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Chapter 47: Hubby, Where Is Your Phone? Help Me Take A Photo Of Queen Ji And I!

Chapter 47: Hubby, Where Is Your Phone? Help Me Take A Photo Of Queen Ji And I!

When he was released, Su Jian’s legs did not have any strength. If it wasn’t for the fact that An Yize was holding on to him, he probably wouldn’t be able to stand properly.

Returning back to his senses, Su Jian did not dare to look at the people around him. He buried his head silently into An Yize’s shoulder.

Lowering his voice and wearing a stiff smile, he gritted his teeth and said, “This wasn’t in the practice!”

An Yize held him. His expression was so gentle that it could score full marks for acting. He said softly, “We don’t have to practice this.”

Su Jian: “……”

After being pulled around to greet the guests by An Yize, Su Jian finally calmed down. However, when he saw An Yize holding onto a glass of red wine for himself while passing a cup of juice to him, Su Jian felt depressed.

Just what did he do when he was drunk to cast such a big shadow on An Yize!

A female guest beside them couldn’t control herself and glanced at Su Jian’s belly. She laughed heartily. “Is third young mistress pregnant?”

After saying this, not only did the nearby guest look over, even Ji Yan, who was slightly further away looked over with a stiff expression.

Su Jian was stunned and immediately clarified, “No, no!” He knocked An Yize secretly, signaling him to clear the misunderstanding.

An Yize did not answer the guests’ question. He only said, “Jian Jian’s body is not well and is temporarily not suited for drinking alcohol.”

The people around showed an ambiguous “understanding” smile and complimented, “Third young master and third young mistress sure are loving!”

With a stiff face, Su Jian replied with a “Ha ha”.

Fortunately, they were soon in front of Ji Yan. This was Su Jian’s first time interacting so closely with a celebrity, so he felt a little excited. He was staring at Ji Yan so much that it looked as if his eyes were lights shining on her.

Honestly speaking, Queen Ji looked very pretty. Her expression looked very gentle and easily left a good impression on someone else. In the past, Su Jian would have kneeled and licked his goddess’ foot. But now, since Ji Yan was An Yize’s idol, Su Jian’s impression of her couldn’t help but drop.

Though his relationship with An Yize has improved, they were still love rivals. To add on, An Yize had just taken advantage of him in front of everyone earlier. His anger had yet to dissipate. Naturally, he wouldn’t look fondly upon anything An Yize related.

An Yize’s face? Hateful! An Yize’s smile? Hypocritical! An Yize’s goddess? Argh, just another ordinary pretty woman!

“Xiao Ze, happy birthday.” Ji Yan looked at An Yize with a smile, her voice gentle and moving.

Xiao Ze? Such an intimate addressing? Su Jian’s ear moved, and his gossiping soul came into life with a “whiz”.

An Yize’s expression did not change. “Thank you.”

Ji Yan smiled, “You’re once again older by another year. Time sure flies.”

Ji Yan’s voice carried a trace of sadness and sounded very moving. However, when Su Jian heard it, he felt awkward. He looked at An Yize silently and thought: Older by another year? Why does it sound like a mother talking to her son? This person here is a 30 year old uncle An alright?

An Yize replied with an “En” and did not say anything else. On the other hand, Ji Yan was slightly dejected. She continued, “I have been working overseas these past few months. I did not expect you to be already married.”

Su Jian stood beside them dedicatedly and showed an understanding smile. However, his ear was perked up, listening to all the potential gossip.

To be honest, what Queen Ji just said seems to carry too much information….

An Yize looked at her and spoke slowly, “I also never expected that….” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “I would meet Jian Jian.”

Su Jian wasn’t sure if he was just seeing things but he felt that Ji Yan’s expression seemed to have stiffened.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to be invisible again. Since he was mentioned, he openly greeted Ji Yan, “Hello Queen Ji.”

Ji Yan looked at him with the same gentle expression. “Hello. Xiao Ze and I have known each other ever since we were young and we have a good relationship. So, you can just call me Ji Yan.”

Known each other ever since you were young? Have a good relationship? Su Jian silently felt that the information was too much. However, he kept a dignified image. “Hello, my name is Su Jian.”

After exchanging a few more words, Su Jian felt that the mood was appropriate, so he asked, “I like your work very much, may I take a picture with you?”

Ji Yan was not surprised. She gave An Yize a glance before smiling, “I never expected to gain another fan. This is my honour.”

Su Jian blurted, “I’m not a fa–” Seeing that Ji Yan’s expression changed, he realised that he had said something wrong. Feeling vexed, he immediately added, “Actually, it’s like this. In the past, Yize seemed to like you very much. I’m now married to Yize. Whatever he likes, I will like as well!”

With this additional sentence, the expressions of the two people beside him seemed to look bad.

Su Jian looked at this person, then he looked at the other person. He didn’t understand what was going on but he knew he had said something wrong. In order to lift the mood, he asked Ji Yan again, “May I take a picture with you?”

Ji Yan nodded her head.

Su Jian knocked An Yize gently and saw An Yize looking over cluelessly. He gave Ji Yan an awkward smile and turned towards An Yize. “Hubby, where is your phone? Help me take a photo of Queen Ji and I!

An Yize took out his phone silently. “How do you want to take it?”

Su Jian had already run towards Ji Yan’s side. He placed his hands on Ji Yan’s shoulder as if they were naturally familiar with each other and moved his face closer to Ji Yan’s. He said, “I want a large face image!”

Ji Yan: “……”

An Yize silently took two pictures. Su Jian took over the phone to take a look. He felt that the pictures weren’t bad and was very happy. He let Ji Yan have a look and said sincerely, “Thank you!”

Ji Yan looked at the phone and saw the screen being completely occupied by two large faces. Also, her face, which could not be considered large, looked like a silver plate when placed beside the small face of the girl beside her.

Ji Yan said, “This picture doesn’t seem good, why don’t we take another one?”

Su Jian thought she was being polite so he immediately said, “No need, it looks good! I like it very much!”

Ji Yan: “……”

Su Jian thought for a moment and asked Ji Yan again. “May I get your autograph as well?”

Ji Yan did not fail to give a smile. “Of course.”

“That’s great!” Su Jian said happily. “However, I don’t have a pen with me now. Can I find you later?”

Ji Yan’s smile finally had a trace of unnaturalness. “Okay.”

An Yize had been staying quiet next to them. Even after Ji Yan said, “Please excuse me,” he only looked at her back with a deep expression.

Following him, Su Jian looked over as well and lamented, “You have good taste. Queen Ji’s figure is indeed good!” Slim waist, straight legs, and buttocks. Of course, it would be better if her chest was larger.

An Yize furrowed his brows. “Did someone tell you something?”

“What? No!” Su Jian froze. Looking at An Yize with an awful expression, he asked, “What? You’re unhappy even after I complimented your idol?”

“Idol?” An Yize was stunned.

“Is she not?” Su Jian continued, “When I talked about her the last time, weren’t you very unhappy? However, I did not expect that the two of you to have known each other since childhood. Previously, I even thought that you paid her to specially invite her to perform for you.”

An Yize never expected for Su Jian to have such a misunderstanding, but he did not explain. He would tell Su Jian the matter between him and Ji Yan eventually, but he did not intend to do so now.

Su Jian suddenly asked, “About what time will this party end?”

An Yize replied, “It will take a while more, what’s wrong?”

Su Jian made a bitter face. “Wearing high heels is very tiring!”

An Yize wrapped his hand around his waist. “Is it better if you lean onto me?”

Su Jian tried leaning on him before he said in confusion, “It doesn’t seem to make a difference……”

The two of them were clinging on to each other closely when laughter suddenly erupted behind them. “Sister-in-law and Xiao Ze sure have a good relationship!”


Su Jian looked behind and a familiar face appeared in his sight.

“Ye Lang?” Su Jian exclaimed in surprise.

An Yiheng smiled, “Sister-in-law can call me second brother.” After he finished, he looked towards An Yize. “Sorry, I had something on so I came late. Little brother, happy birthday.”

Although An Yize’s facial expression did not change much, it was obvious that when he looked at someone he was close with, the expression in his eyes was gentle. “Thank you.”

An Yiheng was obviously more interested in his sister-in-law than his own brother, thus he looked at Su Jian and smiled, “Sister-in-law is very pretty tonight.”

Su Jian felt a little moved thinking that he would be able to meet two celebrities that he could only watch through the screen in one night. He studied An Yiheng carefully and realised that he really did look similar to An Yize. However, he was born with lifted eyes, with eyebrows containing a smile. Compared to An Yize who only had one plain expression, he looked more friendly. In addition, he wasn’t sure if it was because An Yize looked more mature when dressed in black suit, but compared to An Yiheng who kept up with the latest fashion trends, An Yize looked more like the elder brother.

Facing An Yiheng’s compliment, Su Jian was very calm. “Thank you second brother.”

An Yiheng smiled, “I’ve heard from Xiao Ze that sister-in-law is my fan?”

In just one night, he was labeled as a fan by two famous celebrities. Su Jian felt a little absurd. However, he recalled that he had once carelessly told An Yize that he was Ye Lang’s fan nonsensically. However, it was unexpected that An Yize would actually tell An Yiheng about it.

“Xiao Ze said that you adore me, so he asked me to treat you better.”

Su Jian was really surprised this time. Previously when he said that he liked Ye Lang nonsensically, he saw that An Yize’s expression wasn’t too happy. However, he did not expect that An Yize would actually remember that matter and even told his second brother to treat him better.

Su Jian felt a little perplexed, but he was clear about the warmth he felt.

Feeling slightly moved, Su Jian instinctively raised his hand, trying to put it around An Yize’s shoulder. However, when he stretched out his hand, he realised that his body was now shorter than An Yize by a lot. He couldn’t put his hand around An Yize’s shoulder at all. In desperation, he could only hold on to An Yize’s arm.

However, An Yize didn’t think much about it. He thought that Su Jian was just tired from the high heels, so he silently let Su Jian lean against him.

On the other hand, An Yiheng smiled, “Is this the legendary showing affection?”

Su Jian thought in his heart: Second brother, your eyes sure are bright. You can see the truth with just a glance! Su Jian had a better impression of An Yiheng now. He felt that although Ye Lang was pretty famous, he wasn’t arrogant at all. Although he was a man, it wasn’t bad.

Thus, Su Jian could finally relax. Hugging An Yize’s arm, he joked around with An Yiheng. “I wonder when second brother will bring a sister-in-law back to show your affection?” Though he asked casually, he actually had a reason for asking. He wanted to know whether the recent hot news “Ye Lang abandoned Lin Shimei for a night date with artist Qin Yangyang” on the microblogging site was real or not!

An Yize smiled, “I’m still young. There’s no rush.”

While Su Jian sighed saying, “Haha, my idol sure is shameless,” he looked towards the innocent uncle An who once again had salt rubbed into his wound.

An Yize silently said, “Second brother. Two days ago, Mother seemed to have asked the aunt of the Sun family out for a meal.”

An Yiheng felt his head aching. “Sun family? I’ve never heard of an unmarried daughter from the Sun family!”

An Yize replied, “From what I have heard from Mother, the maternal family of that aunt seems to have a pretty good niece.”

An Yiheng held his forehead. “Why did mother suddenly have such a hobby!”

Su Jian finally understood what they were talking about. Mother An was actually setting An Yiheng up for a blind date! To think that a celebrity would have to attend a blind date too, especially for someone like Ye Lang who was so popular among females. Su Jian was very interested. Hearing An Yiheng’s question, he interrupted, “Mother seems to be watching an idol drama recently. Two days ago, she even made me watch two episodes with her. The story seems to be about the marriage between an idol and a woman, something about marrying first before developing their love later on.”

An Yiheng: “……”

Su Jian said, “Why not have second brother bring Qin Yangyang back? If Mother sees that you already have a girlfriend, she won’t make you go on blind dates.” Su Jian’s expression was honest and sincere, looking like he was not holding any ill intentions.

An Yiheng showed a wry smile. “Sister-in-law saw the news too? To be honest, I’m not very close to Qin Yangyang. However, I’m friends with her boyfriend.”

Su Jian: “……” Why do I feel that the information is too much!

An Yiheng looked at An Yize. “Aren’t you and elder brother at home? Why does Mother always think about me!”

An Yize replied, “Because there’s only you to think about now.”

An Yiheng was startled for a moment. Suddenly, he scrutinised Su Jian for a moment before looking at An Yize, feeling interested. “Have you really gotten over it?”

The matter between him and Ji Yan was not new to An Yiheng. Thus, An Yize could immediately understand what he was trying to say. He replied simply, “I’m already married to Jian Jian.”

Su Jian couldn’t understand what the two of them were talking about. Looking between the two of them, he suddenly saw An Yiheng smiling brightly, “That’s good. I wonder when can I be an uncle?”

Su Jian almost wanted to flip the table. Why is this topic mentioned so frequently! Fortunately, he did not have a bulging belly. If he had one, that would probably be treated as a fact! Previously, he had not think much about this issue. Now that it had been frequently mentioned, he finally started thinking about it. He was now a woman. He would eventually have to give birth! When he was still a man, he was actually envious of one thing about being a woman. The child that they gave birth to would definitely be theirs. Unlike being a man, their child could actually be from another man. Now that he could do what he was envious of, instead of feeling happy, he felt tortured. When he first became a woman, he felt that the worst thing that could happen was to be done by a man. However after today, he actually felt that being done by a man wouldn’t be that hard to accept. Because he felt that seeing himself pregnant and giving birth to a child was the worst nightmare!

While Su Jian was dying from depression, An Yize couldn’t help but give him a glance before answering An Yiheng. “Jian Jian is still young.”

Su Jian gave an awkward laugh, revealing some of his teeth. Looking at An Yiheng, he nodded, “Yes, I’m still young. There’s no rush.” Pausing for a moment, he said in revenge, “Second brother is older than Yize. This matter can wait till second brother’s blind date is successful.”

An Yiheng smiled wryly. “I didn’t expect that sister-in-law would be so concerned about my lifetime event.”

Su Jian said naturally, “Because I’m second brother’s loyal fan!”

An Yiheng replied, “Wouldn’t the fans wish that I stay single forever?”

Su Jian said, “How can I be such a narrow-minded fan! I will definitely wish for second brother to have a successful blind date soon!”

An Yiheng looked at Su Jian, feeling more interested. Pondering for a moment, he suddenly looked solemn. “Sister-in-law, can you do me a favour?”

Su Jian was stunned. “What favour?”

An Yiheng solemnly said, “Help me think of a way to change the TV drama that Mother is watching. Hmm, choose a marriage is torture and bliss type of drama or choose one that shows that being single is good!”

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian replied, “I will try my best. Oh yes, second brother, please give me your autograph later!”

An Yiheng gentlemanly smiled. “No problem.”

Coincidentally, the housekeeper uncle happened to be walking past them. Su Jian busily stopped him. “Uncle Wang, are the photos ready?” Previously, he wanted to print Ji Yan’s photo. Then, he recalled that Ye Lang would be coming as well, so he decided to ask the housekeeper to print both of their photos. However, since he played a small role in the birthday party, he couldn’t leave. Therefore, he asked Ji Mingfei who happened to be beside him to help him tell the housekeeper. Though, he wasn’t sure if Ji Mingfei had passed on his message.

When the housekeeper heard his words, he smiled, “Third young mistress, everything is ready.” Once he finished his sentence, he asked someone to take out the photos that Su Jian had wanted.

After a while, Su Jian got the photos. Seeing the two separate packages of photos with their names written on the exquisite bags, Su Jian felt very satisfied.

However, An Yiheng was shocked by the thick stack of photographs passed over by Su Jian. “I have to sign all of these?”

Su Jian had secretly checked. The price of Ye Lang’s and Ji Yan’s signatures online weren’t cheap. Thus, he simply printed two hundred photos of Ye Lang in one shot.

Su Jian looked at Ye Lang with a smile. “Second brother, I’m troubling you!”

An Yiheng: “……”

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Of course, there will not be any complicated plots as well. Because this story is only about adapting, there’s no complicated plot at all! Just a slow love. Naturally, there won’t be any battle of brains, because this author’s intelligence is around the same as Jian Jian. Argh…

I feel that for those that have read till this point are probably already aware of this fact and feel that this author can no longer be saved. Ha ha ha…

*Solemn face* Actually, this author can write in different styles as well. Thus, I have decided to spoof a story about president An and Jian Jian’s previous life today (silently admitting, all of this was dug out by this lazy author selectively from a file called “pit” that was covered in dust after many years)!

As president An and Jian Jian are still males in their previous lives, it will be a * story. For those that cannot accept two male doing whatever, please stop scrolling down. Or else, your eyes will suffer!

There are three versions, choose whichever you like!

First: Palace Version

Let’s introduce the setting first: He was the prince of the former dynasty. As for him, he is the new emperor. The two men had known each other since their younger days and were good friends. Unfortunately, the latter ruined the former’s country and owed the former a lot. He had hurt the other too much. When the latter finally realised his mistake, the former was already ill beyond cure. He was maddened by despair. Ignoring everyone’s objections, he crowned the former as the empress. However, heaven did not fulfill his wish. Ultimately, they could not live together till old age…

The storyline—

Su Jian died in the spring.

It was the spring season, the flowers were blooming, the grasses were growing, and warblers were flying about.

The Yang flowers were falling like snow, floating in the sky.

At the waterside of the imperial garden, An Yize was hugging the weak Su Jian, accompanying him to watch the beautiful sight of spring and the green willow.

“Ah Ze,” Su Jian’s lips were a pale white, but the smile on his face was as bright as always. “I suddenly recalled many things about our teenage days.”

An Yize’s heart ached unbearably, but he didn’t show it on his face. His eyes only showed a gentle smile. “Is that so? What did Jian Jian remember?”

The two of them reminisced about their younger days. As they whispered, it was as if the past years had flown by with the spring breeze, and were then carried far away by the wind.

“However, it seems that I could not fulfill the wish of my younger days ultimately…” Su Jian sighed gently.

An Yize’s arm that was hugging him stiffened, but his voice still sounded gentle. “What wish? Whatever you wish for, I will help you fulfill it.”

Su Jian blinked and smiled slyly, “During my younger days, I always wished to marry you as my wife…”

An Yize was stunned.

“Although it has reversed now…and I’ve become your empress…but…in my heart…I’m still not resigned to this…”

Su Jian’s eyes that looked at An Yize deepened and his voice was as light as snow.

“Ah Ze, if I want you…to be my empress…in the next life, are you…willing?”

The rain poured continuously on the palace walls, the dazzling painted walls and beautiful tiles gradually eroded, and the beautiful faces eventually aged.

Yet, even after a long time had passed, there were still old ladies secretly talking about the scene from that day.

That day, the empress died in the arms of the emperor. The emperor hugged the empress’ body and sat by the waterside for the whole day.

Everyone in the palace distanced themselves. No one saw the expression on the emperor’s face.

Only the pure white Yang flower was floating about looked a bit like tears.

According to history, the emperor reigned the country for forty years. The country experienced lasting peace and had a flourishing new generation.

After twenty years, the emperor collapsed and was buried alongside empress Su.

Second: Wuxia Version

The moon was as round as a mirror, looking very lonely up in the sky.

Su Jian sat quietly beneath a tree. Due to the night breeze, the flower petals floated into the air seemingly looking like a flower rain.

It was already spring once again.

He still remembered that day in the flower forest, with that person was dressed in white with a long sword. His posture was elegant. As the flower petals floated about like rain, he looked like a celestial being.

Today, spring had come once again. The flowers were still present, but that person wasn’t there.

Su Jian’s heart ached. Picking up the wine jar, he ruthlessly drank a mouthful of wine.

A flower petal floated downwards slowly. Stretching out his hand, Su Jian caught the petal in his palm.

The cold moonlight glimmered on the flower petals.

Suddenly, a faint voice sounded in Su Jian’s ear.

At that time, it was also nighttime with the same full moon.

Under the moonlight, that person looked at him and spoke with a relaxed voice.

“You are my wife. Naturally, my life will be complete with you.”

Su Jian’s eye was suddenly scalding hot. He could not help but continue gulping down the wine, with some of it spilling out of his mouth as it flew down his neck.

Ah Ze, you said I made your life complete.

But did you know, if you are not around, Su Jian’s life can no longer be complete?

Third: Fantasy Version

A brief introduction: In this previous world story, Jian Jian is the merman king while president An is a supreme demon (why is this setting so chuunibyou and so funny hahaha)……

The storyline——

The merman king looked up abruptly. “You…want to keep me in captivity?” Seeing the cold look of the supreme demon who didn’t look like he was joking, the merman king shivered with fear in his heart. However, he smiled on the surface. “Your Majesty, this joke is indeed interesting.”

The supreme demon laughed eerily, “Do you think that I’m joking?” Before finishing his words, a brilliant light formed in his hands. Slowly, the light started spreading out like a lotus blooming. The light stretched out and turned into the shape of a web, slowly spreading out.

The merman king exclaimed in surprise, “You’re really trying to capture me?”

The supreme demon laughed without saying anything. Suddenly casting his hands downwards, the light web suddenly moved towards the merman king to capture him.

The merman king jumped away and screamed, “You’re crazy!” However, he saw the brilliant light that was trying to capture him rushing towards him. He maneuvered anxiously, trying to avoid the brilliant light. However, that brilliant light seemed to be alive and continued chasing after him. Seeing that he could not avoid it, the merman king changed his mind. He raised and interlocked his hands, placing his hands in front of his chest while quickly whispering an incantation. However, the brilliant light did not stop at all and was still rushing towards him!

The merman king did not panic. His lips moved slightly while chanting. Seeing that the brilliant light was already closing in, the king of sharks still did not avoid it, as if wanting the brilliant light to come towards him.

The brilliant light did not stop and continued rushing towards him. When it was right before the merman king, the brilliant light covered his whole body. However, the brilliant light unexpectedly stopped. Then, it dissipated as it exploded!

Although it was only for a moment, the explosion which spread out like a firework illuminated the originally beautiful face of the merman king, making it more beautiful and unmatchable. The merman king looked at the man that wasn’t too far away with a smile. However, his heart couldn’t help but clench. In his panic, he had used a magic spell from the merman tribe to fight against the brilliant light. The spell was difficult to cast in the first place. And to add on, the fact that he used it when all his spiritual power was lost made it even more dangerous. Although he was fortunate to be able to avoid the brilliant light using all his efforts, he was now very weak and the man before him would not let him off. If he attacked again, he would have no way of retaliating.

The supreme demon wasn’t surprised when he saw the merman king counter his spell. Instead, a trace of smile seemed to form in his eyes. However, that smile was very cold, and the merman king’s heart froze in fear. Thinking about the fact that the man before him would really capture the powerless him, the merman king panicked internally. He faintly said, “Your Highness, I have no further interest in continuing this game with you.” After he had finished speaking, he turned to leave. He had no desire in staying any longer in this strange place before this cold person.

However, he heard the man behind him laughing coldly. “You wish to leave?” The man suddenly appeared before him and a brilliant light flashed forth. The Shura knife[1] was actually unsheathed and coming sharply towards him!

The merman king did not expect that he would be so obsessed to actually use the Shura knife that could not be easily used to try and capture himself. In his heart, he was very shocked. He had experienced the might of this ancient magical weapon before. Even at full strength, he might not even be able to block its attack, and not to mention now, when he had already lost his powers. Seeing the Shura knife approaching, he could not block it. His remaining power was barely able to maintain his current physical form. Under the crisis, he inadvertently caught a glimpse of the clear water at the side. His heart moved and he abruptly leaped into the large lake.

As his body entered the water, his two legs transformed into a fishtail. His silver scales shone brightly, looking very beautiful and extraordinary. The merman king swam deep into the water and in the next moment, he could no longer be seen.

The supreme demon laughed coldly. The Shura knife did not pause its attack and went straight into the lake! Although the dazzling light broke through the water, the water surface that looked like a mirror did not have even the slightest ripple. Instead, it was simply cut open, as if the waves were split. A complex substance such as water could actually be split in an instant. Yet the momentum of the Shura knife was not affected in anyway and continued straight into the bottom of the lake.

“Ah!” Suddenly, a scream could be heard but it quickly disappeared.

The supreme demon squinted his eyes slightly, staring into the lake. After a while, large puddle of red started floating from underwater up to the surface, slowly spreading out. It didn’t take long before half the lake was covered with blood.

The supreme demon’s pupil contracted. Turning his palm, the person underwater floated up in the next moment. However, that person had a pale face and was clenching his teeth. His previously sparkling silver tail had half its scales cut off and had a deep wound with fresh blood dyeing half his body red.

The supreme demon simply stared at the person in the water. His sculpture-like face did not have any expression at all. He said each word slowly: “Do you still wish to escape?”

The merman king only felt that the injured part of his body was so painful to the point it became numb. The pain assaulted him, spreading throughout his whole body. The pain was so torturous that he’d rather die. Unfortunately, his mind was very clear and he couldn’t even faint. The supreme demon’s words sounded far away yet close at the same time—seemingly vague yet clear at the same time. The words reverberated in his ears. For a moment, he couldn’t understand what those words meant. Finally, the merman king clenched his teeth and bore the pain. Returning back to his senses, the merman king forced a smile. He spoke in a rough voice, “I’m…not…your….”

The supreme demon’s expression sank and his eyes flashed coldly. He said slowly, “I will give you another chance.”

The merman king turned his head strenuously to look at his eyes, giving him a shallow smile. “If you continue being like this…it will make me…think that…you…have fallen in love with me…” Panting for a moment, he continued exhaustingly, “If that’s not the case…you should…let me leave…” Seeing that the supreme demon was not making any movements, the merman king smiled. Enduring the pain, he swam towards the shore with great difficulty, leaving a trail of red behind him.

The supreme demon silently watched as that person swam towards the shore with clenched teeth, remaining expressionless. He saw that person’s body stained with blood, with fresh blood dripping continuously, yet he never looked back. He lifted his body up with arduousness and went ashore. The supreme demon hands suddenly clenched, then relaxed. In the next moment, a dazzling light from the Shura knife that he was holding entered his dark eyes. A flash of lightning cut through the deep night, and a frightening shock fanned out in all four directions.

However, what was louder than this thunderous sound was an extremely powerless yet extremely tragic miserable scream.


Only the first half of the scream could be heard. As if the scream used up all of its owners strength, it was unknown whether the second half of the scream was not audible or if was it covered by loud water splash. The waves gradually calmed down and no more sounds could be heard. It was as if that heart wrenching half-scream was just an illusion.

The supreme demon silently watched as the glint from the Shura knife illuminated the remaining scales of the person that flew up into the sky. Then he watched silently as that person’s body was half ashore once again and sank deeply into the water. He silently watched as big puddles of red started rising up to the water surface once again, as if red lotuses were blooming on the water surface.

For some unknown reason, at that moment, his heart suddenly calmed down, it calmed to the point where there was almost no sound.

He stood quietly at the waterside, staring at the puddle of blood that was enlarging, almost covering the whole lake. He waited quietly, waiting for that person to float up from the water whom seemed to be imprisoned by the blood.

For awhile, for another while and yet another while….

The red continued spreading endlessly, yet that person did not float up.

The Shura knife silently fell onto the ground.

It was as if the supreme demon took great efforts to lift his hands as his golden sleeves were slightly trembling.

His palm suddenly turned.

The water in the lake started flooding outwards, waves after wave, as if a blood red brocade was stretching out.

Within the brocade, there was someone whose clothes were redder than blood. Yet his face was extremely pale like that of a dead person. His long eyelashes were still and his eyes were closed. His expression looked calm as if he was sleeping and he would no longer wake up again.

The supreme demon was stunned for a moment, then he rushed over.

His foot was slightly beneath the water. Rolling his sleeves, that person was already in his arms.

His hair was wet and his fishtail was bloodied.

His face was calm and a pale white.

The body that was beautiful in the past had softened down with one with no trace of anger.

A trace of panic emerged and held his heart, slowly clenching it.

Yet a voice reverberated in his ears: he is the merman king and must have strong spiritual powers. Although having his scales cut off was painful, could it really affect him? Based on the situation, that person must be acting in order to escape from him!

The supreme demon’s hand that was holding onto the other person hand suddenly tightened. However, his other hand involuntarily trembled and placed itself on that person’s white wrist.

He put his finger in place. Emptiness. There was actually no trace of spiritual power! Also, it was calm under his fingers. There was no pulse at all!

At that moment, that trace of panic within his heart expanded like crazy. Like a spreading vine, it tightly winded around him, as if depriving him of air.


He hugged the person tightly as if trying to merge with that person. The supreme demon trembled for the first time.


[1]Shura knife — Something like this?:

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