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Chapter 66: That Night, You Didn’t Reject Me! That Night, I Hurt You!

An Yize stiffened and his expression changed. In the end, he only sighed silently. He raised Su Jian’s face, lowered his head and kissed.

This time, his actions were gentler, not as hasty as before, so his actions were more emotional. Su Jian was kissed by him while his body was caressed by the hand beneath his clothes. Listening to the man and woman’s passionate moans, he slowly started heating up.

When he was at his hottest point, Su Jian let out a hurried breath and pushed An Yize down under him instinctively.

Rather than stopping his actions, An Yize went along with him and laid under Su Jian, letting Su Jian sit on him.

They slowly removed their clothes while they were entangled with each other. Su Jian sat naked on An Yize’s waist, low on breath. Suddenly, he lowered his head and buried it onto An Yize’s chest.

An Yize who was being sucked couldn’t help but took a deep breath. His eyes redden when he saw Su Jian’s long hair that was spreaded onto his chest.

After sucking and licking for a bit, Su Jian started mumbling to himself, “How small…”

An Yize was still feeling speechless when he felt a jolt of pain on his chest. Looking over, he saw that Su Jian had suddenly bitten him. Then, Su Jian stuck his tongue out to lick the wound.

An Yize could no longer bear it. With a sudden twist, he pressed Su Jian under him.

It was becoming hot in the room. In this small space, the panting continued to sound without an end. An Yize was afraid that they would be heard by the neighboring elders. Thus, he had been kissing Su Jian to control his voice. Fortunately, Su Jian was only panting unbearably, occasionally giving out a small moan that was a soft as a small kitten’s mew. However, it was this kind of sound that made An Yize heat up further.

Su Jian’s strong bite had made An Yize’s chest seep blood, but he didn’t take notice of it, only staring at the person in his embrace with a pair of red eyes.

Ji Mingfei’s words suddenly sounded in his ears: “Actually, there’s a simple and rough method. You just have to do her! When she has your child, she won’t bear to have a divorce.”

An Yize held Su Jian’s waist tightly with both of his hands. He just had to go one more step forward and the person below him will be his…

The veins in An Yize’s forehead bulged and the sweat on his face flowed down his jaw, dripping onto the snow white skin beneath him.

Jian Jian…

Sweating profusely, An Yize buried himself in with clenched teeth.


When Su Jian woke up, he didn’t know which night it was.

After staring blankly at the ceiling above him for a good while, he finally remembered. He had came back to sister Su’s hometown with An Yize and he is now lying on his “hometown” bed.

As Su Jian’s head hurt slightly, he couldn’t help but let out a soft groan. He was furrowing his brows when a pair of hands suddenly stretched over and gently rubbed his temples. At the same time, a low and gentle voice sounded in his ears. “Is it very uncomfortable?”

“A bit.” As Su Jian was used to waking up from An Yize’s embrace, he didn’t find anything out of place at the moment. Feeling slightly better from An Yize’s actions, he couldn’t help but lean towards An Yize’s embrace.

However, this lean of his made him realize that something was wrong. He was actually leaning onto a patch of warm skin! With a jolt, Su Jian looked up hurriedly, but was even more shocked by what he saw. It was as if he was struck by lightning!

What the hell! Why was he and An Yize sleeping together naked!

Su Jian stared at the various green and purple bruises on An Yize body. He had wanted to comfort himself thinking that An Yize must have went out to hunt some monster last night. However, a few scenes suddenly flashed through his mind.

The exercising video on his phone…

He stretched his hand towards the space between An Yize’s thighs…

He pressed An Yize down under his body…

He tried his best to recall but he could only remember bits and pieces of what had happened. However, these bits and pieces made him stunned.

The information was too much!

Su Jian lowered his head to take a look at himself. On his body were hickeys that were different from An Yize’s bruises. Between his thighs, he could feel something sticky. Additionally, there was a slight pain between his thighs that he found hard to admit. This, this, this…

Su Jian shot up quickly, awkwardly scrambling out of An Yize’s embrace. Feeling that something was wrong, he quickly snatched the blanket over and wrapped himself in it.

His actions exposed An Yize’s body to the morning light, revealing the glaring red and purple bite marks on his skin.

However, Su Jian’s eyes were glued to the red stains on the bed in horror.

The scenes in his mind, the marks on his and An Yize’s body, the two of them waking up hugging each other with naked bodies and the red stains on the bed… All of these pointed to a cruel reality!

Your mom! He actually did it with An Yize! The scariest part was that he was the one who initiated it…

Su Jian could only feel his three views[1] slowly collapsing, gradually disintegrating into ashes in the wind.

Life is already so hard, why is it getting worse? Pressing down someone and rolling around after being drunk, come back please my three views…

It was as if Su Jian was struck by lightning. His face was ignorant while his heart was ashened.

“We…” Su Jian trembled as he looked at An Yize, stiffly showing a smile. Unfortunately, the smile looked uglier than a crying face. “Nothing happened last night, right?”

An Yize’s heart twitched. He looked at Su Jian with a deep gaze, but he didn’t speak.

He knew what Su Jian was shocked about. In reality, nothing actually happened between the two of them. Although his self-control last night almost collapsed, he had ultimately managed to barely control himself. Even though he wanted to have Su Jian, he wasn’t willing to have their first night when Su Jian was not sober. Even if he didn’t feel that Su Jian’s “I don’t like you” was completely true, he felt that if he took advantage of Su Jian, Su Jian may hate him afterwards even if he still held some affection. He didn’t want Su Jian to leave. However, he didn’t want Su Jian to stay unwillingly because of a child. He wanted Su Jian to stay because of their feelings for each other.

Thus, he controlled himself, only venting himself between Su Jian’s legs. As for the blood stains, it was actually his blood from the wound on his arm where Su Jian bit him.

However, at this moment, an idea came to his mind when he saw Su Jian thinking that it was unbelievable. He didn’t deny immediately.

His silence was seen as a silent acknowledgment by Su Jian. Su Jian felt his blood spurting from his mouth like a goddess scattering flowers.

“Jian Jian?” Seeing Su Jian’s lifeless face, An Yize’s knitted his brows.

Su Jian looked at him with confusion, still unable to believe that he actually did it with An Yize! Although he had ate and slept with An Yize and also hugged and kissed before, he only thought of the two of them as allies or friends. When he was still studying with his bros, they had joked around like that, so he didn’t put these actions to heart. Therefore, he only realized that An Yize wasn’t acting when Yize confessed! After that, in order to avoid any awkwardness, Su Jian had tried his best to avoid having intimate actions with An Yize. Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, their distance went from positive to negative…

He had just rejected An Yize and, at the next moment, he had pushed An Yize down on the bed and did it. This act of going against what he just said made him think of a series of melodramatic romance drama titles— “Affectionate Man, How Did You Know That The Girl Who Rejected You Was Actually This Fierce”, “Dear, How Could You Go Against What You Said”, “Pure Man Fell In Love With A Pure Girl Who Became A Guy And Pressed Down A Strong Male Body” and “Slag Man Here! I Don’t Want Your Heart, I Only Want Your Body”!

Su Jian asked with a frown, “Yize, if I said that I don’t remember what happened last night, would you believe me?”

“Yes.” An Yize nodded his head and looked at him deeply. “It’s okay even if you don’t remember, as long as I remember.”

Su Jian: “……”

The two of them put on their clothes silently and went to the restroom to tidy themselves up. Su Jian hesitated for a moment before using the excuse “An Yize had fallen down accidentally” to get some ointment from mother Su. Then he passed it to An Yize.

An Yize gave the ointment a glance before looking up at Su Jian, saying quietly, “It’s not convenient for me to apply it on myself.” After saying so, he shrugged his shoulders and presented the bite mark on his shoulders.

Su Jian didn’t know that he would actually have such hobbies when he was drunk and was speechless for a moment. He sat down beside An Yize, opened up the ointment and applied it on An Yize.

An Yize kept looking at him deeply. The two of them were sitting close enough to feel each other’s breath. Su Jian looked up uneasily and just happened to meet An Yize’s eyes.

Su Jian’s heart jumped and a vague image suddenly flashed through his mind: An Yize was panting, his pair of deep black eyes staring at him deeply. A drop of sweat was hanging onto his chin, wanting to fall but not falling…

When Su Jian returned back to his senses, he felt slightly shocked. Why did his body felt weird because of a man’s panting! This is bad. I should cleanse my eyes by finding images of cute girls later!

Therefore, when he finished applying the ointment for An Yize, Su Jian took out his phone silently and prepared himself to look for pictures of beautiful girls.

However, when he switched on his phone, the screen lit up and what entered his eyes was An Yize’s face, which had a beautiful contour and sharp features…

When Su Jian returned to his senses, he ruthlessly added the word “noodles[2]” behind the word “sharp features” in his description. Then, he leaned over the wall and banged his head against the wall.


Since Su Jian’s morning was ruined by this shocking realization, his mood wasn’t great.

After finishing breakfast, mother Su wanted Su Jian to bring An Yize around the place. The listless Su Jian did not intend to move. However, An Yize just had to say to him, “Jian Jian, I want to take a look at the place you grew up in.” Since he said this sentence in front of mother Su, Su Jian was forced to agree.

The two of them went out together. The small town had beautiful scenery, and each street and alley had its own specialty. The slow pace of life here made the place seem especially relaxing. An Yize held Su Jian’s hand as they strolled by a small river, his heart stilled to a rare calmness.

However, when he turned around and saw Su Jian’s listless look, he could help but pause his steps. He asked softly, “Is it still uncomfortable?”

He was referring to the hangover, but when Su Jian heard the question, he immediately translated it to any discomfort due to doing it. His body shook and he instinctively wanted to deny any weakness. He blurted, “No, I feel very comfortable!”

However, after Su Jian blurted out the sentence, he realized what he had just said and wanted to bite off his tongue so badly. Your mom! What’s with the “I feel very comfortable”!

On the other hand, An Yize didn’t think about it too much, only nodding his head and saying, “That’s good.”

In Su girl’s hometown, the sun was bright but not strong. Standing in a tree’s shade while the breeze gently swept past the river was very comfortable. After strolling for a long time while gazing at the relaxing scenery, Su Jian’s mood gradually improved.

At this instance, a random video shop suddenly started playing a song:

“That night, you didn’t reject me!

That night, I have hurt you!

That night, your face was full of tears.

That night, you were drunk because of me…”

Su Jian had yet to relax but this song reminded him of his embarrassing memories again, making him feel extremely chaotic. Su Jian saw An Yize turn to look at him, but Su Jian couldn’t bear to look at his face and laughed wryly, “Haha, Yize, I’m suddenly thirsty.”

An Yize looked around. They were currently in a small alley and the shops could only be found at the entrance of the streets in front. As Su Jian didn’t look too good, An Yize said, “Jian Jian, wait for a moment here.” After he finished, he walked towards the exit of the alley.

Seeing An Yize walking further away, Su Jian’s mind relaxed and he breathed out a long sigh.

At this moment, a middle-aged man suddenly walked over. The man was tall and thin, wearing a large coat. Initially, Su Jian didn’t give him much attention. He only looked up when he heard the man’s footsteps approaching.

Suddenly, the deceptively normal looking man did an unexpected action—The man walked in front of him and opened his coat, exposing his lower body!

Su Jian was stunned. Was this bro trying to air-dry his little birdy?

Su Jian couldn’t help but show his admiration. Although it wasn’t winter yet, the weather was still chilly. Dangling your little birdy out in the cold autumn wind, just what kind of vigor does this man have!

The man curled his lips into a pleased and wretched smile when he saw that Su Jian was stunned. Then, Su Jian suddenly took out his phone and said with a sincere face, “Brother, haven’t you heard of the theory “thermal expansion and contraction”? Your thing is already so small and you still take it out to air-dry on such a cold day. Aren’t you afraid that your lipstick will become a toothpick?” After he finished speaking, he took a picture.

The middle-aged man was first stunned before his face turned green and then red. Then, he ran away with his legs closed and a face full of embarrassment.

Su Jian was still sighing when An Yize suddenly walked over quickly. Seeing the man that was running away frantically, An Yize furrowed his brows. “That person…”

Su Jian replied honestly, “A flasher.”

An Yize’s expression changed, “Did he do anything to you?”

“Nope, don’t worry.” Su Jian raised up his phone and said, “I took a picture as evidence. If he dares to harass me, I will call the police.”

An Yize’s expression still looked bad. He said with a low voice, “No matter what, you should watch out and keep yourself safe.”

Su Jian nodded his head. Although uncle birdy’s performance was not elegant, this incident had helped improve his mood. Thus, he laughed, “You don’t have to worry. I think that the uncle was just a bit of an exhibitionist. However, I just don’t understand what is there for him to show. He should at least have your standard for it to be worth showing…”

His words suddenly stopped. When he realized what he just said, Su Jian shut himself up immediately. If it was in the past, these words may be vulgar but they could be treated as a joke. However, after he and An Yize showed themselves to each other last night, he felt his face heat up for saying these words.

An Yize, who had become increasingly numb to Su Jian’s unrestrained words since last night, silently sighed. When he saw Su Jian look awkward, he lifted his hand to cradle Su Jian’s slightly red face.

Su Jian slightly shuddered at the warm palm on his face. Now that he thought of it, this wasn’t the first time An Yize touched him so intimately. In the past, he didn’t think much about it. However, he wasn’t sure if it was because of An Yize’s confession but these actions of An Yize made him feel weird.

Not only had his outlook on life changed because of An Yize’s “I like you”, even his outlook of the world has changed. He kept feeling that his perception of the world with An Yize exist was now slightly different.

This indescribable sense of strangeness made him quite annoyed. However, it somewhat led him to a new discovery.

The two of them continued strolling. When An Yize stretched his hand over to hold him, Su Jian was slightly hesitant, but An Yize tried his best to hold hands. Seeing that he couldn’t shake An Yize’s hands off, Su Jian just went along with him.

After a while, the two of them walked pass a high school. Although it was the weekend, there were still students walking out of the school. Looking up, Su Jian saw a boy as bright as the sun hugging a basketball as he stood by the road. A sweet looking girl by his side was standing tiptoe to wipe the sweat off his forehead. Then, the boy pushed out a bicycle from the side. Throwing his basketball into the basket, he waved to the girl and said, “Be careful.” The girl looked at him, smiled, and lightly leaped up onto the back seat. As the boy pedaled, the two of them rode the bicycle while Su Jian watched. Their fading backs as they rode away was full of the beauty of youth.

Su Jian felt nostalgic all of a sudden. Even though he always felt slightly hypocritical when he mentioned the word “love” and he always claimed that he only liked certain types of girls, deep in his heart, he just wanted a simple and pure love like this. One lover speaks while the other throws a tantrum. He looks at her while she smiles at him.

However, it was already hard finding a companion in life. How could he still hope for a love that is genuine or really made their souls depend on one another? Especially when one grew older, they had more realistic issues to deal with. House, car, having kids… any chance at this kind of love would go down the hill.

Perhaps it is only during one’s youth that one could love without such complicated thoughts.

As Su Jian watched the beautiful life of youths going further on the bicycle, he started feeling envious.

An Yize saw him looking far away. Thus, he lowered his eyes and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Su Jian turned around to look at him and suddenly, a weird thought came into his mind unknowingly—It would have been great if… An Yize was a woman.

Su Jian was stunned by his thoughts. Seeing An Yize looking at him doubtfully, he suddenly felt uneasy. He said hurriedly, “I think we have strolled for quite awhile. Let’s go back. The sky seems to be turning darker, it may rain later.”

An Yize nodded his head. Seeing that Su Jian looked a little tired, he said, “Let’s take a car home.”

“Okay.” Su Jian had no objection and started flagging for a taxi. However, this place was slightly remote, so there weren’t many taxis that went by. When there were taxis, they were full.

After waiting for quite a while, a taxi finally came. However, their ride was snatched away by a male and female student who came out of the school. An Yize saw that the taxi was occupied by two person and knitted his brows, but Su Jian just pulled him into the taxi. He knew that in such a small place, carpooling was common. Since he didn’t know when the next taxi will come, he didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

An Yize sat at the front passenger seat helplessly while Su Jian sat at the back with the two students.

The driver first asked where An Yize and Su Jian wanted to go before asking the students, which the boy said, “Feng Lin Wan Hotel.”

Su Jian couldn’t help but gave the two of them a glance. The two of them were barely seventeen or eighteen and they were going to a hotel together. This really made people imagine what they would be doing there.

At this moment, the two of them suddenly started chatting. The boy said, “Zhou Lili just called me, saying that she has reached the hotel.”

The girl leaned on his body. Biting her lips, she laughed, “Then will it me first or her?”

Initially, Su Jian couldn’t really understand what “me first” or “you first” meant. However, looking at their ambiguous smiles, he came to a sudden realization.

The so-called pure and beautiful youth…

The so-called pure and simple love…

After getting off the car, An Yize saw Su Jian’s disappointed look and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian sighed quietly, “Ah, what a painful realization…”


[1]Three views – Outlook of the world, outlook on life and values

[2]Noodles – In the previous sentence, Su Jian used “脸如刀削” to describe An Yize’s face, which means that An Yize had sharp features. However, in this sentence, he added the word “面” to “脸如刀削”, making it “脸如刀削面”. “脸如刀削面” means that An Yize’s face looked like Dao Xiao Noodles.

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