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Chapter 48: When He Finally Chanced Upon Someone Bad Mouthing Him, He Had Become A Temptress Expert At Climbing Onto Someone!

Not long after, An Yiheng and An Yize were surrounded by other guests. Su Jian wasn’t really interested in accompanying An Yize to greet the guests while putting up a dignified image. An Yize saw that he looked tired, then he recalled Su Jian saying that he was tired of wearing high heels. Thus, he specially told Su Jian to take a break.

Naturally, Su Jian obeyed immediately. He cut through the crowd in a dignified manner and escaped elegantly.

He first found some snacks to fill his stomach. Then, he found a corner to sit down and rest quietly. The corner didn’t have much lighting, so it was darker. Also, there weren’t many people there, so he didn’t try to act anymore. He secretly removed his high heels and then sat down on the railing. Leaning against the railing, he looked at the faintly lighted banquet hall. Many people were dressed gorgeously, gathering to drink. Though it looked lively there, it was actually a bit tiring, whether it is due to the clothes and shoes they were wearing or the smile they were carrying. Su Jian silently complained in his heart: It seems like being a richman isn’t easy as well. If he turns rich in the future and becomes a richman, he would hold a party as well. At that time, he would make a rule to ban everyone from wearing formal attire. The males had to wear tank tops, underpants, and large slippers, while the females would have to wear nightdresses and small sandals. There wouldn’t be any champagne and wine as well, but hotpots: cold noodles, Mala soup, spicy Chinese hamburger, stinky tofu, hand grab cake, spicy duck neck, sauce trotters, and etc for them to choose! No elegant piano or violin pieces for music either. Instead, everyone would be entertained by songs such as “Little Apple”, “Most Dazzling Folk Style” and “Don’t Pick The Roadside Wildflowers”! Additionally, he’d invite famous celebrities as well! However, when Ji Yan arrived, he wouldn’t let her sing her masterpiece “I Know You Will Always Love Me”. When Ye Lang arrived, he wouldn’t let Ye Lang perform his classic dance “I Am Me” as well. He’d definitely make the both of them wear a small flower jacket, hold a red handkerchief, and perform “Dong Bei Er Ren Zhuan”!

Su Jian thought about his dream richman party affectionately. His heart had a sudden longing.

While he was deeply immersed in his thoughts, the sound of a few people talking suddenly entered his ears.

“I feel that woman isn’t even really worth anything, why did third young master fall for her?”

“I think so too. She has no family background and she seems narrow-minded. Yet, she was actually able to climb onto the An family. I wonder how much efforts she put in!”

“Maybe she is very skillful in some other areas?” Don’t you think so?”

“Haha, that’s true. Just look at how she was clinging onto the third young master’s body like a temptress……”

It was the voice of a few women. Although the volume was purposely lowered, Su Jian was not that far away so he could still hear quite a bit of their conversation. Initially, Su Jian was at a loss as he didn’t know who that bunch of ladies was talking about. However, he started to understand. Climb onto the An family, third young master’s woman, weren’t all of these descriptions of himself?!

This was the first time he had chanced upon the ‘dark’ side of others and Su Jian was feeling completely awkward. In the past, what he wished the most was that someone would point at his nose one day and scold him: “What else do you have other than money?!”. Yet, he would have never expected that when he finally chanced upon someone bad mouthing him, he had become a temptress expert at climbing onto someone!

Su Jian couldn’t help but touch his own face. Then, he looked at his barefoot that was resting in exhaustion. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t link himself with the word “temptress”.

The conversation over there was still not over.

“No matter how I look at her, I still feel that Ningxue is better!”

“Hey, comparing Ningxue with that woman, aren’t you belittling Ningxue? Ningxue is so pretty. She graduated from a famous school, knows three languages, and can play five different instruments. Can that woman even compare?”

“I’m not as great as how all of you are saying…”

There was actually someone familiar in there! Hearing Bai Ningxue’s voice, Su Jian felt a little awful. To think that there would be a day when his beauty would be compared to a girl, life sure was full of surprises…

Su Jian abused himself by perking up his ears, wanting to hear more. However, ever since someone else came over, the bunch of ladies no longer made more any sounds.

Su Jian waited for a while more, but there were still no voices. Thinking that those ‘dark’ people had left, he came down from the railing in disappointment.

Returning back to the brighter areas, Su Jian once again worked hard to look dignified. Then, he remembered the ‘dark’ people comments about him being a ‘temptress’. He wanted to try acting out that role seriously. Unfortunately, he had no idea how he could portray himself like that magical word.

Su Jian looked around. He saw An Yize still talking within the crowd of guests. He turned back his head and pondered. Then, he picked up a cup of juice obediently and drank a mouthful of it.

Looking up, he happened to see Ji Yan closeby. He suddenly remembered about the autograph. When he wanted to get the photos, he heard someone calling him. “Miss Su.”

Su Jian was startled. This voice sounds familiar….

Su Jian looked over and saw a young woman dressed exquisitely standing in front of him. Not far behind her, Bai Ningxue and another woman were also looking over.

The woman’s laughter was very dignified and elegant, with no trace of contempt like before. She glanced at An Yize that wasn’t far away and praised, “Third young master is young and promising. Miss Su is gentle and virtuous. The two of you are a pair made by heaven.”

Su Jian felt that it was absurd. He cursed in his heart: Dear, I remembered you calling me a “temptress” just a moment ago. Why are you being so gentle and virtuous now? Did you have to change so quickly!

Fortunately, Su Jian still looked calm on the surface. He laughed gently and virtuously, “Thank you.”

The woman continued, “Miss Su and third young master’s relationship is so good, it is enviable.”

Su Jian continued being gentle and virtuous, “That should be the case.”

Woman: “……”

After exchanging a few words of courtesy, the woman suddenly said, “I have heard that Miss Su can play three different instruments. Today is third young master’s birthday. How about playing a piece as a present for third young master? I’m sure third young master would be very happy.”

Su Jian understood everything immediately. The words “gentle and virtuous” that was said earlier wasn’t just for courtesy. Looks like he had to pay the price for those words now. Three different instruments. Why did he not know that he had such an ability? Since young, he was sure he only knew how to play one musical instrument, and that was whistling. He was very talented in this area. When he was in university, he whistled frequently and could whistle to the point that his brothers felt like peeing.

Su Jian had wanted to confess that he couldn’t play an instrument but he saw Bai Ningxue walking over. Her voice and expression were both gentle, “Coincidentally, there is a piano here. brother Yize likes to play the piano too. If he hears Miss Su playing for him, I’m sure he will be very happy.”

I don’t know if he will be happy or not, but I will definitely not be happy! Su Jian said honestly, “Actually, I don’t know how to play the piano.”

The woman started laughing, “Miss Su is being modest. With An family’s family status, how is it possible for the woman that is married into their family to not even know how to play the piano?”

Su Jian: “……” Your mom! Nowadays you actually need to check a woman’s piano grade before marrying her? He had long known that finding a job was hard. One needed to have at least a grade two in the National Computer Rank Examination, pass the CET 4 and CET 6 exam, and one sufficient knowledge for their job. However, he did not know that he actually needed a grade to marry as well!

Life was so hard at this point!

In the midst of feeling absurd, a gentle voice interrupted them, “All of you should stop making things difficult for Miss Su or else Xiao Ze’s heart will ache.”

Su Jian looked up and saw Queen Ji standing before him with a gentle smile, her eyes full of good intentions.

Bai Ningxue smiled sweetly, “Then why not sister Ji play a piece for brother Yize? I have heard that sister Ji is good at playing the piano. You also have a good relationship with brother Yize. If he hears sister Ji’s playing, brother Yize might be even happier.”

Ji Yan laughed, “How could I as a guest overwhelm the host’s limelight? Although I grew up together with Xiao Ze, it is Xiao Ze’s birthday party today. Miss Su should of course hold the authority.” Turning around, she said to Su Jian, “So what if you can play the piano or not? Xiao Ze didn’t marry you for the fact that you can play the piano.”

The woman at the side added, “Miss Ji is right. It’s okay even if you can’t play the piano. Maybe Miss Su wishes to play some other instrument? Coincidentally, there is a band that has been specially invited and they have most of the common instruments. Miss Su may wish to see which instrument you like.”

I don’t like any of them…… Su Jian did not expect that he would be targeted by someone about playing an instrument today; he suddenly felt helpless. Say, why is nobody asking whether I can sing or not? I’m good at pop songs, folk songs, and even children songs!

While he was confused, his waist was suddenly hot as a familiar hand embraced it.

An Yize who appeared suddenly look down towards him and said faintly, “Today is my birthday. If everyone wishes to hear the piano, it should naturally be me playing.”

While saying that, he held Su Jian’s hand. Under the eyes of everyone, he walked step by step towards the black piano.

His words were for everyone. However, his eyes hid a trace of smile as he glanced at Su Jian who obviously breathed out a sigh of relief.

“But I would like to apologize. The piece I am playing is not meant for everyone but for my wife.”

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