[PE] Chapter 3: Tripping Brother is the Little Sister’s Job

Ah, I’m so dead tired these days. x.x

But I’m alive!

Happy Little Mayor should be done in a few more days/ a week (I’m sorry, tests and homework are more important XD)

I have a little secret present for my helper Celebration (It’s a BL chapter novel cough cough) That should also be done around that time… It’s by the author of The Legendary Master’s Wife (so I’m sure many who found my website that way will enjoy it :p)

And another secret present that is a completely normal novel of non-bl materials that I promised back in a NUF forum a while back….

Either way, here is the chapter~  (For those who don’t mind ads, do use this 😀 – If it’s dangerous to you for some reason, ignore it all you want.)

I changed my website theme~ How do people like it? :3

Please enjoy and don’t mind any mistakes~


2 thoughts on “[PE] Chapter 3: Tripping Brother is the Little Sister’s Job

  1. Ren says:

    It’s so interesting!!!!
    Please keep it up…
    I can’t wait to read the scene between the emperor and her brother… >.<

  2. yukina says:

    Why aren’t you updating it I really really want to know what happens next in please emperor this is all a ploy from my sister

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