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Chapter 3: Death Would Be Better Than Life

Turning into a wandering soul apparently caused a degree of IQ reduction in Lin You. Additionally, events afterward were like watching a crime syndicate movie, so it was only when Mu Yanxiao mentioned it that Lin You finally remembered his dead body hadn’t been accounted for. 

Of course, it did not exclude the reason that he himself wasn’t too willing to accept the cruel fact of his death. But now that Mu Yanxiao raised the matter of his corpse, Lin You waited with Mu Yanxiao in the ward for the results.

Mu One actually had his subordinates go investigate. Besides him, the Boss’s die-hard loyal little bros included Two, Three, Four and Five. Mu Yanxiao’s mood was very bad at this moment, although he did not show it on the outside, the atmosphere in the ward was almost frozen, causing people to be unnaturally tense.

“Go investigate Mu Seven, find me when you get information.”

Mu Yanxiao ordered and Mu One quickly stood up, his voice somewhat fierce, “Yes! …Boss, you must rest well… you will definitely get well soon.”

Mu Yanxiao did not reply, he seemed to have fallen asleep.

After Mu One departed the only ones left in the hospital room were Lin You, a wandering soul, and Mu Yanxiao, a blind living human. Mu Yanxiao remained silent the entire time, and his quiet appearance while lying on the bed allowed Lin You to see this man’s rare milder side, perhaps it could even be called soft. 

【Tsk, good figure, good looks, has loyal little bros and is rich. If it weren’t for this lord being run over to death and seeing this guy’s savage and merciless side, even I might become captivated~】

Lin You stared at Mu Yanxiao’s handsome face for a long time and then sighed. You really can’t judge people by their appearances. This guy looks like a “Mr. Perfect”, but in fact, is a shady and cruel person… Who knows how many people this guy will deceive in the future, but he, Lord Ling You will never be deceived!

Lin You’s peach blossom eyes narrowed cheerfully at the thought.

However, Lin You was not given the chance to finish being happy when Mu Yanxiao below him suddenly opened his eyes. The pair of blinded eyes stared at the spot Lin You was hovering, and based on the line of sight, he was staring firmly into Lin You’s eyes.



Lin You soundlessly sucked in a breath, leaving aside the fact that this Yanxiao was blind, he was currently in a wandering soul state! What is going on with this kind of expression as if he was really looking at him? He’d almost scared a ghost to death!

Mu Yanxiao stared at the blank darkness before him and furrowed his eyebrows. Was it his misconception? There was this constant feeling of someone watching him, and it was right above him.

“…How could that be?” Mu Yanxiao spoke softly to himself.

Mu Family’s bodyguards were standing guard outside his door, forget a person, even a fly wouldn’t be able to get in. But no matter how he thought of it, he still fell silent for a brief moment, then reached out a hand and waved it in Lin You’s direction.

The outcome was naturally that there was only thin air.

Lin You watched the hand that passed through his body, his expression ugly like Mu Yanxiao’s. Be content with what you have bastard! At most you can’t see anything, you still have all your other senses, this lord only has this one sense left okay?! Hehe, funnily enough the two of them make up all the needed five senses, but this doesn’t make Lin You happy at all.

About half an hour later, Mu One’s voice came through from outside the room.

“Boss, we’re done investigating.”

Mu Yanxiao opened his eyes but noticed that he can’t see anything, so he closed them again. “Come in.”

Mu One opened the door and entered, following him was Mu Three, both of them wore very solemn expressions.

“Boss, we went to the accident scene and carefully investigated it. There are traces that you crashed into someone, there were also bloodstains on the ground, but we did not see the person. Neither dead or alive.”

Mu Yanxiao pursed his brows, “Unless he’s an undead, with the speed I was going at the time, he is dead without a doubt. You didn’t find a body? Then what about the surveillance cameras?”

Mu One’s face became even stranger, “We took a look at the five surveillance cameras in the area from a wide range, there has been no one else in that area for half an hour. Although that area is particularly desolate, it… anyway, we could only see your car driving quickly and smashing into a glass wall, we didn’t see anyone being hit.”

Mu Three currently has a face full of ‘this is a ghost event’, ‘Boss has come across a supernatural event’, and so on. However, Mu Yanxiao could not see at the moment so he naturally could not do as he did before, find a reason to deal with him.

“…” Mu Yanxiao heard Mu One’s report and slowly opened his eyes to stare at the ceiling, “So you mean to tell me, I hit a ghost?”

Mu One blinked nervously. “…That’s probably not it, someone might have done something to the cameras, because your car has traces of hitting someone. It’s just that we can’t find that person…maybe, they’re actually alive?” Anyway, he felt that someone who can wordlessly disappear from the cameras, would not be a normal person. Tsk, now that he thought of it, he both rejoiced and felt a bit alarmed.

At the moment, Lin You who was able to make this guy who was even stronger than normal soldiers alarmed, was also in an alarmed state. What did he just hear? His body was gone?! Even the surveillance cameras didn’t have his figure in them?!

Lin You felt like he was the one that hit a ghost. Moreover, on cameras, he always had a shadow okay?! Only his family’s great-grandfather wouldn’t be caught on camera even when he’s walking in broad daylight on the streets…!!

Lin You suddenly sucked in a breath as his brain worked furiously. A spark of realization flashed through his eyes.

Since his whole family of psychics knew that he would die yesterday, if they didn’t prepare for it then it would be weird. Hence his body was taken away by his family. As for whether they were cremating it or burying it… Anyway, Lin You knows that his family would still be taking care of him. His inwardly stressed mood finally relaxed. 

He can assume that with his current situation, even if great-grandfather and grandfather didn’t know about it, when he has the chance, he will try to find them. Then they could help think of some way to help him. Reincarnating into someone’s body is a little evil, so praying for his family to fix all his broken organs and body then put his body into an ice warehouse is an option…If that really isn’t possible, they can even follow Nezha’s example, make him a body out of lotus flower!

…However, his great-grandfather doesn’t seem to be that all mighty either? What should he do then? It’s really rather worrying!

While Lin You was worrying himself to death about how to return to the human world, Mu Yanxiao sighed and changed the subject, “What about Mu Seven?”

Mu One’s face turned serious, “Already dealt with, he did indeed betray Boss.”

Mu Yanxiao nodded and did not continue asking further questions. Besides One, Two, Three, Four and Five, he did not really care about the rest of the bodyguards of his family. Even if Mu Seven could be considered someone close to him.

“Do you guys have something else to say?” After waiting a while, Mu Yanziao noticed that the two did not continue speaking nor did they leave. He subconsciously frowned, what would usually cause such a situation were only two things. His troublesome younger brother did something worrying again, or his overly concerned grandfather sent something again.

As expected, Mu One’s face went stiff for a moment at his Boss’ question before coughing lightly and answering carefully, “Boss, after your Esteemed Grandfather found out about your situation, he was very pained and worried. So that you would not suffer and or feel lonely by yourself… your Esteemed Grandfather had Second Young Master send over a Congo Gray Parrot to accompany you. Uh, the parrot is gray-colored, part of the ashy green variety, it’s rather pretty…” 

As Mu One spoke on and on, he wore a tragic face. His Boss was an existence where even most dogs had feared since he was young. Forget about raising a small animal or even a bird, if a person stood next to Boss and didn’t have enough courage, they would pee their pants out of fright! This has nothing to do with appearance and everything to do with aura!

Mu One had just finished speaking and Mu Yanxiao’s face was dark like he was about to go bankrupt. Before he was given the chance to refuse, Mu Family’s Second Young Master’s voice echoed loudly from outside,

“Big Brother! Look at this—Grandpa told me to bring this parrot to you! It’s wild and super hard to find! The color is also very nice and Grandpa said you have to take good care of it, even if you starved to death you can’t let it starve to death—”

Young Master Mu gritted his teeth. “…” Why did he not directly beat this stupid and troublesome second generation to death before the accident?

“Also, Grandpa said, you can’t not raise it!”

“…Leave the parrot and scram swiftly.” Young Master Mu finally spoke to his younger brother. And the latter said unconcernedly, “Oh right, I heard that Congo Gray’s can imitate people and speak! You can’t see it but you can hear it—you can have it be your guide-parrot hahaha, ugh!”

Second Young Master’s smile and trouble-making appearance was finally put on hold with a single glare from his brother. He finally spoke to the Congo Gray in the cage, “Come on, say a word for this lord, say ‘Hello!”

In response, Mu One and Mu Three couldn’t help but shake their heads and turn away. This Second Young Master… this parrot was freshly caught and still wild, forget about it speaking, it was good enough if it peacefully stayed in its cage!

When Young Master Mu Yanxiao looked in the direction of his younger brother with the gaze one used to look at idiots, along with the other two people in the room waiting to laugh at the Second Young Master, the gray-green parrot suddenly turned from its vigilant attitude of shrinking and hiding into fully straightening up and flapping its wings. After crying out in shock a few times, it finally spoke using its hoarse parrot voice,

“Hello, your bullshit! This Lord isn’t fine…at all!!”

TL Note: The words making up hello in Chinese is ‘you’ and ‘fine’. So ‘you fine/ok/etc?’.

Everyone was greatly shocked!! Then they all turned deadly silent.

—Holy crap, what’s the matter with this parrot? Do the wild ones all have such high IQ’s?! Perhaps it had turned into a spirit animal?!

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