Happy Halloween #2

:p Didn’t finish Death Notice in Time >.> Homework that’s due at midnight is more important….. (I’ll try to get it out tomorrow and pretend it’s Halloween :p

But Hui Tai Lang Chapter 6 is done…. The old chapters are also edited :p

It’s over at Volare~

Good editing really makes everything looks so much better…

Teaser for Death Notice

Chapter 5: The Last Sacrificial Victim

“Great Demon King Qin Lun, wu wu wu, Sister Hu Fei died……” Xiao Lian’s nerves became bigger as she embraced Qin Lun’s neck, sobbing her grievances.

“I’m sorry! When I’m exposed to danger, Joey will appear……” Qin Lun said as his gaze dulled, and patted the little beauty’s back.

“Let’s go, we’re lagging behind the group.” Seeing Qin Lun returning back to his normal state, Lin Feng relaxed a breath. The pressure of being beside Joey is too big, that string within his heart was almost about to break.

At the following coordinators, the small mixed group once again met a few waves of zombies. But compared to the group of ten-plus people, the small groups of zombies were unable to block the passages and cause peril. However, two more of the Federation Soldiers that were used as shields were dead, and all the prisoners were injured.

After catching up with the group, several people were found in a disjointed conversation with Ladyboy Lily. They were able to learn quite a bit about this mixed group of theirs. So it actually turns out that after the death row prisoners escaped from their jail and got cutting tools from the dining hall, they were forced by the scattered zombies to the control hall of the base and met up with the surviving research workers and Federation Soldiers.

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