discouraged, he still persevered with rehabilitation everyday while Rhine silently paid attention to him. It lasted until the news that he was conscious was leaked out and the outside world immediately acted as if they were injected with hormones and reporters flocked the hospital. His tranquil life thus ended.


In order to not influence the regular operations of the hospital, Shang Ke left the hospital a month later after he obtained the doctor’s permission.


Kanwen personally came to get Shang Ke for his discharge from the hospital, and along with him was a group of reporters.


Once Shang Ke saw this scene, he immediately wanted to ask to stay longer for recovery.


Jiva seem to understand his worries and smiled, “Take the back door, there is a car there ready for you. You can leave the other matters to me.”


Shang Ke’s eyes lit up and he hug Jiva tightly, “You are truly too great, mother!”


Jiva faintly smiled as he walked him shoulder his bag and put on his sunglasses, walking out of the ward in large strides.


Shang Ke walked out from the back door and saw a high-class maglev car parked not too far. A man that looked like a driver waved his hand at him.


He walked over and greeted the driver then sat in the back seat. He finally noticed that there was another person in the car besides him after he got in. He stared for a moment, it was actually Rhine!


Shang Ke completely did not expect that the Brigadier General would come to get him. My Lord Mother, you look completely normal and unassuming on the outside, but you actually have a very strong background don’t you?


“Fil, we meet again.” Rhine extended a hand out to him.


With his movement, Shang Ke could vaguely smell a faint sweet scent.


He shook hands with Rhine, “I will trouble you then Brigadier General Rhine.”


“Hm.” Rhine waited for him to pull back his hand before slowly putting down his own hand. He thought to himself, using condiments to wash his hands before he came out was really the correct way. This man no longer revealed that sorrowful yearning look anymore when he showed his hands. (Shang Ke: It was not because of that alright!”


“Why has Brigadier General Rhine personally come to get me?”


Rhine replied, “Your award of honor ceremony is held at school, the school arranged an independent dorm for you, you don’t need to worry about being disturbed.”


“Thank you, you are very thoughtful.” Shang Ke gave him a strange glance, he did not understand why he paid so much attention to him.


“Hm.” Rhine received Shang Ke’s gratitude very calmly.


Shang Ke stared at the side of his face for a while and the line of his sight couldn’t help but drift back down to his hand. That large and sturdy looking hand where even his bones were well-distributed carried some traces of battle. However, it was not the hand he wanted to hold.


“You really like to observe people’s hands?” Rhine abruptly asked.


“Ah, hm, yes.” Shang Ke moved away his line of sight and relaxed his body against the cushion. He smiled and said, “You can see the past and future of a person from their hands, and their profession.”


“Oh? Then what did see from my palm?”


“Uh…” Shang Ke went into thinking mode and then unhesitatingly replied, “You will become an amazing general in the future.”


“……” Rhine who was already a brigadier general and even a very amazing one: Isn’t it obvious…

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