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Chapter 64: Don’t Be Angry, Don’t Be Angry! My Love For You Can Be Testified By Heaven And Earth, You Must Believe In Me!

Su Jian didn’t expect such an episode to appear.

After hanging up the phone, Su Jian consulted Yan Ziwei about sister Su’s family matters. Yan Ziwei asked, “Xiao Jian, do you not intend to tell auntie that you have lost your memories?”

Su Jian answered hesitantly, “I don’t think I should tell her for now. After all, she… my mother is still ill.”

Yan Ziwei told Su Jian about her family situation as well as mother Su’s personality. Su Jian took note of the details quietly. Perhaps he had taken note of it too seriously, but he actually dreamed about it that night.

In his dream, he brought An Yize home. However, he didn’t bring An Yize to sister Su’s house, but to his own house.

His father, mother and brother were all waiting in the house. As for him, Su Jian was dressed like a male, looking dignified.

The male him held An Yize’s hands as they silently approached his parents. Then, they kneeled on the floor. “Father, mother, your son has let the two of you down! Your son has found the two of you a male wife!”

Father Su trembled with anger. “You unfilial son!” After he said that, he raised up his chair to hit Su Jian.

Su Jian lowered his head and prepared himself silently for the hit. However, he did not expect An Yize to throw himself over his body, exclaiming, “Don’t hurt Jian Jian!”

Father Su shouted angrily, “Get out! Our family does not welcome a cheap person like you who seduces our son!”

“Uncle, please let me and Jian Jian be together!” An Yize’s face was full of bitterness. “I… I already carry Jian Jian’s flesh and blood…”

When Su Jian was brushing his teeth the next morning, he recalled the strange dream he had last night. Su Jian was so shocked he swallowed the mouthwash. Parting ways with Yan Ziwei, when he reached home and saw An Yize, Su Jian took a glance at An Yize’s tummy unconsciously.

Su Jian couldn’t help but felt surprised when he saw that An Yize had stayed at home instead of going to the office. On the contrary, when An Yize saw him, his reaction was the same as usual. His reaction was extremely natural, as if he hadn’t been avoiding Su Jian for the past few days but really was working overtime. Su Jian had no desire to increase the awkwardness between the two of them. Thus, he tried his best to act natural like it was on any of their previous days, treating An Yize purely as a friend.

Su Jian: “You’re back?”

An Yize: “En.”

Su Jian: “Have you eaten?”

An Yize: “En.”

Su Jian: “Can’t you change your reply?”

An Yize: “Have you eaten?”

Su Jian: “……”

At night, An Yize continued sleeping in the study room. Su Jian was used telling him matters when they lie on bed at night. This time, however, he wasn’t used to it anymore. He could only run to the study room.

An Yize was currently using the computer. Seeing Su Jian enter, he looked up at him.

Su Jian tried to act natural as he walked in. When he saw that An Yize’s computer was currently playing a suspense movie, he said, “Oh, you are watching this movie too! I like this too! The ending was very classic! At that time, I had never expected that this white man was actually the hidden big boss!”

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian lightly coughed. “Um, didn’t my mother want me to bring you home? When are you free?”

An Yize’s mood slightly fluctuated. “This weekend.”

“That’s great!” Su Jian continued, “Then let’s go back this weekend!”

An Yize nodded. “I will ask someone to book the tickets.” Looking up, he saw Su Jian hesitating to say something. Thus, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian replied, “My mother’s health isn’t great…”

An Yize replied with a nod, “Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Su Jian felt doubtful: I have yet to finish my sentence, how did you know that I want you to help me keep my amnesia a secret? However, since An Yize nodded his head, he relaxed gradually.

The weekend quickly came and the two of them arrived at the airport. After two hours, they reached sister Su’s hometown.

Sister Su’s hometown was a small town in Jiang Nan which was beautiful and quiet. When he felt the new and fresh aura of the town, Su Jian couldn’t help but praise it, “What a great place!” Seeing An Yize glancing over, he immediately recalled that this was sister Su’s hometown. Thus, he quickly added, “I’m trying to say that, only such a great place can raise up someone like me!”

An Yize: “…Indeed.”

Was An Yize praising him? Su Jian secretly felt better secretly. Therefore, when he flagged for a taxi, he sounded exceptionally happy as well. However, after he got on the taxi, he heard the taxi driver’s dialect and suddenly thought of a serious issue: Sister Su is a Jiangnanese! This Jiangnan dialect was almost like a foreign language. Don’t mention speaking, it was already strenuous trying to listen! Wouldn’t he be in trouble if he couldn’t even understand his mother’s words?

What should I do, what should I do?

Su Jian became anxious and was feeling restless on his seat. He was struggling to think of a solution when An Yize’s gentle voice suddenly sounded in his ears. “What’s wrong? Do you feel unwell?”

Unwell? Su Jian’s eye lit up as an idea popped up in his mind. Turning around to look at An Yize, he massaged his temple and acted weak. “En, I feel giddy, uncomfortable and tired. My throat feels uncomfortable as well.”

An Yize furrowed his brows. “Do you need to go to the hospital for a checkup?”

“No need!” Su Jian refuted immediately and realized that his voice was too loud. Thus, he tried his best to act weak again, sounding like he was dying. “I’m fine, it’s just that my throat feels uncomfortable and hurts when I speak. Cough…”

An Yize raised his hand and supported him, letting Su Jian lean on his shoulder. “Then don’t speak. There’s still a while until we get to your home. Rest.”

Initially. Su Jian was slightly stiff. However, since he and An Yize had interacted intimately often in the past, his body was used to it. Thus, he relaxed quickly. His thoughts started spinning as he started thinking up a solution for later once again.

After a while, the two of them reached their destination. Sister Su’s house was located at a small street. Staring at a row of house that had green tiles and white walls, Su Jian was feeling a little confused. On the contrary, An Yize who had came here before guided Su Jian familiarly to an old building.

Mother Su was already waiting at home because she had received their phone call that they were coming. When she opened the door and saw Su Jian and An Yize, she was very happy. “You’re back? Come, hurry in! Oh, Xiao An, you don’t have to change your shoes! Alright, Nan Nan[1], there are slippers in the cabinet at the side. Get Xiao An a pair to wear!”

Su Jian was stunned for a moment when he heard “Nan Nan” but he quickly reacted. He was pleasantly surprised: Mother Su was not speaking a dialect, but Mandarin!

Su Jian’s illness recovered immediately. With a face full of energy, he responded happily and took out a pair of slippers from the cabinet, tossing it to An Yize.

An Yize who received a pair of pink female slippers: “……”

“This child!” Mother Su complained about Su Jian with a smile before she took out black male slippers from the side. “Xiao An, wear this.”

Although mother Su was middle-aged and was thin and pallid from her illness, one could still vaguely see her beauty from her younger days. Furthermore, her voice was exceptionally gentle and warm. It didn’t take Su Jian long to feel comfortable with mother Su and call her “mother”.

“Xiao Jian and Xiao An are back?” A middle aged man was wiping his hands as he walked out from the kitchen.

This should be the Uncle Li accompanying mother Su. Su Jian sized him up. His body shape was average, but he looked very simple and honest. Additionally, his northern dialect mandarin made Su Jian happy.

“Uncle Li.” Su Jian greeted obediently.

Next up was a warm welcome for them into the house. Su Jian remembered that An Yize said that sister Su was warm, beautiful, refined and quiet. Thus, he tried his best to act obedient. Fortunately, he had been acting refined for the past few months. Therefore, he had some experience and did not let anything slip for the moment.

However, when he was secretly asked by mother Su to the kitchen for a chat, he was perturbed.

Mother Su asked, “Nan Nan, did you and Xiao An had a fight?”

Su Jian was shocked. You can tell? Mother, you are too incredible!

Looking at Su Jian’s expression, mother Su understood. As she recalled how An Yize and Su Jian were looking at each other awkwardly and in a withdrawn manner, she pulled Su Jian’s hand and sighed saying, “Xiao An’s family situation is too different from ours. I was always worried that you would suffer when you marry into their family……”

“No! I’m not suffering!” Seeing mother Su’s face full of worry, Su Jian comforted her hurriedly. “Yize is very good to me! It’s just that we had a small argument on our way here. It will be fine after a while!”

“If that’s the case, that’s good…” Mother Su smiled lightly, but the sadness in her eyes did not disappear completely. “I only hope that the two of you can lead a happy life. You have suffered with me too much in the past and now I am ill. Ugh, mother has been dragging you down……”

“No! Mother, don’t talk like this!” Su Jian was busily comforting while his heart thought of a plan.

As a result, when he finished his private chat with mother Su and returned to the living room, Su Jian sat very closely with An Yize. Then, he hugged An Yize’s arm with no trace of politeness.

An Yize looked at his arm that was being hugged. Then, he silently looked up at Su Jian.

Su Jian hit him lightly. He had wanted to use his eyes to hint, but seeing mother Su look over, he acted obedient immediately. He softly asked, “Hubby, are you still angry at me?”

An Yize remained calm and collected. “Angry?”

Su Jian continued, “Mother is worried! Didn’t I only glanced a little at the pretty… pretty boy at the side? There is no other meaning to that so stop being jealous! Look, if we want to compare who looks pretty, who else can look prettier than you? You will always be the prettiest in my heart!”

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian hugged An Yize’s arm and lightly swayed. “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry! My love for you can be testified by heaven and earth, you must believe in me! Here, give me a smile!”

An Yize: “……”

Seeing An Yize smiling stiffly as if the side of his lips was pulled, Su Jian found it funny and laughed.

Mother Su who was by the side sighed towards An Yize. “After Nan Nan married, she had become more cheerful. Actually, Nan Nan was quite lively as a child. However, after her father passed away, she… Xiao An, I’m really grateful to you.”

An Yize replied politely, “Mother, don’t say that. I should be grateful to Jian Jian instead. I’m also grateful to you for letting her stay by my side.”

Such talent in speaking! Su Jian was acting all sweet while hugging An Yize. However, he was cursing in his heart.

The more she looked, the more pleasing her son-in-law looked, causing this mother-in-law to smile like a flower. “I don’t ask for much. I only hope that you and Nan Nan can live a happy life and I’m contented.”

Su Jian replied, “Mother, you can rest assured!” He hit An Yize secretly, “Right, hubby?”

An Yize held his hand and smiled lightly. “Yes. Mother, you can rest assured.”

After all the happy talk, dinner time quickly came and the family ate together in harmony. When mother Su saw An Yize removing the fishbone and placing the fish into Su Jian’s bowl, her eyes crinkled in pleasure.

On the contrary, Su Jian was very interested in the sweet soup on the table. He asked uncle Li, “Uncle Li, what is this? It’s delicious!” After he finished speaking, he down a whole bowl of soup with a “gululu”.

“This is rice wine.” Mother Su who was by his side sighed, “I didn’t know how to make it in the past so I’ve never made some for you to drink. Now, my body is too weak…”

Su Jian replied hurriedly, “Mother! Don’t you have Uncle Li now? Uncle Li can make it!”

Although mother Su was a little embarrassed, her smile showed that she was pleased.

“I’ve just learnt how to make it too.” Uncle Li said laughingly, “If Xiao Jian likes it, you can have more.”

“En!” After finishing a bowl, Su Jian scooped another bowl excitedly.

The family of three were enjoying their dinner with laughter. As for An Yize who was alone by the side, the hand holding the chopsticks tensed when he heard the word “wine”.


[1] Nan Nan – A term to address a young girl. It can also mean darling.

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