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Death Notice

第四章 人魔乔伊

Chapter 4: Demon Joey


“Wu……” With her neck clutched, Xiao Lian’s beautiful sheeks rapidly flushed red. A pair of fleshy small hands sparing no effort tried to get out of Qin Lun’s hands and a whimper couldn’t help but escape her mouth.


“Let go of her!” For the first time, an angry look appeared on Hu Fei’s serene and elegant oval face as she quickly ran over, her pair of hands holding onto a first aid kit, aiming for Qin Lun’s head as she swung it.


“Hey!” Qin Lun’s eyes flashed, a strange laugh emerged evilly from the corner of his mouth as he singlehandedly used Xiao Lian as a shield, blocking himself in front.


“Ah!” Hu Fei was alarmed and struggled to twist her body. The heavy first aid kit smoothly passed by Xiao Lian’s shoulder. However, she lost her balance in the process and rush pass the two people.


The red in Qin Lun’s eyes flourished sharply. Throwing aside Xiao Lian, with twist of his waist and a flying kick, a kicked landed on Hu Fei’s buttlocks. Following along the power of her rush, it directly caused the iceberg beauty to go flying in the air and knocking over the more than ten zombies in the corridor, rolling into a ball.


While Hu Fei rolled, her cool and elegant charming face was filled with confusion and wrongness. The iceberg beauty that was always considered a treasure by everyone within the base, seemed to be unable to believe that one day, she will be treated and discarded like trash by a man.

Happy Little Mayor


Chapter 5: The Lord of Turntable That Does Not Rotate


Brooklyn is a piece of territory just like how it was shown in the game. The territory has a surface area of 1,000 square kilometers, located on the edges of the Otago Region and leans against the Southern Alps of New Zealand. It faces the Canterbury Plains which was filled with  fields and small hills. The soil was fertile, and the scenery was beautiful.


The reason why this place has ‘Lead’ in its name is because it is within a part of the Nobility’s territory in New Zealand.

TL Note: Lost in translation – Brooklyn 日不落领 the Last Character in Brooklyn is Lead.


As everyone knows, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and India all belong to the British Commonwealth of Nations. In the past, they were colonies of the United Kingdom and although these countries have been independent for many years, they still have some of the United Kingdom’s mark on them. Nobility Territories are precisely some of this mark.


New Zealand emerged as a Nobility Territory 1840, very early. The British people used military force to compel the aboriginal Maori people of New Zealand back then to agree and sign the 《Treaty of Waitangi》. In accordance to the rules set by the treaty, the Maori people will sell their land to the Royal Family of the United Kingdom and afterwards, new immigrants will arrive in New Zealand to buy the land from the United Kingdom’s Royal Family. At that time, there were also some wealthy Nobilities that paid and bought a large area of territory. These territory are precisely those early territories of the Nobilities.


New Zealand gained Independance afterwards, but the government did not ban these Nobility Territories. It was because while the new government was being established, they’ve obtained the aid of many conscientious and upstanding nobilities. In order to express their gratitude, the new government maintained these supporters and supported the Nobilities in New Zealand.


However, according to the 《Constitution Act 1986》, the privileges of the Nobilities were greatly restricted within the territory. Now these territories were merely equivalent to lands that the Nobility bought and nothing more. The power to station troops, do foreign affairs and tax were all stripped away.

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