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Chapter 36: Ah Jie, You Are Finally Here!

Knowing that An Yize had a nosebleed, Su Jian’s first reaction was to have a good laugh.

Hahaha, An Yize, to think that you will also have a day like this! Su Jian felt that it was a pity he could not see that scene.

However, Su Jian’s mood became gentle knowing the reason for An Yize’s nosebleed.

The weather was hot, so it was easy to get heaty[1]. Having a nosebleed was nothing to be surprised of. However, thinking about the time when An Yize’s nosebleed occurred, this reason would seem dubious.

Back at home, when the two of them were in their room, Su Jian stared at An Yize and studied him carefully. An Yize furrowed his brows. “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian said sincerely, “Yize, it really was my misunderstanding earlier. You are indeed not a homosexual.”

An Yize: “……”

Till evening, An Yize did not speak to Su Jian at all.

However, Su Jian did not mind it. Additionally, he even specially asked the cook to prepare some cooling food[2] for him.

No matter what, An Yize took care of him every day. First, An Yize brought him to watch a movie. Today, An Yize bought him clothes and an aircraft carrier model. An Yize also bought him an anime figurine. He was not someone that did not know how to show gratitude. He should at least show his care for An Yize.

Hence, during their meal, the family saw a scene that was different from their normal days. Normally, it was usually An Yize silently placing food into Su Jian’s bowl and Su Jian was in charge of eating happily. Whereas today, it was vice versa. Su Jian placed a large piece of bitter gourd into An Yize’s bowl and said enthusiastically, “Yize, eat more of this. Your body today is too heaty, you need to balance it out! I once heard that heatiness can be caused by spleen and kidney deficiency[3]. You have to take care of your body!”

An Yize’s anger cooled down, but it brought down the surrounding temperature as well. With a straight face, he didn’t speak to Su Jian for the whole night.

However, no matter how suffocated An Yize felt, Su Jian was not affected at all. He was happily playing with the aircraft carrier model An Yize had bought for him.

One night passed. In the morning, An Yize’s feeling of suffocation dissipated when he saw the girl sleeping sweetly in his embrace. He silently looked at the sleeping person in his arms. Pulling the person closer into his embrace, he closed his eyes again.

Only when the person made a movement did An Yize opened his eyes again.

Su Jian saw him wake up and greeted him with sleepy eyes. “Good morning…”

“Good morning.” An Yize sat himself up.

Su Jian rested his head on his chest and wouldn’t move away. “I don’t feel like getting off the bed…”

Hearing the blurry and soft whisper, An Yize’s voice unconsciously got gentler, “Then sleep for a while more?”

“I can’t…” Su Jian muttered blurrily, “I’m hungry…”

An Yize lost his smile. He looked up at the aircraft carrier that was placed neatly on the carpet beside the bed. He knitted his brows and sighed, “Do you like it that much?” Hugging and playing with it for the whole night, he couldn’t even tell just who was ignoring who.

“What?” Su Jian opened his eyes lazily.

“Model.” An Yize lifted his hand to rub his hair. “This is the first time I’ve seen a girl liking such a thing.”

Su Jian turned silent.

“Jian Jian?”

Using patriotism as a reason was too much of an exaggeration. Naturally, he couldn’t use the same excuse again. Su Jian thought silently and decided to try his luck.

“Because… this is a present.” Treasuring a present from someone was a common action. Although it wasn’t a clever reasoning, it was at least more normal.

Indeed, An Yize no longer asked.

Su Jian lifted his eyes and peeked at him. He wanted to see if An Yize had believed his words.  Unexpectedly, An Yize was also looking at him with deep and gentle eyes.

He most likely believed in the excuse. Su Jian secretly sighed in relief, feeling more relaxed in his heart. Thinking for a moment, in order to gain An Yize’s trust and lower his suspicion, Su Jian decided to increase the number of female interests he had.

“Yize, I like ‘Three Little Bears’ too.”

A hint of a smile slowly formed in An Yize’s eyes.

“After work, I will bring some back for you.”

“This time, I want the mocha cake!”



After a few days, it was the day when An Yirou would go out and play with her friends.

An Yirou invited Su Jian to go together with her.

Su Jian hesitated, “I don’t think that’s a good idea? It’s your class bonding, what would I go there for?”

“It’s just all of us going to the KTV to sing. The more the merrier!” An Yirou added, “The rest of them brought their friends along as well. Therefore, it’s fine for sister-in-law to join in!”

The others should be bringing their girlfriends and boyfriends. Don’t you think it’s strange bringing your sister-in-law along? Although Su Jian was a little eager due to being trapped at home for so long and wished to go out, he still hesitated. “I’m worried that we won’t enjoy the same thing…”

“Why won’t we? Didn’t sister-in-law enjoy your time with me? You’re only older than us by one to two years, why would we not enjoy the same thing?” An Yirou encouraged enthusiastically, “Sister-in-law, you are bored at home anyway. Treat it as accompanying me and go with me!”

“Alright,” Su Jian agreed.

Coincidentally, An Yize also had come back. An Yirou told him about bringing Su Jian out to play. As she saw An Yize knitting his brows and showing a disagreeing expression, she added quickly, “Third brother, do you want to join us?”

At their side, Su Jian remarked, “We won’t be able to enjoy the same thing as your third brother. He’s already thirty years old, older than us by almost ten years. In this age, one year is a generation gap, not to mention ten years!”

An Yize: “……”

Ultimately, An Yize became the driver for the two of them.

An Yirou: “Third brother, you can let us off near the hotel beside the KTV. We will walk in ourselves.”

Su Jian guessed that An Yirou did not want her classmates to know about her rich family background. Su Jian couldn’t help but feel that was so good-natured.

An Yize replied with an “En” and requested, “You need to be back home by ten, I will come and fetch the two of you later.”

“No problem!” An Yirou smiled, “I will take good care of sister-in-law. Third brother, you don’t have to worry!”

Su Jian felt a little embarrassed. An Yize turned back to look at him before nodding at An Yirou.

An Yize sent the two of them to the location and left. An Yirou pulled Su Jian into the KTV that they had planned to meet in.

The KTV was not new to Su Jian. Before his rebirth, he had come here before. The interior design was vogue and the price was decent. Teenagers liked to come here. An Yirou pulled him towards the private box room they booked and opened the door.

There was already five people in the room. It only took one look to be able to tell that they were university students the same age as An Yirou. As soon as they saw An Yirou arrive, two girls waved happily at her. “Yirou!”

An Yirou greeted them one by one. Looking towards Su Jian, she introduced her friends. “Lin Huan, Qi Yue, my good friends. The two of them there are their family members.” Pausing for a moment, she introduced Su Jian. “This is my…”

“I’m Xiao Rou’s friend. My name is Su Jian.” Not wanting to be introduced as a sister-in-law, Su Jian interrupted An Yirou’s words and hastily introduced herself.

A male looked towards Su Jian and smiled enthusiastically, “A friend of a beauty is still a beauty! Hello beauty, I’m Zhou Hai, also a good friend of Yirou.”

“Who’s your good friend!” Lin Huan laughed as she rebuked Zhou Hai. Looking at Su Jian, she said, “Su Jian, just ignore him. As long as there is a beauty, this person will always think that she’s his good friend!”

The group of teenagers were laughing about freely and energetically, causing Su Jian to be affected by the mood as well.

After a while, the door opened again. Everyone looked towards the door, only hearing Zhou Gai shouting loudly, “Ah Jie, you are finally here!”

An Yirou’s eyes suddenly shone brightly.

However, Su Jian abruptly turned stiff. A sudden thought came into his mind: Ah Jie!

The person that came in was none other than his blood brother, Su Jie!


[1]Heaty – This is a symptom from Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). Hot weather or eating “heaty” food such as fried food or chocolate cause our body to become “heaty” and will result in nosebleed, sore throats and ulcers in our mouth. Here is some info:

[2]Cooling food – Opposite of heaty food, helps to balance out the “heatiness” in one’s body. Additional information on the above link.

[3]Spleen and kidney deficiency – More TCM.

Spleen deficiency:

Kidney deficiency:

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