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Chapter 73: Su Jian Felt Hot. Not Just Hot, He Felt That His Mouth Was Dry

He wasn’t sure whether it was due to his shock at An Yize’s answer or the discomfort from his wound, but it took Su Jian a very long time to fall asleep.

Then, he had a dream.

In his dream, it was just like the usual days where An Yize would come and pick him after Su Jian finished his work. What was different, however, was that they met a traffic accident.

When Su Jian woke up after the accident, he realized that he had returned back to his original body for some reason. And very quickly, he saw the news about the president of CMI and his wife passing away in a traffic incident.

Su Jian returned back to his old life. He worked everyday and lived a simple, common life. Fortunately, he had his parents and brother with him, as well as a group of good friends around. Therefore, although his life was plain, it was peaceful.

Afterward, he found a girlfriend.

His girlfriend looked average, and she wasn’t very lively. She couldn’t compare to the female goddesses and cute girls out there. However, she treated him well. Although she was quiet, she cared for him.

Su Jian grew to like her gradually. Then, they married.

It was a very simple wedding. There was neither a luxurious car nor any banquet. There were only the audience’s smile and an ordinary bride and groom.

The only unique thing was, when she was asked whether she was willing to marry Su Jian, she looked at Su Jian quietly, her eyes showing that she was willing to stay with Su Jian no matter what difficulties there may be.

She said to Su Jian with a voice that only both of them could hear, “Jian Jian, I’ve said before. If it were you, I would be willing.”

When Su Jian woke up and recalled his dream last night, he wasn’t shocked like he usually was for once. Instead, he felt a little moved in his heart.

Thus, when An Yize came over to visit, he saw Su Jian looking over with extremely perplexed eyes.

An Yize asked while feeling slightly puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian replied, “Nothing. I just felt that you would definitely look bad if you became a woman.”

An Yize: “……”


After a few days, Su Jian was discharged from the hospital.

Su Jian who had fully recovered was thrilled. He even prepared a feast, which he hadn’t done for a very long time. When Su Jian noticed that An Yize was eating more than usual, he was even happier.

After a period of time, An Yize told him that there was a banquet which they had to attend together.

Initially, Su Jian wasn’t very willing to go. He really didn’t like such an occasion where he couldn’t eat, wear, speak and play freely. However, after learning that the banquet would be hosted by the Li family, he was slightly more interested. The Li family. Wasn’t that the family which Queen Ji’s fiance was from?

With his mind yearning for some gossip, Su Jian arrived at another city with An Yize where the Li family was located. However, after he stepped into the banquet hall, he started regretting his decision.

It was reasonable if Queen Ji was present. After all, her fiance was the second young master of the Li family. However, why was his ex-boyfriend Lu Chenghe here as well? Su Jian pulled An Yize’s hand. He felt a little awkward as he saw the two exes looking at him and An Yize from within the crowd.

However, there was a woman beside Lu Chenghe. Seeing the woman hugging Lu Chenghe’s arm intimately, Su Jian felt a little relaxed. Since Lu Chenghe had a partner, he probably wouldn’t come and harass him.

Unexpectedly, the woman came to him instead.

After coming out of the restroom, Su Jian who was walking with his head down was stopped by someone. Su Jian looked up, only to see the woman who was beside Lu Chenghe earlier looking at him with unkind eyes.

The woman shouted impolitely, “Su Jian!”

Su Jian asked hesitantly, “May I ask who you are…”

The woman replied with a cold face, “Stop acting! Let me tell you, Chenghe would never be with you. I’m now his girlfriend, so you should give up on that thought!

Su Jian: “……”

The woman said with hatred, “Don’t think that Chenghe would come back to you just because you act all pitiful. I’m warning you…”

Just how do I look pitiful! And I wish that Lu Chenghe never look back alright? Su Jian said helplessly, “I’m sorry miss. I’ve met a traffic accident previously and lost my memories. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Lost your memories?” The woman paused for a moment and continued, “You think that I will believe you?”

Su Jian replied sincerely, “It’s true. I don’t know who you are, neither do I know the Chenghe you were talking about. Moreover, I’m already married. My husband is here with me now.”

Half believing in Su Jian, the woman asked, “Are you saying that the An family’s third young master is your husband?”

“That’s right.” Su Jian continued, “My husband and I are also very much in love with each other.”

The woman looked much more relaxed. She humphed, “That would be best.”

Looking at the woman’s elegant retreating back, Su Jian silently breathed out a sigh of relief.

Returning back to the crowd, Su Jian saw Ji Yan. If it was in the past, Su Jian would still have been interested in interacting with the Queen. However, ever since he saw Ji Yan hugging An Yize that night, he started feeling awkward. The ex and current lover and what not all sounded super awkward for some reason…

On the contrary, it was Ji Yan who greeted him first. “Miss Su.”

Su Jian had no choice but to head over. Su Jian saw that her posture was elegant and her smile was gentle. She looked beautiful and noble. Even so, she looked at him with gentle and kind eyes. Without a doubt, she had most likely forgotten about the incident that night.

After exchanging some simple greetings, Ji Yan suddenly said, “Miss Su, you look like you match Xiao Ze very well.

Her voice sounded disappointed yet also relieved; her expression looked dejected yet sincere. Su Jian stared blankly before he heard Ji Yan continue, “Xiao Ze really likes you a lot… The two of you have my blessing.”

After being threatened by his ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend, he is now receiving the blessing from his current husband’s ex-girlfriend! Su Jian thought about the mysteriousness of fate as he replied wryly, “Thank you.”

A waiter walked passed while holding a tray. Looking at the wine glasses above the tray, Su Jian hesitated for a moment before finally controlling himself.

Seeing this, Ji Yan asked, “Miss Su doesn’t drink?”

Su Jian nodded his head, “That’s right. I…” Naturally, he couldn’t say that he might do something magical if he was drunk. Therefore, he could only say, “I’m a bit allergic to alcohol.”

“I see.” Ji Yan suddenly called Li Feifei who was walking by to a stop. “Feifei, Miss Su can’t drink. Could you ask someone to prepare some juice?”

Li Feifei gave Su Jian a glance. Then, he looked at Ji Yan and said with annoyance, “Why should I do this kind of thing?”

Ji Yan replied kindly, “Since this is the Li family’s banquet, you’re naturally the host.”

Li Feifei’s brows lifted and she giggled, “And here I thought you had treated yourself as the mistress of the Li family!”

Ji Yan smiled and didn’t say anything, as if she didn’t hear the ridicule within Li Feifei’s words.

Su Jian lamented about Ji Yan’s self-control as he vaguely understood the relationship between the two of them. Okay. So this woman was actually the miss of the Li family and she likes Lu Chenghe. However, her brother is Li Mingyi which is Ji Yan’s fiance. And it seems like this Miss Li doesn’t really like her sister-in-law… Su Jian tidied up the information in his head and silently lamented: The rich people’s circle is really complicated.

After glaring at the two of them unhappily, Li Feifei flounced away with her head raised. After she left, Ji Yan said to Su Jian, “My apologies. Feifei’s temper isn’t good. However, she isn’t malicious. Miss Su, please don’t mind her too much.

Su Jian hurriedly replied, “Of course I won’t.”

Seeing Su Jian looking at Li Feifei who was smiling beautifully like a flower beside Lu Chenghe, Ji Yan smiled and said, “Feifei likes Mr. Lu very much. She even harmed herself for him before. However, it seems like Mr. Lu…” As if she realized she shouldn’t be discussing about someone else, Ji Yan pursed her lips slightly and didn’t continue.

On the other hand, Su Jian was stunned when he heard that. She harmed herself for Mr. Lu before? Hmm? So this Miss Li was the person who made Lu Chenghe abandon sister Su? No wonder she said those words to me earlier.

She tried to commit suicide for him before and snatched him away. Then, after he had gotten her, he started regretting it and began missing his ex-girlfriend… Once again, Su Jian silently lamented: The rich people’s circle is so melodramatic.

Su Jian looked towards An Yize who was conversing with a few people. Unexpectedly, An Yize was also looking over at the same time. As their eyes met, Su Jian was startled. Then, his eyes curved into a smile. Subsequently, he saw the trace of a smile that appeared in An Yize’s eyes as well.

After his mood improved inexplicably, Su Jian grinned. When he turned back and saw the juice that was brought over by the waiter, his mood improved further.

In the banquet, many people were moving about, and there were lots of conversations. Su Jian felt bored. Hence, he found a corner and decided to take a breather.

It was unknown whether the air conditioning was slightly hotter. However, Su Jian felt hot. Not just hot, he felt that his mouth was dry. Therefore, he asked the waiter for another glass of juice.

After drinking another glass of juice, he wasn’t as thirsty anymore. However, his body still felt hot. His skirt was thin in the first place and he can’t remove his shirt. Su Jian thought for a moment and headed towards the restroom, intending to use water to cool himself down.

The running water of the sink cooled his hands down. However, it was unable to lessen the heat radiating from his body. Su Jian felt super depressed. He looked into the mirror unintentionally and was shocked. The person in the mirror had furrowed brows and his face was red, looking very uncomfortable.

Su Jian raised his hand and touched his forehead. Do I have a fever?

He was never well-behaved when he slept. It was still fine when he had An Yize around last time. Now that he was sleeping alone, he had often woken up to see that he had kicked away the blanket during the night. Don’t tell me I kicked the blanket away again last night? No wonder my body temperature is so high right now and I’m feeling a little giddy.

After judging that he most likely had a fever, Su Jian started feeling weak immediately. His heart rate increased, and he felt short of breath. Looks like my sickness is pretty severe!

Remembering his never-ending snot and tears during his previous serious cold, Su Jian didn’t want to return to the crowd anymore. But if he wished to leave, An Yize would probably have to go with him as well. However, the party had just started. It seemed inappropriate to leave now. After considering for a moment, Su Jian asked a waiter who was passing by if there were any guest rooms for the guests to rest in. Immediately, the waiter respectfully brought him to a guest room.

Once the waiter closed the door and left, Su Jian slacked his shoulders immediately and tossed himself onto the bed in the guest room—Damn it! His body was becoming hotter and hotter. His heart was beating fast and he was short of breath. His whole body felt uncomfortable from the heat. Don’t tell me I have to go to the hospital again after leaving the banquet?

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