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Chapter 4: A Slip of the Tongue

Everyone in the ward all trembled three times at the gray-green parrot’s angry shout.

In fact, the voice of the parrot wasn’t that loud, but the speech it released was utterly shocking, causing the room to fall into a deathly stillness. 

And what was even more deathly still than the ward was Lin You’s current state of mind.

Lin You looked at his gray wings like he was seeing a ghost, then looked at his chicken-like bird claws. Finally, he chose to cover his head with one wing and fell down in the cage. 

“Ah! Big Brother! It-it died?!”

Mu Family’s Second Young Master quivered as he looked at the parrot that was lying stiff like a corpse. This was the pet his grandfather ordered that his Big Brother must raise, and he volunteered… Okay, it was because he wanted to make his grandfather happy and get some more pocket money to spend, so he’d asked if he could deliver this parrot. If something unexpected happened to this little thing, then forget getting more pocket money, even his current pocket money might get confiscated too!

As such, Second Young Master Mu speedily placed the delicate and large birdcage on the table by Mu Yanxiao’s hospital bed and dryly coughed, “Big Brother, that’s all. Please take care of yourself and raise this parrot well. I will leave now.”

Mu Yanxiao wasn’t even in the mood to laugh anymore, he would just pretend that he was not his brother, but a retarded animal. Anyway, from the dialogue he just heard, that parrot seems to have a higher IQ than his younger brother.

“Ah, I forgot to say this. Big brother, I believe that your eyes will definitely get better, you must take care of yourself.”

Mu Yanxiao raised an eyebrow at those words, for his brother to actually say something so kind? It must be his misconception?

“Without you, how can I continue to live so freely? I still want to race cars, flirt and take walks!”

Mu Yanxiao’s lips twitched, “Mu One.”

Mu One immediately straightened up, grabbed Mu Yanming’s collar and carried him out. The  Second Young Master was a really stunning example of a brazen and fearless fool. 

As Mu One carried Mu Yanming out, Mu Three also quickly followed. Very quickly, the only ones that were left in the room were Mu Yanxiao and Lin You who had taken over the body of a bird.

Lin You lay in the birdcage, staring at the ceiling in a stunned state. He cannot accept suddenly entering the body of a parrot. If his wandering soul state meant that he could easily possess an animal, then he really had too many opportunities to become a sparrow, rat, cockroach, ant and so on, in the hours from yesterday to today. Yet that did not happen in those hours…but he now took over a parrot?. It was as if he was suddenly pulled into the body!

Complete bullshit.

Or could it be because this parrot is going to be raised by Yanxiao?!

Lin You sighed long and slowly. On the plus side, no matter what caused this, at least he had turned from soul state into physical state? From only being able to see, to being able to see, speak, smell, eat and fly! This is truly a wondrous turn of events… like hell! From being a human to being a parrot, it cannot be more tragic! Should he rejoice that he didn’t turn into a husky or persian cat? At least a parrot can talk!

As Mu Yanxiao listened to the consecutive sighs and sounds of rolling in the quiet sickroom, he couldn’t help but frown. Once one became blind, the other senses would always become stronger. There was only that parrot that Mu Yanming recently brought into the room, so what is it making all the noise for? Was it hungry? Or thirsty?

Mu Yanxiao clicked his tongue when he thought of it, he did not take good care of himself in his usual lifestyle, and now he suddenly had an extra thing to take care of. He felt a great urge to shoot it to death or choke it to death. So annoying.

“What are you making a racket for? It’s noisy.”

Lin You who was rolling around in the birdcage went rigid. It was not his misperception—he felt a killing intent just now!!

Lin You flapped his wings out of fear from that sudden spike of killing intent, then knocked himself into the top of the iron cage and fell back down. 【…Truly, everything is hard at the beginning.】 Lin You silently criticized in his mind.

However, he did not say anything at all. The scene from before was just because he was too startled and let slip a curse, now that he has come around, he clearly knows what if he says something else that ‘exceeds a normal parrot’s capabilities’, he might just end up sent to and dissected in a research institute.


Mu Yanxiao did not obtain the reply he imagined he would get, so his mood worsened. Even more unfortunate for him, that parrot started to make an even louder racket of fluttering around in the cage. As such, he pushed himself up from the bed with some effort, his eyes staring sightlessly in the direction of Lin You’s birdcage.

“You have two choices…”

As Lin You stared at Mu Yanxiao with his body stretched taut, Mu Yanxiao had already started to speak coldly.

“Either I open the cage and let you free. Or, you stay and listen to me.”

Lin You waved his wings at his words. You think this lord doesn’t want to leave?! It’s because this lord can’t leave!! A limitation of fifty meters is the most annoying thing ever!

Mu Yanxiao has not become stupid to the point of believing Lin You could understand him, so after he finished speaking, he slowly felt around and got off the bed. Then, he headed for the table the parrot’s cage was placed on.

Mu Yanxiao had absolute belief that a wild parrot would definitely fly away the moment the cage door was opened. Which wild animal would be willing to be caught by humans and raised? Freedom is the most treasured thing of all.

It was just that the simple process of opening the cage door was entirely too tragic.

Mu Yanxiao lost his sight, so naturally he could not see the cupboard, chair, or that unfortunately placed lounge chair right between the bed and the table. Mu Yanxiao did not see any of  it, so he knocked right into it.


Lin You looked at Mu Yanxiao half kneeling on the ground and couldn’t help but use his wing to cover his bird eyes. That must have hurt, there was no way it didn’t bruise.



Mu Two who was guarding outside the door called out anxiously as he stuck close to the door.

Mu Yanxiao clenched his teeth as he clutched his knee, his voice remaining surprisingly steady, without much difference from his normal tone as he answered back, “It’s nothing, there’s no need to come in.”


After over a minute passed, Mu Yanxiao finally stood up and spoke after remaining silent for a beat longer, “Flap your wings a bit, I can’t find your exact position.”

Lin You was a bit dumbfounded at this calm and collected man who should be in a lot of pain, but flapped his wings after it wore off. He watched as Mu Yanxiao followed the sound and slowly headed for him, his steps careful and quiet.

After three steps, Mu Yanxiao stopped in front of the tea table. At this moment, both Lin You and Mu Yanxiao heaved a sigh of relief. Mu Yanxiao’s foot had touched the table, but with his experience with the chair last time, he did not hit it hard and remained uninjured.

“Flap one more time.”

Lin You rolled his eyes and flapped his wings several times. If it weren’t for him feeling pity for this guy being blind, he would not be so obedient. 

Mu Yanxiao accurately stretched his hand out to the top of the cage and heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. For the first time in his life, he realized that walking is actually a difficult matter when you cannot see where you are going. Then, Mu Yanxiao suddenly thought of how eating, sleeping, using the bathroom, taking a bath and so on, all the previously simple affairs of life would all become so difficult. His entire face became ashen, the shock this gave him was even stronger than when he learned of his blindness—

There are many things that are scary, but they are not the scariest thing. What was scariest was the after effects that people are unable to bear. Finding out that he was blind was one thing, but because he was ‘blind’, that gave way to those ‘miserable after effects’ coming into play. Mu Yanxiao really felt scared.

The result of him being scared was overturning the fruit plate on the table. Because of the carpet, it did not cause a loud disturbance when it fell, but was still heard by Mu Two. Since he did not hear his boss summon him, he bore with it and did not ask about it. However, that feeling of helplessness for his boss made him very sad.

If it was a normal person, this one event would already make them hysterical or utterly depressed. But Mu Yanxiao was in no way like a normal person.

At just thirty years old, he had made it so that the Mu Clan Company was top-notch in the country. At the same time, while his mother’s family had internal strife, he gathered up and established himself as an absolute power. Calling him a legendary figure would not be an exaggeration. 

But even if he was a legendary person, there are still events that happen outside of a person’s control—Mu Seven’s betrayal caused him to be drugged and lose his sight. Although they had already dealt with Mu Seven, the outcome had already happened.

He slowly took a breath. Under Lin You’s somewhat amazed and appreciative gaze, Mu Yanxiao picked up the birdcage and started to walk to the window with an unworried expression.

One step, two steps.

When Mu Yanxiao raised his foot to take a third step, Lin You’s parrot eyes immediately honed in on a sharp fruit knife ahead where that foot would land. Without regards to a parrot’s normal intelligence, he shouted with his husky voice,

“Holy crap stop! There’s a knifeeeeeee!!”

Mu Yanxiao was startled by this neither sharp nor clear voice. His body instinctively obeyed the command and his raised foot went back to its original spot.

And so a man and bird remained in a deadlock for stunned moments. 

After Lin You shouted out, he realized he seemed to have added more IQ to this parrot. Was this savage man going to chop him into soup now?

However, the following action of Mu Yanxiao made all the feathers on Lin You’s bird body stand on the end. He looked into the eyes that were almost within reach and he very cowardly covered his own eyes with his wing.

“…I never raised a pet before.” Mu Yanxiao spoke the preamble and Lin You could not make heads or tails of what it had to do with the current situation. “I also don’t know how high the IQ is of a pet parrot.”

“I was originally going to put you by the window and let you go, but since my grandfather gave you to me, and said I have to raise you, then I will do as he said.” 

Lin You gasped. “…” Do you think this lord is blind?! Which person was it just now that rather disdained this lord and was even prepared to throw this lord out?!

“Since I decided to let you stay, then I will take care of your three meals and other basic needs.” Mu Yanxiao continued to speak indifferently, “I will not avoid responsibility and I’m very reasonable. As such, if you want to eat some snacks or like some kind of diamond bird necklace, then I can buy it all for you.” 

Lin You widen his large bird eyes, then snorted, “…” One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions!! Plus, who wants a diamond bird necklace?! He wasn’t female!

“But since you are raised by me, you have to do some things to prove that you aren’t useless.” As expected, after Lin You snorted, Mu Yanxiao used a matter of fact face to continue, “You have to follow me at all times, help me eat, drink, walk and so on. Since you can warn me that there’s a knife on the ground, you should be able to do everything else right?” 

Lin You who was forced to be his murderer’s personal servant: “!!”

What did he do just now!! Just why did he open his beak?! Furthermore man, did you turn stupid from shock? Making a parrot your close adviser, just how deep in despair are you?

But Mu Yanxiao’s mood was pretty good now. With a bird like this by him to help him, he did not need to trouble himself to look for someone of a similar nature. Heaven knows what kind of person his grandfather would find to help him later. Compared to a person who doesn’t know the basics, but wants to go deep into his territory, a parrot that can speak human words is really much better.

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