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Chapter 55: An Yize Turned His Head Around, Slowly Saying: “Someone Gifted You Roses?”

Although he said that, after many days of work, Su Jian gradually got used to it.

As usual, he was still not so familiar with the lessons. However, because he could listen and learn from other lessons, he could still teach decently by reproducing most of the other teachers’ teaching. Although the students were a little lively, once teacher Su had experienced it, he wasn’t as surprised anymore. After getting used to it, Su Jian actually thought that such lively lessons were also quite interesting.

Initially Su Jian still made some efforts to look dignified. However, as time went on, Su Jian who was influenced by the lively children could no longer control himself and revealed his true personality.

There was once a lesson when Su Jian finished teaching but saw that there were still two minutes left. Thus, he casually said, “There is still two minutes left but I have nothing more to teach. Let’s use the two minutes to talk about nonsense.” The moment the students heard that, they immediately said that they would gladly welcome it. Su Jian was also getting interested so he easily commented on the latest hot news. The students listened with great enjoyment and were still yearning for more even after the lesson had ended. Ever since then, after every lesson, the students would ask enthusiastically, “Teacher, lets spend two minutes talking nonsense!”

Su Jian: “……”

There was another time during a lesson when a boy suddenly raised his hands and asked Su Jian for a break, saying that he wished to go to the washroom. Initially, Su Jian allowed him to do so. However, Su Jian soon realised that when the lesson ended, the boy was still not back.

After the lesson, Su Jian walked out of the classroom and saw the boy putting his arm around a mate who came out to play after the lesson, laughing happily.

Su Jian squinted his eyes.

During class the next day, the boy raised his hand again and said that he wanted to go to the washroom once again. His left hand was holding a box of tissues while his right hand was covering his stomach. He was frowning and his expression looked extremely painful and realistic.

Su Jian hesitated for a moment. He thought that whether it was true or not, it would be bad to make someone hold it in. Therefore, he allowed him to go ultimately.

The boy escaped outside very quickly. Naturally, he did not come back once again.

Su Jian: “……”

After he thoroughly understood the meaning of “If you’re too kind you will be bullied, if you’re a nice teacher you will be ridiculed by your students”, when the boy raised his hands once again to go to the washroom, Su Jian still allowed him to go. However, after a moment, he said to everyone, “Everyone please self study for 5 minutes,” and went out of the classroom.

The boy had wanted to head down the stairs. The moment he saw Su Jian, he changed his direction immediately and walked towards Su Jian with an upright look.

Su Jian asked warmly, “Why did you take so long?”

The boy covered his stomach, “My stomach feels a little uncomfortable. It’s taking a very long time to… Teacher, I’m sure you understand.”

“Oh?” Su Jian looked up and glanced at the male washroom at the side. He suddenly grabbed the boy’s arm and headed inside the washroom.

The boy was shocked. “Teacher, this is a male washroom!”

Su Jian gave a bright smile. “I know.” After he finished speaking, he said a “hey”. Seeing that there was no response from inside the washroom, he pulled the boy and walked in familiarly.

The boy didn’t stop Su Jian as he entered the washroom so calmly, feeling stupid for a moment. He dazedly let Su Jian pulled him to the side of the squatting toilet.

The student’s washroom was relatively simple. There was no individual flush for each toilet, but a unified flush. Su Jian gave a quick glance to the clean squatting toilets and smiled brightly, “Which one did you use just now?”

The boy pointed cautiously, “This, this one.”

Su Jian stepped forward and casually looked into the bottom. Then, he smiled brightly again and asked, “Which portion… is yours?”

Boy: “……”

When the lesson ended in the afternoon, the students put their arms on each other’s shoulders energetically. Su Jian also mixed in the crowd leisurely and headed towards the canteen. However, he heard a boy who was hooking his arm on another boy’s back complaining by accident.

“What the hell! You have no idea how bold that woman is! She entered the boys’ washroom when she wanted to and she didn’t even blink an eye!”

The mate by his side laughed without caring about their brotherhood, “Hahaha then aren’t you completely seen through, you watermelon? Do you still have your chastity?”

The boy who was called ‘watermelon’ argued, “What completely seen? I’m someone with great integrity, how can I casually let someone see me naked?”

Su Jian walked past them silently. After the boy received a shock and stuttered a “Hello teacher”, Su Jian smiled brightly and replied, “Hello, classmate ‘watermelon’ with integrity.”

Boy: “……”


Under the harmonious and enjoyable student-teacher atmosphere, in a blink of an eye, Teacher’s Day had arrived.

Su Jian was feeling a little excited. In the past, other than “Singles’ day”, he had no festival of his own. Now that he had been reborn, he actually had an exclusive festival. No matter what, it still made him felt pleasant.

When Su Jian woke up in the morning, he said happily, “There’s finally a festival that belongs to me!”

When An Yize heard that, he smoothly replied, “Isn’t there Women’s Day? There will also be  Mother’s Day in the future.”

Su Jian: “……”

Sending Su Jian to school, when Su Jian got off the car, An Yize suddenly held him back and kissed him on his face, saying “Happy festival!”

Su Jian who was going to be late for work did not have the heart to be bothered with him. Waving at him with a “bye”, Su Jian got off the car hurriedly.

Reaching the office, Su Jian realised that there was an extra bunch of roses on his table. Each stalk was delicate and fresh red. Su Jian counted exactly twenty stalks.

Although he wasn’t really interested in flowers, Su Jian was still quite happy to be able to receive a Teacher’s Day gift right before work. He admired the flowers happily.

Seeing his flowers, his colleague in the office joined him with interest. “The flowers are so pretty!” Saying so, she looked at Su Jian and smiled warmly, “Is it a gift from your boyfriend?”

“What?” Su Jian was stunned. “No. Isn’t it Teacher’s Day today? It’s from the students.”

The colleague laughed, “The students usually gift flowers such as lilies or carnations on Teacher’s Day. I think very few of them would gift red roses. After all, the meaning of red roses is very special.”

Su Jian couldn’t help but feel confused after his colleague said it that way. Looking at it again, it indeed didn’t look like a gift from the students. However, if it wasn’t from the students, who else would specially gift him a bouquet of rose at such a time?

Su Jian turned his eyes and thought for a moment and slowly got his answer.

When An Yize got of work today, he was waiting for Su Jian outside the school gate as usual. After a turbulent crowd has passed by, An Yize who was seated in the car saw Su Jian walking towards him, hugging a teddy bear that wasn’t much smaller than Su Jian.

An Yize saw that Su Jian was having a hard time carrying the bear, so he got off the car and went to take the bear.

Su Jian quickly dumped the bear to him and got on the car, glued to his seat.

An Yize placed the bear on the back seat. Returning to the driver’s seat, he asked, “A gift from the students?”

Su Jian nodded his head. “Yup. I don’t even know from which angle they saw that I would like something like this.”

An Yize recalled the image of Su Jian carrying the big bear as tall as half a person earlier, her face almost buried into the fur. He suddenly felt that he kind of understood the students. He asked, “You don’t like it? Girls seem to quite like such things.”

Su Jian said with a wry laugh, “It’s not that I don’t like it, I just… I just don’t like bears!”

“Then what do you like?”

“I like…” Su Jian saw a pig design on a store by the road and immediately answered, “I like pigs!”

An Yize gave him a glance and didn’t speak again.

Su Jian’s mood today wasn’t bad. Although he had only been a teacher for a few days, he received quite a few gifts. Other than the roses from the unknown sender and the large teddy bear from the students, there were also plenty of students who gave him cards.

Although he knew that it was mostly due to sister Su’s efforts, he still felt unexpectedly pleasant. He felt that the teaching profession wasn’t bad.

Su Jian turned to the side and looked at An Yize who was driving. With a good mood, he said, “Oh right, thank you for the flowers!”

“Flowers?” An Yize gave him a glance. “What flowers?”

“The roses!” Su Jian continued, “But I think you shouldn’t gift roses in the future, you can gift something else. For example… Oh, the best is to not gift flowers!”

The car that was moving forward stopped immediately. An Yize turned his head around, slowly saying: “Someone gifted you roses?”

“That’s right! Why did you stop…” Su Jian was grumbling. When he looked up and saw An Yize’s expression, he suddenly understood and was stunned at once. “The flowers weren’t from you?”

An Yize did not say anything and only continued driving silently.

However, Su Jian was no longer able to stay calm. “I thought it was from you!”

Previously in the office, when his colleagues saw his roses, they joked around saying “Miss Su’s boyfriend sure is considerate”. On the surface, Su Jian dealt with it with a “haha”. But in his heart, he couldn’t help but lament about An Yize becoming so professional at showing affection recently. In the end, the flowers were actually not from An Yize? Then, just who was it that gifted him this bouquet of brilliant red roses?

Seeing that Su Jian was guessing with high spirits by his side, An Yize calmly said, “Today is Teacher’s Day. It might be from the parents or the students. You don’t have to think too deeply.”

Su Jian couldn’t think of an answer no matter how much he tried. Then, he vaguely recalled that he saw his other colleague had a flower bouquet that contained a flower that looked like a rose. Thus, he stopped searching for answers. He turned and looked at An Yize and said jokingly, “Look, others gave me flowers and teddy bears and cards. In any case, we are a married couple. Are you not giving me a gift?”

An Yize glanced at him and didn’t say anything.

Su Jian saw that he was expressionless and felt that it was not interesting. Twitching his mouth, he didn’t say anything as well. Looking outside the car window, he noticed that the car didn’t seem to be traveling home.

With a “Hmm?”, Su Jian asked,” Are we not going home?”

An Yize said faintly, “To celebrate Teacher’s Day. What do you want to eat?”

Su Jian’s eyes lit up and he blurted, “Hubby, you’re so good!”

He had said this sentence many times when he acted. Now that he said it jokingly, he said it quite naturally with a grin. But when An Yize heard it, he couldn’t help but give Su Jian a glance. His expression was also much gentler.

Listening to Su Jian’s wish, they went to a Hunan cuisine restaurant. Su Jian ate happily. Not only were his own chopsticks moving with joy, the food passed over by An Yize’s chopsticks also went quickly into his mouth with a “whoosh”.

While An Yize was eating slowly and methodically, he was listening to Su Jian talking happily about his interesting students.

“These two days, didn’t Mr Zhang, the teacher-in-charge of class two, ask me to help him look after his class because his children is sick? Today, I caught a student with his phone!”

“The students are not allowed to bring their phones?”

“Yup, not allowed. Actually, I previously thought that the school was too strict. After all, it shouldn’t be too much for the children to dial their parents for a while. However, later on, I realized that they used their phones to chat and surf the web secretly during lessons! The teachers are up there so tired as if singing for a living but they are playing so happily below. It’s so unfair for the teachers! Therefore, I agree to not bringing phones very much!”

“The student was playing with his phone during the lesson, that’s why he got caught by you?”

“That wasn’t the case. Actually, that fellow was unlucky. His phone was in his bag and he didn’t use it at all, but he was still caught by me.”

“How did you find out?”

“You give it a guess! Hahaha I bet you can’t guess the reason why!”

“I can’t guess it.”

“Hahaha just recalling it makes me want to laugh! I bet that kid would never guessed that it was actually his mom that secretly called Mr. Zhang, then Mr. Zhang told me! His mom said that he plays with his phone every night for a very long time and the parents cannot control him at all. That’s why she secretly told the teacher-in-charge and hoped that the teacher-in-charge would confiscate his phone. At that time when I pointed at his bag asking him to take his phone out, that kid’s expression, hahaha, his face was so shocked saying ‘Teacher, why are you so amazing?’ However, he didn’t even know that he was actually sabotaged by his mom!”

An Yize looked at the person before him that was smiling very happily and couldn’t help but show a trace of a smile. “Looks like you working quite happily.”

“Uh,” The smile on Su Jian became restrained, but his eyes was still bent from smiling, “it’s okay.”

After the two of them finished their meal, they sat in the car and went home. Halfway home, the car suddenly stopped.

Su Jian looked at An Yize. An Yize said, “Wait for a moment, I am going to buy something.” Saying so, he opened the car door and got off the car.

Su Jian was feeling a little dazed sitting in the car after his meal. Hearing An Yize, he replied lazily with an “En”.

After a moment, An Yize came back. Initially, Su Jian only gave him a glance. However, when he saw the things he was holding in his hands, he was immediately awake.

The outstanding president An was holding was a large bouquet of beautiful, brilliant red roses in his left hand and he was hugging a large pink cartoon piglet bouquet on his right hand. He said to Su Jian calmly, “Gift.”

Su Jian: “……”

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