Vanguard of the Eternal Night

Vanguard of the Eternal Night

Author: The Aria at the Fingertips

Status: 157 Chapters (Complete)


Tyler Odin is a master assassin from a western fantasy world that passed through and landed in the interstellar world. After a deal with the gods, he appeared directly in the fields of an e-sports arena.

After he joined the e-sport circle, he overcame all the obstacles that were in his way and became the burning hot “War God Odin”. He set foot on conquering the whole interstellar world with his attractiveness and strength.

He met Victor by chance in the library many times, and thus began a romantic story between a god and an enthusiastic little fan.

Tags: Supernatural, Gaming/E-sports, Danmei, Comedy

This is my OTP~!!!

No angst of whatsoever. I die for this couple like I die for Yuri on Ice~

Though I like this pair more /o/

MC is the seme while ML is a cinnabun who falls really early~  They are a power couple though~ xDDD

Well, it’s sorta of a slow romance though both sides state what they wish for pretty early. As for the smuttiness, there was like, one near the end. So RIP all those who wants more juice hahhaaha.

(Yes, I’m totally killing myself with more holes)

Chapter here

Editor: Cheerydandan

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  1. Supporter says:

    Is Tyler the seme?

  2. Deena says:

    157 chapter ??once in then it will be hard not to check this site for updates but shall follow ☺️*sigh* no smut ?? then also snowy sama totally bring us da gud ones??

  3. Deena says:

    And also many thax to cheery-sama

  4. Vun says:

    -yawns- So this release is one chapter per two days?

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