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Chapter 79: Is This The Legendary Love?

Su Jian thought that it would be difficult for him to admit that he liked a man. Unexpectedly, he felt much more relaxed after he confessed his feelings to An Yize.

Seeing An Yize’s moved face, which was a very rare sight, Su Jian’s heart felt warm.

The previous feelings of being reluctant to leave or infatuation seemed to have found their place. Su Jian came to a sudden realization while also feeling a sense of relief.

Thus, when An Yize leaned forward for a kiss, Su Jian didn’t avoid him.

In the past, when An Yize kissed him, he would react unconsciously. Now that he was reacting consciously, it would naturally be different. One could react physically, but it was much harder to stop reacting from one’s heart.

The two of them who were having a sincere talk earlier were now acting intimately on the sofa.

An Yize slipped his hand underneath Su Jian’s clothes. Su Jian then undid his buttons himself. An Yize removed his belt and Su Jian removed An Yize’s pants.

An Yize laughed softly.

Su Jian felt a little shameful. “What are you laughing at? Eating and engaging in sexual activity are necessary for human beings!”

An Yize pecked his lips. “You’re right.”

Even so, when they were approaching the last step, Su Jian was a little hesitant. Gulping down his saliva, he gasped, “The door and the window… Will someone come in?” I promise, I came here purely with the intention to pick An Yize up. I didn’t expect this office play scene at all! But… Su Jian licked his lips. It does feel a little exciting doing it here. The next time I come here, I probably won’t be able to look at this sofa in the same way again…

An Yize stopped his movements. Then, he got up and carried Su Jian in his arms.

Su Jian hugged his neck hurriedly. Seeing An Yize carrying him towards the room in the office, he immediately understood. However, he didn’t fail to remind him again, “Close the door tight!”

The bed in the room wasn’t big. Lying above the bed, Su Jian murmured, “The bed is too small. Let’s get a bigger one when we have the chance…”

An Yize kissed him with a smile. “Okay.”

While they were resting after the bout, Su Jian suddenly remembered something and asked An Yize with wide eyes, “Did you shoot it in again?”

An Yize was currently feeding Su Jian with a cup of water. Hearing that, the water in the cup swayed.

Putting the cup of water down, An Yize held Su Jian in his embrace. Rubbing Su Jian’s sweaty face, he suddenly said, “Jian Jian, let’s have a child.”


I’ve just accepted An Yize and now I’m being asked to bear a child. Can life not rush at me so intensely and quickly!

On their way back home, Su Jian sat beside An Yize while feeling distressed.

He almost forgot. If he stayed together with An Yize, he couldn’t escape from giving birth to a child. It would’ve been great if he was a guy since he couldn’t give birth. But now that he had the required system, giving birth to a child was just a matter of time.

It’s not that I’m unwilling to give An Yize a child, I’m just scared of the thought!

Su Jian couldn’t help but touch his own tummy.

“Yize,” Su Jian looked at An Yize who was driving by his side and said slowly, “I think we shouldn’t think of having a child so early.”

An Yize replied calmly, “Why?”

Su Jian asked, “Look, if I have a child and I experience obstructed labor, wouldn’t you have to decide whether to save the adult or the child?”

An Yize: “……”

And, what if I can’t persevere? Su Jian didn’t say anything and gave An Yize a cursory glance.

Even an ordinary woman needed to love the man a lot to be willing to give birth to a child for him, not to mention Su Jian who was had such a special circumstance. I admit that I like An Yize now. However, honestly speaking, I’m not sure whether this like is enough for me to be willing to give birth to a child for An Yize.

Su Jian held on and continued, “Also, I need to go to the countryside now.”

An Yize asked, “Do you know where you are going specifically?”

Su Jian replied, “I think it’s a middle school in district B.”

An Yize’s voice sank, “If I go by highway, it’ll only take one to two hours at most.”

Su Jian understood his intention immediately. Shaking his head, he said, “It’s a mountainous area. I’ve heard that there’s a hairpin turn after the highway. It’s difficult to drive there.”

An Yize gave him a glance. “Then, I will come during the weekends?”

Su Jian shook his head. “No need.”

Seeing An Yize’s eyes dimming slightly, Su Jian added leisurely, “There is a long-distance bus that goes to the city. I will take the bus back myself.”


Su Jian didn’t tell An Yize that he signed up voluntarily initially.

The school had planned to send another female colleague over. However, the female colleague wanted to take care of her child who was still in school, so she wasn’t very willing. The school wasn’t willing to dispatch the teachers who were teaching the senior classes and most of the teachers had children. As for the few sophomore year teachers without children, they were still inexperienced in teaching. Therefore, Su Jian was the most suitable choice.

Therefore, when that female colleague who had given Su Jian a lot of guidance on how to teach well asked if Su Jian could go instead of her embarrassingly, Su Jian hesitated for a moment and agreed.

He thought: This might be good. If I’m separated from An Yize for a while, I might be able to think through some things clearly.

Although he was leaving soon, he realized that he and An Yize had been interacting much more intimately than ever before and he felt much more content now.

When he woke up in the morning, An Yize would kiss him and greet him with a “good morning”. When An Yize was choosing his necktie, he would offer his suggestion on the color and design. He also personally helped An Yize put on his necktie.

At night, there were times when An Yize would be looking through documents on the sofa. Su Jian would use his phone while using An Yize’s lap as a pillow.

Su Jian could rub his fingers in between his toes without worry in front of An Yize, and An Yize would lie in Su Jian’s embrace obediently for Su Jian to pick his ears.

After the bout in the office, they didn’t do it again. However, they still kissed and touched each other without restraint.

Is this the legendary love?

Su Jian laughed secretly, but he soon wrinkled his nose. Why do we seem like an old couple?

Before Su Jian left for the village, they went to watch a movie.

An Yize chose the hall that had couple seats, while Su Jian helped An Yize choose a horror film thoughtfully.

The movie was proceeding at a good pace. The scary atmosphere was also sufficient. Thus, only the screams of women and the sound of men taking the chance to comfort them could be heard.

Su Jian thought for a moment and nestled in An Yize’s embrace thoughtfully.

An Yize hugged him and asked gently, “Are you afraid? If you are, close your eyes during the scary scenes.”

Su Jian replied, “If I don’t keep my eyes open, how will I know if they are scary?”

An Yize, “……”

Within the screams filled with fear, the two of them stuck close to each other, seemingly in their own world.

Su Jian: “The female ghost will definitely come out from the toilet bowl!”

An Yize: “It may be from the mirror.”

Su Jian: “Say, do you think that ghosts really exist in the real world?”

An Yize: “There is a saying that ghosts are actually weak electromagnetic waves.”

Su Jian: “Then, might there be some sort of link between these electromagnetic waves and our brain waves?”

“Dong dong.” Just when they were immersed in talking within the screams, a head suddenly stretched over from the neighboring seats.

“Say, can the two of you stop being so serious when watching a horror movie? I don’t want to watch ‘Approaching Science’!”



On the day Su Jian set off, An Yize had to go on a business trip to sign an important contract. An Yize had wanted to push back his business trip to send Su Jian off personally, but he was rejected.

“Earning money is still more important.” Su Jian laughed, “Anyways, it isn’t that far away. I can go by myself.”

An Yize hugged him and said, “But I’m worried.”

Uncle An, don’t you think this is too cheesy? Su Jian silently cursed, but his eyes were smiling. “You’re worried when I go by car, and I’m more worried when you go by plane! Many planes seemed to have crashed this year!”

After Su Jian finished speaking, he felt that what he just said was jinxing, so he immediately added, “But the amount that has fallen this year should be enough. Therefore, there will definitely not be any problems. When you’ve alighted, remember to give me a call.”

An Yize kissed him and replied, “Alright, I’ll get the chauffeur to send you there. Have you packed enough? I will get uncle Wang to buy them for you. Clothes too. The temperature has dropped recently. Bring more food as well……”

Su Jian looked at him and suddenly laughed with a “hehe”.

An Yize smiled too, “What are you laughing at?”

Su Jian replied, “Yize, you didn’t act like this last time. You’re suddenly acting like a wife, I can’t get used to it!”

“…Then, what was I like last time?”

“Cold and noble.”



The conditions of the middle school he was supposed to help at couldn’t be considered good. However, there was a mountain and a river in the surroundings. The scenery was quite nice.

The school gave Su Jian a dorm room to live in. There wasn’t much in the room: only a bed, a table, and a cabinet. Fortunately, the room had its own restroom, so Su Jian was happy with it.

Su Jian cleaned the room and added an induction cooker as well as some other daily necessities. Then, he stood with his hands on his hips in his somewhat tidied room, showing a satisfied smile.

Su Jian was having his dinner when he received An Yize’s call.

“You’ve alighted?”

“I’ve just reached the hotel. How’s the condition there?”

“The air is fresh and the scenery is beautiful. Not worse than where you’re at.”

“What about the place you’re living in?”

“A soft and comfortable bed with a beauty as company.”


“Hehe, it’s alright. Although it’s simple and crude, it’s better than what I imagined.”

“…Anyway, Jian Jian, take good care of yourself.”

“Yeah yeah! Rest assured!”

“I can’t.”


“It should be dinner time right now, have you eaten yet?”

“I’m eating now!”

“What are you eating?”

“Delicacy of the world…”

“Instant noodles or frozen dumplings?”

“…Dear, you’re so smart.”

“Throw it away and cook something.”

“Hah? No. I will be struck by lightning if I waste food!”

“I will receive it in your place. Have some decent food.”



“I still prefer your cold and noble style.”


Author’s notes: I see that everyone thought that aid education meant going to a faraway place and not returning for one year? That’s not it. The response support is just for teachers from the city who go to a village to work for a period of time.

Also, it seems that some of you feel that Su Jian isn’t clear-cut and avoided giving a definite answer. How should I say this? I guess it depends on how people look at it. For me, I feel that Su Jian didn’t avoid the issue. With his dense personality, he didn’t notice his feelings at first. And now that he finally realised he actually liked uncle An, he confessed almost immediately. He even did it honestly. Talking about the depths of their feelings, Su Jian’s feelings are definitely less than that of uncle An. Therefore, he admitted it honestly. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I like you, but probably not as much as you like for me. I can’t be sure if I’m able to persevere staying together with you. Therefore, I’m hesitant since I’m afraid of hurting you ultimately—Maybe, some of you feel that this is not being clear-cut. However, I feel that this is the reality, so why should we cover it up? If Su Jian acted like Ji Yan, always saying misleading words even though she doesn’t even like uncle An, that would hurt uncle An more!

Although Jian Jian had become a woman, his always felt that he liked women. If he wasn’t hesitant when he realised he fell for a man all of a sudden, that would be weird. Just like he said, their relationship would be a little more troublesome than a normal male-female relationship. He had never been in a relationship before and he always liked women. If his feelings for uncle An were not strong enough and he just blindly promised that he would be with uncle An forever, he will be much more tempted when he meets a woman who catches his eye compared to a normal couple. At that point, the damage done to uncle An would be much greater.

Let me waste some time to talk about two true cases that happened around me. One of them was my classmate from university, namely student A, a female and a lesbian. During our university days, she liked another female student B. Thus, A treated B well. B is actually not a lesbian. However, she might have been moved by A or perhaps she felt lonely after studying far away from home, or maybe some other reason. In any case, B and A got together. During their years in university, the two of them had a pretty good relationship. From an outsiders’ point of view, they looked like girlfriends with a good relationship. From an insiders’ point of view, they looked like the type that would stay together for life. After graduation, B was guaranteed a place in a university in another city for further education. A found a job that had good pay, so she decided to stay behind as she wanted to save money to buy a house. However, in less than a year, B wanted to break up. The reason was that she found her boyfriend after leaving A. B realized that she still truly loved men. She said to A: I really liked you. However, at that time, I didn’t understand my feelings well enough and mistook friendship for love.

Another one was just a normal male-female relationship. My colleague C was getting older, but she still wasn’t married. She had high expectations for her other half. However, as she aged, her family started forcing her to find a husband. She herself was also feeling anxious. Thus, she went on a blind date. Meeting someone who was acceptable in all aspects, they married each other. After being married for a year and a half however, she wanted a divorce. According to what she said, she had met her true love. We advised her to think twice. She said she never had a boyfriend in highschool and university and never met anyone suitable from blind dates she had while she was working. One could say that she had no experience in love. She had married out of necessity. She thought that the pleasant feeling between her and her husband was love. However, when she met her current man, she realized that true love wasn’t like that. She said she was aware that it was immoral to have a divorce. However, she was unwilling to waste the rest of her life for this little moral. Therefore, she took the chance to divorce when she still didn’t have a child. We were speechless.

Alright, looks like I’ve wasted too much time. What I’m trying to say is that Su Jian’s hesitation may look like he’s not being clear-cut to all of you and him not being a man. However, I feel that if some cautiousness can make the ending more complete, it isn’t so bad to be a little indecisive. My friend who is a high school teacher said that in a class of fifty to sixty students, one-third of them come from a divorced family, which something to sigh about. Even if one is cautious now, it’s hard to guarantee that there won’t be any problems in the future. However, we don’t have to be worried about Jian Jian and uncle An, because—this author is a fairy tale lover! The prince would either not stay together with the “princess” at all or have many kids and live happily ever after if they stayed together!

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