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Chapter 32: Yize, I Don’t Discriminate Against Homosexuality

Thus, Su Jian looked at Ji Mingfei with sympathy, unsure of what to say.

An Yize saw Su Jian staring at Ji Mingfei for a long time and couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

Seeing Su Jian staring at him for so long, Ji Mingfei froze. He laughed it off and said, “Sister-in-law, is your leg better? Sister-in-law, you have to take care of yourself or Yize will be worried.”

Su Jian heard his sincere words with no trace of malice from a typical love rival and could not help but look at him at a better light. However, after hearing the last sentence, he started imagining again. He sighed silently in his heart, thinking “too cruel”. However, he replied with a smile saying, “I’m much better now. Thank you for your concern.” Pausing for a moment, he looked at him and An Yize again, with his final sight landing on Ji Mingfei’s face. He said, “The two of you sure are close.”

Ji Mingfei laughed, “I’ve known Yize for many years. We have always been good brothers.” He gave An Yize a side glance and teased, “However, he’s married. Now, I’m left alone!”

Su Jian tried testing him and asked, “You… Do you have someone you like?”

An Yize twitched.

Glancing at An Yize, Ji Mingfei laughed, “I’m not as fortunate as Yize to be able to get a wife.”

Su Jian looked at Ji Mingfei who was showing a wry smile. The more he looked, the more he felt that behind that smile, was a heart full of pain. He sighed in his heart. He had just seen a couple gaining their happiness. Yet in the next moment, he saw a heartbreaking unrequited love. Indeed, something like love was always ever changing, filling the world with much drama.

Though he sympathized Ji Mingfei, Su Jian could not just directly say,“An Yize and I have a fake marriage. Brother, if you like him, then tell him quickly. I will let you have him.” After a moment of consideration, Su Jian thought, since it was Qixi Festival, he should give Mr. Ji who was putting up a brave front a chance. Therefore, he said, “I need to go to the washroom, the two of you can chat first.”

An Yize reminded him, “The floor is slippery, be careful.”

Su Jian nodded his head and looked at Ji Mingfei again, giving him an encouraging smile.

Ji Mingfei was frozen by the bright eyes and earnest smile. Looking at his back, Ji Mingfei smiled. He turned towards An Yize and said, “Why does it seem like your little Su Jian is more interesting than before?”

An Yize did not answer his question but asked, “You finished your meal, are you not going back to the office?”

Ji Mingfei looked at An Yize in disbelief and said, “Are you chasing me away?” With a grin, he said, “But President An, today is Qixi Festival. I thought the company had a break?”

An Yize looked at him helplessly.

Ji Mingfei raised his eyebrows. “Yize, this is my first time seeing you doing such a thing. To think that it would be for Su Jian.”

An Yize replied, “We are now husband and wife after all.”

Ji Mingfei and An Yize shared a deep understanding of each other. Naturally, he understood that An Yize was saying that they were just acting as a loving couple. They definitely needed to show themselves on a festivity like Qixi Festival. However, Ji Mingfei still felt doubtful. He did not point it out, but bent his eyes and looked at An Yize, saying, “Speaking truthfully, if you don’t want Su Jian, then give her to me!”

An Yize’s expression sank. “Mingfei! She’s my wife.”

“You guys are not serious anyway. After a year, the two of you will divorce.” Ji Mingfei smiled lazily, “Besides, you said you don’t like her.”

An Yize asked with a deep voice, “You like her? In the past, you didn’t like this type.”

“I’m not like you, only liking one type for life. I prefer a diversity.” Ji Mingfei raised his eyebrows and asked, “Have you considered? I feel that your girl isn’t bad. The more I look, the more pleasant she seems.”

An Yize frowned, “She’s not someone you can play with.”

“I’m not trying to play with her,” said Ji Mingfei. Seeing that An Yize was still dubious, he continued, “Alright, I admit. Seeing the two of you spending a sweet time together during Qixi Festival, I feel lonely. I suddenly feel that having a wife wouldn’t be bad.” He looked up towards the direction Su Jian went and said, “And your little girl is very much suitable to be married home.”

An Yize said faintly, “You are looking for someone warm and interesting. She is not suitable.”

Ji Mingfei observed An Yize’s expression that was almost slipping and felt that it was very interesting. However, he put up a serious expression and said, “Even if she is not warm and interesting, it’s okay as long as I like her. You marry a wife to dote on her anyway. If I marry someone, I will naturally protect and pamper her forever. And as for Su Jian, that little girl,” Ji Mingfei glanced at An Yize and said leisurely, “One look and you can tell that she is suited to be pampered.”


Su Jian sat on the toilet bowl quiety. After he had heard the whole argument his neighbor had with her boyfriend, he thought that it was enough and finally went out of the washroom.

He did not expect that Ji Mingfei would be gone when he returned. Su Jian asked in surprise, “Mr. Ji left?”

An Yize calmly replied with an “En”.

Su Jian’s gossiping soul started rising steadily. He was curious about what they had talked about but he couldn’t ask directly. Pondering for a moment, he asked, “Yize, how do you… feel about Mr. Ji?

An Yize said indifferently, “He does not suit you.”

Su Jian: “……”

Scrutinizing An Yize’s expression, Su Jian could tell that the man before him seemed unhappy. Su Jian’s brain worked quickly: He asked about Ji Mingfei—An Yize became unhappy, and said that Ji Mingfei does not suit him—An Yize feels that Ji Mingfei is more suitable for someone else—Who is that someone else—Do I still need to ask? It must be the jealous An Yize himself!

Edogawa Su Jian had a sudden realization. The previous clues started connecting:

Sister An said, “Third brother doesn’t have much dating experience so if he is lacking somewhere, please cut him some slack, third sister-in-law… Also mom and dad have been pushing hard for brother to get married for a while but he wouldn’t do it. Yet right after he met you, he got married right away. We were completely surprised!

Yan Ziwei said, “An Yize can outclass most people in face, physique, family background, as well as capabilities. Even if you put this premium grade man in the midst of other men, he would still be very attractive to many of them. But, whether he is gay… Xiao Jian, you’ve lived with him for over a month. Can it be that you can’t tell?”

Sister Su’s fake marriage is due to her mother needing money for medical treatment. That’s why she made a transaction with An Yize. However, An Yize has both wealth and looks. He has everything he needs, why does he still need a fake marriage?

Su Jian felt that he had just learned something very incredible—It was all for the sake of love!

Looked like An Yize have feelings for Ji Mingfei as well. However, this kind of feeling was not publically acceptable. To add on, An Yize was the young master of the An family as well as the president of CMI. For the reputation of his family and for the sake of his career, there was a need for him to find a woman and have a proper marriage. However, how could he do that? Therefore, he rejected the wealthy daughters his mother had planned for him and found a normal girl to make a transaction. With this, An Yize could keep his chastity and wouldn’t hurt Ji Mingfei. After a year, they would divorce and he would be able to answer his family. For example, he could say that he was hurt by a woman and could no longer like another woman….

Once he accepted this setting, Su Jian’s imagination got even wilder. His expression was turning profound until An Yize’s voice sounded, “Jian Jian?”

Su Jian’s soul came back to earth. He looked at An Yize and couldn’t help but feel complicated. Immersed in the dramatic thought that “Our gay friend Ji’s feeling is reciprocated, and President An’s fake marriage was for his love,” he blurted, “Yize, I don’t discriminate against homosexuality.”

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian said sincerely, “If you really like Mr Ji, then tell him. I’m not against homosexuality. During my university days, I have a classmate that was homosexual and our relationship is still great. So, you don’t have to mind me at all. You can relax, I won’t obstruct the two of you…”

“I’m not!”

Su Jian shut his mouth only to see the man in front of him with a livid face. Su Jian kept quiet in understanding, not speaking further. He observed An Yize carefully.

Seeing that Su Jian was still observing himself doubtfully, An Yize gritted his teeth and said, “I, am, not, a, homosexual!”

Su Jian replied obediently, “Oh.”

The people around looked over curiously when they heard. The veins on An Yize’s forehead were on the brink of popping. He paid the bill with a cold expression and dragged Su Jian out.

A few teenagers sitting near the entrance were laughing loudly. One of them was shaking his head as he said, “Have you not heard of this? Liking is to be willful, loving is to exercise restraint.”

“Smart!” Su Jian praised.

An Yize’s emotions stagnated. He looked at Su Jian silently.

Su Jian tried to smile it off immediately.

An Yize looked away without any expression.

When the two of them got in the car, Su Jian told An Yize sincerely, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were not homosexual…”

Hearing the first two words, An Yize’s anger somewhat diminished. However, after hearing the last part, he frowned. Gritting his teeth, he exclaimed, “Just how do I look like a homosexual?!”

Su Jian gave a dry laugh, “I see that you have a great relationship with Mr. Ji. Previously, when you were sick, he even called specially to teach me how to take care of you. So, I thought…”

An Yize fretted. After a moment of silence, he said quietly, “Anyway, I am not a homosexual.”

Su Jian wasn’t sure if it was his delusion, but he felt that An Yize’s emphasis was on the word “I”. Su Jian’s thoughts started moving again: What does this mean? Don’t tell me…

Su Jian blurted out his inner thoughts: “Then, what about Mr. Ji?”

An Yize looked at him deeply but did not answer. He asked faintly, “Where else do you wish to go?”

Su Jian’s heart lit up: Holy sh*t! Is this a silent acknowledgment? Our gay friend Ji is really a homosexual!

Mouri Su Jian straightened himself, feeling proud that he had guessed half of it correctly.


After celebrating Qixi Festival officially for the first time in his life, though Su Jian felt upset, he e considered it to be successful.

Once they returned home, An Yirou came over and probed for the results. “Third sister-in-law, third brother brought you out to watch a movie today? How was it? Did you have fun?”

Su Jian nodded his head and said, “Quite happy.”

An Yirou smiled mischievously. “Other than watching the movie, you didn’t do anything else?”

“Anything else?” Su Jian recalled their activities one by one and said, “After the movie, we ate, then we went out for a car ride…”

“Wow! Third brother gave you a car ride?” An Yirou marveled, “Where did you go for your car ride?”

“People’s Park.”


“Xiao Rou?”

“Oh, People’s Park… Was it fun?”

“Not bad. I feel that I haven’t been there for a long time, so I asked your third brother to bring me there. It wasn’t convenient with my leg so we didn’t stroll and only sat down at the lakeside.”

“Sat down?” An Yirou imagined the scene of her handsome brother and her beautiful sister-in-law sitting down at the lakeside, looking at the scenery together while depending on each other. She felt that it was quite romantic, so she asked curiously, “Then, what did the two of you do while sitting there?”

Su Jian replied, “Today’s weather was cool. At the lakeside, a large crowd of elderly people performed the Yangko dance[1]. It was very lively.”

An Yirou held her head and walked away silently. She returned to her room and silently made a microblog.

“My brother and sister-in-law went to People’s Park for Qixi Festival and spent the whole afternoon watching elderlies perform the Yangko dance.”


[1]Yangko dance – A popular rural folk dance

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