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Chapter 46: Car Crash at the Airport

Chu Yuan Jiang had finally made up his mind to go on his trip, so I spent these days helping him pack. It was actually easier for me to do it since I had been the one taking care of all his essential medication these years. When the day came, I drove him all the way to the airport, feeling a bit sad thinking that he needed to leave after all.

“Lin Ye has gone back already. Don’t waste your thoughts on the guy.” Chu Yuan Jiang admonished me as he gently patted my chest.

“What is this bullsh*t you are talking?” I responded with a sneer.

He glanced at me. “Do you think I have no idea what was rumbling in your head? Ever since the last party, you have not been yourself.”

“Come on, I know what I am doing. Stop worrying.”

“Junzi, I don’t care what you think, but know that if something really happen between Lin Ye and you, I won’t be able to stomach the shame.”

“That makes two of us.”

When we were waiting inside the terminal, he took my palm and studied it back and forth. “Remember when we once went to a fortuneteller’s place, and the guy said that you would be very wealthy, but your love life would be very rough? …You spend all your time on me when I’m around, so now that I will be gone for god knows how long, use that free time on your personal life.”

“I am not interested in marriage at the moment.” I answered indifferently.

Chu Yuan Jiang laughed, “What? Is that the Ou I know? I was not talking about marriage. I want you to go out and have fun.”

I sighed, “I have had too much fun in the past. I am sick of carousing now.”

He looked into my eyes, and curled his lips. “Such fancy words. We’ll see how debauched you will become once you’re less busy.”

I smiled too. “Come on. So many instructions just for a trip when, in fact, you are the one that needs a reminder or two. Pay attention to your health.”

He grabbed my hand and shook it. “Wait for me.”

I watched him check in, and walked back aimlessly with a slight feeling of loss. As I walked to the car, my attention was caught by a newsstand in the terminal. I read for a while and then picked up several Chinese newspapers to purchase. I queued to pay and, suddenly, noticed a somewhat familiar figure in front of me.

That person was very alert and seemed to have noticed my gaze. He tilted his head, and I was stupefied.

“Hey, isn’t it Master Ou?” Da Biao looked at me with a fake smile. He was in a hawaiian shirt and carrying a suitcase.

“Brother Biao, long time no see. How have you been recently?” I paid for the newspaper and started walking towards the hallway.

My greeting caused him to frown. He reached my side with big strides, and furiously muttered into my ear, “I didn’t know you still have the guts to talk to me.”

Despite inwardly frowning, I maintained a peaceful expression. “I had my reasons and struggles. Young Master Lin was about to get married, and I shouldn’t ruin his future……”

“Cut your bullsh*t. You fled the country without a word. Nice job! This is how you not ruin his life? Ungrateful, f*cking b*stard!”

I looked at him deeply, and asked slowly, “How is Lin Ye? Is he okay?”

“What makes you think that you’re worthy of asking about Young Master?”

“You know that best, don’t you?”

“So f*cking shameless. I have nothing more to say to you.” He stormed away in a rage.

I smiled, addressing his back helplessly, “You’re right. Now that he has a family, it’s not my business anymore.”

He turned around. The lowered voice couldn’t hid his anger. “Even if Young Master were not married, this still wouldn’t be your business either. It never was.”

I didn’t bother to respond. He gave me one last killing glare before leaving.

I fumbled for a cigarette out of boredom, but then remembered this was public area. I had to take my itching throat and stroll on ahead.

I got to the parking lot, opened the door, fastened the safety belt, and started the car. Everything was as usual. Everything was fine.

I drove back slowly, half-heartedly admiring the scenery around me. Everything was okay at a low speed, but once I joined the highway, I gradually felt that something was off.

— The brakes wouldn’t work.

I slammed them into the floor… but there was no reaction at all.

My forehead was instantly covered in cold sweat.

It was fine when I came here… It was fine just now…

I hurriedly stepped on the clutch, put the car to neutral and tried pulling the handbrake.

It was stuck.

I felt like I was thrown into icy water.

Someone probably cut the brake but not entirely, which explained why I didn’t notice when the car was driving slow, and why the alarm didn’t go off when I first got in. The handbrake was tampered with as well.

The scenery dashed backwards in the windows. I glanced at the dashboard anxiously – the car was already doing over 100 mph, and I had no way to slow it down even a little…

There was a sharp bend downhill in front of me. I stared at the road before quickly turning the ignition off and pulling out the key. But that couldn’t stop the car from hurtling downhill with inertia..

The guardrail bent, and then broke. I felt the car fly, then the airbags deployed and blocked my sight…

Everything was moving in slow-motion. Before I felt any pain, the car had gone off the rail…

The last thought I had before being swallowed by darkness was Oh, the car has flipped over.

*** *** ***

When I opened my eyes again, there was nothing but darkness in front of me.

I tried and succeeded in moving my fingers, but my arm seemed to be tied with something. I experimented with my feet too, and a stone fell off my heart once I realized I could move them as well.

I didn’t think I was the hospital, because this place didn’t smell like one. The bed and the blanket were soft and scented.

Once I noticed I was covered in blankets, I reached the unbandaged hand underneath to examine my body. To my relief, everything was present and accounted for.

My senses gradually came back, including the numbing pain from my hand, which might have suffered burns.

“Awake?” An emotionless voice came from not far away.

All the lights were suddenly turned on. The dazzling brightness forced me to close my eyes. I could hardly control the tempest in my heart, but I tried my best to calm down. “Ye?” I asked.

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