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Chapter 49: Third Sister-In-Law, Third Brother Just Confessed To You. Why Aren’t You Treating Him Better?

The crowd gradually quieted down.

The people were all wearing different expressions. However, all of them were looking towards the two people beside the piano.

An Yize looked at Su Jian quietly. Placing his long slender fingers on the black and white piano keys, he pressed them down.

Brisk notes slowly flowed out. They were soft yet clear, sounding pleasant and soothing.

Su Jian could not tell what music piece it was. He just felt that it sounded pretty nice.

The music from the piano was like flowing water, slowly flowing to every corner of the hall, flowing into the summer night where the flowers were still blooming.

Everyone kept quiet as they silently listened. Many different kinds of moods were evoked within each and person’s eyes..

However, Su Jian kept staring at An Yize’s hands.

He had never noticed before, but An Yize’s hands were actually quite beautiful. Although it could compare to a woman’s soft and smooth hands, his long slender fingers and the slightly visible veins at the back of his hands made his hands look lean. When it landed nimbly on the black and white piano keys, an inexplicable sexiness could be felt from it.

When he realized the meaning of the word “sexiness”, Su Jian felt that he was struck by lightning. To actually feel that a man’s hand was sexy, and it was actually this fellow An Yize’s hand. He must have been too tired tonight, that’s why all his descriptions were coming out wrong!

Su Jian looked up immediately, his sight left An Yize’s hands and landed on An Yize’s face. However, he froze once again.

An Yize’s expression didn’t change much when he played the piano. It was plain as usual. But at that moment, under the lighting, the image of that man dressed in a suit, with eyes looking downwards, playing the piano with great concentration, seemed to have attracted all the light around him. The other areas seemed to have dimmed down and all the light landed on his head. A ray of light quietly shone down onto his body.

Su Jian thought involuntarily: I have not noticed this before but An Yize’s eyelashes are actually pretty long….

An Yize, who was playing, halfway looked up at Su Jian and realized that he seemed to be in a daze. A smile could not help but form on his lips.

The little girl was standing quietly beside the piano coincidentally blocked all his vision. From his angle, he could only see her face that was slightly against the light. A few strands of lightly curled hair landed on the side of her lips. The lip gloss at the side of her lip was slightly rubbed off, revealing the familiar color of her soft lips. And within her clear eyes, there seemed to be a moving light. He didn’t know if it was his shadow that laid within the depth of her eyes or….

Behind her, there were still many other guests. However, she could only see him. As for how she looked like at this moment, he was the only one that could see that as well.

Under his fingers, the musical notes were still jumping slowly. Despite that, in An Yize’s heart, there was a quiet sense of satisfaction.

A long, long time ago, he was also sitting before the piano like this, practicing it day after day, playing it year after year. What he wished for was simply to play a piece for her, the one who said that he was a little prince.

He had waited for so long, but that time never came.

And now, he was no longer a little prince.

Yet, he did not expect that when he played the piano again, he would have his rose now.


The last note faded like water. However, the smooth and brisk music seemed to linger and move in the air.

The crowd started clapping slowly.

Despite that, An Yize only looked up towards Su Jian, his eyes containing a trace of a smile. He asked in a low and gentle voice, “Does it sounds nice?”

Su Jian nodded his head honestly. “Very nice.”

An Yize’s lips expanded with a smile. He rarely had such an obvious smile. Therefore, it wasn’t only the guests who were surprised. Even Su Jian couldn’t control himself and gave him a few more glances.

An Yize asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian shook his head while feeling sour in his heart: When this An person smiles and reveals his teeth, he is actually… No wonder he could attract so many girls!

An Yize stood up and held his hand. He nodded towards everyone else, then left the piano side with him.

“Third young master is so good at playing the piano!” They only walked a few steps before a “dark” person by the side suddenly spoke.

An Yize paused his footsteps and said “thank you” in a distant yet polite way.

When he wanted to continue walking, the “dark” person suddenly smiled at Su Jian. “Third young master gave Miss Su such a big gift. Shouldn’t Miss Su give a return gift?”

Such persistence, this “dark” person is actually very good at putting up a fight! Su Jian suddenly felt that he shouldn’t waste this “dark” person’s efforts.

Hence, when An Yize furrowed his brows and wanted to say something, Su Jian lightly pulled the hand that was holding his hand. He then said with a smile, “What this Miss said is correct. Yize, I will perform something as well. Take it as my appreciation for you playing the piano.”

An Yize was hesitating whether to stop her if he suggested singing when Su Jian asked the housekeeper over and gave a few instructions. After the housekeeper left, he then turned over and said to An Yize, “Watch me perform a magic trick!”

An Yize’s eyebrows rose. He said with a gentle voice, “Okay.”

After a while, the housekeeper got the deck of cards that Su Jian wanted. A few days ago, he saw a custom-made anime decks online, so he ordered two sets of it. Other than admiring it, he would sometimes take them out to practice a few magic tricks that he knew before his rebirth. Originally, it was a little game meant for him to kill some time when he was bored. Surprisingly, he would actually be using them today.

Su Jian opened the box and took out the cards. A trace of surprise appeared in An Yize’s eyes when he saw his neat shuffling action.

The magic trick was actually pretty simple: to guess the card. Nevertheless, for ordinary people that had never practiced before, it was quite magical. After performing neatly and perfectly, he looked at An Yize.

An Yize smiled when he saw the small sense of pride in his eyes.

Su Jian automatically took his smile as a compliment and felt happy in his heart. Thus, he neatly slid open the cards in his hands. One card flew out cleverly and he passed it to An Yize.

An Yize took it and looked at it. On the poker card, there was a gray wolf with a large bag on his head, its expression looking very forced.

An Yize: “……”

Then, another card flew out. He politely passed the card to the “dark” person and smiled. “For you.”

The “dark” person took the card hesitantly. Turning the card over, she saw a bald head grinning very creepily.

The “dark” person: “……”

An Yize held Su Jian’s hand and brought her away. The couple were talking about something with one of them lowering his head while the other raised her head. The man lowering his head had eyes that were full of doting. The woman raising her head had a bright smile. When the “dark” person saw this, she could no longer cover up her face and it darkened. She whispered in hatred, “What magic trick? How is it decent? Looks like she is only an entertainer!”

At the side, Ji Yan heard those words and her complexion sank slightly.

She had yet to open her mouth when a low and magnetic voice suddenly sounded behind the “dark” person. “I’m also an entertainer. It looks like Miss Li is not happy with us entertainers?”

The “dark” person turned around in shock and saw An Yiheng standing behind her, looking at her with a faint smile.

The “dark” person froze. Then, her face slowly reddened. Her hasty voice had a trace of shyness. “Second young master, that’s not what I meant! Actually, I’m your fan…”


Su Jian followed An Yize only for a short distance before being stopped by An Yirou, asking him to teach her the small magic trick. An Yize saw the situation and let him go. However, he specifically told him not to consume alcohol.

Su Jian replied with a stare. “Yes, uncle An!

An Yize: “……”

As she saw her brother walking away with a wooden face, An Yirou laughed, “Third sister-in-law, third brother just confessed to you. Why aren’t you treating him better?”

“Confessed?” Su Jian was shocked, then he felt flabbergasted. “When did that happen?”

“When he was playing the piano!” An Yirou smiled and said, “Didn’t third brother play “Dreams of Love”? He said that it was meant for you. He was obviously confessing to you.”

Su Jian gradually calmed down and thought in his heart: Girl, you’re thinking too much. Your brother and I are purely business partners that sleep on the same bed. Your third brother can play “Dreams of Love” or “Song of Pig” for all I care, but those are just for showing off his piano skills!

Finding a corner, he taught An Yirou for a while. Feeling thirsty, he asked the maid for a cup of juice. Then, he suddenly remembered that he had yet to ask for the autograph! Thus, he quickly found the plastic bag with Ji Yan’s photo and started looking for Ji Yan.

However, after searching around, he still couldn’t find Ji Yan’s figure.

Don’t tell me Queen Ji has left?

Su Jian was not going to give up and started searching all around. Then, he happened to chance upon a maid. The maid told him that she might have seen Ji Yan heading towards the swimming pool.

Swimming pool? Su Jian couldn’t understand. Although the weather was hot, it was already so late in the night. was Queen Ji really going to swim? Wouldn’t that be too into the mood?

With his head full of doubt, Su Jian walked towards the swimming pool. Turning pass a bush, he inadvertently looked up and suddenly stared with large eyes.

Wait! If he was not wrong, that tall and slim female beside the pool was Ji Yan. But the male beside her…wasn’t he his husband, uncle An?

Why are they not staying in the lively banquet hall, but instead going to a desolate swimming pool?

This is abnormal, there must be some gossip material.

Su Jian’s heart was full of curiosity. The gossiping antenna on his head stood up immediately. Pondering for a moment, he removed his high heels. He walked barefooted towards the two of them with hunched back.

There happened to be a flower bush beside the swimming pool. There was no light illuminating that corner so it was a perfect hiding place for someone to eavesdrop.

Su Jian stationed himself there discourteously.

Perking up his ears, he started listening in on their conversation.

The sparkling lights at the swimming pool casted a blurred shadow onto Ji Yan’s face. Her voice had a trace of blurred dejection. “Xiao Ze, I didn’t expect for you to marry so soon.”

An Yize replied, “Me too.”

Ji Yan’s voice was very light. “I always wondered what kind of woman you would marry. However, I have never expected that you liked this kind.”

An Yize looked at her quietly, neither joy nor sorrow could be seen in his eyes. “Jian Jian is very good.”

The smile on Ji Yan’s face paled. “She’s indeed a very cute girl.” Pausing for a moment, she looked at An Yize. A sense of unacceptance appeared in her eyes. “Therefore, if you don’t truly love her, and you married her, it will be very unfair for her.”

An Yize’s furrowed his eyebrows unconsciously. He said, “Why do you think so?”

Ji Yan smiled wryly. “Xiao Ze, you are still angry with me aren’t you? I know that you have always been angry with me for rejecting your proposal.”

Behind the flower bush, Su Jian’s eyes widened.

Proposal? An Yize proposed to Queen Ji before? Holy sh*t! This is shocking gossip material!

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