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Chapter 57: My Name Is Lu Chenghe

After he finally sent his great aunt away, Su Jian instantly resurrected with full HP, teaching his students energetically.

Sister Su had set a rule that every student needed to hand up a journal every week. Therefore, the class representative collected the journals diligently and handed it in to Su Jian. Initially, Su Jian thought that it was a tiring job to comment on so much work. However, after reading through a few of them, he felt that he quite liked doing this.

He wasn’t sure if sister Su was like a sister to them because she was gentle and approachable, but the students liked to write their small little secrets in the journal, telling her some of their concerns. These seventeen to eighteen year old kids, although their small world was monotonous, there were also interesting things that went on. Their heads were filled with the strangest things.

Su Jian casually opened a journal only to see that the heading contained a few large words: “Seventeen Years Old, I’m Already An Old Man.”

Su Jian cursed in his heart: You’re only seventeen and you call yourself an old man. Then wouldn’t people like us that are reaching their thirties be called old bones?! Do you have to agitate us like this!

Suddenly, a thought came to his mind. Taking out his phone, Su Jian sent An Yize a message with a smile.

“Uncle An, today, I saw an essay and felt that it is very suitable for you to read.” Then, he sent a picture of the teenage girl’s “old man” essay to him.

Feeling better, Su Jian picked up his red pen and continued reading about the brat’s wonderful life as if reading and commenting on a memorial.

Flipping to another one, it was cursing that math lessons were a fantasy, math questions were science fiction, and that the math teacher was a magician.

Flipping to another one again, it was lamenting that the canteen food was becoming more and more unpalatable but the fried chilli mooncake actually tasted decent.

Flipping to another one again, it was talking about his father and mother arguing. His mom got really fierce and scolded his father as well as himself saying that they were basically dogs. He was feeling very sad that being a man is so hard.

Flipping to another one, it was Ling Si’s journal. Su Jian looked through it and realised that it was actually his thoughts about his puppy love. The main point of the journal was that he liked a girl. The girl was pretty and gentle and was simply the female goddess in his heart. Thus he was always concerned about her, wanted to be closer to her, and even dreamt of her. However, he didn’t expect that the girl already had a boyfriend. Therefore, the teenager was heartbroken.

“The wound in my heart can no longer be healed in this lifetime. My tears flow down my cheeks and no one can move my frozen heart. I can only look at her back deeply, silently accepting this painful fate and wish for her to have lifelong happiness,” said the journal in conclusion.

Su Jian gently rubbed off the goosebumps on his arm. He recalled that Ling Si’s performances recently weren’t bad, almost never not handing in his homework again. Then, he felt that he should give the teenage boy some feeling of warmth when he is suffering from lovelorn.

Thus, he found Ling Si to specially praise him: “Your performance nowadays isn’t bad!” Thinking for a moment, he added on his encouragement: “Life is long and the forest is vast. You’re a man, you should look ahead and not only look at one tree!”

Ling Si looked at him perplexedly. Instead of replying, he asked, “Teacher, is your relationship with your husband good?”

Su Jian did not expect him to ask this question suddenly and felt baffled. Thinking for a moment, he assumed that this child wanted to find some hope as he had just been heartbroken. Therefore, he slowly had an idea. This child just got hurt by love and is currently disappointed with love. At this moment, he must give him some confidence about love and let him know that there will be someone for him in the future. Thus, Su Jian said with a sincere look, “It’s good! Our relationship is especially good! Actually, we didn’t know each other for that long. But the moment we saw each other, we fell in love at first sight! Afterwards, we were like glue or paint that didn’t want to be separated at any moment, loving each other. Look, my experience shows that there are true feelings in life and there is true love in life! That’s why you must have confidence!”

Ling Si said an “En” softly, his expression more depressed. “Thank you teacher. Teacher, I’m leaving first.”

Su Jian nodded his head and encouraged him, “All the best!”

Ling Si: “……”


After work, it suddenly rained.

Today An Yize had to work overtime and couldn’t come and fetch him. Su Jian didn’t ask the chauffeur to come and fetch him either and was planning on taking public transport home. However, he didn’t expect that when he came out of the subway station that it would suddenly start raining.

The rain wasn’t small and Su Jian didn’t have an umbrella. Hence, he could only find a building to avoid the rain temporarily. However, when he ran over, he was drenched by the rain. His hair and clothes were a little wet.

Su Jian was patting away the water droplets on him when there was suddenly a shadow over him. Then, a gentle and hesitant voice sounded beside him. “Jian Jian?”

Su Jian turned around immediately.

Behind him, a young man was holding on to an umbrella, the umbrella tilting towards the top of his head. Seeing him turn over, the man’s expression changed. There was an indescribable perplex look in his eyes. It seemed hesitant and also perturbed. It also seemed affectionate and gentle.

“Jian Jian, it’s really you?”

Other than mother Su who would call him “Jian Jian”, only An Yize would call him that. Now that he was being called that way by a unknown man, Su Jian couldn’t help but feel awkward.

Su Jian asked hesitantly, “You know me?”

The man was startled, “Jian Jian, you…”

Su Jian came to a suddenly realisation and said, “I’m sorry. I’ve lost my memories and don’t remember the people I’ve known in the past. Do I know you?”

“Lost your memories?” The man had a perplexed look. “You really don’t remember anything?”

Su Jian nodded his head, his face looking innocent.

The expression in the man’s eyes was deep, his expression becoming more gentle. There was even a trace of sadness in his expression. “Jian Jian, do you not remember me?”

Su Jian asked, “You are…”

The man looked at him in the eye and slowly said, “My name is Lu Chenghe.”

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