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Chapter 63: If I Really Had To Choose A Man, I Would Rather Be With An Yize. At Least I’m Familiar With Him!

Looking at the shameless chain of comments, Su Jian felt helpless: Nowadays, when a man and woman have some romantic contact, their reputations take a hit. Yet, when two men get together, everyone is happy. What kind of double standard is this?

Su Jian was still sighing when a message suddenly appeared on his idle QQ account. Su Jian gave it a glance and saw that it was actually from Yan Ziwei.

Call Me Queen: Su Xiao Jian, are you there?

World Sad Champion: I’m here!

Call Me Queen: It’s so late and you’re still not asleep?

World Sad Champion: Can’t sleep.

Call Me Queen: Hmm? It seems like there is something going on. Tell me quickly!

World Sad Champion: Haha, there’s nothing. I just don’t feel like sleeping.

Call Me Queen: Don’t feel like spilling the beans? Nevermind. If you don’t want to tell me on qq, then you can tell me face to face! By the way, this queen is currently on hiatus. Therefore, I specially order the lowly servant Jian to come and accompany this queen to cure my boredom!

World Sad Champion: As your majesty wishes!

Call Me Queen: Hmm, you’re gaining a sense of humor. Looks like this marriage has some advantages!

What does a sense of humor have to do with marriage? An Yize’s expressionless face popped up in Su Jian’s head, making him curse silently. However, his fingers moved about the keyboard, arranging a time to meet Yan Ziwei.

On the day they were supposed to go play, Su Jian rushed over to the meeting place after getting off work and had a meal with Yan Ziwei. After the meal, Yan Ziwei whisked him away to her house without any explanation.

“We haven’t met for so long; don’t you miss me at all? That person at home isn’t your real husband anyway, it wouldn’t hurt not going home for a day would it? Sleep with me today!”

“Uh, are you, saying that we are sleeping on the same bed?”

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to?”

“That’s not it!”

Su Jian had an innocent face on but his heart was becoming pervertedly excited: For the first time in his life, he is going to share a bed with a girl, and such a beautiful girl to boot! After sharing a bed and pillow with a man like An Yize for so long and after the mess caused by An Yize’s sudden confession, he can finally walk towards his normal, bright future!

Su Jian made a phone call back home. The housekeeper answered the call.Su Jian had only wanted to ask the housekeeper to inform An Yize that he wouldn’t be returning tonight. However, before he asked, he slipped in a question that surprised himself, “Is Yize back?”

The housekeeper replied, “Third young master is not back yet.”

Su Jian’s mood slightly soured, his tone revealing a bit of his mood. “Uncle Wang, when he returns, tell him that I’m not going back tonight!”

When he followed Yan Ziwei back to her home, Su Jian first looked around curiously at a girl’s novel and clean apartment. Then, he sat down happily on the sofa with Yan Ziwei and started chatting.

A row of snacks were arranged on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Yan Ziwei lamented as she picked through the packets, “I can finally give my stomach something to work on! Do you know just how much I suffered for this drama? As you know, I was supposed to act as a sad girl for this drama. In order to look emaciated, I had to starve myself everyday! For someone like me who can become fat just from drinking water, do you know just how much of a torture the diet was?!”

Su Jian felt the same as well, “It’s horrible indeed.”

Yan Ziwei chose a pack of chips and sat cross-legged on the sofa, crunching them with satisfaction. “Every time I face this issue, I feel very envious of those people who can eat whatever they want and not get fat!”

Su Jian nodded his head, “En, I’m envious too!”

Yan Ziwei looked at him with disapproving eyes, “Su Xiao Jian, are you asking to be hated? Aren’t you one of them?”

Su Jian: “……”

Yan Ziwei continued, “In regards to this topic, however, I kind of admire someone.”

Su Jian: “Who?”

Yan Ziwei: “Ji Yan.”

Su Jian was suddenly interested, “Queen Ji? What about her?”

Yan Ziwei said, “I’ve heard that in order to act for a drama, she forced herself to gain twenty pounds. After she finished acting, she expended great effort to quickly slim down. Although I’m not her fan, I had to admire her willpower.”

Su Jian tried recalling Ji Yan’s figure. Then, he quietly imagined how Ji Yan would look after gaining twenty pounds.

By his side, Yan Ziwei continued, “By the way, have you seen the news? Wasn’t it stated that Ji Yan was going to get married? However, it seems that Ji Yan’s fiance was recently spotted together with another woman. Who knows if Queen Ji’s marriage can still continue.”

Su Jian suddenly thought: If Ji Yan’s marriage fails, then wouldn’t An Yize still have a chance? When that happens, I wonder if An Yize would still dare to tap his chest and say that he likes me.

Su Jian was becoming curious about Ji Yan’s fiance. Both her fiance and An Yize were rich second generations. If Queen Ji gave up An Yize for Li Mingyi, then this Mr. Li should be exceptional. Su Jian took out his phone secretly and searched the web for this person. Then, he stared in wonder at the pictures that popped up. This should be richman Li. His looks are fine, but compared to An Yize, they seem a bit lacking. Why did Ji Yan choose him in the end? Don’t tell me this richman Li is richer than richman An?

Yan Ziwei who was by his side suddenly asked, “Oh right, how are things with An Yize? How is he treating you?”

Remembering the awkward situation with An Yize, Su Jian replied vaguely, “It’s okay.”

Yan Ziwei placed her leg on the coffee table. “Xiao Jian, to be honest, An Yize treats you pretty well. You should really consider him to be your real husband. In the entertainment circle, I have met many rich second generation men. However, most of them are just rich playboys that pick up celebrities. It’s really hard to find someone like the third young master of the An family who is not tainted by those kind of things.”

Su Jian silently cursed: How is he not tainted? The third young master of the An family is tainted greatly to the point of going after a queen!

“Of course, the most important thing is if you like him.” Yan Ziwei threw a grape into her mouth and continued, “Afterall, it is not easy to become a daughter-in-law of a rich family, especially for a naive girl like you. I’m afraid that you may not be happy if you marry into the An family. If that’s really the case, it would be better to find a normal guy that you like. He doesn’t have to be rich as long as he treats you well.”

Su Jian thought helplessly: The pressure is as high as a mountain to ask me to find a man. He could at least share the same bed with An Yize. But it would probably be unbearable with any other man.

After chatting for a while, they depleted the snacks on the coffee table. Yan Ziwei held her stomach as she pulled Su Jian to go shower. Initially, Su Jian was secretly excited: Is the female goddess going to bathe with him? However, Yan Ziwei’s phone immediately rang. Opening the closet, Yan Ziwei threw a set of clothes at Su Jian. Looking at Su Jian, she pointed to the bathroom with her mouth before she ran aside to answer the phone call.

“This chest of yours is so wasted on you!” Yan Ziwei suddenly stretched out her hands and pinched his chest. “You cover yourself all the time, making them so useless. Why not give them to me so that I can show of that cleavage!”

Su Jian thought awkwardly: Female goddess, I would love to give them to you too. I like it when they grow on someone else’s body but not my own body. When I lie flat down to sleep, it feels so uncomfortable.

When it was time to sleep, Su Jian deliberated for a long while before deciding to sleep at a distance that wasn’t too close nor too far from Yan Ziwei. On the other hand, Yan Ziwei reclined on her side and looked at him, “Why are you sleeping so far away? Come here, let’s chat for a while!”

Su Jian moved innocently towards the beauty.

The two of them faced each other as they lied down. Yan Ziwei suddenly poked him and smiled mischievously. “Now that I think about it, when you live with the An family, do you sleep on the same bed with An Yize or do the two of you sleep separately?”

Su Jian: “…We sleep on the same bed.”

Yan Ziwei’s eyes flashed, “A man and a woman sharing the same room, no, sharing the same bed, can the An family’s third young master hold himself back?”

Su Jian replied in distress, “…The bed is very big.”

Yan Ziwei lowered her voice, “Xiao Jian, tell me honestly. Has he ever kissed you?”

Su Jian silently and awkwardly admitted that it happened.

Yan Ziwei understood. “Then, have the two of you done…”

Yan Ziwei had yet to finish her words when Su Jian denied immediately, “No!”

Yan Ziwei twisted her face into a perplexed expression. She felt that it was a pity yet she felt happy about it too. “Maybe it’s good that you haven’t. Although you wouldn’t suffer from having a one night stand with a man like An Yize, it may be unbearable for a conservative girl like you. It’s best you leave it to the person you like!”

Su Jian felt super awkward about lying on the same bed as a female goddess but talking about his relationship problems with another man However, he realized a serious issue as he listened to Yan Ziwei’s words: He is now a woman, he had lost his thing. Even if he was surrounded by beauties, wouldn’t he only have the heart but not the ability?

Suddenly, sadness grew in his heart. A sudden thought appeared: Don’t tell me I should really consider An Yize? At least, if I really had to choose a man, I would rather be with An Yize. At least I’m familiar with An Yize!

Su Jian silently thought of that famous question—

“If one morning, you woke up and realized that your gender had changed, what would be your first reaction?”

“First, give your bros a good time!”

Life is so cruel. As it went on, it made people become great fools…

Su Jian was feeling very regretful, yet Yan Ziwei did not notice. She continued asking, “Xiao Jian, how is An Yize’s figure? He looks rather thin with his clothes on, I wonder if he has any meat on his bones! Oh, does he have abs? How many?”

Su Jian: “…Eight.”

“What about his length?” Yan Ziwei’s eyes were shining brightly. Looking at Su Jian’s confused look, she winked. “The length of that place! Don’t the two of you sleep in the same bed? Don’t tell me you didn’t notice!”

Su Jian felt thoroughly defeated. Although he had frequently and enthusiastically discussed with his friends about a girl’s chest and butt back in the dormitory, he had never expected that he would discuss a brother’s thing with a girl on bed! In this situation, how can one not feel strange!

Yan Ziwei saw him looking totally embarrassed and did not continue asking, only chugging along, “You don’t have to feel embarrassed, this is very important to a woman! Let me tell you, although some men look very strong on the outside, that thing of theirs is actually very small. Have you heard of lipstick male[1]? An Yize looks decent. However, if he is lacking over there, then you shouldn’t force yourself. This concerns your happiness for the rest of your life!” Yan Ziwei paused for a moment and continued with furrowed brows, “Now that I think about it, An Yize’s condition is so good, yet he hasn’t married and there isn’t much gossip about him. Furthermore, he also picked you for a fake marriage. Perhaps he has some problem down there. Men with a strong appearance yet a thing the size of a lipstick are not rare…”

Su Jian didn’t think much about it before he said in a rush, “No, he is quite big!”

“Really?” Yan Ziwei’s interested quickly came, “Tell me in detail!”

Su Jian felt very distressed by the pair of eyes that was shining as bright as a searchlight. He could only desperately change the topic, “By the way, Ziwei, do you know someone called Lu Chenghe?”

Yan Ziwei attention was indeed diverted. With a change of expression, she asked, “Why are you asking about him suddenly?”

Su Jian answered, “Previously, I met someone. He said he is called Lu Chenghe. I don’t remember him at all, but I think I recall seeing his picture in my computer…..”

Yan Ziwei’s expression turned resentful at once, “You are still keeping his photos! Delete them immediately! He treated you that way previously and yet you are still thinking about him!”

“No no, I can’t remember him at all!” Su Jian tried probing, “Was he my boyfriend in the past?”

Yan Ziwei replied angrily, “He is your ex-boyfriend! A b*stard who cheated on you!”

Su Jian tried remembering Lu Chenghe’s appearance. He really couldn’t reconcile Lu Chenghe’s gentle and graceful image with “A b*stard who cheated on you”.

He had wanted to inquire more when his phone suddenly rang.

When he came out of bathroom earlier, he realized that his phone had ran out of battery, so he borrowed Yan Ziwei’s charger to charge his phone. Who knew that he had only charged for a moment when someone called. Su Jian picked up his phone to take a look, only to see the three words, “An Yize” flashing.

Su Jian’s heart jumped. Giving Yan Ziwei a glance, he said, “I’m going to answer a phone call!” After he finished, he got off the bed and went to the restroom.

Su Jian held his phone tightly and answered unhappily, “Hello?”

There was a moment of silence from the phone before An Yize’s low voice could be heard, “Jian Jian, where are you?”

Su Jian replied, “Outside. I’m working overtime tonight so I’m not going back.”

“Overtime?” Su Jian could imagine An Yize’s slightly scrunched up brows as he repeated that word.

“Working overtime is pretty normal isn’t it? I also have a job! The future of our country is on my shoulders!” Su Jian held his face with his hands.

An Yize asked, “Are you still in school?”

Su Jian’s pupil moved, “Yes, I’m still marking papers in the office. I need to talk about it tomorrow but I haven’t finish marking.”

Su Jian had just finished speaking when Yan Ziwei’s voice suddenly sounded from outside the restroom, “Miss Su, are you done yet? I want to pee!”

Su Jian: “……”

An Yize asked, “Is that your friend? Are you at your friend’s house?”

Su Jian could only admit honestly. “Yes.”

An Yize said, “Give me the address, I will come and fetch you.”

“No need! I’m sleeping here tonight, not going back!” Between going back to trade awkward looks with An Yize or sleeping on the same bed with a beauty, Su Jian decisively chose the latter option.

An Yize was silent for a moment before he continued, “Jian Jian, your mother called just now.”

“What?” Su Jian was stunned, “My mother?”

“She said that she couldn’t get through your phone, so she called me.” An Yize quietly continued, “She said that she misses you a lot and wants us to visit her when we have time.”


[1]Lipstick male – A term used to describe guys with a small thing.

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