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Chapter 51: I’ve Actually Prepared A Gift For You, But I Don’t Feel Like Giving It To You Now!

After An Yize carried Su Jian away, Ji Mingfei looked at Ji Yan. Seeing Ji Yan hugging herself pathetically, he thought for a moment before removing his coat and putting it onto her. He said gentlemanly, “Miss Ji, is there anything else I can help you with?”

Ji Yan looked silently at the leaving An Yize, her eyes having obscured thoughts. Hearing his words, she replied, “It’s okay, thank you.” Pausing for a moment, she added, “I will send someone to return your coat tomorrow.” Finishing her words, she turned around and left.

Looking at Ji Yan’s straight back, Ji Mingfei shrugged his shoulders.

Ji Mingfei stayed outside for a while. Estimating that the doctor who was checking out Su Jian should have left, he then proceeded towards An Yize’s room.

As expected, there was no one else in the room other than Su Jian who was lying on the bed and An Yize who was putting Su Jian’s hand under the blanket.

Ji Mingfei asked with a whisper, “How is sister-in-law?”

An Yize turned around to look at him and said faintly, “Nothing serious. It’s just that she had a leg cramp and she choked on water, so she needs to rest.”

Ji Mingfei looked towards Su Jian. “That’s good.” Turning his head back, he rrealizedthat An Yize was looking at him. His heart shivered. He asked with confusion, “Yize?”

An Yize had a perplexed expression. “Jian Jian and Ah Yan falling into the water…wasn’t an accident.”

Ji Mingfei sighed and gave a wry smile. “Since you have already concluded that, what else is there for me to say?”

An Yize furrowed his brows. “Ah Fei, you really pushed Ah Yan?”

Ji Mingfei admitted it openly. “Yes. Aren’t all women concerned with this issue? I feel that your Su Jian would also be concerned about this—if your old love and her fell into the water, who would you save? Of course, I admit that I’m very curious as well.” When he saw that An Yize’s expression wasn’t good, he smiled and said, “Actually, this could bring you some benefits as well. You were like a hero saving a damsel in distress. That little girl of yours will definitely be moved.”

An Yize looked towards Su Jian’s slightly pale lips and said with knitted brows, “I don’t need it.”

“You don’t need it?” Ji Mingfei raised his eyebrows. “Are you saying you don’t need to prove to your little girl or are you saying that you don’t need me to be a busybody?” Ji Mingfei glanced at An Yize and slowly said, “Yize, did…your heart ache when Ji Yan fell into the water?”

An Yize ignored his question. Overlooking it, he checked on Su Jian’s condition.

A faint light flashed in Ji Mingfei’s eyes. He slowly said, “Yize, what if I said that I only used a little force?”

An Yize came back to his senses. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing.” Ji Mingfei pursed his lips, feeling sad from helplessness. “I know you will not believe me. No matter how she treats you, she will always be the most important person in your heart, isn’t it?”

“Ah Fei!” An Yize’s eyebrows were scrunched up. He suddenly stood up.

Ji Mingfei looked at Su Jian who was on the bed. When he looked back at An Yize, his expression was a little decadent. “Yize, it’s fine if you don’t believe in me. However, if you act this way with sister-in-law, she will definitely be very sad. Women are very sensitive. Not trusting her hurts way more than not loving her.”

An Yize said with furrowed brows. “I didn’t say I don’t trust you.”

Ji Mingfei’s forced a smile and whispered, “I know. It’s getting late, you should take good care of sister-in-law. I’m heading back first.” Without waiting for An Yize’s reply, he turned around and left, his back looking heavy.

The door opened and closed silently.

After the sound of the door closing was heard, Ji Mingfei who was outside no longer had the despondent look he had previously. He walked with a tall and straight posture and a steady pace, his smile elegant and handsome.

Previously, when he was by the pool, he did coincidentally bump into Ji Yan during the chaos when he tried to pull Su Jian.

He didn’t dare to find out if Ji Yan really had the intention to push Su Jian into the water. However, ahem, he knew his own strength. The main “culprit” who pushed Su Jian into the water was indeed not Ji Yan…


When Su Jian woke up, it was already morning.

There was no one else on the bed. Su Jian laid on the bed and silently recalled his memories. Then he covered his eyes with the back of his hands.

He actually fell into the water and almost drowned. How embarrassing…

Su Jian slowly got up and tidied himself. While he was wearing his clothes, he suddenly realised that An Yirou had opened the door and had entered.

When An Yirou looked up and saw him, her eyes lit up. “Third sister-in-law, you’re awake?”

Su Jian greeted her. “Good morning Xiao Rou.”

An Yirou laughed. “It’s not early anymore! Third brother went to work and specially told me to take good care of you.”

Su Jian felt embarrassed. “I’m feeling fine, why would I need you to take care of me? Don’t listen to him, Xiao Rou.”

An Yirou smiled, “Third brother is worried about you!” Placing the item in her hands onto the bed, An Yirou sat down at the bedside and looked towards Su Jian. “Third brother took care of you for the whole night. Third sister-in-law, are you very moved?”

Su Jian replied, “How was that a whole night?” An Yize was sleeping while hugging him by the side. Although he was asleep, he could still feel as if someone was beside him.

An Yirou smiled. “Because from the beginning till the end, it was third brother personally taking care of you! Even when I wanted to help, he said that there was no need.”

Su Jian thought: Of course there was no need. It was just me choking on some water, there’s nothing wrong with me… Suddenly, a thought came into his mind: If An Yize took care of him personally, then, An Yize changed his clothes as well?

Su Jian wasn’t that embarrassed. However, he felt that his family’s hidden treasure was discovered and then stolen by a pig rooting the ground, making him feel that he had been taken advantage of.

An Yirou did not notice his emotions and only lamented, “Third sister-in-law, third brother treats you so well! Yesterday night, he first played the piano for you. Next, he jumped into the water to save you. When third brother carried you here yesterday night, his whole expression had changed. I’m sure third sister-in-law is very important in third brother’s heart.” An Yirou sighed, “If the person I like treats me this way as well, I will definitely be very happy.”

Seeing An Yirou’s envious expression, Su Jian didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He thought that yesterday’s mood was certainly great. If he was a real girl, he probably would have been moved. Unfortunately he was a fake wife. No matter how great An Yize was, it was just an act.

Su Jian suddenly remembered the gossip he had heard last night. In the past, he had secretly guessed whether An Yize had a real love and who it was if he did have one. Yet when the answers were revealed last night, it really surprised him. An Yize had actually proposed to Ji Yan before, and he was even rejected!

When Su Jian learned about it, he was very happy. Your mom, to think that An Yize would have a day like this as well! How can having his girl being attracted away by this tall, rich and handsome guy be compared to the heart stabbing event of this tall, rich and handsome guy being rejected by his real love! One’s happiness in life goes very quickly!

Su Jian had decided that when An Yize returned tonight, he had to find a chance to learn clearly about uncle An’s misfortune to make himself more fortunate.

An Yize looked at her sister-in-law who was showing plenty of expressions and blinked her eyes. “Third sister-in-law?

Su Jian came back to his senses. “En?”

An Yirou passed him the item she carried over. “This is for you.”

Su Jian took the bag carrying a box and glanced inside with his head tilted to one side. “What is this?”

“The present I picked for you.” An Yirou continued, “I wanted to give this to you last night so you could give it to third brother. Unexpectedly… You can only wait for third brother to come back tonight and give it to him.”

Su Jian asked in curiosity, “What kind of gift did you pick?”

An Yirou gave a mysterious smile. “Clothes.”

“Clothes?” Su Jian was a little surprised. He thought for a while and felt that it wasn’t a bad idea. There was no way An Yize lacked anything. He also didn’t know what An Yize liked. To add on, even if An Yize had something he liked, he might not be able to afford it. As for clothes, it was actually quite suitable for him to gift An Yize that as a wife.

However, the clothes that An Yize wore wasn’t cheap either. He don’t know if President An would actually like ordinary clothes.

Su Jian asked, “Xiao Rou, how much are the clothes? I will pay for it.”

An Yirou declined. “There’s no need!”

“How could I do that?” Su Jian continued, “You’ve already chosen the gift for me, how could I make you pay for it as well?” The money I have is given to me by your brother anyway. If I gave it to his sister, your brother wouldn’t mind!

“Third sister-in-law, there’s really no need for that.” An Yirou continued, “The clothes didn’t cost much but third brother will definitely love it! If third sister-in-law really wishes to repay me, why don’t you cook something good for me? I have heard from third brother that you have great culinary skills!”

Hmm? An Yize actually praised him in front of someone else? Su Jian felt pleasant and agreed readily. “No problem!”


When An Yize came back from work, he didn’t see Su Jian in the room. So he asked the housekeeper, “Where has Jian Jian gone to?”

The housekeeper replied respectfully, “Third young mistress seems to be in the garden.”

An Yize turned and walked towards the garden. Turning by a flower bush, he saw Su Jian sitting on a swing with his earpiece stuffed inside his ears.

An Yize walked over and suddenly pushed the still swing.

Su Jian was shocked. When he turned around and saw An Yize, he complained, “What are you doing?”

An Yize held the swing’s rope and walked in front of him. He asked, “Do you still feel uncomfortable?”

Su Jian said unhappily, “I’m feeling great!” He had only drowned for a moment in the pool, why was this surname An guy making such a big fuss over it and repeatedly reminding him about his shameful past!

An Yize didn’t say anything and only rubbed his hair.

Su Jian swatted his hand away. Recalling something, he removed his earpiece and looked at An Yize. An Yize saw him looking at himself with bright eyes, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian quickly pulled the other swing and said earnestly, “Here, sit down. Standing is so tiring!”

An Yize looked at him suspiciously. After hesitating for a while, he sat down on the swing.

Su Jian turned around and looked at him, “Yize, let me ask you something!”

An Yize slowly replied, “What is it?”

Su Jian asked with a ‘hehe’, “That is… Just what is the relationship between you and Queen Ji?”

An Yize looked at him quietly and didn’t say anything.

Su Jian was a little disappointed. “What’s wrong? Not willing to tell me?”

An Yize replied, “That’s not it. It’s just that now is not the time.”

“What?” Su Jian couldn’t understand. “Then when is the right time?”

An Yize did not answer and instead asked, “Why do you want to know about this?”

Because I’m feeling curious and my gossiping soul is burning! Su Jian said sincerely, “Because I’m concerned about you!”

An Yize looked at him silently.

Su Jian’s expression was extremely sincere. “We are now husband and wife. Naturally, I will be concerned about you and wish to know more about you.” Seeing that An Yize was not willing to say anything, Su Jian continued, “To add on, I’m currently your wife. I feel that I have the right to know about your past.”

An Yize replied calmly, “What’s the use of knowing my past?”

What’s the use? It’s for satisfying my curiosity! Su Jian said, “Of course there’s a use! Look, your current wife is me. If I know about the type of girl you liked in the past, I can prepare myself first, incase I get cheated by you!”

An Yize: “……”

After he finished saying that, Su Jian felt that something was wrong so he quickly added, “What I meant to say is that we have to act like a loving couple. Naturally, we should know about each other. Or else, when the time comes, I wouldn’t even know who I’m supposed to deal with. What if something went wrong?”

An Yize was expressionless. “There’s no one for you to deal with, so there’s no need for you to know.”

Su Jian had put in so much effort yet An Yize still wouldn’t say anything. He couldn’t help but feel depressed so he said, “So petty! I’ve actually prepared a gift for you, but I don’t feel like giving it to you now!”

An Yize’s mood changed. “Gift?”

Su Jian jumped down the swing and said angrily, “There’s no more gift!”

An Yize did not say anything, but his expression looked much gentler.


After dinner, Su Jian returned to his room and took a bath before he laid down on the bed and played with his phone.

An Yize sat beside him and looked at him silently.

Su Jian felt uneasy being looked at by him. Withdrawing his body, he asked, “What do you want?”

An Yize said, “Didn’t you say you have a gift for me?”

Su Jian’s eyes turned. He moved over and asked curiously, “You really like Ji Yan?”

An Yize calmly answered, “I don’t.”

Su Jian: “……”

An Yize continued, “I’ve answered your question. Where’s my gift?”

Su Jian’s gossiping soul was totally unsatisfied. When he heard his question, he spread out his limbs and sprawled himself out on the bed. He lifted his leg and pointed to one side, saying snappily, “In the closet!”

An Yize stood up and went over. Opening the closet, he saw a big box inside.

Taking out the box, An Yize sat back down onto the bed and asked, “What is this?”

Su Jian replied lazily, “Clothes. Try it on yourself.”

Hearing the word “clothes”, An Yize glanced at Su Jian before he started looking downwards to open the box.

Su Jian used his phone lazily. When he heard An Yize suddenly stop moving, he couldn’t help but stick out his head. “What’s wrong? You don’t like it?”

An Yize stretched out his hand hesitantly and took out the clothes from the box. Spreading the clothes out, he slowly said, “You want to give me these kind of clothes?”

Su Jian stretched out his head to take a look and froze immediately.

sh*t! Shouldn’t the gift be a suit or a shirt or a tie or socks? Why is there a sailor suit accompanied by sexy lingerie inside?!

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