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Chapter 158: Back To That Key Moment ③

TL: Sarah


Rhine woke up from sleep, clutching his aching forehead and felt as if he had experienced a hangover. However, he never drank before a mission.




Rhine’s originally dazed eyes suddenly turned sharp. His gaze quickly swept across the room, a strange feeling arising in his heart. It was still his room, but there was something wrong about it.


He slowly got up from bed and walked into the bathroom. Looking at himself in the mirror, that strange feeling appeared again. His reflection showed that he was wearing only a pair of pajamas with a red shirt on, his body looking strong and muscular. He seemed to be at his peak state. His young face had the rigidity and coldness of a soldier.


After taking a shower, Rhine walked naked into the bedroom and opened the home help system on the wall. He was about to send someone to deliver a meal, but his finger paused in mid-air.


That’s strange. Who was he going to call to deliver a meal? Didn’t he usually go to the officers’ canteen for food? Rhine looked at the time and saw it was 9 in the morning.


9 o’clock? He should be training at this time. Why was he still sleeping in his room?


Something’s wrong and nothing’s right!  He had a very regular routine. He usually got up at 5 o’clock and finished a round of training at 9. And when he got up just now, his movements were gentle, completely different from his usual efficiency.


Rhine rubbed his forehead and felt that he had forgotten something important.


Just then, Rhine’s device rang. It was his adjutant.


 【Sir, General Quebec and the others are waiting for your response.  】


“What response?” Rhine asked without thinking.


【…Regarding the mission of leading the troops to shift camps. Will Sir be willing to take this?】


Rhine’s brain quickly went through the information, and then the name of a place flashed across his mind: Keso River.


(Note: Keso River was the site where Shang Ke and Rhine were attacked. Shang Ke died protecting the seriously injured Rhine afterwards.


He replied almost reflexively, “I will not take part in this mission this time.”


The adjutant on the other side was probably surprised and asked to confirm it again before ending the call.


Rhine frowned irritably, wondering why he refused without further thought. Did his subconscious think there was something wrong with this mission?


Rhine looked up at his room again. Somehow there was the feeling of being out of time and space. His heart was empty, as if he had lost an important memory.


Dressed in military uniform, Rhine walked out of his room and with an indifferent expression, marched toward his own training room.


Just then, there was a commotion in the distance. When Rhine stepped in, he sensed a faint pheromone smell coming from there, it was an omega in heat.


Rhines eyes sharpened. Although they were now in a rest camp in the city and the management was not as strict, omegas weren’t allowed to enter a camp full of alphas.


Rhine came to the center of the commotion and saw an omega lying on the open space. The strong pheromones he was emitting made all the soldiers around him fall into a lustful state. Had it not been for the usual training in this field, someone likely would have already rushed up.


Rhine turned on his communicator and ordered several beta executives to throw the omega into a closed room and shut him in for three days without any food except water.


A beta hesitated, “Sir, isn’t this punishment too heavy? The omega is in heat, straight up locking him in a room while he’s in such a state may drive him crazy. He’s not even a member of our battalion. “


“He’s on my territory so he has to obey my rules.” When Rhine saw them motionless, he asked coldly, “Are there any questions?”


Several of them shivered and hurriedly followed the order.


One of them whispered to his companion, “Don’t you feel that Sir is a bit scary today?”


Another man nodded repeatedly, “Yes, it makes people shudder whether he’s only talking or looking. And did you notice that he was completely unaffected by the omega pheromones?”


A few people subconsciously looked at Rhine not far away, seeing no fluctuations on his face as he looked at the omega like it was a dead thing. He showed a cold indifference to everything.


If Rhine used to be like a long knife with a sharp edge, now he was like a lazy and dangerous beast king.


That night, Rhine was invited by the higher ups to “drink tea” and ask him to release the secluded omega.


“He entered the barracks without authorization, causing confusion among the soldiers. According to the military regulations, a three day seclusion is already the lightest punishment.”  Rhine looked at the officer in front of him and his family background and future development automatically came to mind.

.    未来的发展历程?莱因心中震荡,脸上却依然不动声色。他又将视线移到其他几人身上,他们的资料也一一呈现在他大脑中,好像已经预见了他们的未来。

His future development? Rhine’s heart was shaken, but his face remained calm. He shifted his eyes to several other people, and their information appeared in his head one by one, as if he had foreseen their future. 


When Rhine saw the middle-aged man in the corner, a surge of anger and hatred suddenly arose in his heart.


A few years later, General Quebec would be sentenced to 30 years in prison for selling state secrets and corruption. However, he died unexpectedly in the hands of a prisoner in less than a year in prison. It was he, Rhine Lancelot, who sent him to prison and secretly planned the death.


But strangely, he couldn’t remember why he hated him so much.


If the future he “foresaw” was real, he would still make the same choice. Because his hatred for this person settled deep into his bone marrow. It would not be relieved unless this man dies.


“I understand.” Rhine interrupted the chatter of an official and got up, “I’ll send him back tomorrow. If there are no other orders, please excuse me.”


Rhine paused for three seconds, saw no response, and assumed acquiescence. He turned and left the conference room, leaving only a group of flabbergasted officials.


Despite his cold nature, he always abided by discipline and seldomly disrespected his superiors. He had never interrupted them before and walked away. However, now that he had agreed to release the omega, there seemed to be no reason to keep him. All of the people present didn’t realize that they had subconsciously feared the present Rhine so they didn’t feel his unauthorized departure was disrespectful.


Rhine finally found out what was wrong. He had memories that should not have existed.  The only uncertainty was whether he was predicting the future or reliving his life.


He was more inclined to believe the latter, since his character and style of conduct changed overnight. They were the best proof. If he could only predict the future, this change in him should have taken place in the future, not now.


So, he time traveled and revived?


When Rhine carefully thought about it, he couldn’t remember how he died.  Although he had many “future” memories, most of them were incomplete. For example, he didn’t understand why he refused the mission, didn’t remember why he hated Quebec, and couldn’t fathom why his character had changed like this.


Also, what important thing did he lose? If everything were to start again, would he be able to find what he had lost?


Rhine closed his eyes and let himself sink into a lonely and quiet sleep.


Shang Ke opened his eyes and confirmed his environment first. Then he started checking the calendar.


Huh? If he remembered correctly, this time today, he and Rhine’s team should be on their way to the mission. Why was he still in the lounge of the camp?


Shang Ke got up and looked out, confirming his thoughts again.


Was the mission date delayed?


By the next day, there was still no sign that Rhine was ready to leave. What was even more strange was that he didn’t come to see him.


Before that, Rhine would show his presence almost every day and also liked to tease him with pheromones.


Was there a mishap for this return trip? Shang Ke decided to find Rhine and see his situation.


As he left the room, Shang Ke saw two betas supporting an omega out. Looking intently, it turned out to be an acquaintance. It was Ryan, the object of the original owner’s secret love.


As far as Shang Ke could remember, this Ryan was not only interested in Filmore, but also entangled with Zeke. He was the kind of person who liked to play both sides and was indecisive about his feelings.


However, Shang Ke doesn’t remember Ryan ever being locked up by Rhine and be such a mess.


“Fi-Filmore.”  Ryan saw that it was Shang Ke. With an abnormal flush on his face, he pleaded, “I feel so miserable. Can you send me back?”


Shang Ke awkwardly said, “I’m sorry, the pheromones on you might make me lose control. It would be bad if I do something that would offend you.”


Ryan really wanted to tell him: he wouldn’t mind being offended at all!


With a helpless expression, Shang Ke watched the disappointed Ryan leave and then continued to walk towards the training room where Rhine was.


However, his efforts were in vain because Rhine wasn’t in the camp today. So Shang Ke took a leave of absence from the office and decided to go home first to see his mother, Jiva. Although Filmore’s father was a bit of a scumbag, his gentle omega mother was still very nice.


Rhine walked out of the party hall with a cold expression. As he was leaving, he realized another strange thing, which was, he was no longer interested in any omega. Although he used to be restrained, he always did have some reactions to their delicious pheromones. However, during the party just now, he made contact with several omegas in a row, and his emotions were like a pool of stagnant water without fluctuation.


Not only that, he felt a little gloomy, all the colors in his view became ashy grey. If he wasn’t sure that he was in a high-society party, he almost thought he was attending a funeral. In fact, in his “future” memory, most of the people in the party did die a few years or even a decade later, and most of them were killed directly or indirectly by his hands.


Rhine thought that although he liked power, he had not reached the point of being crazy for it. If there was no external stimuli, he would never have become so ruthless.


So, what happened to him?


Rhine felt as if he were drifting in the sea, sinking and floating, not knowing where to return to and being completely lost in this empty world…

Sarah: skipped an entire arc just to get to the Re:chapters already hahahah can’t wait to see our A x A see each other again ;w;

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