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Chapter 50: Yize, Quick! Sister-In-Law Can’t Swim!

Su Jian was still in the midst of his shock when he suddenly felt someone approaching him from the side. He had a sudden shock. He turned around quickly and saw Ji Mingfei smiling at him from within the darkness.

It’s actually gay friend Ji! Su Jian felt quite marveled. He looked speechlessly as Ji Mingfei squatted at a comfortable spot beside him with a righteous face.

Behind the flower bush, two people who are wearing formal attire were watching the “show” with tacit understanding.

The conversation over there continued.

After Ji Yan’s said those shocking words, An Yize silently replied, “No, I’m not. I truly like her.”

Ji Yan did not believe him. “But she’s still a young girl.”

After a moment of silence, An Yize replied, “What I like about her is her pureness.”

Su Jian felt awkward. Pureness? Fine. Although he did feel that he was very righteous and kind since he respected the old and loved the young, he still felt awkward being described as “pure” by An Yize. He even said, “What I like about her is her pureness.” Hehe. An Yize, you finally exposed yourself? Looks like you really are into this. A thirty-year-old uncle liking a pure young woman, it seems that an uncle-loving loli is eternal!

Ji Mingfei heard An Yize’s words and immediately gave a silent thumbs up.

Initially, Su Jian was worried that Ji Mingfei would be sad. After all, Ji Mingfei probably had feelings for An Yize. First, he heard that An Yize had proposed to Ji Yan before. Then, in just a short moment, he heard An Yize saying that he liked himself. How could Ji Mingfei who was infatuated not be hurt? Unexpectedly, when he turned around, he saw Ji Mingfei’s face full of excitement. Su Jian immediately relaxed. In his heart, he thought: That’s right. So what if he had proposed? Wasn’t he rejected? So what if he likes me? It’s just An Yize’s acting to show affection! Therefore, gay friend Ji, you still have a good chance!

Over on that side, after hearing An Yize’s words, Ji Yan’s face slightly paled. However, she was still concerned, “However, does she really like you? I’ve heard that her family background isn’t great. What if she is aiming for your family background…”

Su Jian felt depressed. Although Ji Yan said it in a roundabout way, he understood the meaning behind her words very clearly. Isn’t she saying that he married An Yize for An Yize’s money? The way Queen Ji is acting is clearly trying to break An Yize and him apart!

Su Jian quietly asked Ji Mingfei, “Is Ji Yan marrying that Li whatever soon?”

Ji Mingfei nodded his head, “Yes, Li’s family second young master, Li Mingyi.”

With this, Su Jian couldn’t understand anymore. Ji Yan was going to be married soon. Previously, she said that she rejected An Yize’s proposal. Now that An Yize was married, why was she still coming here to persuade him otherwise?

Say, what is she doing this for?

Su Jian was so confused his small face was all scrunched up. Maybe Queen Ji hated him, so she felt that he was not suitable for An Yize? Maybe in her eyes, he was just a greedy person that was aiming for An Yize’s family wealth?

Su Jian was a little unhappy. Because he really did love An Yize only for his money.

Over at that side, after hearing her words, An Yize’s voice lowered. “Jian Jian is not such a person.”

Ji Yan’s voice was very gentle and contained the perfect amount of concern. “You can’t be so sure about whether she is or not now. You have only known her for a short while right? I don’t remember you talking about her before.”

An Yize didn’t say anything.

Ji Yan looked at him with a very sincere expression. With a gentle voice, she said, “Xiao Ze, I’m just being concerned about you. Because I wish for you to gain real happiness. I don’t want you to be hurt.”

An Yize slowly said, “Whether I’m happy or not is the same as drinking water. I will be able to feel the coldness or warmth the water brings myself.”

Ji Yan smiled wryly. “Xiao Ze, are you blaming me for butting into your business? I always thought we are best friends.”

“No, I’m not.” An Yize continued, “But Ah Yan, you are indeed thinking too much. I’m doing great now. Because of Jian Jian, I finally understand what is happiness.”

“Really?” Ji Yan’s smile started to look a bit forceful. “You really…love her?”

An Yize nodded his head. “Yes, I love her.”


Listening up to this point, Ji Mingfei hooked up his lips in satisfaction. However, when he turned around to look at Su Jian, he saw Su Jian scrunching up his face, wearing a weird expression.

Su Jian had never expected to hear those words from An Yize. He couldn’t help but feel strange. Although he knew An Yize said that to show affection, when he heard An Yize say that he loved him, he still felt fascinated. Previously, he had once imagined the scene of An Yize telling him “I love you”. Right now, the real version wasn’t as sensational as the one he had imagined. An Yize wasn’t speaking to him directly. An Yize’s tone was also flat. However, he felt slightly moved in his heart and that was stronger than before. An Yize’s words sounded very real.

In his life, he had never heard the girls say that they loved him. Yet, he had just heard a man say that he loved him. Although those were just fake lines for acting, when he heard it, he felt strange and embarrassed.

At this moment, Ji Mingfei suddenly tapped him and whispered, “Sister-in-law, didn’t you want her autograph? You can go for it now.”

Su Jian looked at the two people in front. When he saw the two of them not speaking for a while, he stood up secretly.

As Ji Mingfei saw that, he followed him towards the other two as well.

Su Jian acted like he saw them by accident and walked towards the two of them. When An Yize saw him, he was a little surprised. Then he looked up towards Ji Mingfei who was at the back. Ji Mingfei returned his look with a bright smile.

An Yize asked, “Jian Jian, why are you here?”

Su Jian asked in return, “Then why are you here?”

An Yize replied, “I was speaking with Ah Yan.”

Su Jian looked at him mockingly and replied with a meaningful “oh”.

An Yize was a little speechless. Looking downwards, he saw him barefoot and couldn’t help but furrow his brows. “Why are you barefooted?”

Su Jian then realized that he had forgotten to wear his heels just now and had come out barefooted. Although he didn’t need to mind it in front of An Yize, there was an outsider here right now. Su Jian felt awkward. Wanting to wear the heels, he bent his back downwards.

With one hand, An Yize took away the heels that he was holding in his hand. Squatting naturally, An Yize held his ankle and carefully helped him put on the heels.

Su Jian was a little stunned. He thought: An Yize sure knows how to keep things going, not sparing any chance to show his acting skills! Pondering for a moment, he cooperated and said sweetly, “Hubby, you’re so nice!”

An Yize’s hand that was holding on to his ankle silently paused.

After An Yize stood up, Su Jian hugged one of his arms cheerfully. Then, he looked at Ji Yan whose face was slightly pale and said politely, “Queen Ji, may I have your autograph?” Saying so, he passed the bag with Ji Yan’s photos to her. “There’s a pen inside.”

Ji Mingfei who was on the side gave Ji Yan a glance and his lips hooked up slightly.

Ji Yan stared at the girl in front of her who was sweetly hugging An Yize’s arm. She had a well-behaved and tender look. When she smiled, she looked sweet. However, no matter how Ji Yan looked at her, she only had the look of an ordinary girl next door. The girl was leaning onto the tall and calm man’s body in a petite and lovely manner. The light and soft white yarn dress and the black suits by the side formed a dazzling harmony. When she saw that, Ji Yan pursed her lips. She stayed silent for a moment before she stretched out her hand to take the bag that the other person was passing to her.

Moving her eyes away to stop looking at the two people in front, Ji Yan slowly took the photo out from the bag.

However, in the next moment, her expression stiffened.

She thought that it was her photo was inside. When she took them out however, it was actually a photo of a man and a woman standing next to each other. And this man and woman were An Yize and Su Jian who were right in front of her.

An Yize and Su Jian saw the photo as well. An Yize raised his eyebrows and immediately turned over to look at Ji Mingfei. Ji Mingfei looked at him with a natural smile.

Previously, when Su Jian asked Ji Mingfei to tell the housekeeper to print the photos, Ji Mingfei had purposely changed some of Su Jian words when he passed the message on. He didn’t touch Ye Lang’s photo. However, instead of printing Ji Yan’s photo as Su Jian wanted, he asked the housekeeper to print photos of An Yize together with Su Jian.

Su Jian whispered to An Yize in surprise. “Hey, when did we take this photo?”

An Yize replied, “Before you lost your memories.”

Su Jian immediately understood. The two of them probably needed to trick the outsiders, so they specially took some photos together. After all, they were supposed to be a loving couple. It would be very suspicious if they only had a marriage certificate but no photos of them together.

But why did this photo pop up from the bag? Did the housekeeper uncle make a mistake?

Su Jian looked at Ji Mingfei with an enquiring gaze. Ji Mingfei understood his doubts and explained, “The housekeeper probably misheard, but that’s good too. If Miss Ji signs the photo of the two of you, it can be seen as her giving her blessing to the two your for your marriage.” After he finished speaking, he turned around to look at Ji Yan. “Miss Ji, what do you think?”

Ji Yan’s mouth twitched. Without saying anything, she slowly picked up the photo and started signing.

Who knew that when she finished signing one, there was another one below. The photo was still the same, showing the smiling faces of An Yize and Su Jian who were dependent on each other.

Su Jian quickly said, “There are ten photos in total. I’m troubling you!” Although An Yize seemed to be close with Ji Yan, it still wasn’t as close as An Yize’s relationship with An Yiheng. If not, based on his real intentions, he would have printed two hundred photos.

Ji Yan: “……”

Ji Yan silently signed the ten photos before passing them to Su Jian.

Su Jian let go of An Yize’s arm and went forward to take the photos. Unexpectedly, his high heels suddenly slid out.

An Yize had wanted to grab him. However, he did not expect that Ji Mingfei would also stretch his arm over. Ji Yan passed the photos in her hands to Su Jian and the two of their hands touched. While Su Jian was staggering, Ji Yan’s hands suddenly moved forward. Su Jian who wasn’t stable in the first place started slipping. His body slanted backwards and he started falling into the pool behind him!

During this desperate situation, Su Jian was anxious to save himself. When he touched Ji Yan’s hand in his panic, he immediately pulled it strongly.

“Splash”, “Splash”. Loud splashes sounded. After exclaiming, both Su Jian and Ji Yan fell into the swimming pool.

Ji Mingfei was instantly shocked. He said hurriedly, “Yize, quick! Sister-in-law can’t swim!”

His voice was very loud, even Su Jian who was submerged in water could faintly hear it. While suffocated, Su Jian dazedly cursed: I know how to swim! While we were chatting the last time, I even mentioned it to you. Gay friend Ji, your memory is so bad….

But very quickly, Su Jian could no longer curse—Your mom! Why am I having a leg cramp at such a time? sh*t, it hurts!

Unable to control himself, Su Jian opened his mouth. Water started rushing in immediately….


Above the water, Ji Mingfei had yet to speak and An Yize had already started jumping into the water.

Beneath the water, Ji Yan and Su Jian were both sinking. Seeing him enter the water, Ji Yan stretched out her hand strenuously. However, An Yize did not see that at all. That was because he was horrified to see that after a moment of struggling, Su Jian, who wasn’t far away, gradually stopped moving and started sinking into the water unconscious.

An Yize’s heart suddenly jumped and he swam over vigorously. He held Su Jian’s hand and pulled him into his embrace before holding on to his waist and swam back with great efforts.

Appearing above the water, An Yize hugged Su Jian and swam towards the side of the pool. Ji Mingfei who was there immediately brought Su Jian up.

Su Jian had already fainted. When Ji Mingfei saw that, he was stunned. He quickly started checking, but An Yize had already come back up with the help of the poolside. He hugged Su Jian and laid him horizontally over his kneeling legs. Then, he started pressing Su Jian’s back.

Ji Mingfei could only retreat to one side. Seeing Su Jian’s closed eyes and An Yize’s cold face, he couldn’t help but feel regretful.

At this moment, Ji Yan had also swum out. Ji Mingfei caught a glimpse of it and stretched out his hand to pull her up.

Ji Yan’s whole body felt uncomfortable and her face was pale white. Trembling, she cried out, “Xiao Ze…”

Coincidentally, Su Jian suddenly choked out a mouth of water. Immediately, An Yize asked in concern, “Jian Jian?”

After spitting out a few mouths of water, he gradually regained his breath. His eyelids moved and he slowly opened his eyes. He called out softly, “Yize…”

An Yize’s heart clenched, then it relaxed. He gave a short reply and suddenly carried Su Jian up from his horizontal position.

He turned around and the fully drenched Ji Yan immediately walked forward, “Yize…”

An Yize paused.

Ji Mingfei immediately said, “Yize, you should send sister-in-law to a doctor first! I will take care of Miss Ji!”

An Yize replied with an “En”. He nodded at Ji Yan before carrying Su Jian away in large strides.

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