Undying Patient

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Author: A’ci Girl

Status: 227 Chapters (Complete)


Su Jinzhi never died despite being ill for a long time. It came to the point in his life where he believed that he would die this time. However, once he opened his eyes, he didn’t expect that he was kidnapped and tied to a Love Life System.

The System told him that it was because he did not give up his love for life even though he was ill to that point. As a result, in this lifetime, he would continue to use his sick figure that was not willing to die to save all those who did not love life in this world. He should rouse their passion to live, encourage them to love life, and teach them to be harmonious with society!

Su Junzhi: I want to enjoy life first. I will only have the power to save the world after I taste love.

System: Host, please listen to me. You cannot fall in love with this person. You will become damned if you fall in love with this person.

Su Jinzhi: Isn’t life there to be enjoyed? Why fear death? Shouldn’t becoming a ghost offer you freedom once you die?

– During the moments I forgot, you loved me.

– However, during the moments that I remember you, I love you.

Tags: Comedy, Danmei, Tragic Cycles, Happy End, etc

Table of Content

Arc 1: Sunflower
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12:

Arc 2: Peony
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:
Chapter 16:
Chapter 17:
Chapter 18:
Chapter 19:
Chapter 20:
Chapter 21:
Chapter 22:
Chapter 23:
Chapter 24:
Chapter 25:
Chapter 26:
Chapter 27:
Chapter 28:
Chapter 29:
Chapter 30:

Arc 3: 21 Grams

Arc 4: Amur adonis

Arc 5: Green Within Moutains

Arc 6: Red By Wrist

Arc 7: Moonlight White

Arc 8: Small Rose

Arc 9: Jasmine Flower

Arc 10: Alkalemia

Arc 11: Block β68

Arc 12: Confessions

Side Stories Past – Future

Side Stories


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