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Chapter 31: Cruel! This Is Too Cruel!

An Yize carried Su Jian into the car and helped him fasten his seatbelt before asking, “What do you want to eat?”

Su Jian thought for a bit and then said excitedly, “I want to eat Sichuan Cuisine[1]!”

An Yize furrowed his brows. Initially, he had wanted to reject the idea. However, looking at Su Jian’s expectant expression, his heart softened. After pondering for a moment, he called his family doctor and asked, “Qingyuan, can Jian Jian eat spicy food with her current condition?”

Su Jian was depressed. However, he was instantly happy after hearing Zhang Qingyuan said that he could eat in moderation.

An Yize put down his phone and saw Su Jian looking at him with bright eyes. The corner of his lips curled up. He smiled and nodded his head: “Qingyuan said you can eat in moderation, but it cannot be too spicy.”

Su Jian ignored the last part and said happily, “Then, I want to eat boiled meat! I also want steamed fish! Oh yes, I want to eat Mao Xue Wang[2] too!”

Half of those are spicy dishes… An Yize felt helpless, but after looking at Su Jian’s face full of yearning, he could not bear to reject. He could only nod his head as he said, “Alright.”

Su Jian asked cheerfully, “Where will we be going?”

An Yize held the steering wheel and said, “I know a Sichuan Cuisine restaurant. Although the restaurant is not big, the taste is very authentic.

After they reached their destination, An Yize got off the car and went towards Su Jian’s side to help him out.

Su Jian lifted up his head to look at the shop sign. “Here?”

Nodding, An Yize said, “The business here is quite good. There will be quite a few people here, so be careful.”

Upon entering the restaurant, An Yize wanted to have a private room but Su Jian insisted on sitting at the counter seats. Su Jian felt that it had been too long since he last saw so many people and he wished to experience being in the crowd.

Without a choice, An Yize could only choose a relatively quiet spot close to the window. Su Jian sat opposite of An Yize and asked the waiter for the menu. Glancing at An Yize, he asked, “I guess I will order now?”

With his eyes forming a trace of a smile, An Yize said, “Okay.”

Su Jian felt lavished. He boldly ordered many dishes that he wanted to eat. An Yize didn’t stop him either. He helped Su Jian pour a cup of water and placed it in front of him.

But when Su Jian went to wash her hands, An Yize took the chance to tell the waiter not to put too much chilli in their dishes.

The dishes arrived relatively quickly. After his sleep, Su Jian felt very hungry. Following the heavy meal, Su Jian finally felt that his body was satisfied.

An Yize put down his chopstick. He asked, “Are you full?”

Su Jian patted her stomach and said, “It’s an intermission now! After a break, I will take on the challenge again!”

An Yize: “……”

After his stomach was content, Su Jian finally had the heart to think about other issues. He just remembered the fact that An Yize had abandoned him earlier.

“By the way, where did you go earlier?” Su Jian unhappily asked, “I thought I asked you to wait for me? Why didn’t I see you when I came out?”

An Yize apologetically said, “Sorry.”

Su Jian could not feel angry after hearing his sincere apology. However, he was still curious about the woman that An Yize had carried away. With a straight face he asked, “I waited for you for so long. You should at least give me an explanation.”

An Yize briefly explained, “While I was waiting for you, I happened to see Ningxue. She sprained her leg, so I sent her to her car to let her chauffeur fetch her. However, after I came back, you disappeared.”

“Miss Bai?” Su Jian was surprised. He didn’t expect that the woman behind this was actually someone he knew. He knew that Bai Ningxue liked An Yize. He also remembered Bai Ningxue telling him about how An Yize always protected her during their childhood. Su Jian could not help as he wanted to gossip, “You like her?”

An Yize replied, “I’ve said this before. I only treat her as a sister.”

If you only treat her as a sister, why do you need to use me as a guise to meet her during Qixi Festival? Su Jian did not believe his words and asked in disatisfaction. “What is our relationship? Do you need to hide it from me?”

After hearing his question, An Yize asked in return, “What is our relationship?”

“We are allies!” Su Jian continued, “We have to work together. You don’t need to hide from me. If you like someone, just like her daringly. I won’t obstruct you.”

An Yize faintly replied, “I have a wife now.”

Disappointed, Su Jian retorted, “I knew it. You’re still not willing to tell me the truth! We are not a real couple. Why are you involving me? Even if we are really a couple, in this age, aren’t there plenty of men that practice polygamy?”

An Yize furrowed his eyebrows. Recalling Su Jian’s view on a man having many wives and concubines, he asked, “Can you tolerate your lover loving someone else?”

“Of course I can’t!” Su Jian replied instinctively.

“Then you should put yourself in other people’s shoes. Naturally, I won’t let the person I like be hurt.” An Yize replied seriously. “In the first place, once you like someone, how is it possible for you to accept someone else?”

Su Jian thought, I can! I am big-hearted, my heart is as wide as the sky and the seas. It can encompass a whole harem with no problem! Unfortunately, in the past twenty-nine years, no woman was willing to enter! I have lived for twenty-nine years and I have never once experienced being in a relationship. How saddening!

“That’s why,” An Yize stared at him in his eyes, “Don’t say such a thing ever again. We are husband and wife now. If I’m with another woman, you should take caution.”

Su Jian blinked his eyes. He felt that he understood what An Yize meant. That’s right, he was now acting as a girl that loved An Yize deeply. Looking at it normally, if An Yize gets too close to another woman, as a wife, he shouldn’t be so calm and forgiving. If he acted like he didn’t care at all, it would ruin his act instead.

Su Jian always thought that he was very professional with his work. Therefore, he nodded his head and said, “I understand! Next time, if I see you with another girl, I will work hard to be jealous!”

An Yize: “……”

Since his gossiping soul couldn’t be satisfied, he could only satisfy his stomach by eating more. After the intermission, Su Jian resumed eating.

An Yize placed a piece of fish meat with its bones removed onto Su Jian’s bowl. Su Jian, who was used to An Yize placing food in his bowl, picked up the fish meat and threw it into his mouth.

Su Jian was eating happily when there was a sudden commotion nearby.

Su Jian had food stuffed in his mouth till the point that it was bulging. Hearing the commotion, Su Jian lifted his head and looked over ignorantly. After looking and listening for a moment, he became excited: Someone is proposing!

To think that someone would be proposing in a Sichuan cuisine restaurant. This brother sure knows the mood! Su Jian stretched his neck out excitedly to take a look, not forgetting to call out to An Yize. “Look, someone is proposing!”

Within the crowd, a male voice could be heard, “Though I’m not tall, I will work hard to be the mountain by your side. When it’s sunny, I will block the sun for you. When it’s raining, I will block the rain for you. Though I’m not handsome, you are the most beautiful woman in my heart, whether if it is now or the future. Though I’m not rich, I will work hard to earn more money, and I will give you all my pay! I promise that in the future, I will treat you well. Before others, I will treat you like a princess! By ourselves, you are my queen! Qianqian, please marry me!”

Su Jian thought that the speech wasn’t bad. This was simply how he felt when he had faced his goddess!

After the man finished his speech, the people circling them started cheering: “Marry him! Marry him!”

Su Jian followed the crowd and shouted, “Marry him! Marry him!” Because his voice was crisp and delicate, it stood out amongst the cheering which was mainly done by the males. Even the man who was proposing couldn’t help but turn around to look at him.

An Yize: “……”

The woman was shy for a moment before she nodded her head. The man stood up immediately and scooped her up, twirling her around excitedly. Then, he held her head and kissed her.

The restaurant was filled with the sound of applause and cheering.

Su Jian felt happy and also envious. He said, “That’s great!”

He felt that, what he wanted wasn’t anything much—he doesn’t need a grand beautiful goddess. As long as the person before him is someone he likes, he will tell her, “I like you, please marry me!” Then, she will reply, “I will.”

As an older, unmarried young man, this scene was something that he had thought about and hoped to see plenty of times.

An Yize stared thoughtfully at the person before him looking at the soon to be married couple with a moved and envious face.

Then, he looked at the couple with their faces full of happiness with everyone’s blessings.

Being with someone you love and willing to spend their time together until they are old, is indeed the most simple and treasured happiness in the world.


The both of them were lost deep in their thoughts. Suddenly, a voice sounded, “Yize?”

Su Jian had just drank a full mouth of water and his cheek was all round. He looked up curiously and saw someone approaching them. It was a tall and handsome man.

Su Jian was not interested and thus he looked down. In his life, he despised seeing handsome men the most!

“Ah Fei?” An Yize said in surprise.

Ji Mingfei greeted him with a smile, then he turned and greeted Su Jian. “Sister-in-law, long time no see.”

Su Jian replied politely, “I’m sorry, I have lost my memories. I don’t really remember what happened before……”

“It’s okay. I will introduce myself.” Ji Mingfei simply pulled out a chair and sat at the tableside. Looking at Su Jian, he smiled and said, “My name is Ji Mingfei. I was Yize’s classmate previously. Now, I’m his colleague. I also hold the position of being his best friend.”

Ji Mingfei? Su Jian felt that the name sounded familiar. He thought for a while and suddenly remembered. Isn’t this the gay friend that called specially to nag at me to take care of An Yize when he was sick?

An Yize asked Ji Mingfei, “Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here? It was me who introduced you this restaurant!” Ji Mingfei laughed, “Coincidentally, I saw you while I was eating here, so I came over.”

While the two were conversing, Su Jian was sizing up Ji Mingfei. He couldn’t help but admit that birds of a feather flocked together. Ji Mingfei was the typical high-class handsome man. Standing together with An Yize, they matched quite a bit.

Su Jian asked politely, “Mr. Ji is also here to celebrate Qixi Festival?”

“Sister-in-law, you can call me Mingfei.” Ji Mingfei continued, “I’m not as fortunate as Yize. I’m only here for my lunch break during work.”

Su Jian asked in surprise, “Today is Qixi Festival. Your company is on a break. Why do you still need to work?”

Ji Mingfei froze. He glanced at An Yize and saw An Yize looking at at him deeply. With a quick thought, he understood everything. Therefore, he sighed, “The others have their breaks to accompany their beautiful ladies. For a lonely man like me, I can only work overtime.”

These few days, Su Jian had been watching dramas with An Yirou. Coincidentally, he had seen a few rotten videos[3]. At this moment, he saw Ji Mingfei talking to An Yize while sighing. Then, Su Jian recalled his meticulous care for An Yize before. His previous assumption started springing up in his mind once again as his great brain power started moving—years as classmates, Ji Mingei’s feelings for An Yize were deeply rooted. Therefore, even after their graduation, he followed his love into the same company. He did not need his feelings to be reciprocated. His only wish was to follow him silently and care for him. However, An Yize was ultimately married. Ji Mingfei was silently hurt yet he had no regrets. During Qixi Festival, everyone else was spending a romantic time with their loved ones. Yet he could only spend his time alone in the office bearing with his unrequited love, using his work to occupy his tragic heart. However, he couldn’t help but go to the restaurant he had gone to with the person he liked, hoping to gain some comfort from the memories they had in the restaurant. However, he would never expect that he would meet the person he liked here with his newlywed wife, spending their time together for Qixi Festival. His heart ached, yet he put up a brave front and came up to give a greeting. However, behind every word he said and every smile he gave, his heart received a stabbing pain……

Cruel! This is too cruel!


[1]Sichuan cuisine — A chinese cuisine that originated from Sichuan which is spicy and has a pungent smell

[2]Mao Xue Wang — Popular Sichuan cuisine made by tripe, duck blood curd, ham and chicken gizzard

[3]Rotten videos — Homosexual videos

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