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Chapter 226: Re: Everyone Loves Little Immortal Mushroom

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【I wish to tie a life and death agreement with you, so that even if I reincarnate after hundreds of thousands of years, we can meet again. So Yan Lu, for me, hold tightly onto the righteous path. One day, you and I will be able to stay together under the sun without fear and accept everyone’s respect…】


Those words reverberated in his ears, but his beloved little mushroom disappeared.


What is the point of being revered by millions of people if he was going to be left alone? What is the end result of defending against the evil and upholding justice?


When the heavenly tribulation descended, a God was born. However, Yan Lu, who was basked in golden light, had demonic qi surging in his eyes.


Whilst looking down towards the bunch of cultivators who were looking up at him, Yan Lu whose body was in the gods’ realm had his heart in the demonic space. His blood started boiling with the desire to kill. Golden light enveloped the sky and a great force flooded the land. A fierce killing intent spread throughout the surrounding. The sound of wailing and screaming came one after another and blood blossomed like fireworks.


Little Mushroom tried his best to make him walk the right path, overcome heavenly tribulation and become a god. However, he didn’t know that as long as there was any evil influence in his heart, the world would become hell.


Yan Lu’s eyes were blood red, and he who had just been promoted to the gods’ realm fell back to the mortal realm during his killing madness.


The cultivators were slaughtered, and a large number of experts fell one after another. The cultivation world suffered greatly from this battle that it might not recover for the next hundred years. However, this was just the beginning of the nightmare. Although Yan Lu’s cultivation state was greatly damaged, his strength remained the same and was even stronger than before. He slaughtered people everywhere in the cultivation world, and the first to bear the brunt was the cultivation sect that had directly caused the death of Little Mushroom, while hundreds of other cultivation sects, large and small, were also wiped out one by one.


The whole cultivation world was completely plunged into a bloody period where everyone was in danger. Even the combined strength of the experts could not compete with Yan Lu, who had the strength of a god. Just when everyone was becoming desperate, Yan Lu, who was called “Killing God”, suddenly disappeared… 


Unknowingly, fifty years of silence passed quickly.


In a small town covered by snow, a man lay motionless on the side of the road. His body was almost buried by the snow and only a few strands of messy hair his dirty arms were exposed.


The door of a nearby stop was opened, and the shopkeeper came out from the shop. He caught a glimpse of the figure on the floor, and couldn’t help but curse softly, “How unlucky.”


He walked over and kicked a few times, wanting to see if he was dead. The result was that the figure shrank his body and then didn’t move again.


“Get out of my way if you’re not dead, don’t affect my business!” The shopkeeper exerted some strength and kicked him roughly down the steps.


The man moved a few times on the ground, then slowly stood up. A large amount of snow fell from his body. His messy hair covered half of his face, and his tattered clothes draped casually on his body, revealing his body with solid muscles. He stood barefoot in the snow, leaving a deep footprint.


The shopkeeper did not expect the “beggar’s” stature to be so burly, and was one head taller than him when he stood up, making him feel some fear. But the person did not bother with the shopkeeper and just quietly walked away.


The shopkeeper waited for him to walk far away before clicking his tongue in disdain.


A group of children were running by the road, playing with each other with snowballs. When they passed by the “beggar”, they all grabbed a snowball and threw it at him. A few children even threw stone without fear.


When the stones hit the “beggar” body, popping sounds could be heard, but he seemed to not feel any pain at all. He let the children chase, hit and hurl insults at him all the way until he was out of the town, away from the hustle and bustle.


He walked aimlessly on the expanse of white snow like a wandering soul, feeling no fatigue, no hunger nor the passage of time.


No one would have thought that he was Yan Lu, the killing god who had turned the cultivation world into a bloodbath and brought fear to the cultivation world. Fifty years ago, because of overkilling, Yan Lu’s inner demons were so deep in his heart it led to a backlash. He became muddled, occasionally sober, occasionally confused, wandering alone in the world through thousands of mountains and rivers and subjected to ridicule and humiliation.


“Bastard, who does Lu Qin think he is! Does he really think he’s a big deal, ordering us about just because he has the master’s backing?” Three men dressed in green came from the mountain, and one of them who was carrying a long sword cursed angrily.


“Master is biased. In terms of talent, how are any of us inferior to him?” Another short man chimed in.


Finally, the man with the mustache sneered, “What’s the use of us complaining here? Finding a way to improve our strength is the right way.”


At this moment, the short man suddenly stopped and gazed at the nearby forest, where a man wearing ragged clothes was sitting.


“What is there to see in a beggar?” The man with the long sword on his back asked strangely.


The short man motioned, “Is that a storage ring on his finger?”


The other two turned to look, and indeed saw that the beggar was wearing an exquisite storage ring on his hand.


“Ha, since when was a storage ring so cheap that even a beggar has one?” The man with the longsword walked toward the man, grabbed him by the wrist and prepared to take the ring off.


Yan Lu woke up, clenched his fists, and desperately tried to stop him from taking his ring.


“If you’re sensible, then give us the ring!” The man with the sword stepped on his chest, trying to remove the ring with brute force. To certain cultivators with poor character, ordinary mortals were like ants in their eyes, not to mention the fact that the man in front of them is a lowly beggar.


“Haha, can you do it?” The short man on the other side snickered.


“Need some help?” The other mustached man was looking at him calmly.


The man with the sword was just worried about having nowhere to vent his anger. Seeing that the beggar didn’t know how to behave, he felt irritated and suddenly pulled out the long sword on his back. The sword flashed with a silver light and cut straight down towards Yan Lu’s arm.


Clang! The sharp longsword was bounced off, and there was not even a trace of injury on Yan Lu’s arm.


The three of them were stunned at this scene, with a look of disbelief on their faces.


“What is going on?” The short man couldn’t help but take a step back, looking warily at Yan Lu who was on the ground.


The mustache man pondered for a moment and guessed, “I guess this person has either taken some kind of elixir, or was refined by someone into a cauldron. Either way, looking at how he is today, he is no different from an invalid.”


When the man with the sword heard this, he sneered, “In that case, let us send him off, so that he doesn’t have to continue staying in the world to suffer.”


After saying so, he lifted his sword once again. Using his spiritual power, he ruthlessly stabbed into his heart. In an instant, blood splattered everywhere, and Yan Lu slumped to the ground.


The man with the sword grabbed his wrist, intending to remove the ring, but found that his fist was still clenched tightly with no intention of letting go.


“Tch, he’s pretty tough.” The man with the sword swung it for the third time, cutting off his arm mercilessly and finally took off the ring after much effort.


Yan Lu was curled up in a pool of blood. Using his other intact arm, he gripped on tightly to the pants of the man with the sword, trying to snatch the ring back. At the same time, his mouth let out a hoarse voice: “It’s… mine… Give… it… back…”


“Scram!” The man with the sword kicked him away and spat in disgust.


“Check if there’s any treasure in the ring.” The short man urged, “I’ll say this first, all of us here get a share.”


“Sure.” The man with the sword broke the restriction of the ring and scanned through the contents with his spiritual sense. Then, he had a “what the hell” look on his face.


“What’s wrong?” The other two hurried over.


“You can see for yourselves!” The man with the sword threw the ring to them angrily.


The two of them used their spiritual sense to look through the ring. Then, they were both stunned. What filled the large storage space was not precious materials, herbs nor spiritual weapons. Instead, it was filled with countless… mushrooms.


Just when the three of them were dumbfounded, a strong murderous aura suddenly came from behind them, followed by a cold feeling on their neck. Three heads flew high and in a blink of an eye, only three headless corpses were left standing upright on their original spot.


Yan Lu who was covered in blood walked up to them slowly and took back his ring without any expression. Scarlet blood continued flowing out from his chest and broken arm. Just when he was about to heal them, his briefly sound mind was now lost again.


After looking at his wounds and the ring on his hand, Yan Lu hobbled deeper into the jungle, leaving traces of blood along the way.


15 minutes, 30 minutes, two hour, four hours… Yan Lu walked for a day and a night, and his wound also bled for a day and a night. In the end, he finally became exhausted and collapsed on the ground.


When his consciousness was turning hazy, he seemed to have seen a white figure. He reached out his hand tremblingly, desperately trying to touch it, but his arm fell weakly onto the ground.


In front of his fingers, a small white mushroom stood silently.


He killed all the people in the world and his hands became stained with blood, only to realise in the end that all he wanted to have was a small mushroom… 

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