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Chapter 37: In My Life, I Only Have This One Brother

Su Jian stared at Su Jie with his thoughts in a mess.

This kid seemed to have lost weight, but still looked handsome as always. In the past, Su Jian always forced Su Jie to admit that his brother looked more handsome. If Su Jie did not do it, Su Jian would gesture towards him as if he were going to beat him up. The two brothers would frequently mess around on the sofa. Then, mother Su would use a feather duster to chase them away. However, looking at it honestly, Su Jian had to admit that this kid looked better than his brother. He had thick eyebrows and large eyes, he was also taller than Su Jian himself. He belonged to the category that attracted girls. Su Jie’s temper was also better than Su Jian’s. Although he was always bullied by his brother as a kid, he never complained to their mother. At most, he would secretly change his brother’s contact name in his phone to ‘My Wonderful Brother’ or all sorts of strange names.

The relationship between the two brothers had always been good. When Su Jie was young, he admired his brother Su Jian very much. He frequently followed his brother, always calling “brother” from behind. Sometimes, when Su Jian bullied him, he would start crying. However, a few moments later, he would start hanging onto Su Jian’s arm again. As they grew up, the kid back then became a handsome eighteen to nineteen year old teenager. Su Jie became more sharp and calm. However, when he faced Su Jian, he was still the younger brother that always relied on his older brother. Su Jian thought with a little pride: The first time this kid wrote a love letter, it was to his brother who taught him, his first dream was enlightened by his brother, his first “shooting” was guided by his brother… A lot of Su Jie’s firsts were derived from the efforts of his brother!

Of course, Su Jie’s first experience of parting forever, was also through him.

He recalled Su Jie’s grieved look during his funeral, Su Jian felt sour. He died so suddenly, and he didn’t dare to imagine how sad his family felt. Even though he had rebirthed, he had no way of reconciling with them. Ever since his rebirth, he tried to avoid thinking about such things. However, once he saw Su Jie, all his sadness resurfaced.

Su Jie came alone. As he walked in, he started greeting the others one by one. When he reached An Yirou, he smiled at her. “Yirou.”

An Yirou’s eyes were shining brightly. Her voice was more restrained than usual. “Ah Jie, you are here?”

Su Jie nodded his head. He looked up towards Su Jian who was by An Yirou’s side and froze.

An Yirou hastily introduced, “This is my friend Su Jian.” Then, she pointed at Su Jie and told Su Jian, “This is my classmate, Su Jie.”

Hearing the two words “Su Jian”, Su Jie’s expression changed. He stared at Su Jian. Su Jian felt guilty. He forced himself to smile. “Good day, classmate Su.”

Su Jie was still staring at him, then he replied, “Good day, Su… Jian.”

Not long after, everyone had arrived. Eight to nine teenagers had gathered together. After chatting for awhile, they began singing. The room instantly became lively.

Usually, when visiting the KTV, Su Jian was considered the king of the microphone. However, Su Jian was not in the mood to sing today. He felt that Su Jie kept looking at him.

When Su Jian saw An Yirou start chatting with Su Jie, he relaxed slightly. Using restocking of snacks as an excuse, Su Jian took the chance to leave the room.

There was free food in the lobby. Su Jian walked with familiarity towards the food and started filling up his plate with the food.

When he was getting to the drinks, a voice sounded suddenly by his side. “Have I met you before?”

Su Jian was shocked. His hands shook and the drink in his hand spilled.

“Be careful!” Su Jie suddenly appeared by his side and quickly found some tissues, “Use this to wipe.”

“Thank you.”

Su Jie scrutinized him and asked again, “Have we met somewhere before?”

Su Jian saw that he couldn’t avoid the topic so he answered, “We met at your brother’s funeral.”

The moment he mentioned the funeral, Su Jie’s expression turned awful. Then he showed an expression of sudden realization. “Ah, I remember!” He smiled at Su Jian. “At that time, I thought that you were my brother’s girlfriend.”

“I’m not.” Su Jian did not want Su Jie to be suspicious of him, so he honestly said, “Your brother and I were in the same traffic accident. It’s just that I only suffered an injury, while your brother…” Seeing, Su Jie’s hurt expression, Su Jian’s heartstring was tugged. He said with a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Su Jie’s voice was deep and low. “It’s just that I did not expect you were also called Su Jian as you have the same surname and name as my brother.”

Su Jian’s heart jumped. He flatly smiled, “Yes, I find it quite a coincidence too.”

Su Jian turned around and continue taking more food. Su Jie helped out by the side. He saw Su Jian taking a mocha cake, so he asked, “You like mocha cake too?”

Su Jian’s hand halted. He acted natural and asked, “Do you like it too?”

“No” Su Jie shook his head. “My brother likes it very much.”

“Oh.” Su Jian flatly organized his words. “Many girls like to eat this. Though it seems rare for a man to like sweet food.”

“Yes” Su Jie laughed, “My brother likes to eat them, but he’s afraid of people laughing at him so he always makes me buy some for him.”

Su Jian recalled the days where he would use force or money to make Su Jie visit the cake shop to buy him some cake. Unconsciously, his lips lifted to form a smile. When he came back to reality from his memories, he realized that Su Jie was looking at him. He said hastily, “The two of you share a good relationship.”

Su Jie replied, “In my life, I only have this one brother.”

Su Jian’s eye suddenly felt hot.

“Are… your parents okay? At that time, they looked… very sad.” Su Jian knew that he shouldn’t ask this much, but he couldn’t control himself.

Su Jie’s expression darkened. “They are okay, they’re just not able to handle the fact that the older ones are sending off the younger one. After all, my brother’s accident was too sudden.”

Su Jian’s heart clenched. He hurriedly asked in concern, “Then, is their health alright?” As he saw Su Jie looking at him, he felt that his concern was too out of the ordinary, so he added, “Old people’s health isn’t good. If they receive such a big shock, we have to watch out for them!”

Su Jie did not think much about it. He replied, “Thank you for your concern, my parent’s health is okay. Although it is inevitable that they will be sad, we can only leave it to time.”

Su Jian asked quickly, “What about you?”

“Me?” Su Jie continued, “It’s the same for me.”

“Do you… miss your brother?” Su Jian couldn’t control himself and asked softly.

Su Jie froze and his expression darkened. After a while, he pursed his lips and waved his hand off at Su Jian. “Not anymore.”

Su Jian, who was feeling sad and sour, became unhappy immediately: This damn brat dared to not miss me! What happened to your brotherhood?

At this moment, An Yirou came over. As she saw the two of them talking, she asked in hesitation, “The two of you… know each other?”

Su Jie answered, “We met once at my brother’s funeral.”

Su Jian explained quietly, “His brother and I met the same traffic accident.”

An Yirou’s eyes widened. She looked at Su Jie apologetically and helplessly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know…”

Su Jie replied warmly, “It’s okay.”

The three of them carried the food back into the room. An Yirou kept losing her focus. However, Su Jian had his own troubles, so he did not notice. When he was squeezing his brain to think of a way to talk to Su Jie unsuspiciously and naturally for a while more, An Yirou suddenly came towards him and said quietly, “Third sister-in-law.”


It was rare to see An Yirou be so coy. “I would like to ask you about Ah Jie’s brother.”

Su Jian’s heart froze. He said in hesitation, “I don’t know his brother. I’ve only heard that his brother passed away in the accident, so I asked your third brother to bring me to the funeral.”

“Oh.” An Yirou looked at Su Jie who was talking to Zhou Hai. She said with a sad expression, “I didn’t even know that Su Jie’s brother passed away. No wonder he looked unhappy during this period.”

Su Jian didn’t know what to say so he started eating silently.

While eating, a phone that was placed beside a plate filled with snacks started vibrating. It was probably a message. Initially, Su Jian only gave it a short glance. However, after a moment, he stared at the phone. He remembered that this was Su Jie’s phone!

The phone model was quite old. Su Jian remembered that he bought this phone for Su Jie as a birthday present two years ago. Not long before his accident, Su Jie had said that he had earned some money during his part-time job during the holidays and could finally change his phone. However, after a few months, he still never changed his phone.

As if he were possessed, Su Jian picked the phone up and swiped the unlock button.

In the next moment, his eyes turned red.

The person grinning on the phone screen, who else would it be other than the old him!


After sending off Su Jian and An Yirou, An Yize drove to the company.

There was a department working overtime. Seeing president An’s sudden entrance, a tired worker was instantly awakened, looking ready for a struggle.

An Yize looked cold. He gave a glance and continued walking into the lift.

The moment he left, the solemn workers were immediately lively.

“Why is his majesty suddenly here? He scared the crap out of me!”

“Yeah, he came alone too. I guess he’s not here to work overtime!”

“I’m sure he is not here to work overtime! This afternoon, I saw his majesty go home! Recently, his majesty has been getting off work on time, and he has not worked overtime for a while!”

“Yes yes, I’ve also heard of it! However, this is normal. His majesty married recently, and there’s a goddess waiting for him at home!”

“Hey, I have heard that the goddess looks like queen Ji, is it true?”

“What? Where did you hear that from? Why didn’t I know!”

“That is a must! If she is not a super beauty, why would his majesty fall for her? She must be a beauty at queen Ji’s standard!”

“Is Ji Yan pretty? Why do I not think so?”

“Hey, insult my goddess again and I will ruin your face!”

“Stop, why are the two of you arguing? You like Goddess Ji Yan, so she looks like Ji Yan? Then, I like Huang Bo! Then, I say, the goddess surely is a beauty like Huang Bo to be able to gain his majesty’s attention!”

“sh*t! There are three different views now!”

“Sigh, don’t forget, looking at our majesty’s family background and his physical appearance, I’m sure he’s met many beauties. However, look at the results. His Majesty did not like any of them! What does this tell us? I think it’s because His Majesty has a special taste! If not, why would his majesty not fall for a mainstream beauty like me?”

“I want to vomit…”

“Hey, the few of you! Why are you guys still talking? Get to work!”

Naturally, majesty An would not know about his employees’ discussion about his aesthetic taste. Reaching his office, An Yize started working. However, after a while, he put down the file in his hands.

He, who was usually a hardworking person, could not absorb the information at all.

An Yize massaged his temples. Following his desire, he looked at the time.

Only 30 minutes has passed…

An Yize stared at the time on his phone, his expression heavy.

Pulling open the curtains, the sight of the city illuminated by the lights came into view. An Yize stood silently in front of the window for a good few minutes before he picked up the file again.

Just like that, he knitted his brows and worked for who knows how long before the phone beside his hand rang.

An Yize picked up the phone immediately.

The noisy background music could be heard through the phone. However, An Yirou’s voice still came through clearly: “Third brother, quickly come and pick third sister-in-law up. She is drunk!”

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