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Chapter 52: Holy sh*t! An Yize, To Think You Can Actually Make A Move On Such A Face!

Su Jian’s brain spinned quickly and immediately thought of two solutions for this situation.

One: Try his best to act innocent. He would say that he had given him the wrong gift and that the gift was actually for An Yirou!

Two: Try his best to put the blame on himself. He would say that the gift was actually not for An Yize but for himself to wear!

Su Jian was deliberating in his heart. However he very quickly rejected the first solution. Sister An had specially helped him pick the gift after all. If he pushed the trouble onto her, he would be too unappreciative!

Nevertheless, it was too difficult to use the second solution. Your mom! Why would I buy a sexy lingerie and sailor suit to play with by myself? This kind of taste is too heavy, I will definitely be laughed at by An Yize!

After a second round of consideration, Su Jian ultimately bit the bullet and nodded. “Yes, this is for you.” However, he wasn’t sure if he could trick An Yize saying that he had bought the wrong size by mistake and got him a size that was too small.

An Yize admired the sailor suit in his hand. Then he looked at Su Jian and asked, “Shouldn’t you be the one wearing this?”

Su Jian laughed dryly, “Haha, you don’t have to be modest. Since this is a gift for you, you should keep it for yourself.”

An Yize pondered, “I keep it? So you wish for me to put this on you personally?”

Su Jian: “……”

Seeing An Yize admiring the gift he received with an interested expression, Su Jian finally said in annoyance, “Fine. I will tell you the truth. It was actually Xiao Rou who had helped me pick this gift. I had no idea she would choose this!”

An Yize stared blankly. “Xiao Rou sure is considerate.”

Su Jian felt a little helpless. “Xiao Rou does not know that we are not a real couple. It’s normal for her to misunderstand.”

An Yize said, “Since the gift was actually bought by Xiao Rou, it cannot be considered as a gift from you.”

Su Jian said unhappily, “What you’re trying to say is that I need to get you another gift?”

An Yize looked at him in silence for a moment. “There’s no need. Treat the clothes as a gift from Xiao Rou. You just have to fulfill Xiao Rou’s wish and wear it.”

Su Jian: “……”

Su Jian stared at him speechlessly. However, he slowly started laughing.

An Yize was surprised. “Why are you laughing?”

Su Jian thought in his heart: An Yize, did you think that I don’t know what you are thinking about? Normally you look so elite and calm. However, your true self has finally been exposed today! To think that you liked the uniform type. Tsk tsk tsk, An Yize oh An Yize, I’ve only just found out that you actually… have the same hobby as me!

Su Jian replied with a smile. “Sure.”

On the other hand, An Yize was stunned. He asked hesitantly, “Really?”

Su Jian nodded his head. “Really.” He stretched his hand over, “Give me the clothes.”

An Yize passed the box over slowly. He asked with deep eyes, “You are wearing it now?”

Su Jian shook his head. “No, I will keep it first. When there’s a chance in the future, I will wear it.”


When midnight arrived, Su Jian secretly got up from the bed.

First, he went to the kitchen to look for some tomato sauce. Then he went to the washroom and started implementing his plan.

Opening up the previous gift box, Su Jian first wore the sexy lingerie properly. Then he faced the mirror and started admiring himself in satisfaction. However, after admiring himself for a while, his heart couldn’t help but feel sour: After living for more than twenty years, I didn’t get the chance to admire a girl’s bra during those three times. Ultimately, I could only satisfy myself by my own. Ugh, please cut me some slack, I feel so tired…

He removed the sexy lingerie reluctantly and put his normal bra back on. Then he started wearing the sailor suit and stockings.

After wearing the clothes, he arranged his hair. When Su Jian looked up into the mirror, he was stunned. The girl inside the mirror looked pure and charming, innocent and tempting, the perfect model for a sailor suit. Initially, Su Jian’s eye lit up. However, he gradually felt silently hurt: Sister Su, why didn’t I meet you earlier! This appearance of yours was once my dream! If we were still a man and a woman, if we had met earlier, I wouldn’t have lost my balls and your chest would still have been yours. Would our lives still be so tragic?

Su Jian picked up the tomato sauce and silently applied two lines of tears from the corner of his eyes.

Everything was ready. Su Jian quietly took out his phone.


Actually, when Su Jian got up, An Yize had also woken up.

Initially, he thought that Su Jian was going to the washroom, so he only gave him a glance dazedly. However, when he saw Su Jian heading out of the room instead of going into the washroom, he was slightly awakened.

He laid on the bed motionlessly, waiting for Su Jian to come back.

After a while, Su Jian came back, carrying something in his hands. Then, he hugged a box and entered the washroom.

An Yize was now completely awake, but he did not get up. He silently waited to see what Su Jian was trying to do.

After a while, the washroom door opened and a person tiptoed out.

When An Yize saw Su Jian approaching the side of the bed he was sleeping on, he secretly closed his eyes.

Su Jian reached the side of the bed and bent his back. He stretched his hand and gently nudged the person lying on the bed, faintly calling, “Yize… Yize…”

An Yize silently opened his eyes. What he saw was Su Jian’s messy long hair and faint eyes, with two bloodstains stretching down his face from the corner of his eyes. The light from his phone was currently shining onto his face. In the dark, it made him looked like a ghost, giving someone a scare.

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian was still calling him faintly. “Yize… An Yize…”

An Yize looked at him silently for a moment. Then he suddenly stretched his hand and pulled that bent back down towards him.

Su Jian was initially secretly laughing at An Yize’s shocked expression. However, he did not expect An Yize’s sudden move and fell unpreparedly onto his body. He had yet to react when the cushion below him suddenly did a turn and pressed him down on the bed.

Then the cushion started kissing him ruthlessly.

What Su Jian instantly thought of was not “Is An Yize too shocked?”, and neither was it “Is this An Yize’s revenge?”. Instead, it was—Holy sh*t! An Yize, to think you can actually make a move on such a face!

Your mom! This is not just a heavy taste alright? This is basically a godlike heavy taste!

Su Jian had expected that An Yize would either be shocked still or he would be angry. Perhaps if he was too agitated, he might’ve even given him a punch. However, he would never expect that An Yize would actually react this way!

Therefore, initially, he couldn’t help but be stunned. When he came back to his senses, he started struggling. However, it was helpless as An Yize held him down firmly. He had no way of moving at all.

His lips were sucked. Then it was his tongue. Then, it was…

Su Jian started feeling dizzy.

These days he had been kissed by An Yize numerous times. He wasn’t sure if he was used to it, but after his instinctive struggle at the beginning, he gradually felt that it didn’t taste bad.

Between the gap of their kiss, Su Jian muttered dazedly, “Sweet…”

An Yize couldn’t help but laugh. Stretching his hands, he grabbed a piece of tissue that was on the cabinet by the bed and wiped the tomato sauce off Su Jian’s face. Leaving the last bits of tomato sauce alone, he licked it with the tip of his tongue and sent it into Su Jian’s mouth…

Su Jian dizzily let him lick his face. It was only when he felt a hand sticking into his skirt did he suddenly struggle.

An Yize gently nibbled his ears.

Su Jian stopped struggling immediately. Feeling the pleasure, he couldn’t move at all.

Thus An Yize’s actions were undisrupted. His tongue went from the lips to the ears, from the ears to the collarbone, from the collarbone to the chest…

“Jian Jian…”


Su Jian hugged An Yize’s back and his neck arched. He did not notice that the sailor suit he had worn earlier was slowly being pulled up.

His phone was tossed aside long ago, buried under the blanket. Within the darkness, only the sound of two intertwining breaths could be heard.

Su Jian finally came back to his senses when he felt something wrong with his lower body.

Then, he was tragically aware of the situation he was in.

He was pinned down by An Yize.

He was touched by An Yize.

He was kissed by An Yize.

He was poked by An Yize’s thing…

Su Jian was stupefied.

An Yize kissed his shoulders, his low and gentle voice had traces of desire that he could no longer suppress. “Jian Jian…”

Su Jian’s heart felt chaotic. For an instant, he felt that all of this was just a nightmare.

“Yize…” he faintly called.

“Hmm?” The voice of the person above him was low with a lingering gentleness.

The next moment, An Yize was caught off guard by Su Jian’s sudden retaliation at full strength.


President An simply fell off the bed.

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