Not in any particular order

Danmei = BL
Lily = GL

All of Heaven Thought Their Boss Fell From Grace
Tags: Danmei, Western Fantasy, Comedy
Notes: Has to do with Lucifer (Angel)  as the main character with God as the ML. Not recommended for those who feel this offends their religion. Chapters are on the long side. 600k~

All of Hell Know That the Devil King Has a Lover
Tags: Danmei, Western Fantasy, Comedy
Notes: Sequel to All of Heaven. Lucifer (Satan) and still paired with God.

You've Worked Hard, Lord Changshi!
Tags: Lily, Ancient History, Comedy
Notes: Lazy MC who disguises herself. A Changshi is the official title in Ancient China. Mostly they are aids and advisors. Don’t consider it too long since chapter-length wise, it’s shorter than most of my reads. 360k~
Alt title may be “You’ve Worked Hard, Lord Advisor!” Probably going to use that. FL is the Emperor’s sister I think. I haven’t read it yet.

Rebirth of the Voice Actor Superstar

One Sword to Immortality


Xu Jun’s Life

The Chairman is Foreordain To Be Lonely His Whole Life

The Strategist Mixed Among the Three Kingdoms

Dominating Adventure
Record of Food Searching in the Beast Era
I Am The Top Student In The Future
The Bottom Has Tentacles
Welcome to the Nightmare Game
Farming Records of the Ugly Brothers
Sang Nuo
Reincarnation and Marriage in the Interstellar World
Death of a Thousand Years
[Online Gaming] The Strongest God
Piao Piao’s Desire to be an Immortal
History of the NPC Villian Seeking For Survival
Noah Animal Clinic Medical Record
I Am Already Dead
The Daily Life Of His Majesty The Cat
The Devil King Is Busy Patching Her Magic
The Scum Attacker’s Manual
There is a Flower Shop
It’s Not Illegal To Turn Into A Spirit
Have You Remembered My Name
I Am Not A Negligent Person
Becoming an Internet Celebrity to Eat One’s Fill
Where The Lonely Devil King Sat
Miss Doll’s Fantasy Adventure
Princess? Dragon Girl? Fire!
Villain Cleansing Halo
The Best Sweethearts
For the Phoenix
The History of the Elegant Family Evolution
Rooster x Rooster
Reborn Into A System
Because I Am My Younger Sister’s Hero
A Court Full of Happiness
Rebirth of Huai Jing
Let’s Chat About the Guy Who Entered the Book to Chase After Me
Lord Mo Zun Is Going To Save The World
Conferred A Good Doctor
Heroic Death System
A Good and Bad Person
Zombie Emperor’s House Cat
The Villain Is Really Stunning
Dimensional Warden
The Transmigrated BUG Blackened
The Final Divine Right
I Didn’t Think I’m This Kind of Brave!
Major General! You Have A Wife!
The Rise of a Milk Dad in the Apocalypse
The Female General and the Chang Princess
Personality Split
A Loving Marriage in the Interstellar World
My Love Rival Takes The First Step
The Days of a Merman that Sung
Medical Doctor in the Beast Era
Path of the Powerful Official
During System Crash
Hero, Please Stay
Demonic Sword’s Ego-Cultivation
Merman Oath of Alliance
Seeking to Move Back Into the Human Realm
Asking Heaven
Conclusion of Judging by Someone’s Appearance
Transmigrating Into The Book Villian’s Husky
The Protagonist Was Left Speechless
Assistant Architect
Reincarnating into a Cheetah
I Have A Special Communication Skill
Offbeat Love Rival
Lord of the Withered Bones
Criminal Minds
To Keep a Peach
There Is Something I Want to Tell You
The Literary God is a Meow
Conquering the Rival in Love Everyday
Nine Lives One Cat
Reborn As The Loved Concubine Of The Empire
In That Far Away Little Dark House
Bird Whisperer
The Pure Yang Devil Cultivator
The Honored Lord’s Journey to Stardom
Teacher Is A Cat
The Straight Man’s Goddess System
The Days Of A Cat In Japan
My Dao Friend, Want To Go To Heaven?
Two Ex-Husbands on One Stage
Bringing Along A Ball and Hiding from Foreign Devils
My Subordinate Is A Supernatural Being
History’s First Buddha Cultivator
Our Empress Is A Cheap Person
Please Don’t Tease Me Goddess
The Correct Way To Pretend To Be Profound And Mysterious
Contracted Husband
How to Keep a Main Character
99 Ways to Take Care of a Merman
Number 1 Immortal Master
Returning to the Path of God
Diary of a Transformed Cat

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