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Chapter 15

On the weekend, in a beach house, the Special Unit handed over an important tainted witness in the drug trading case to the state police.

After the state police took the witness away, Roger and Matthew left in a hurry to start their weekend. “We are leaving. Hope you two have a happy weekend!” Suddenly, Anton and Rene were left alone in the hall.

Anton was apparently a bit embarrassed by Roger’s farewell that grouped them together. He looked back at Rene, who returned his gaze, then walked past him to the hallway, gently switching off the wall lamps one by one.

Anton walked to the door to put on his shoes while Rene walked back from the hallway. They passed by each other again. Their clothes slightly touched. They could sense each other’s breath.

They stopped, standing back to back. They were very close.

Rene switched off the last lamp. In a blink, the room was bathed in darkness.

Dusk had already fallen. Gazing from the french window, the waves were shimmering on the ocean.

Anton hesitated a bit before reaching for the doorknob, then his arm was grasped by Rene.

“Are you really leaving?” Rene’s voice was hoarse.

Anton felt the lust in his voice. Slightly surprised, he turned around and saw Rene’s hot gaze, feeling his heat conveyed through his arms.

Anton hesitated to react, but Rene suddenly pulled him forward by his arms. The forceful pull made Anton stagger into Rene’s shoulder, then Rene grabbed him and they tangled together.

As he was hesitating, Rene’s lips tightly pressed against his. Anton felt Rene’s tongue slide between his teeth, sophisticatedly teasing and sucking until his tongue was out, too. Before he could think further, a warm feeling rushed across his spine and he switched from defending to attacking. Anton strengthened the force on his hands and pressed Rene to the wall, sucking and biting the attractive lips that he remembered so well. Rene panted heavily, slightly opening his mouth, responding actively and allowing his lips and tongue to violently get bullied. From their squeezing bodies, Anton could feel Rene’s excitement between their waists.

“f*ck.” Anton cursed ferociously. He fondled Rene’s body and reached his hand to his belt as well. But before he could take any further action, Rene kneeled down with knees spread, undoing Anton’s zipper.

The residual sunset colored the edges of the sky a tender golden yellow. The waves outside of the windows were still washing the beach rhythmically. The residual sunlight danced and wandered in the room, not wanting to leave and turning the two into two shadows on the floor.

Anton felt the hot, wet lips and tongue wrap around his proudly aroused penis. When he was absorbed in the enormous pleasure, his mobile phone suddenly rang. Both Anton and Rene froze at the same time, stopping their movements.

The phone persistently rang again. Anton resolutely pulled Rene away by his hair and stepped back to pick up the phone.

“…I am coming.” He put away the phone.

He looked back and Rene was still on the floor, sitting on his feet against the wall. He gave Anton an embarrassed smile, “Are, are you leaving?”

In that moment, Anton saw the same flash of sadness in Rene’s eyes again. His heart involuntarily became tender, “I need to go pick up some stuff. It will take about half an hour.” When he saw Rene’s eyes beaming, he added, “prepare yourself for me!”

“f*ck!” Rene’s laughing curse came from behind.

Anton looked back for the last time and walked out of the door.

Behind his back, the mighty yet tender sunset had died after a short glory. The shape of the furniture showed suspicious and mottled shadows around the room.

The lights of sunset could be like a man’s heart: so fickle, treacherous, and uncatchable.

Anton hurried towards the seashore park 10 miles away. At a corner, he stopped briefly to allow a grey figure to jump in the car.

“Sorry, sorry! I have been in meetings the entire day. It’s all about case two days ago. We have been tracking several deals by the young Stringy, both on sea and on land. We had them nailed up, but somehow he went past all of our arrangements. There is definitely a mole inside us, we just don’t know where they are. Federal, state police, the NSA, the border patrol… We are investigating this 24/7 now. You know, this is the biggest case of the year, we have direct orders from the higher up. This is killing us! Here, my old classmate, these are the documents you ask for.” The man handed him an envelope casually, “I need to go. Call me if you have any questions.” Anton’s old classmate got out the car like a bullet.

Just two days ago, the boss of the biggest family in the northeast, young Stringy, arrived in New York and had a secret meeting in a suburban forest. Out of the seven serial killer cases that Anton was after where the client remained unknown, at least five were directly linked to the Stringy family. Once he got the news, he used his connection with his old classmate in FBI.

This time, Anton was determined to get to the bottom of the case. He would do anything and pay any price to wake himself from the nightmare that had been harassing him for over three years.

Anton resolutely pulled out the paper in the envelope. On top was a simple note containing a rough outline of Stringy’s movements after he arrived in New York. It was very vague. It seemed the monitor group couldn’t get more specific locations, which demonstrates how sneaky his moves were.

Behind the note was a pile of pictures. In fear of being exposed, the cameras were far away. In the long focus shots, the figures were blurred from time to time. One could see the compressing and twisting of space around them in movement. Anton sighed at those figures. Obviously, there’s no way he could get satellites to track Stringy with simple reasons like suspicion or curiosity.

In the end, only the last few pictures were different. It appears to have been taken by a button camera on someone – which means there was an undercover operative in the scene. That’s Anton’s first thought. Then he saw a photo of young Stringy in front of a house, and his bodyguard walking towards his car shoulder to shoulder with someone. The bodyguard appeared in the previous photos, so he could recognize him. When he brought the photo closer to his eyes in order to observe the other guy, he became dazed. If he hadn’t seen that outfit and the cap with his own eyes, Anton would by no means believe the sight – that was Rene.

Anton instinctively covered the photo and inspected the area around him.

The heat trapped in the air for the entire day had already faded away. The black, ghostly bushes around him were waving in the sea wind. Night fell so suddenly and became so cold. and Anton couldn’t stop his body from shivering.

Anton looked down again at the photo in his hand. His face was covered in confusion. Why Rene?

Anton turned the wheel and drove onto the road from where he came. Right after he passed the corner, he saw in a distance a line of four pitch black cars, parked in front of the beach house, in the boundless night.

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