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Volume 1 – Chapter 8: God-defying Luck

“I am a E-level hero, Living Fright; to be honest, this name was not something of my own choosing, but the people at the Hero Association bestowed this name to me. I thought the name was imposing and grand so I accepted it without thinking.”

“Come to think of it, for as long as I can remember, even when I was a small orphan. The caretaker of the orphanage named me Thirteen, I thought I would grow up in that orphanage. But when I was three years old, the orphanage closed down. I heard it was because military officers destroyed the orphanage. Up until this day I still don’t understand why my teachers pushed all the blame onto me, it was obviously because they were busy conducting human experiments.”

“If that was the only thing that happened, then it’d be fine, but unexpectedly, I never saw any of them after that.”

“From the age of three to seven, my memories are somewhat hazy and unclear, probably because I was still small at the time. But the main point is, I would switch orphanages often. The orphanages that were willing to take me in, at most, only accepted me for half a month. So in half year’s time, I’ve basically stayed in every single orphanage in District C.”

“When I turned seven, there were no longer any orphanages that were willing to take me in. So I started wandering the streets.”

“That was a very arduous part of my life, but fortunately I found my way of living.”

“One time, I was dazedly standing in front of what looked to be a rich man’s house, in the hopes of getting a morsel of food from them. I was so hungry, that I later found out I’d been standing there for an entire day, in a dazed and blank-minded state. In the end, they came out of their house and gave me a lot of money, and pleaded with me to go elsewhere. At the time they even directly kneeled before me.”

“And from then on, every time I needed money I would follow a rich looking person, and then they, out the goodness of their heart, would give me a great amount of money and ask me to leave.”

“Just like this, I continued to live until I was ten. It was then that I realized that whoever I followed would fall upon bad luck, so each and every person who saw me would start to avoid me. At that time, whenever I went out, the people on the entire street would run away and disappear without a trace.”

“To be honest, I’m really sad. Because I realized that these people deeply loathed me, many people wished that I would die. However, there was a silver lining: the dark world was completely unwilling to even come near me.”

“At the time I was very sad, but also very rebellious. So I specifically sought out businessmen who appeared questionable and went to work at their businesses, and every day I would get to see chickens flying and dogs jumping.[1]

“But after working there for a while, a monster appeared in that building. Thinking about it, it was somewhat strange, because other buildings weren’t affected, only theirs. At that time, many people died, there was even a huge chunk of the ceiling above me falling down.”

“I was sure I was dead, and I even thought that dying was ok, after all, no one in the world was ever willing to accept me.”

“But I didn’t die, because Zero appeared, and he saved me.”

“Of course, at the time I only saw his back, and ever since then, I have been acutely aware of his actions. And I noticed that he was a caring soul who didn’t discriminate against those he saved, because I saw that among those he saved, hoodlums and scoundrels were also included.”

“From then on, I started to yearn to meet Zero, and by the time I determined I was going to become a hero and meet him once again, just like that I started to train. And after five years, when I was 15 years old, I’ve already become a superhero. At the time I was wholeheartedly longing to become a member of the superhero association, and then stand before Senior Zero and thank him.”

“While holding this kind of dream, I became a superhero.”

“But Senior Zero seemed to have disappeared by then, and the superheroes divided into two factions and started fighting. Afterward, the winner set up the Heroes Association, and so I became a member of the Association.”

“That period of time wasn’t too bad, the Hero Association assigned me into two teams, however every day the members of my team and the enemies would all die together.”

“Afterwards, they came out with a hierarchy, and my examiners had to switch out four times in order to complete my assessment. I was sure that my strength was at least A-level, yet in the end, they evaluated me as E-level.”

“I angrily went to seek out the president of the Association, but that very night he hung himself…”

“The presidents that came after him all tried hiding from me. So that’s why until now I am stuck as an E-level hero. How is it? This way you should have an understanding of me now.” Living Fright said as he sat on a pile of broken rocks and facing the Glasses Bro lying flat on his stomach and getting crushed by rubble.

“Can you first help me call an ambulance!:” The Glasses Bro loudly shouted.

“Oh my apologies, I was so absorbed in my nostalgia that I forgot, I’ll help you out. Who would’ve imagined that Senior Zero’s statue would just randomly fall down.” Living Fright exclaimed.

“For the love of God please don’t! I’ll do it myself…” The Glasses Bro had just finished talking, but it was already too late. No one knew when, but another statue had started to fall towards the two of them. Living Fright’s reaction was very fast, he jumped back and completely dodging the falling statue. Sadly, the Glasses Bro who was buried under the rubble turned completely silent after that.

“Whatever, I’ll first ask if Lin Jie, those two are fine.” Saying this, Living Fright dialed a phone number.

Lin Jie and Xiao Zhan currently laid inside an ambulance on the road.

“Hello? May I ask who I am talking to?”

“It’s me, Living Fright.”

“Oh, what’s the matter?”

“I just wanted to ask about the situation, and it seems like Glasses Bro will be stuck in there for a while before we can rescue him.” Living Fright said.

“Don’t worry, we…. He had not finished talking yet when a loud sound transmitted from the other side of the call, and afterward… there was no afterward.

“……” Silently hanging up, Living Fright looked at the rubble on the ground and the crowd of paramedics, “I should first think of a way to save Glasses Bro in this situation.”


The second day. Midday. There lay, in a ward at a hospital located at the heart of H-city, two very quiet and still people inside a medicinal machine.

Lin Jie entered the hospital ward, he looked at the two people in the medicine machine and said, “How are you guys doing?”

One of the people in the medicine machine, Xiao Zhan opened his eyes, looking towards Lin Jie. Currently, he had many wounds on his body and was in a neck brace.

“Looks like after a few days I’ll be able to leave the ward, actually, why are you completely fine?” Xiao Zhan used the speech synthesis technology of the hospital to speak a few words.

“The doctor said my shoulder joint was dislocated, and staying here overnight did the trick.” Lin Jie said and then looked towards the other person in the medicine machine, the Glasses Bro, “Why do you look like a mummy?”

“The doctor said all the bones in my body have been shattered, and that I’m lucky to have even kept my life.” Glasses Bro’s text-to-speech said.

“How severe!”

“Right, the thing I wanted to talk to you about. That thing about inviting Living Fright, can you think about it a little more?” said Xiao Zhan as he laid there using his text-to-speech.

“This… words spoken cannot be taken back, but don’t worry, I also plan on letting Glasses Bro join us.” Lin Jie said.

“This— isn’t a bad idea, we just so happen to be lacking an errand boy.” Was Xiao Zhan’s reply.

“Wait, wait… what are you guys talking about? I definitely don’t want to join you guys.” The medicine-tube surrounded Glasses Bro’s facial expression crumpled up in horror.

“Isn’t it because of you that we have Living Fright? If we run out of luck, you think you can just leave us and be fine?” Lin Jie’s expression also changed, “If you don’t agree, I’ll just request Living Fright to start to follow you around.”

“You filthy bástãrd.” Glasses Bro said.

“Oh? You want me to follow who?” At this time, Living Fright entered the ward room.

“Nothing at all, Glasses Bro said that he’s decided to join us, and that he’s willing to follow you. I heard Glasses Bro is also a D-level hero.” Lin Jie said, “Come to speak of it, Brother Fright, you really are incredible, the last time I suffered such a serious injury was seven or eight years ago.”

“Just Thirteen is fine, I was originally called Thirteen.” Living Fright said, “No need to be so formal.”

“Alright then Thirteen, even though your strength is still a little… I won’t change what I’ve already said, so…” Lin Jie carefully planned out his words.

“Don’t worry, I understand, In the future, I will try my best to keep a distance from you guys.” Thirteen (Living Fright) candidly said.

“Then I am relieved, Thirteen.” Lin Jie said, “We should share phone numbers so whenever you need something Glasses Bro can bring it over to you.”

“That sounds fine, speaking of, me and Glasses Bro have quite a lot of common interests.” Thirteen (Living Fright) faced Glasses Bro as he spoke, “Why aren’t you saying anything? Could it be that you blame me for getting you into this state, so you’re angry at me?” Actually, it was just all coincidence, you saw it too, I didn’t do a thing, and I even tried to save you, isn’t that right?”

However not only did Glasses Bro not say a word, his whole face was turning blue.

There was another person whose face was also turning blue, and that was Xiao Zhan.

And at this moment Lin Jie slowly realized there was something wrong.

“Make way!” A doctor and a nurse hurriedly rushed into the room, “The oxygen machine suddenly broke down for no reason at all, if it continues like this then the people here will suffocate to death.”

“……” Lin Jie subconsciously glanced over to the side at Thirteen, and couldn’t help but scoot back two steps.

“Can we help in any way?” Thirteen (Living Fright) asked.

“There’s nothing really, only the medicinal fluid that needs to be taken out.” The doctor said, “Eh? Why isn’t the combination lock opening?”

“What’s wrong?” Lin Jie asked curiously.

“Not good! The machine broke down, and at this rate, even the medicinal fluid bank won’t open!” The doctor’s forehead was already completely covered in sweat, “I’ve been a doctor for thirty years and this is the first time I’ve come across this sort of issue.”

The nurse at the side was completely panicked out of her mind.

“Do you need my help?” Thirteen asked.

“No need for you, I can do it!” Said Lin Jie and then he took out his spiked club.

What a joke, if he let that guy continue helping, those two would be dead for sure.

“Watch as I, Lin Jie, smash open this tank.” Raising the spiked club, Lin Jie smashed it right on top of the medicine machine. The the next instant, the medicine machine ruptured and the two people were saved.

The doctor and nurse each grabbed a person and put them on sickbeds, by this time Glasses Bro had already fallen into a dead faint with many doctors around them were administering defibrillation.

Xiao Zhan slowly opened up his eyes, “I just saw my dead father telling me to join him…”

“Don’t worry, he only came to visit you, he already left.” Lin Jie said.

Just like this, the doctor’s in the hospital rushed about. In H-city, a new superhero team was formed.


[1]Means to flee or run in panic or great fear.

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