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Chapter 59: OP Garlic (XIII)

Matchless Pan spun his great axe; Feng Bujue followed close behind, coordinating shots from his Winchester aptly with the axe blows. Any Blood Wolf Zombie that came, whether it be from the front or sides, as long as it came close enough to be considered a threat, was basically straight-up insta-killed by the duo.

The Deviant was somewhat taken aback by the current situation. Originally, it thought that it’d be able to skillfully skirt the edge of the GMs’ detection range. It also never expected for a player of all things to be traveling with the GM that took the initiative to chase after it nor for the two of them to be advancing at such a speed.

But not only was all this surprising for the Deviant, even Pan Feng had to adjust his expectations and give proper respects to Feng Bujue for his abilities. Pan Feng knew well that it wasn’t that simple for a low leveled player to be able to follow so closely behind an Admin like this: responding calmly and continuously attacking incoming monsters.

Pan Feng knew【Knight’s Dance】’s effects—he could check the state of a player’s equipment and its abilities— but he was under no impression that if it were anyone else wearing the shoes and equipped with a shotgun that they could accomplish what Feng Bujue was currently doing.

Feng Bujue’s calm, precise, and proper handling of the critical situation left a very deep and resounding impression on Pan Feng. That feeling could only be grasped while fighting side by side in the close-quarters combat against a fiery blitzing storm of monsters.[1]

The whole way here, Feng Bujue had yet to slip even once. The entire time he’d prioritize attacking the most threatening and closest monsters; he held an unbiased awareness of his own marksmanship, and so long as he pulled the trigger, he’d surely hit his mark. Never would he deliberately aim for the head. He always fired from the most appropriate angle and position. As a result, his bullets did not miss.

With Feng Bujue’s cooperation, it could be said that Pan Feng felt a significant lightening of pressure during their advance. At the start, he was cautious, fearing the Blood Wolf Zombies would lunge in from the sides and worried the moment his concentration lapsed would be the moment Feng Bujue was eliminated. But after a while, Pan Feng found his worries were completely unnecessary; Not only could Feng Bujue take care of himself, but at times he’d even aided Pan Feng.

Under this machine-like, accurate, and efficient coverfire, Pan Feng could then wholeheartedly concentrate on handling the monsters attacking from the front, free from worries. As a result, the considerable speed at which these two were in pursuit forced the Deviant to quicken its own steps to flee.

After over twenty minutes of pursuit, they arrived before a stadium. As soon as the Deviant fled inside the building, its movements ceased; it seemed that the mutant Ashford is also nearby.

“As I expected; it choose this kind of large building,” said Feng Bujue. He’d already equipped Eyes of Hatred earlier and kept his Winchester at hand the entire time. The freed up slots were used to carry ammunition boxes.

“Alright, so you’ve guessed yet another thing correctly.” As he spoke, Pan Feng craned his neck back to glance at the street outside the stadium. Although they pulled some distance ahead of the monsters in pursuit, based on the monsters’ pace, it wouldn’t be long before this place would be surrounded and overrun.

Meanwhile, Hua Xiong and Lil Tan had nearly caught up.

It was Feng Bujue’s idea to split the four of them in to two pairs of pursuers. The moment the Deviant entered their range of detection, they began to implement his plan. The PanFeng duo smeared the blood they’d prepared beforehand along their bodies, hunting down the Deviant while attracting the monsters alongside.

Hua Xiong and Lil’ Tan, on the other hand, set off about three minutes after. The GMs couldn’t check the monsters’ real time coordinates; however, they could check the players’ coordinates at any time and so because of this Hua Xiong could leisurely follow behind the PanFeng duo on the route they took while carrying Lil’ Tan. By the time they left, all able-bodied Blood Wolf Zombies had left, chasing after the scent of fresh blood. What few monsters left enroute were those that had been beat up by Feng Bujue and Pan Feng and no longer had the ability to move.

Feng Bujue set up this plan with Wang Tanzhi in mind. If the four of them pursued together, it was highly likely that Wang Tangzhi would not be able to match their speed for long; even if he could keep up, his Stamina consumption would be severe. Moreover, with four people traveling together, whether it’d be in single file or 2×2, Lil’ Tan would become a weakness whenever they’d be under attack.

The other thing was if the four of them went together, then it wouldn’t have mattered if they had applied blood or not. At night, since the Blood Wolf zombie’s sense of smell is heightened, running together the whole way would attract just as many monsters. But by doing things the way they did, with blood smeared on just two people, they could take advantage of the monster’s priority targeting and have all the monsters chase after Feng Bujue and Pan Feng. Hua Xiong and Lil’ Tan would then settle into a situation where they wouldn’t consume too much Stamina, instead they would be able to quite leisurely follow behind the monster horde and catch up.

Dividing themselves into two groups like this and having one of the pairs immediately pursue is evidently quicker and relatively safer than having all four together. What’s more, in the event an accident did occur, Feng Bujue would be the only casualty. As the only other person painted in blood, Pan Feng, despite being but one man, would not die so easily to those monsters in that short period of time.

And the second stage of this plan, after following the Deviant to its ambush site, was to try and think of a way to hold back all those Blood Wolf Zombies.

“They’re approaching,” said Pan Feng. Since he would check players’ coordinates, he was more aware than Feng Bujue of Hua Xiong and Lil’ Tan’s positions. “Fortunately the monsters haven’t gathered to point of forming a wall.” He spoke while brandishing his mountain axe, massacring all the Blood Wolf Zombies that charged from the street and lunged at him.

“That’s within my calculations. Two people running is much faster than four together and the odds of getting surrounded midway is also much lower.” Feng Bujue answered while he unceasingly open fired, putting down one monster after the other.

Not long after, at just over ten meters away, Hua Xiong’s figure could be seen leading the way. The spear in his hands flickered in four bursts, the image like that of a dragon flying and snake’s slither, and split open a bloody war path through the horde. He brought who was Lil’ Tan close behind over to meet with the PanFeng duo to stand in one place.

The four of them fought while retreating to the front of the stadium’s entrance and stood at row of stairs tens of meters wide in order to occupy the advantage of the high ground and ward off the ever-increasing number of Blood Wolf Zombies

“The Deviant’s location is right inside the stadium behind us,” said Pan Feng, “And if it goes according to Feng Little Bro’s prediction, then the mutant should be inside too.”

Hua Xiong joined in, “Are you sure you want to do it this way?”

“The situation has already developed to this point; there’s no backing out of this now. If I had wanted to back out, I would’ve abandoned this plan as early as the instant the Deviant’s coordinates appeared. It would’ve been fine for you two slather on the blood to draw away the monster while Lil’ Tan and I found some place to hide,” retorted Feng Bujue. “Since we’ve decided to participate, we’ll do it to the end.”

“Yes, we’ve come this far. There is no turning back now.” Lil’ Tan now no longer seemed that nervous or scared. He stood atop a higher elevation, and borrowing the light of the moon, he stared into the distance at the tidal wave of darkness that flooded ever closer. A sense of calm settled in his heart. In this moment, he suddenly understood, at least in part, the minds of those mighty men of war who faced death with dignity. On a battlefield of irreconcilable enemies, the moment you see an unstoppable military force that is stronger than yourself by twenty or even two hundred times charging over, any display of cowardice was a futile act.

“Then do it,” said Pan Feng.

Lil’ Tan crouched beside the entrance gate. From his inventory took out explosives he’d prepared previously, placed them on the ground, and unraveled the fuse. The current time was evening. They’d searched the city for over an hour before they found the most powerful explosive (that they could). There was only one, but the item description claimed that its power was like those used in stories during actual combat to explode a BOSS, so it was quite fitting to use it here.

“Ok.” said Lil’ Tan.

The four of them immediately retreated inside the stadium and after running for a distance, lit the fuse. Following a loud noise, the entrance collapsed with a loud rumble. The rubble formed a “temporary” seal that blocked the path, holding back the innumerable Blood Wolf Zombies outside the stadium.  


[1]The raw 电光火石 here was translated to mean ‘fiery blitz’. In actuality, 电光火石 is a misuse of the phrase 电光石火. It’s a common phrase in Chinese Buddhist scripture that refers to the fire lit by a lightning strike and is used to compare the earth, objects, life and death, how they all fluctuate and their impermanence. It’s also sometimes used to describe rapid movement that looks like lighting and the actual strike that looks like fire; basically an explosive lightning quick strike. 电光火石 also refers to making flame from flint. It means something happened in a very short period of time, like spark (电光) from flint/firestone (火石).

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