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Chapter 30: In That Moment, An Yize Felt As If His Heart Stopped Then Jumped Again

After coming out from the washroom, Su Jian’s buttocks and legs felt numb.

Fortunately, his stomach felt better. Feeling relaxed, he used his crutches and returned to the waiting place, but he didn’t see An Yize. Looking around, he still couldn’t find him.

Maybe he went to the washroom as well?

Su Jian waited for a while, but he still did not see An Yize. Feeling depressed, he looked around for any trace of An Yize. Suddenly, he noticed the two women that were talking about An Yize previously still sitting in their original seats. Su Jian moved over and asked, “Excuse me, the man that was with me just now, did the two of you see where he went?”

His crutches were eye-catching, and to add on, these women had a deep impression of An Yize. Therefore, they could remember easily, but they did not answer him immediately. They asked, “Are you that handsome man’s girlfriend?”

Su Jian nodded his head. “He’s my husband, do you know where he has gone off to?”

“Husband?” The two women looked at each other, eyes filled with confusion.

“Yes, he’s my husband. He said that he would wait for me here, but he is nowhere to be seen. Did you guys see where he went?”

The women looked at him with eyes filled with compassion. One of them said, “Just now, a woman came over. Your husband carried her away.”

Woman? Carried away? Su Jian froze.

Looking at his blank expression, the women thought he had taken a heavy blow. Remembering the sight of the weak and delicate Bai Ningxue lying on An Yize’s chest, one of the women couldn’t help feeling jealous. At the same time, she felt excited about gossiping: “That woman must be a mistress! The moment they met, she buried herself in your husband’s embrace. Afterwards, your husband just carried her away! Your husband is so handsome, you should watch him closely!”

Throwing herself in his embrace the moment they met, and An Yize even carried her away? Su Jian imagined the scene, silently confirming that the woman must have been An Yize’s true love.

No wonder he suddenly brought him out to watch a movie for Qixi Festival. He was just using it as a guise to meet his lover!

The women beside him were busy advising him to ward off and exterminate the mistress. However, Su Jian thought bitterly: An Yize and I are not even a real couple. That woman is the real lover. I’m actually the mistress!

Su Jian realized that he was used as a guise by An Yize and the fact that he was a mistress. Plus, he was abandoned by An Yize. Su Jian couldn’t help but felt angry: An Yize, are you still a friend? With your lover around, you forgot all about your work partner. Where has your professionalism gone to!

Because he was with An Yize, Su Jian did not bring his phone with him when he went out. Even if he could borrow someone’s phone, he did not remember An Yize’s phone number. For now, he could only wait.

However, what if An Yize was too absorbed with his lover and had truly forgotten about him?

Su Jian thought for a moment and decided to take a look in the carpark.

Thus, he took the lift down to the carpark.

At the same time, An Yize was taking the neighboring lift up.

With one lift up and one lift down, they coincidentally passed by each other.

Su Jian exited the lift and arrived the carpark. Suddenly, he remembered something important: Your Mom! He didn’t remember An Yize’s car number plate at all! He vaguely remembered that as they went out, An Yize seemed to be driving a black Benz…

Su Jian’s leg was not fit for looking through the whole carpark. He could only make use of his fuzzy memories and mark out an approximate location. Coincidently, there was indeed a black Benz parked there.

The Benz was parked near the lift. Initially, Su Jian thought of waiting near the car. However, he changed his mind and instead sat down on the steps near the lift. He thought, if that was really An Yize’s car, An Yize would still be in the mall. No matter how long it took, An Yize would eventually come down to the carpark. He might as well watch out beside the lift, in case he missed him.

Thus, Su Jian found a seat where he could lean against the wall and hiding himself in the shadow. After all, there were many people going up and down the lift. He did not want to be an exhibit.

With his eyes staring at the lift door opening, Su Jian prayed silently: An Yize, come back quickly! If you want to reunite with your lover, you can do it yourself, but you should send me home first!


Meanwhile, An Yize had taken the lift up and realized that Su Jian was still nowhere to be seen. He thought that Su Jian was still in the washroom, so he waited for a while more.

However, after waiting for a long time, Su Jian still did not come out. An Yize counted the time and felt that something was wrong.

An Yize walked towards the entrance of the washroom and troubled a woman to go in and ask if Su Jian was still inside. However, the results were negative. An Yize’s heart jumped.

He suddenly realized that Su Jian probably left first when he didn’t come back after so long.

An Yize looked towards the crowd. Besides the cinema was the mall. People were moving around, but it was not very crowded. He was just afraid of Su Jian’s leg being inconvenient for her. For Su Jian to walk in a crowd, it would not be easy.

An Yize knit his eyebrows. He first searched through the cinema. Unable to find Su Jian, he search the whole floor of the cinema.

However, he still could not find that familiar figure.

At that moment, An Yize never thought of the possibility that Su Jian would look for him in the carpark. He could only remember Su Jian’s excited look before they went out and her saying, “It’s been awhile since I went out.” Therefore, he thought Su Jian had went to shop alone. He rushed to the lower levels immediately.

The mall had a large flow of people. Within the crowd, a man was walking through in a hurry, yet not having the heart to appreciate the goods around him. He was looking around anxiously making the people next to him curious. Looking carefully, one could tell that this person was very anxious.

After searching through many floors, he still couldn’t find Su Jian. An Yize was unable to conceal the worry on his face. Just when he was about to continue searching, he noticed the mall’s broadcast. The voice in the broadcast was saying: “Dear customers…” He stopped moving immediately.

In his hurry, he had forgotten about this!

Changing his direction, An Yize headed towards the broadcasting station immediately.

A few moments later, the sweet voice of the broadcaster reverberated throughout the whole mall: “The following broadcast is of a search notice: Miss Su Jian, Miss Su Jian, if you have heard the broadcast, please head towards the broadcasting station immediately. Your husband is waiting for you here. Repeating again…”

An Yize waited beside the broadcasting station silently.

However, more than ten minutes passed, but An Yize had yet to see figure he was looking forward to.

An Yize’s face was turning uglier. He clenched his fist, then loosened it. He spoke to the broadcaster tensely. “Please broadcast one more time.”

The speaker broadcasted again immediately.

The time continued ticking, yet the familiar figure did not appear in An Yize’s sight.

An Yize’s expression turned cold.

Looking at his expression, the broadcaster tried persuading him: “Please do not panic. Why not wait for a while more? Perhaps your wife is also looking for you…”

An Yize’s expression turned cold. Suddenly, a thought popped up in his mind. He hurriedly thanked the broadcaster and rushed to the lift immediately.

An Yize took the lift down to the carpark and strided in large steps to his own car. However, his expression turned unpleasant in an instant: besides the black car, there was no one else around.

Leaning on the side of the car, An Yize clenched his fist.

He knew that Su Jian’s leg was inconvenient for her, and that she did not bring money or her phone. In addition, she had lost her memories and could only rely on him. Yet, he left her alone in the mall… As he imagined the little girl’s scared and anxious expression when she couldn’t find him after using the washroom, An Yize’s heart felt constricted.

Since Su Jian did not look for him in the carpark, he could only continue searching. Pondering for a moment, he felt that based on Su Jian’s condition, she shouldn’t have gone too far. She was most likely in the mall or closeby. Thus, he turned and headed to the lift once again.

He raised his hand wanting to press the button on the lift. Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he saw something around the corner nearby.

An Yize’s hand froze midair.

Walking towards it step by step, An Yize finally had a clearer look. That something was actually someone curled up while leaning against the wall.

An Yize walked in front of the person and squatted down slowly.

Su Jian’s back was leaning on the wall, with his head leaning slightly against it. His long eyelashes gently covered the usual pair of eyes that were always clear and bright. He was quiet and exceptionally well-behaved. However, his lips were slightly pursed, seemingly showing that he had suffered.

In the corner under the wall, a girl was curled up, sleeping quietly and obediently.

In that moment, An Yize felt as if his heart had stopped then jumped again.

Raising his hand slowly, he gently moved the hair on Su Jian’s cheek away. An Yize touched the beautiful white face carefully. He voice held a softness and heartache that even he himself did not notice: “Jian Jian? Jian Jian? Wake up!”

Su Jian’s butterfly-like eyelashes trembled. Opening his eyes, he saw An Yize in front of him. Still feeling dazed, he called out blankly: “Yize?”

“En, it’s me,” An Yize replied gently.

Su Jian rubbed his eyes, his voice containing confusion. Sounding soft, he asked, “You are back?”

“En.” An Yize touched his face and hugged him naturally.

Su Jian was stunned. Behind An Yize’s shoulder, his two eyes blinked: “Yize.”


“I’m hungry.”


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