[DN] Volume 1 – Chapter 4: Serial Killer Joey Foster

It’s here! Hip hip hooray! 9 Freak’in Pages with raws…. Arial, 11 Font Single Space…..

So, I tried to match terms with the old chapters as much as possible, but after cross referencing a lot of them, I got tired and winged it -_-ll

If you notice names/terms that don’t match up, please do tell me and I’ll change it.

And I think Lily is male. If old chapters say no, then tell me. :v I’m out of steam for now since these chapters are freaking long. Although I said I would update once a month for this series, this series is actually interesting enough for me to update more frequently if I get my steam back.

Well, have fun reading. Time for me to work on HLM


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    • SnowTime says:

      XD Yay! Another new reader! I’ll make sure to get the next chapter out in a day or two. It’s half done ?
      I’ve just been trying to catch up on my missing Hui Tai Lang chapters over at volare first ?


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