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Chapter 56: “What Are You Doing?” “Fighting Aircrafts.”

After reaching home and getting off the car, An Yize automatically carried the large teddy bear and bouquet of cartoon piglets. However, he insisted on making Su Jian carry the roses by himself.

Su Jian carried the bouquet to their room. From the beginning till the end, he felt strange. He had lived for almost thirty years. He didn’t have the chance to give a girl a rose, yet he got two bouquets of roses in a single day. This was too laughable!

On the contrary, An Yize was calm. He placed the teddy bear on the sofa. Then, he placed the cartoon piglet bouquet beside the roses.

After they finished dinner, Su Jian started lying on the sofa and used his phone. He had been reading a novel recently. The male protagonist fought with monsters, rose in rank gathered girls, and his golden finger[1] shined very brightly. Su Jian read until the part where the male protagonist and a girl were having deep feelings for one another and he was about to enter the exciting part when someone suddenly tapped him lightly.

Interrupted, Su Jian looked up with dissatisfaction only to see An Yize standing in front of him, faintly saying, “Go and take a bath.”

Su Jian who would soon be at the most critical part was not happy about being interrupted. However, having looked at the phone without moving for more than an hour, his eyes were indeed a little uncomfortable. His body was also feeling sore from lying down. Adding on to the fact that An Yize was looking at him with a “you should listen” expression, Su Jian could only put down his phone temporarily and get up with discontent.

An Yize took an English novel out and started reading on the sofa. However, he hadn’t flipped past two pages when he couldn’t help but rub the space between his brows.

He wasn’t sure if that person was feeling happy celebrating the festival and receiving the gifts, but that person in the bathroom started humming as he bathed. Although it wasn’t very loud and it could barely be heard, that tune that could go straight to space still entered his ears…

He finally set his heart to continue reading and slowly got submerged in reading the book. However, the phone by his side suddenly sounded.

It was the sound of a message. An Yize’s sight slightly shifted and saw Su Jian’s phone by his side.

After hesitating for a moment, he took the phone up and slid it open unknowingly.

A message suddenly popped up.

“Do you like the flowers I gifted you? In my heart, you are the most beautiful rose. In your eyes I may be just a simple student, but in my heart, you are not only my teacher. Dear, happy festival!”

An Yize’s did not cover up his expression as it turned cold.

He looked at the sender but it only said the phone number and had no name. An Yize glanced at the bathroom. Then, he pressed the “delete” button expressionlessly.

Su Jian just happened to finish bathing. Because he was anxious to read the novel, he forgot to bring his clothes to the bathroom when he went to bathe. Thus, he could only wrap himself with a towel and came out. Since he was now familiar with An Yize, he did not have to treat him as an outsider. Therefore, he didn’t feel stressed and he came out openly.

However, when he looked up and saw An Yize holding his phone, he no longer felt calm. He stared and asked, “Why are you holding on to my phone?” Your mom! I remembered that before I went to bathe, the male protagonist and his girl were almost going to zero distant interaction. Don’t tell me An Yize saw that?

As an adult, he had full qualification to read □□. But the thought of reading the same R18 novel as An Yize made him felt strange for some reason.

An Yize’s hands paused noticeably. The expression in his eyes had a trace of perplexity, but his expression was calm. “Nothing.”

Su Jian rushed over and snatched the phone away, saying guardedly, “You didn’t see it right?”

An Yize said indifferently, “Didn’t see what? Are you referring to Amitabha?”

What the hell is Amitabha? Su Jian pondered but didn’t say anything. He took the phone far away from An Yize. Then he opened the closet to look for his clothes.

After Su Jian found a loose long T-shirt to wear, he hurriedly sat down on the sofa and continued reading the novel.

Sliding his phone open, the screen was still at the page of the novel that he had stopped at. Initially, Su Jian was in high spirits. However, when he scrolled down, his expression started turning strange.

“Long Qingtian □□ his Amitabha into Yun Yan’s Amitabha, his whole body feeling an indescribable pleasure. Yun Yan who was below him panted, ‘Long, your Amitabha is so Amitabha…’”

Su Jian: “……”

Author, I have been waiting for this for so long and you actually showed me this!

Although the mood was “harmonious” and full of love between the two of them, Su Jian couldn’t but feel depressed when the R18 novel he had been anticipating actually turned out to be a Sutra. Completely losing the interest to continue reading, Su Jian threw his phone aside. He had wanted to ask An Yize to help him blow his hair when he realized that there was something wrong with An Yize who was sitting beside him.

Su Jian’s sight landed involuntarily in between An Yize’s two legs.

An Yize stood up quickly, his voice slightly low and hoarse. “I’m going to bathe!” Not waiting for Su Jian’s reply, he closed the door of the bathroom with a “bang”.

Su Jian was first stunned before he hugged his leg and started feeling happy while seated on the sofa.

Picking up his phone, Su Jian read a few more lines leisurely.

“‘Ah… Long… Brother Amitabha… Ah… Ah…’ Yun Yan achieved her Amitabha from Long Qingtian’s Amitabha…”

Su Jian thought about what An Yize might be doing in the bathroom right now. Then, he glanced at the R18 novel that was cleansed by Buddha’s holy light. Su Jian couldn’t help but gloat and sympathize for An Yize.

You can even be affected by this kind of novel. Uncle An, just how long have you held yourself back? Hahaha!

When An Yize came out, he realized that Su Jian was looking at him strangely.

However, Su Jian only gave him a glance before he continued playing his game on his phone.

An Yize heard that the background music of the game was different from usual, so he casually asked, “What are you doing?”

Su Jian replied unhurriedly, “Fighting aircrafts[2].”

An Yize: “……”


However, Su Jian couldn’t celebrate for long. When he went to work the next day, the great aunt[3] that had been absent for a long time visited him!

In an irritable mood, his smiling face was not present during lesson. When he was collecting homework and realized that there was actually someone who didn’t submit, his face sank. “Which hero didn’t submit his homework!”

A student at the back did not try to hide and stood up. “Teacher, I didn’t submit. Let’s go by the old rules. After school, I will look for you in the office to finish it, please don’t be angry.”

The boy had a good attitude and resolved the problem appropriately. Su Jian couldn’t say anything better, so he said, “Alright. Then, come to my office after school.”

After school, the boy really went to Su Jian’s office with his exercise book. His colleagues in the office already were off work so Su Jian pointed to a random seat and said, “You can sit here and write.”

The boy sat down obediently. He looked up and gave Su Jian a glance before he bent over the table and started writing.

Su Jian saw that his attitude was good and his actions were neat. Thus, he gained some favorable impression of the student. He asked, “What’s your name?”

All the students knew that he had lost his memories, so the student didn’t feel that his question was strange. The student looked at him in the eye and answered, “Teacher, my name is Ling Si. ‘Ling’ from ‘Ling Yun’, ‘Si’ from ‘Fang Si’.”

Su Jian smiled, “Good name.”

A trace of uneasiness appeared on Ling Si face. He lowered his head, but a trace of red appeared on the tip of his ears.

However, Su Jian did not notice anything as his stomach was currently hurting.

After Ling Si wrote for a while, he looked up and saw Su Jian with a scrunched up face. He couldn’t help but feel surprised for a moment. “Teacher, are you feeling unwell?”

Naturally, Su Jian couldn’t tell him that his tummy was hurting because his relative was visiting him. Thus, he randomly came up with a reason. “Yeah, I feel a little giddy. Perhaps I’m low on sugar…”

Ling Si pursed his lips and suddenly said, “Teacher, wait for me for a moment!” When he finished speaking, he pulled the door open and ran out of the office.

After a while, he ran back. He panted as he passed the item in his hands to Su Jian. “Teacher, you can have some of this!”

Su Jian saw the large box of chocolate in his hands and laughed. “A man like you also likes to eat this?”

Ling Si was a little embarrassed. “No. I took it from underneath my deskmate’s table. She likes to eat this.” Seeing that Su Jian was stunned, he immediately added, “Teacher, don’t worry. I will buy her another box tomorrow!”

Su Jian wasn’t interested in the chocolate. However, no matter what, it was out of his student’s kind intentions. Thinking “the students I have taught with love turned out well” in his heart, Su Jian received the chocolate with gratification. With a smile, he said, “Thank you.”

Although Ling Si’s expression was reserved, the expression in his eyes was totally happy. Giving Su Jian a few glances, he slowly went back to his seat and continued doing his homework.

Su Jian had just taken out a piece of chocolate to try when his phone suddenly rang. Su Jian looked at the boy who was doing his homework seriously. Then, he opened the door and went out of the office.

An Yize’s gentle voice could be heard from the phone. “Jian Jian, have you got off work?”

“No.” Su Jian sounded weak. “A student didn’t finish his homework. I’m having him do his homework in my office.”

When An Yize heard his voice, he immediately asked, “You’re feeling unwell?”

Su Jian didn’t try to hide it. He said in distress, “My tummy hurts. Yize, when you come and fetch me later, buy me some medicine along the way…”

On the other side, An Yize stiffened. He asked hesitantly, “Is it… for the monthly thing?”

Su Jian replied despondently, “Yeah. I’m basically having a bloody war!”

An Yize: “……”

An Yize arrived rather quickly. Su Jian was currently heading out. When he saw An Yize, he said, “Wait for me inside. I’m going to the toilet to reload!”

An Yize: “……”

An Yize entered the office. Finding Su Jian’s cup, he helped Su Jian fetch a cup of warm water and placed it on the table.

Ling Si kept looking at his movements. Staring at him, he asked, “Who are you?”

An Yize glanced at the exercise book in front of Ling Si and faintly asked, “Are you the student that Jian Jian said that hadn’t finished his homework?”

Ling Si did not answer his question at all but asked warily, “What’s your relationship with my teacher?” Pausing for a moment, his expression became perplexed, “Are you her boyfriend?”

Because the marriage with An Yize was fake and the past Su Jian didn’t tell her colleagues and students that she was married, everyone thought that she hasn’t married. An Yize knew about this. However, at this very moment, he didn’t want to go along with Su Jian’s wish. He said straightforwardly, “I’m her husband.”

Ling Si shot up from his seat and asked in shock, “Teacher is married? Are you lying? Why do I not know?”

An Yize gave him a disapproving glance and slowly said, “Why do you need to know about our business?”

Ling Si was stunned. “I…”

Seeing the reaction of the boy before him, he came to a sudden realization and asked, “You are the one who gifted Jian Jian flowers yesterday, aren’t you?”

Ling Si was at a loss. However, he straightened himself. “So what if it was me!”

An Yize faintly said, “Su Jian told me that she is very happy to have received a gift from her student whom she treats like her child.”

Ling Si’s expression slightly paled. Just when he wanted to say something, he heard a creak from the door. Su Jian pushed the door open and walked in.

The two of them who were confronting each other quieted down immediately. An Yize raised his hands naturally to keep him back. Ling Si stared at Su Jian perplexedly, his voice depressed, “Teacher, you are married?”

“What? Oh, yes. This is my husband, which is your…” Su Jian glanced at An Yize and smiled slyly. “Shi Mu[4].”

An Yize saw that he was happy and didn’t refute. He held Su Jian’s hand and asked gently, “Is it very uncomfortable?”

It would have been better if he didn’t mention it. The moment it was mentioned, Su Jian’s body started feeling wrong again. He nodded with a frown, “Yes!”

An Yize pulled him to a seat and suddenly stretched his hand over. Placing his hand on Su Jian’s abdomen, he asked softly, “Does it feel better like this?”

Su Jian felt for a moment. An Yize’s palm was very warm. When it was placed on his tummy, it seemed to have alleviated a tiny bit of his pain. Thus, he turned around and gave him a smile. “It seems to work slightly.”

Ling Si was at the table and didn’t see their actions. However, looking at his teacher’s delicate appearance when she laid in the embrace of the man with a seemingly great aura, his face couldn’t help but wrinkle.

Taking the chance when Su Jian went to answer another phone call, he suddenly lifted his head and stared fiercely at An Yize, saying strictly, “If you dare to make the teacher unhappy, I will definitely not let you go!”

An Yize casually gave him a glance and faintly said, “I will naturally be responsible for your teacher’s happiness. You should concentrate on doing your homework.”

Su Jian just happened to push the door open and came in. He faintly heard the sound of the two of them talking, but he didn’t hear what they were talking about. He smiled and said, “You guys are chatting? It seems like you guys are getting along quite well!”

The two of them looked at him silently.

Ling Si softly said, “Teacher, I’ve finished my homework.”

Su Jian replied, “Let me have a look.”

Ling Si passed the exercise book over.

After Su Jian gave it a check, he nodded his head and said, “Yep, there are no more issues. Remember to finish it on time next time, alright?” Pausing for a moment, he added another sentence in order to show his love as a teacher. “Don’t think that teacher is punishing you when I made you stay behind and finish your homework. Actually, I’m doing this for your own good. In my heart, every student is like my son and daughter. Think about it, which parents wouldn’t want their child to do well?”

Ling Si: “……”

An Yize picked up Su Jian’s cup and gulped down one mouthful of water elegantly and leisurely.

When Su Jian saw Ling Si softly say a “goodbye” and carried his bag out with a lowered head without showing himself feeling moved by his own speech, Su Jian was a little disappointed and sighed, “Ugh. I’m so unwell and still care for them. Is it easy for me? I really am a typical good chinese teacher who goes through all the blood, sweat, and tears for education!”

An Yize: “……”


[1]Golden finger – Similar to plot armour

[2]Fighting aircrafts – This also means masturbation in Chinese.

[3]Great aunt – Incase people have forgotten about this, this means menstruation which appeared in chapter 12.

[4]Shi Mu – This is a term of respect for the teacher’s wife but I can’t find a word to fit in.

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