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Chapter 5: Where Else Could We Find Such an Obedient Daughter-in-law?

After Mr. Ling’s return, Ling Chao’s home became livelier.  Along with that, relatives that they had never seen before had come for a visit. They had received so many guests, that the small courtyard’s doorstep had nearly worn out at this point.

Xiao Tu didn’t like these people, especially with how they looked at Ling Chao, as if they wanted to devour him.

Naturally, Ling Chao also didn’t like them. Therefore, every time they went home, as long as he saw unfamiliar shoes at the doorstep, he would carry his backpack and go to Xiao Tu’s house to do homework instead.  

After finishing their homework, Xiao Tu’s mother would allow him to stay for dinner until after the visitors at his own house had left. It was only once they were long gone did he pack his things and go home.

Later on, Mr. Ling noticed a change in his son and felt that if this continued, it wouldn’t be good for his son’s future. He straightforwardly suggested to his wife, Mrs. Ling,  that they should move to the city. He told of the houses in the city being big, the schools being good, and along with this, he spoke of the benefits for Ling Chao’s future.

But Mrs. Ling didn’t agree, saying, “If we moved away, where would we find such an obedient daughter-in-law such as Xiao Tu?”

Mr. Ling also agreed after thinking about it more, and he didn’t have any more thoughts about moving. In fact, these past few years when he was working far away from home, he always felt that he had been a shameful father. Thus,  ever since he returned and was forgiven by his wife. From then on, he became extremely dedicated to his family, such that one could say, he had the criteria of becoming one of the 24 Filial Exemplars.

Ling Chao never moved, however, months later the government’s development plans were announced. The plans had designated the old neighborhood that Xiao Tu and her family lived in to be a new theme park, and they would prepare to begin construction by the end of the year.

In order to appease the residents, the government had already prepared new houses for them early on. The new houses were built in a new development zone. Although they were a bit far, they were much bigger than their current homes, they had elevators, and were also in a small neighborhood styled area. Even the moving was taken care of by the government. Slowly but surely, they moved one household at a time.  

At the beginning, Xiao Tu’s mom wasn’t willing to move. After Xiao Tu had heard there were elevators, she impatiently urged her mother to move. Thankfully, her mother wasn’t too headstrong and didn’t put up much of an argument. She had wanted to be a householder who refuses to vacate their home, but didn’t have enough of a reputation, and thus agreed to move.  

When Xiao Tu’s family moved, Ling Chao’s family moved immediately after. They didn’t know if it was luck or fate, but to put it shortly, they were living in the same area yet again. This time however, they were even closer than before. Going up one flight of stairs, Xiao Tu’s family was on the left, and Ling Chao’s family was on the right, with only 3-4 meters separating them respectively.

By the time they were done moving it was already August, and Xiao Tu had muddle-headedly finished elementary school and became a first-year middle school student.

Speaking of advancing to middle school, the elementary school and middle school actually share the same school campus. Xiao Tu and her classmates had simply moved from one building to another, her classmates had barely changed.

However, the principal of the school is the same old man from six years ago who enjoyed giving the students a placement test. With a single stroke of his pen, he had all these new incoming students take a placement test.

This time Mrs. Xiao’s two pounds of apples didn’t work.

The principal said, “Your child’s foundation isn’t very good, and in the future when she tests for high school will definitely lose out. Maybe you should just let her study art?”

Her mother stared blankly not understanding, “Art? What art?”

“Such as fine arts or calligraphy.”

“No, not possible!”  Her mother shook her head rigorously, “Our little Tu’s pictures look like writing, whereas her calligraphy looks more akin to pictures.  Not possible! It is absolutely not possible!”

The principal thought for a moment, “How about musical interests? Like piano or even dancing?”  

“Principal, please don’t play jokes!” As the wife of the house, I’m not even willing to buy a new steel pot, how could we afford a piano? As for dancing, it’s not reliable, it would be better to have her learn something like martial arts!”

The principal slapped his desk, “Martial arts? That could also work!”  

Just like this, after Xiao Tu started middle school, her mother brought her to a famous martial arts school nearby. Xiao Tu had never learned any martial arts before. She was shy the entire time as she followed her mother to the Martial Arts class.

A martial arts teacher that resembled Wu Da-lang asked her, “What is your name?”

“Xiao Tu.”

“Little Tu?” The teacher stared blankly for a moment, “Have you learned any  martial arts before?”

Xiao Tu shook her head, “Never.”

Her mother immediately added, “Teacher, this child hasn’t learned martial arts, but she can climb trees.”

Once the teacher heard, he became cheerful, “A little girl, yet you can climb trees? Not bad, you have the courage and insight needed, accepted!”

As a result, from then on Xiao Tu studied martial arts under her teacher, Wu Da-lang.

It wasn’t until a long time later that Xiao Tu learned of the foolish looking teacher of hers had participated in a martial arts competition; In addition, her teacher had taken first place among everyone and had even beaten the second place holder who was a full two heads taller than him.

In what way is this teacher similar to Wu Da-lang? Clearly he’s Wu Song pretending to be Wu Da-lang!

Currently, Xiao Tu was already living in the development zone. Due to the distance of her new home being quite a distance, she was no longer able to walk to school in the morning. Hence, her mother had bought her a girl’s bike to ride. There’s even a pink ribbon on the handles of her bike.  

Xiao Tu didn’t like this bike of hers, thinking it was too childish. She liked Ling Chao’s black Giant bike because when you peddle on it,  it becomes so fast that it’s akin to a gust of wind. Each time Ling Chao had worn a white shirt, and stood by his bike, a single look at him could kill you!

One morning, Xiao Tu got up extra early, and went downstairs by herself without waiting for Ling Chao, then rode away with Ling Chao’s Giant bike.  

Both of their families’ garages weren’t together, but because Xiao Tu wanted convenience, she would always place her bike on the side of Ling Chao’s garage. Later on, he found he disliked inconveniencing her and simply gave her a key while not knowing that this convenience would cause Xiao Tu to commit a crime.  

Xiao Tu happily rode Ling Chao’s bike to school, and after parking the bike in the bike shed, she grabbed her backpack and went to class.

At noon in the girl’s bathroom, she heard a group of girls from the other class gossiping outside her door.

Female student A said, “This morning when I came to school, I ran into the class monitor from class 3 of the 7th graders, Ling Chao. Any guesses on what happened? Unexpectedly, he was sent to school in a race car!”

Female student B said, “I know, I know, it’s that really good looking Ling Chao right? Who knew that his family had so much money, he’s practically a prince charming.”

Female student C replied with, “You guys shouldn’t be having any wishful thoughts, Ling Chao already has a girlfriend.”


“Xiao Tu from the class next door!”

After, Xiao Tu who was in the midst of putting on her pants almost fell into the toilet.

This false rumor, why is it that no one has forgotten it yet? T_____T

That day after school, it was Xiao Tu’s turn to clean the classroom. After she everything was neat and tidy, she carried her bag and prepared to go grab Ling Chao’s bike. However, when she got to where she had left it, there was a familiar figure with a calm expression waiting to catch her.  

Xiao Tu knew that she was in the wrong, and slowly walked over. Insincerely, she greeted him, “…Why haven’t you gone back yet when it’s so late?”   

Ling Chao harrumphed, “Waiting for you.”

Xiao Tu was having a guilty conscience, “No need to wait for me, I can get back…”

“Xiao Tu!” Ling Chao interrupted her with gloomy voice.

Xiao Tu knew, that since he called her by her full name, she ought to bow her head and admit her wrongs.  

“Sorry… I just wanted to ride your bike once, that’s all! I promise there won’t be a next time!” She held up three fingers, impatiently watching him. At that point, both of them were the same height, but as Ling Chao was standing in front of her, she was unsure of why this was, but he appeared to be quite ferocious.

Originally he had wanted to scold Xiao Tu, but seeing her pitiful expression, he kept the words to himself.

After pausing for a bit, he reached his hand and spoke, “Key”.

Xiao Tu obediently took the key from her bag and handed it over.

Ling Chao unlocked the bike, got on, then turned his head to Xiao Tu and said, “Get on.”

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t tell me you want to walk home by yourself?” This morning, because Xiao Tu had taken his bike, he had hesitated for a long time choosing between Xiao Tu’s bike with a ribbon and his father’s white racing convertible in order to get to school. In the end, he unwillingly had his dad send him to school.  

Xiao Tu hesitated a moment, but seeing Ling Chao’s expression, she had no way out and obediently got on the back of the bike.

While riding on the back of Ling Chao’s bike, they ran into the girls from the bathroom when they passed the school gates.  

Female student A’s eyes were filled with passion, “Hurry, look! Isn’t that Ling Chao from class 3? His figure while riding a bike is so handsome!”

Female student B who had flames in her eyes as well, “Who is that girl with him? It can’t be his girlfriend right? How could she be so ugly, no foresight at all!”

Female student C, “Yeah! Really ugly to death. Our Ling Chao is so bright, but she is so dark. They don’t match at all!”  

Female student A glanced at the other two, “ It doesn’t matter if you guys say they match or not. Even if the person gives birth to a panda, in any case, it is still the country’s protected animal. “


While riding on Ling Chao’s bike, Xiao Tu sneezed.

“Don’t rub it onto my clothes.” Ling Chao reminded.

“Okay.” Xiao Tu carelessly responded. She then reached out her hand and rubbed her nose, then naturally placed her hand on his waist, and rubbed against it.

Ling Chao: “…”

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