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Chapter 20: You Are My Faith (I)


Shang Ke wore a black robe while his hand held a sword that was still dripping blood. Standing in front of him was a dead body, while a six to seven year old little girl sat in a place not even ten meters from him. She was covered in blood, her expression indistinct, using a pair of pure eyes blankly looking at him.


Fuck! The person he transmigrated to this time wasn’t a serial killer was he? This kind of bloody scene, this villain appearance, it’s not his style at all!


Following that, he started to receive the information from the System along with the original’s memories.


This was a continent named “Turan”. Several hundred years ago, in the abyss of the marsh in the middle of the continent, a strange tree grew. It was able to give off devil qi that eroded the soul. It then turned people into its apostles, urging them to slaughter and cause disasters. Like that, it could absorb the spirits and release darkness.


The people of Turan thus started to call it “Devil’s Tree”.


The only thing that could control devil qi was the power of faith. The power of faith was not only to religion or God, it included love, affection, friendship, money, authority, and so on.


The main usage of the power of faith is amplification, the firmer one’s faith is, the higher the amplification of their power. With different attributes, the way it is exhibited are also all different. For example, a person whose faith is in battle and a person whose faith is in power, their faiths are not very different from each other, but the direction they go at it is an entirely different way. The former might become a strong fighter while the latter might become a politician.


What was the same was that as long as one’s faith is strong enough, it can resist against the erosion of the devil qi.


But people’s heart are complicated, everyone has their own dark side. The moment darkness forms in one’s heart, it would start to draw in devil qi. Small amounts of devil qi can be dispelled by willpower and faith, but for those whose hearts are not strong or have schemes, devil qi makes them weaker and corrupted. After that, they will gradually be reduced to being apostles for the Devil’s Tree.


After they become apostles, the Devil’s Tree will become their faith. They would be able to obtain the dark power from the Devil’s Tree and become one side.


The person Shang Ke took over was a devil apostle, and also a very strong devil apostle. His name is “Osari”, someone who has entered the number one college Light Ode College with the achievement as number one and a publically known genius. Much attention of good and bad are on him.


His faith was in “number one”. He had always liked to fight for number one since young and was determined to become the number one fighter on the continuent, not losing to anyone. But two years later, he had received his first defeat ever since he had became of age.


He met a genius that matched him evenly, moreover, that person was younger than him by two years. The moment he joined the school, his number one title was snatched, and the battles after that were always few in victories and more in losses. The blow that hitted him the hardest was the graduation battle, the other completely dominated and defeated him. Only then did he know that the other was always hiding his strength, he lost without any dignity left.


Osari whose faith is in “number one” could not accept the reality of defeat and resentment grew in his heart. He then went far away and no news on him were ever heard.


He did not know that the person who defeated him was Prince Tylor of the imperial family, who had accepted inhuman training since young. No matter if it was the difficulty or the resources he had, everything surpassed Osari. If it was just talent, Osari would unconditionally win. But it was a pity that his willpower wasn’t strong, the defeats had completely collapsed his faith. The so-called “number one” did not represent being undefeated, rather, it is so that he could continue to climb to the summit and keep striving hard, until he could make something that was only his “number one”.


Everyone did not know that after Osari left, because of the unwillingness in his heart he was unable to obtain release and thus became eroded by the devil qi. In the end, the threw himself into the Devil’s Tree’s embrace and become an apostle.


When Shang Ke transmigrated, it was already Osari’s fifth year as an apostle. He was a fighting genius in the first place, after his faith turned to the Devil’s Tree and obtained the additional power of the devil qi, his strength increased even more. He had rampaged over Turan Continent with no one to stop him, committing slaughter everywhere. Everyone only knows that there is such an apostle, but no one knows that he was the genius Osari who had went missing five years ago. His cruelty and power caused people to fall in terror and was known as the “Slaughter Devil”.


It really was a great villain!


Shang Ke’s first feeling was completely right, and right now, this was the turning point of this great villain.


He had just killed a group of slave traders, only that girl remains and she was one of their “goods”.


If Shang Ke did not appear, then Osari would then raise his sword and unhesitantly strike toward this child. At that moment, he would run into this world’s main character Kaiser and his companions. The two sides would then start a fierce battle.


Osari’s would aggressively kill the main character’s companions until only Kaiser and that small girl is left alive.


From then on, “Slaughter Devil” Osari and the main character Kaiser would forever fight. That girl will also come one of Kaiser’s helping hand.


Shang Ke looked at the girl from not far away and finally knew her name–Pupu”. This girl’s intelligence isn’t high, but her spirit is very pure and has a very strong power of faith.


【Main mission: Seal the Devil’s Tree.】


Shang Ke was speechless. His current identity was the Devil’s Tree’s apostle, if he were to seal the Devil’s Tree, then he would lose his devil qi and become a useless person. Of course, he doesn’t care if he turns into one, the important part was his “Slaughter Devil” identity. Although not many people could recognize him, as a villain, his entire body was full of devil qi, can he really live to the point of sealing the Devil’s Tree?


Plus, after the exchange the souls, he no longer believes in the Devil’s Tree so this meant that he could not obtain power from the devil qi. Quite the opposite, because of the conflict in faith, he would obtain the opposite from the devil qi, he needs to rely on his willpower and forcefully suppress the devil qi within his body, and bear the pain of the devil qi.


This world has even started yet Shang Ke could already foresee his miserable future.


System, is it really good to throw him, who has no defensive ability whatsoever into this world? At least wait for him to learn some martial arts or magic!


Shang Ke no longer has time to delay, because Kaiser and his companions would appear from the corner of the rock mountain at any moment.


Looking at the dead bodies littering around him and the sword in his hand preparing to kill someone, they likely wouldn’t say a would and attack him. He has no time to hide, so Shang Ke directly threw away the sword in his hand and rushed up to the little girl Pupu and held her.


The moment he did all of that, he saw seven people rush over. They all looked down at the dead bodies on the ground then the two embracing figures and all stared blankly.


“What happened?” A blond hair man in his forties vigilantly looked at Shang Ke.


Shang Ke asked softly in reply, “And who are you people?”


My name is Gwyn, a teacher of Light Ode College. I am leading some students out for experience.” The few people did not rashly approach them, rather, they carefully sized up the situation.


The over twenty bodies on the ground were all badly damaged with no a single one in one piece. The way they died was terrifying, it was clear they met a powerful attacker. The ones alive were only these two, one small one large. The older one was dressed entirely in black and they couldn’t see his appearance, but by his voice, he should be quite young. The younger one was only six or seven,


The two were both stained with blood and appeared especially towering in the piles of bodies.


When Shang Ke heard Light Ode College, he thought to himself, wasn’t this the alma mater of Osari?


Shang Ke explained to him, “These people are all slave traders, we were captured by them and moved here. When the group was passing by here, we met a frightening man, the moment he saw people he killed them. In the end, only the two of us were left.”


Pupu in his embrace looked up at Shang Ke, her face at a loss, she did not understand him at all. However, his embrace made her feel very much at ease, it was completely different from the coldness from before.


She lightly leaned against his chest, then tilted her head to look at Gwyn and the others.


Shang Ke did not notice her action but Gwyn and the others saw it. Perhaps they have some misgivings against Shang Ke, but with the intimateness of the little girl, they somewhat lowered their vigilance.


Gwyn brought one student with him to check the dead bodies while the others remained on guard. They quickly found some suspicious things. Shang Ke did not lie, these people were slave trackers, some of them were even famous wanted criminals.


Taking the chance when they were checking the bodies, Shang Ke also quietly sized them up.


It was a total of five men and two women. The blond man named Gwyn was the oldest, the others were all only around twenty.


The first one Shang Ke took note of was the main character Kaiser. His height was roughly 180cm tall and has a head full of silver hair, handsome with the corners of his lips slightly raised. A pair of long legs stood there casually, while a pair of swords crossed behind his back. His somewhat lazy appearance along with that pair of ice-blue eyes were exceptionally bright, like the deepness in sea that you could not see the end of.


Shang Ke felt that this man must be good with woman, look at that red-hair girl beside him, she had stole three glances at him in one minute.


The red-haired girl’s face was delicate, her temperament charming. Her skintight attire completely outlined her impressive stature.


After from them, there was also a seemingly very cold brown-haired girl, a gloomy short and stout boy, a beaming thin boy as well another robust boy whose height is over two meters. These people were all suppose to die in Osari’s hands, so Shang Ke does not know their names.


“What’s your name?” After Gwyn finished checking, he slowly walked to Shang Ke’s side.


“Shang Ke, she’s Pupu.” Shang Ke rubbed the girl in his embrace.


The girl raised her head and smiled when she heard him call her name.


Gwyn looked at her slightly bloody smiling face and felt it was a bit strange, but he did not say anything and turned around to introduce Shang Ke to his students.


The red-haired girl was Vadula, next was Amy, Doru, Youri, Fred and “main character” Kaiser.


Then, Gwyn asked, “Where are you two from? If it’s in the country’s borders, then we can send you two home.”


“There’s no need, we already no longer have homes.” Shang Ke used a gloomy voice to reply.


Gwyn paused for a moment, then immediately sighed. “Then you can follow us for now, we are going to Watcher City. We’ll decide what to do when we get there.”


“Thank you.” Shang Ke sincerely gave his thanks.

SnowTime: It’s fun to watch how camping evolves lmao.

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