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Chapter 23: You Are The Type That My Dad Likes

For the next two days, mother An remorselessly gave Su Jian the silent treatment.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before father An who had been out of town for a while returned home.

An Yize’s father, An Zonghai, was someone even Su Jian, who never really paid much attention to financial news, had heard of. Su Jian felt jealousy, envy, and hatred towards children of successful entrepreneurs like An Yize, but he worshiped first generation entrepreneurs like father An. He was currently An Yize’s wife, father An’s third daughter-in-law who wasn’t well-liked by the mother-in-law. He didn’t know how father An would treat him.

Su Jian wasn’t afraid, but it gave him a headache. If father An didn’t like him and opposed him being with An Yize, it would be a lot harder to deal with than mother An.

But after meeting father An, Su Jian slowly became disillusioned.

Father An was around sixty years old. He looked much younger, akin to a man in his early fifties and could be considered a silver fox. He also doted on mother An. Su Jian finally realized where mother An’s girlish personality came from.

It was even more surprising to Su Jian that father An treated him kindly. Not only did he give him an expensive present, but he also asked about his health considerately. He was gentle and kind, completely fulfilling the role of a loving father-in-law.

Su Jian was shocked. Before bed that night he exclaimed to An Yize, “It seems like your dad really likes me!”

An Yize responded, “You are the type that my dad likes.”

Su Jian’s heart skipped a beat. “I’m the type…that your dad likes?”

An Yize said with chagrin, “The type of daughter he likes! My dad likes daughters!”

Su Jian was astonished. After thinking for a moment, he said, “No wonder your family has three boys and a girl. Was it because your father wanted a daughter yet kept having boys so they kept having children?”

An Yize grimaced slightly in silent acknowledgment.

Full of curiosity, Su Jian said, “Your dad likes girls like me? It seems I’m very likable!”

An Yize gave him a silent stare. “Your looks fulfill what he hopes for in a daughter.”

Great minds think alike! Su Jian thought. I also feel like Su-girly’s looks match what I’d hope for in a daughter! Of course, they also match what I’d wish for in my daughter’s mother!

A moment later, Su Jian came to a realization. He angrily interrogated, “What do you mean my looks match?” You An-surnamed guy! Don’t assume I don’t understand that you’re saying my personality is lacking in a roundabout way!

As usual, An Yize looked at him silently: “My dad likes clever and obedient daughters.”

Su Jian blurted, “Aren’t I clever and obedient?”

An Yize: “……”

After Su Jian’s outburst, he realized what he had blurted out and felt a little awkward. Right when he was about to change the subject, An Yize emotionlessly answered,

“Yes, clever and obedient.”

Su Jian: “……”

Even though Su Jian felt beautiful and intelligent both inside and out, An Yize’s opinion was thoroughly shocking. In order to stop the mysterious warming of his face, Su Jian hurriedly searched for a new conversation topic.

“Then, Yize, do you prefer a son or a daughter?”

An Yize silently looked again: “A daughter.”

“Oh.” Su Jian asked insipidly, “What kind of daughter?”

An Yize: “One as clever and obedient as you.”

Su Jian: “……”


That night, Su Jian had a dream.

He dreamt that he’d actually given birth to An Yize’s daughter!

On the obstetric table, he saw a very excited An Yize holding a bundle up to him: “Wife, look! Our daughter is just as clever and obedient as you!”

Su Jian smiled warmly, “Hubby, name our daughter, ok?”

An Yize pondered: “Our daughter is so clever and obedient. Why don’t we call her An Guaiguai…”[1]

In the morning, Su Jian recalled his dream and was almost shocked to death. His expression wasn’t very good and hadn’t improved by breakfast.

An Yize handed him his milk, then frowned as he saw his face. He said in a low voice, “What are you thinking about?”

“An Guaiguai” kept repeating over and over Su Jian’s head. When he heard An Yize’s question, he glanced at him, then blurted the answer: “An Guaiguai!”

An Yize: “……”

Father An froze, then laughed, “As expected from newlyweds, this nickname is a bit…unique.”


That day, An Guaiguai was in a bad mood, yet Su Jian was in a great mood.

It was because An Yize’s little sister, An Yirou, came home during break.

Su Jian had already heard from the servants that An Yirou was very beautiful. Based on father An, mother An, and An Yize’s looks, Su Jian believed that little sister An was definitely a beauty!

Sure enough, when he saw An Yirou, Su Jian couldn’t help but think: The An family has great genes!

It was only when An Yirou smiled widely at him and called him “Third sister-in-law” that he suffered a silent shock.

After a few days together, Su Jian liked this daughter of the An family even more. An Yirou was only nineteen years old and and was currently a sophomore in college. Even though she came from a wealthy family, she didn’t carry herself in a haughty manner. Also, it seemed that An Yirou had a good impression of her third sister-in-law so she frequently spoke to Su Jian. Of course, Su Jian was more than happy to keep her company.

When An Yirou went to Su Jian’s room to find her, she discovered that Su Jian was holding a laptop and watching videos. “Third sister-in-law! You actually like anime?!”

Su Jian laughed: “I’ve been bored lately so I’m just casually browsing.”

An Yirou’s interest was piqued: “Third sister-in-law, which is your favorite?”

Su Jian would never have thought that this little sister would have an interest in this subject. He pondered, then answered, “Recently, I’ve been following Tokyo Ghoul.”

“Sister-in-law, you actually like Tokyo Ghoul too?” An Yirou looked happily surprised to have found a fellow fan.

Su Jian nodded.

An Yirou casually sat down next to Su Jian and started to discuss anime with much interest. Su Jian noticed how familiar An Yirou was with him and was happy. In addition, the two of them had a similar interest so he naturally participated in the discussion with fervor.

Without keeping track of time, the two of them talked until it was time to eat. An Yirou wanted to continue talking. She sighed heavily as she looked at Su Jian: “Third sister-in-law, when I met you in the past, I thought you were shy and refined. I would never have thought you were so interesting! No wonder my third brother likes you!”

Su Jian froze, then refuted in his head: I think I’m pretty shy and refined right now! Also, your third brother doesn’t even like me. I don’t know what’s been happening with that guy recently, but he hasn’t been coming home for dinner. Maybe he’s been secretly meeting up with a mistress…[2]


For the next couple of days, An Yirou dragged Su Jian along to watch videos. Su Jian was happy to do so. It was so much better to watch anime with a cute girl than it was to watch young girls’ dramas with Elder Rong. Of course, An Yirou was a fan of dramas as well as anime. On this day, she pulled Su Jian along to watch a very popular new idol drama.

At first, Su Jian was worried that An Yirou would act like a young girl like mother An so he kindly prepared tissues.

Who knew that the situation would be the complete opposite in reality.

“HAHAHA! These cheap special effects!”

“HAHAHA! What the heck is this? Can’t they even play together happily?”

“HAHAHA! The female lead is so pitiful! The male lead ran off with a gay friend!”

“HAHAHA! This divine plot! It’s so deliciously shocking!”

Su Jian: “……”

An Yirou: “Third sister-in-law, what do you think of this drama?”

Su Jian: “It’s…It’s okay…”

An Yirou rested her chin in her hands: “Actually, I like this drama’s male lead. He’s adorably naive.”

Su Jian assessed him objectively: “Yes, he’s pretty handsome.”

“Right?” An Yirou was very happy, “I think second brother knows the leading actor. Someday I’ll ask second brother to get me an autographed picture. Third sister-in-law, do you want one?”

Wealthy families, Su Jian silently thought with a deep sigh. He said hesitantly, “Actually, I like the female lead better. Does second brother know the actress?”

An Yirou thought for a moment, “I seem to remember that I’ve heard second brother mention her. He should know her. It doesn’t matter. Whether he knows her or not, I’ll have second brother bring you an autographed picture!”

Su Jian thanked her while he thought. The leading actor and actress of this drama are currently trending. If second brother An is able to be friends with them, then his reputation is nothing to sneeze at. But why have I never heard of An Yiheng?

Su Jian carefully probed, “I haven’t met second brother yet. Is he filming out of the country?”

An Yirou answered, “Second brother doesn’t live at home. Recently, he’s been filming The Legend of Flying Cloud at XX Film studios. It’ll take many months! He probably won’t be back for a while.”

The Legend of Flying Cloud? Su Jian was astonished. This was a movie from a major film studio which had a famous director, famous actors, and major investors. Even he, who didn’t particularly keep track of entertainment news, had heard of this movie. Second brother An’s reputation must have been really good to be able to participate in filming this movie!

“Even if you haven’t met second brother in person, you must have seen him on TV before!” An Yirou said happily. “Second brother recently won the Golden Flower Best Actor award for Big Times. Have you seen it before?”[3]

Golden Flower Best Actor? Big Times? Su Jian froze in shock: “Ye Lang?”

“Yes,” An Yirou grinned broadly. “Second brother’s stage name is Ye Lang.”


[1]Guai means obedient in Chinese.

[2]The term here is 小三嫂 which is a bit of a play on words. 小三 means little third, which is a pop culture offshoot of the third one, meaning a third party in a marriage. 三嫂 means third sister-in-law as in wife of the third son. This refers to a third party who is possibly the actual third son’s ‘wife’ in affections.

[3]Golden Flower is probably like the 100 flower awards which is like China’s Golden Globes. Big Times is a play on a famous movie series called Tiny Times.

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